RAMONA SINGER: Ramona Chats About Last Night’s RHONY…

August 14, 2012  USMagazine…  

Ramona Singer gives her views about last night’s ROHNY to US… Ramona’s BravoBlog has not yet been released!

 Ramona Singer…

I think Sonja Morgan’s idea of having two looks for her photo shoot was a good one, which I encouraged her to pursue. Heather Thomson had a strong vision for the half-naked man with the toaster (which I, for one, still don’t get!)

Sonja had an equally strong vision to have shots of herself alone and also separate shots of the toaster. I was surprised, though, by the choice of the male model — I don’t think he was as cut or as built as he could have been considering he was to be the focal point of the packaging. I still believe a focus group before shooting would provided the answers of what direction to take.

I was very excited about the launch of my Ramona Red Wine. The Pierre is a very special place to me, it is where Mario and I renewed our vows. This was the perfect place to host the introduction of my Sangiovese Merlot from Tuscany. It just so happened I was also on the cover of two magazines– I have never been on one cover, let alone two, so I thought, why not celebrate that also?

The fact that Luann de Lesseps has no comprehension that my wine is a large business which I am passionate about and invested in just proves to me her lack of business savvy. I was so thrilled about introducing the newest addition to my Ramona wine brand — now I have a red to complement my white. What people don’t know is I enjoy my red wine as much as I do white — I don’t drink red wine in public as it would end up all over myself and friends (LOL!)

The last thing I wanted was an altercation with Heather that night. Sonja had told me that she wasn’t being listened to at the photo shoot and wanted me there to make sure her voice was heard — and told me point-blank that Heather did not want me there. Heather and I had a conversation a few weeks prior that in the future she would communicate with me, so the London scenario wouldn’t be repeated. I was upset, as I felt she should have picked up the phone and said “Ramona you can be a pain in the ass, so I don’t want you on the set ” I felt Heather was being dishonest to me by not personally conveying I wasn’t allowed to be there.

Here I was having a major launch of my Ramona Red Wine at the Pierre Hotel, and now all this drama! At this point, after watching the episode, I’m thinking Sonja may be riding both sides of the fence with me and Heather?

Avery is my biggest accomplishment and joy in life and I love spending time with her. Doing yoga with Avery was fun and I was actually so, so relaxed after. Avery gets me like no one else and we have this special bond and understanding of each other that compares to none other.

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  1. oh God, i don’t know where to begin w/ @Ramonasinger and her comments on and off the show. I just wish just once, just one time Ramona wld watch an episode completely sober, so she can c what she looks like, but this endless, madness of her intoxication is ruthless..OR..she really IS a stoopidhousewife


  2. Ramona is nuts. Period.

    And “kudos” to Heather who refuses to let her get away with her usual rudeness and dismissive attitude by “pushing her buttons” in a mature fashion.

    Whiie Jill Zarin matched Ramona with a “shout to screech” repartee, Heather manages ot maintain her “cool” while dealing with this nutjob and remaining poised. That’s what drives Ramona to act even crarzier (if possible) in knowing that she has finally met her match in someone who refuses to let her get away with her insults and calling her out for “telling it like it is”.

    It’s turning me into a Heather fan.


  3. I can’t understand Ramona’s reasoning that Heather owed her a phone call explaining she is not allowed on the set. Ramona it’s not about you! Sonja…grow some social balls…it’s time. If Heather wasn’t thrilled for you to be at the meeting, why would they allow you on a time sensitive photo shoot.

    I’m not sure which version was better BTW…I did like Heather’s vision…I don’t think the naked guy took anything away from the product. Sonja’s wasn’t bad either…but didn’t have the pizzaZZ of Heather’s vision.

    Is Costco selling these Morgan toasters? Sonja has been yakking about this for two seasons now…where are they?


