SH BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!… Poor Lil Housewife…”Who’s Tunin’ Who”??… UPDATE… Blind Revealed… Aviva Drescher!… UPDATE: KINDLY TWEET AWAY!!

August 10, 2012  3:00 pm   UPDATE August 11, 2012 1:05 pm   8:30 pm  UPDATE August 12, 2012  1:30 pm  

As other sites are posting this blind item… and the fact that BG is pissed that SH put them “on blast” (their words!) and says that SH is looking for hits from them by asking that SH readers post this link to the ORIGINAL blind item (a joke!)… BG has NEVER sent any readers this way; however, SH has sent them plenty!

Would appreciate SH readers TWEETING this post!    

BG WILL NOT let any comments through with the answer and the link to SH!   Thank you to all who have made attempts!!

All these sites that are crediting BG with the blind KNOW this came from SH!  


 Aviva Drescher…

This item was picked up by those morons at BlindGossip who simply STOLE this item from SH!  Would appreciate SH readers posting a comment on BG with the link to this item… or on any other site which you see this item!  IF you can… IF your comment isn’t ‘moderated’ and then deleted!  Let us know!!

“Other sites also received these messages from Aviva”???    That’s highly doubtful and laughable!  Would LOVE for BlindGossip or any other site to produce legitimate emails from Aviva!

We all know that BG’s blind is from SH… and we all know the answer to the blind is Aviva Drescher!!


FROM AUGUST 10, 2012…

Which absolutely audacious Housewife had the burglar balls to actually contact SH with this absolutely arrogant veiled “threat”…

“So today I gave you some action.   We can work together or apart.  I can pay attention to you or tune you out…”   

Poor affected Housewife does not realize that it’s the other way around… she SHOULD be concerned with SH “tuning” HER out!

THIS VIDEO is the “action” to which audacious Housewife was referring!   Can someone please explain where and HOW this Housewife “gave” SH anything???

This avaricious Housewife had the further audacity to attempt to censor items on SH!

  “AlienHands” Aviva!

This Housewife does not care for photos of her on SH; nor does she care for what is written about her on SH!

This Housewife wants to muzzle SH by “allowing” SH to conduct a PHONE interview with her!

Outta-her-mind Housewife told SH that the phone interview will allure and attract many readers to SH!  (UH… Housewife obviously has NOT done her homework!  SH expressed to this Housewife that SH does not do the **cough, cough**  “EXCLUSIVE” … ‘clear all questions with the Housewife’-type… “interviews.”   As for the “driving readers to SH”… puh-leeze!!!)

NOTE:  SH gave this Housewife the benefit of the doubt…since she’ s new and all that!  SH also told this Housewife the particular photos and captions which she pointed out were/are not published with any malicious intent!  

SO, how does SH really feel about this Housewife???  Ken’s words  fit perfectly!   

NOTE:  There is MUCH more re this… Housewife’s last email ‘ultimatum’ was the final insult!  Hope Housewife knows what she’s doing…  


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213 comments on “SH BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!… Poor Lil Housewife…”Who’s Tunin’ Who”??… UPDATE… Blind Revealed… Aviva Drescher!… UPDATE: KINDLY TWEET AWAY!!

  1. Aviva drank the koolaid, jeeez, I wanted to like her, I really did. Just goes to show you can be an idiot with one leg just as well as two.

    • Depends on the definition of attorney. Notice they always say non practicing attorney. So does that mean she didn’t pass the bar ? Cause even if she wasn’t working, I don’t think they would say non practicing every time!

      • Not sure how PT is using the phrase “non-practicing,” but technically, you’re not an attorney unless you’ve passed the bar in any state. Non-practicing means you’re not currently working as a lawyer (as in someone who switched into a different job, retired, etc.)

  2. I can’t believe she would bring her sideshow of a father on this train wreck and not expect to get any negative feedback. Is she for real? She has pissed off the readers of SH. Time for her to pack her legs and go home!

    • Aviva is another delusional RHW. Thinking she is actually a real celebrity. Telling Ms.SH that an “exlusive” interview with herself will “allure and attrack readers” -She’s a bonofide crack pot. Aviva is even crazier than WackoJacko and will be going the way of Cindy what’s her name.

      • Aviva is delusional because she, like other Ho’s actually believe we give a shit about her and her oh so fab life. It’s for shits and giggles, you dumb rock Ho’s. The ones who realize that are raking in the dough.

    • I been noticing a lot of the other blogs that focus on HW plucking links from here and after SH posts something, with out giving credit to SH lately, especially on Twitter, haven’t figured out to copy links yet,

  3. The witch hunt is on for Aviva.Anything about her needs to be posted good or bad.Kinda like Crooks saying he hated that name.Calls more attention now that we know you hate it.We now know your pressure point or what buttons to push. Crooks and Aviva.Say bye bye!!!

