SH BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!!… Part I… Of MANY To Come!… UPDATE: Housewife Revealed… It’s PaperTowel!!!

August 14, 2012  6:05 pm   UPDATE August 18, 2012  1:11 pm

NOTE:  Gosh, hope other sites don’t lift this one… or any parts of it… too!  If they do, they WILL be put on blast!

Which Bravo Housewife claims that marriage to her present husband was a match made in Heaven and is just “picture” perfect?   On the “rebound” from her first marriage?  Not so fast!

Before meeting the guy she’s now hitched to, the many gentlemen callers this Housewife once had ran like hell from her… one of them, “EH”… literally dumped her at the altar in Jamaica!

This Housewife ain’t no picnic in real life!    Bring your hot dogs and hamburgers and relax while watching some of the best acting on a “reality” TV show!

                                   Replica of “Kobe Beef HotDog”…

Yes… “best acting”… as one “observer” describes of this self-martyed Housewife…

She’s a “sad angry girl… she’s painful to watch in her constant self promotion, manipulation, and intense jealousy of beautiful women, [and] she has some of the most vicious claws out there.”

And, bytheway… if you bought one of the “luxury” handbags she was/is selling from her place (HW does not sell from a store!), you might want to check their authenticity!

NOTE:  This is NOT the beloved Adrienne Maloof!  

And, this is NOT Kyle Richards… in fact, it is not any of the RHOBH!  There will be an upcoming item re the RHOBH coming soon… very interesting!  Oh…if you didn’t know, the RHOBH will be back in November…

                            Adrienne Maloof… “This ain’t me!!   WHEW!!”