    • Yep! I don’t understand any of Ramoana’s reasoning regarding the partnership between Heather and Sonja??? Heather owed Ramoana….Nothing! Heather was trying to be a good friend to Broke Sonja and offered her time and resources free of charge. IMO, Sonja was disrespectful, by being late with no respect for anyone else’s time. Week after week we can easily see that Sonja is an air head, starved for attention, who will do or say anything to be in the spotlight……even dragging an assistant in the bathroom to change her tampon…….YUCK! Rediculous!
      As for the marketing campaign. There are a lot of really great toaster ovens on the market these days. Packaging is about drawing the customer’s eye to your product, so that they at the very least, take a look at it. Sonja seems to particularly like photos of her reclining on tables…..remember the cook book shoot from last year? But, I don’t know if that image would make one look at her toaster over over the many others available? The naked guy would definitely catch the eye! At the end of the day, despite Sonja’s Diva behavior, she got both shoots. It will be interesting to see which campaign Sonja chooses. Frankly, regardless of what Sonja does with this product, I don’t think this will be a big hit, nor will her cookbook. I love to cook, I love my Cuisinart Toaster Oven but I am not at all intrigued by Sonja, nor her products.


      • This might be a really dumb questions but .. is there a Sonja Toaster oven even being sold yet? The cookbook is back in a revision stage … Perhaps this particular Housewives long drawn out dust up truly is something about nothing.


  4. I wish Bravo would get rid of Ramona, Aviva, Carole and SonJa (God forbid I put an “i” or a “y” in Ms. Morgan’s name!)….they are sucking the air out of the show. Bring back Jill….she was a helluva lot less mean than Ramona, and much funnier to boot.


  5. I can’t help but like Ramona, I think she’s immature and childish, but basically a good person. Smart business woman. I think Bravo knows how to wind her up. Holla Heather is calculating,
    Sonja semi air headed but, also playing both sides, and Aviva? WOW Crap Stirrer! Her Dad need to go to a home and be medicated with salt peter! GROSS
    Totally disgusted and wonder why I need to be privy to Sonja’s privy (menstrual habits) Seriously?


  6. Ramona is crazy crazy crazy and her husband knows it. Iam starting to turn towards heather this episode, she was giving her time to sonja and was slapped in the face for it. I bet heather thinks
    twice before offering her time to a so called “friend” next time.


  7. I don’t see why Aviva had to bring back the whole wine tasting event. Yes, Lulu is a major Byotch and she and Pepe le Pew did it on purpose, but it’s not her place to confront the “countess” about it. Aviva already stirred that pot in Miami. Let it go. None of your beeswax. It doesn’t affect you.

    Regarding Madame Morgan, she’s the most conceited, arrogant, disgusting and crazy person I’ve ever seen. And Heather was really stupid in letting her manipulate her and do all that stuff for her for free and now she doesn’t even thank her. Heather may think she’s very smart, but the airhead Mdm. Morgan really manipulated and controlled her and doesn’t even give her credit. I’m sorry to say I don’t feel too bad for Holla because I just don’t like her.


  8. Wow – how about those cover photos of Ramona and how she acted like they were realistic representations of what she looks like! As Ramona says: LOL! I thought the photo on the left was from when Ramona was 20 years old because didn’t she make a big deal about being a bathing suit model (or something) when she was younger? Neither photo looked remotely like Ramona.

    Why does Aviva bring up the stupid, irrelevant wine incident? Probably because Bravo has made it clear that the only way to stay on the show is to cause conflict or act like a loony bin like Ramona and Sonja.

    George is gross, gross, gross – ew – disgusting – makes my skin crawl – I’d live on the other side of the world from my father if he acted like that.


  9. When is Sonja going to realize she is not a 20 year old bikini-esque woman. Her constant need to be the center of attention and have everyone compliment her is such a turn off. Anyone that calls themselves in the 3rd party name has got serious insecurity issues. Act your age dingbat. She still calls herself an advocate for “the gays”. Just because you dont have a problem with gays does not mean you are an advocate. There are a few bars around town that show RHWNY and when Sonja comes on everyone hisses. So she is not “loved” by the gays”. When I bought a toasteroven years ago I didn’t look at the box, I looked at the ovens on display.In a magazine ad my eyes might look right to the model but in a store…..not. The only thing old Google Eyes said that made sense was having a focus group give their opinion about the photo’s.I have a feeling her daughter can’t wait to get the heck out of that house. Remember how much airtime she use to get. Last night was the first time we have seen her this year. Smart kid, distance yourself.


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