  4. Absolutely incredible how quickly these pseudo-celebs begin believing their own PR.

    Hello, Aviva! Do you not realize how incredibly blah and boring you are? You manufacture your little “phobias” to make you seem interesting – but you are so transparent that your actions belie them at every turn. You would have blended into the background this season … “Aviva *who*?” … if you and your greasy father hadn’t joined in cahoots to sleaze up the show beyond all recovery. News flash: He is a joke. You are a joke. Since you’ll never be renewed, I’m hoping your return to obscurity will be the dash of cold water needed to open your eyes to the laughing stock you’ve made of yourself across the United States.

  5. Aviva, you blew it. You are on reality tv – people will watch and comment. You made a big boo-boo by having Dirty Daddy-O on two shows. That was really nasty fixing him up with Sonja. Well, no crying over spilt milk.

  6. Aviva, if you want to be taken seriously because… are on tv? Hahahahahahhahaha
    OMG thats why i love them!

  7. Great Blog! Some of these women are unbelievable and clueless. Love your blog and you take on the ridiculous things these women do and say!

  8. How long after finishing law school did she marry her first husband? If she is 38 now and Harrison is ten then it seems like she went right from law school into married life/motherhood. She probably is fairly book smart. Her undergrad degree is from Vassar and her master’s is from NYU in French Literature. Then she went to law school.I hate to say this but I wouldn’t be suprised if she never intended on practicing law and was instead busy looking for a husband.I wonder if her real life friends and husband find her phobias as annoying as do.I wish more people had enough self awareness to hide their crazy from the public.

    • Kiki: AVIVATowel may have gone to Vassar and Cardozo… that don’t mean she has a cell in her brain! There are many who slide through top tier schools. She’s a total goof. TFC!!SH

      • Maybe her dad gave the admissions officer a squirting orgasm? Disgusting joke but I couldn’t resist ;-) She reminds me of a girl I went to high school with. Excellent grades yet somehow a complete and total idiot. Bless her gas mask wearing heart.

        • no way in hell is she 38 unless she’s been living under an ultraviolet light for the past 15 yrs. I mean thats an untouched pic of her up there, right?.

            • She’s 41?! Not being funny, but what happened to her face?! Even WITHOUT surgical intervention, she shouldn’t look like that at 41. I’m a few years older than that and (I’m not delusional today) my face doesn’t look that pasty and wrinkled.

              • I can’t imagine she does nothing, no Botox or peels or the different laser procedures. So I’m assuming she’s looking that way even with some help. She must have spent A LOT of time in the sun, maybe a smoker too? I’m a good ten years older and haven’t had as much as a facial. I don’t think my age is showing as much as hers is although I’ve never had a picture like that taken of me. I still think she’s an attractive woman.

              • dch60: The photo is from her appearance on “GoodAfternoonAmerica.” It is an unaltered view, and PaperTowel don’t like it one bit… along with other items re her on SH! TFC!! And TFC (the second one) to Towlie! LOL!! SH

      • A bunch of articles from May of this year list her as 38 and some are interviews with her. Please tell me why someone in the public eye thinks they can get away with lying about their age these days.So STOOPID Aviva. Well unless you are a real life version of Blanche Devereaux and can sleep with the governor so that he will remove your date of birth from your birth certificate. If you don’t want people to know then just don’t provide a number. Or you could do what one of my grandmother’s friends did. When she was 62 she realized she looked much older than her friends due to her passion for the sun and cigarettes. So she started telling people she was 75. I once asked her why and she said, ” I look haggard and old for a 62 year old but I’m the best damn loooking 75 year old anyone has ever seen.” Did I meantion she usually liked to drink a lot of whiskey while laying in the sun and smoking?

    • Milania: We don’t care about other sites, nor what they have to say… especially sites NOT on the SH blogroll. You and many others seem to forget that this is a PRIVATE party… you are here ONLY because SH let you in the door! Now get lost. You been poofed. SH

  9. Ok, I saw the tip of the iceberg and I can attest that Aviva is a dumb dumb, sly as a fox dangerous moron

  10. I can not, NOT stand Aviva’s father! When they show him, i want to throw up! And when he starts talking, I leave the room. I can’t believe she thought she was being smart bringing him on the show, eeww.

  11. Anyone know how/ why Reed has the time to appear on RHoNY? Especially mid-day? He runs a fund (believe a hedge) & those dudes NEVER, EVER seem to take time off. Even in summer when the markets are a bit quieter they’re generally helo-ing in to the Hamptons for a weekend then back out, not flying to Miami for a week mid-December. Is there something rotten at Reed’s fund? Anyone? Cause, honestly, I can’t imagine someone trying to convince people to let them handle their money &, at the same time thinking, ‘let me show the world what a crazy my wife is, & how I’m free to spend afternoons helping her have cocktails on roofs, rather than following up on investments & flying off to socialize mid-high-trade-season’. Well, maybe Russell Taylor (rip), but, I mean honest fund managers. It just doesn’t make sense.


  12. SH… I left a comment on Blind Gossip yesterday – WITH a link to this article. Every time I check it, it’s moderated… my input wasn’t valued I guess… Just wanted you to know. Apparently they want to hijack your info but they don’t want anyone telling them (or their readers) so.

      • You’re welcome! I’m a loyal reader of this site and can’t stand to see someone else take credit for something they had no part of.

        • Stlr: Not the first time it’s happened… and won’t be the last! BG is not the only site that likes the items on SH! Thanks for trying, though! The thought and attempt is very much appreciated!! BG was PISSED that they were called out on SH… now ain’t THAT some NERVE!! TFC! SH

  13. Now another site is running this item and giving credit to BlindGossip. I call foul. This stinks!

    • Medicated: They ALL know it came from SH! Can’t wait to see how BG reveals this! What a joke… they took it almost word for word from SH and they know it! They are NOT going to put any comments saying that the blind came from SH and are not allowing the link! They said that SH is looking for hits from them!!! Another joke!

      Would appreciate all SH readers tweeting this item! TFC!!! SH

    • Son of a bee sting! My comment at BlindGossip is still in moderation. I mean hello? Is anyone at home over there? It’s been 24 hrs…

          • They must have those comments locked up tighter than Dick’s hatband. Just proves that they know what they have done. For shame for shame.

      • I hate going on Blind Gossip. Who holds comments for Blind Items for moderation? Why not just publish what the “Blinders” have to say. It’s really annoying. SH is always giving credit to BG, but for them not to do the same is whack. SH should really stop posting anything from BG if they are not going to return the favor.

  14. She is out of her ever-lovin’ gourd….comes on a show….acts the fool….puts her decrepit perv daddy on….and then….after all that expects us not to talk about her….whether or not SH posted anything all the viewers would anyway…..she hasn’t got a leg to stand on…..

    • Seriously worried about the issue with her pervert daddy. It aint lookin too good ifn ya know what I mean. Clearly she is one messed up puppy. That level of psychosis doesn’t just happen without a bit of help usually from a parental. juuuuuust sayun.

      • I’m still shocked Carol was laughing at Georges behavior but felt the need to correct the ccountess. I’m not even going to mention Aviva worrying about Ramona going on about her leg and laughing at her father’s erection attack on Sonja on the Bed! And Ramona is white trash!

  15. WOW..The only reason why I visit BG is because of this site!! My comment was in moderation for a while, but it went through, and I referenced you, of course!! Damn no credit whatsoever to you!!

  16. The thing about Aviva, she says she doesn’t want to call attention to her leg, wants to be treated normally, yet she’s always talking about it! Maybe she doesn’t realize this.
    Regarding the face, it’s not only the wrinkles. Her complexion is so ugly. This is not sun damage. Her skin is so rough, full of pores. I mean thos pores are giant. I don’t understand how she has a bunch of extra legs and can’t do something about that complexion.

    • @Alexandra….I feel the same way about the leg thing. She says she wants to downplay it and yet she led with the leg tragedy from the beginning of the show, and then went to absolutely everyone about the pool and her leg…..uh… me crazy….but that’s not how you downplay somethng

  17. First time commentor.
    I have been a long time reader of SH site. Definitely enjoy the articles and- especially the comments after each Housewife Show. Didn’t expect to get so invested in reality shows but enjoy MsSH blogging and watcher comments as much as the shows.

    Ms SH you do fantastic job! Much more effort and expert opinion than any other site. You must spend numerous hours researching and editing. Not to mention specific sites, but most of then seem to copy others instead of using original facts.

    Sorry my comments are so lengthily. Just finished the article re BG copying info and wanted to let you know your everyday followers know the truth.


  18. For the record, this is really the only site that is worth reading. I like that we are allowed to comment freely as long as we are respectable. The other sites dont hold a candle to u Ms SH!!

  19. I am not amused by her antics. How dare she email SH with that nonsense and arrogance. How..DARE she. She has just shown her behind.

    • DD: THAT was nothing! She actually tried to “make a deal”… a ONE-sided deal… for a phone interview! Told her SH has never done interviews… and a crap HW “phone” interview where the HW prepares all the questions?? No thanks! Aviva then sent the “I gave you” email… that was it! TFC!! SH

        • MP: Told her we don’t do HW “interviews”… never got to the questions. Suggested she do the SH Q&A; until she emailed her “demands”! Told her would take under consideration (nice way of saying “ain’t gonna happen”); she then sent me the last email stating that she “gave SH some action”! Huh? The video of all three NY HWs was “giving SH action”?? Aviva’s ca-ray-zee!!! TFC!!! OH… and then BG poached the blind… SH

  20. i love this site & have been here since the start ….
    thanks for all the hard work that goes into making this happen … muah !

    felt bad disliking aviva & carole right off the bat ..
    but they get worse every week …
    heather also gettin on my nerves with the constant baring of teeth …
    i imagine once ya’ put a few egomaniacs together ..
    jealous , competitive famewhores & throw in some alcohol
    (on top of all the drugs they’re already doing ) all hell will break loose …

  21. I just noticed in the BG post one comment was allowed through as Lollybomb identified herself as a reader of SH. So I decided to post a comment mentioning Stoopid Housewives without a link to see if it would make it through in hopes of Ms.SH getting some sort of credit and it wasn’t allowed. Boos and hisses to BG.

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