SH BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!… Poor Lil Housewife…”Who’s Tunin’ Who”??… UPDATE… Blind Revealed… Aviva Drescher!… UPDATE: KINDLY TWEET AWAY!!

August 10, 2012  3:00 pm   UPDATE August 11, 2012 1:05 pm   8:30 pm  UPDATE August 12, 2012  1:30 pm  

As other sites are posting this blind item… and the fact that BG is pissed that SH put them “on blast” (their words!) and says that SH is looking for hits from them by asking that SH readers post this link to the ORIGINAL blind item (a joke!)… BG has NEVER sent any readers this way; however, SH has sent them plenty!

Would appreciate SH readers TWEETING this post!    

BG WILL NOT let any comments through with the answer and the link to SH!   Thank you to all who have made attempts!!

All these sites that are crediting BG with the blind KNOW this came from SH!  


 Aviva Drescher…

This item was picked up by those morons at BlindGossip who simply STOLE this item from SH!  Would appreciate SH readers posting a comment on BG with the link to this item… or on any other site which you see this item!  IF you can… IF your comment isn’t ‘moderated’ and then deleted!  Let us know!!

“Other sites also received these messages from Aviva”???    That’s highly doubtful and laughable!  Would LOVE for BlindGossip or any other site to produce legitimate emails from Aviva!

We all know that BG’s blind is from SH… and we all know the answer to the blind is Aviva Drescher!!


FROM AUGUST 10, 2012…

Which absolutely audacious Housewife had the burglar balls to actually contact SH with this absolutely arrogant veiled “threat”…

“So today I gave you some action.   We can work together or apart.  I can pay attention to you or tune you out…”   

Poor affected Housewife does not realize that it’s the other way around… she SHOULD be concerned with SH “tuning” HER out!

THIS VIDEO is the “action” to which audacious Housewife was referring!   Can someone please explain where and HOW this Housewife “gave” SH anything???

This avaricious Housewife had the further audacity to attempt to censor items on SH!

  “AlienHands” Aviva!

This Housewife does not care for photos of her on SH; nor does she care for what is written about her on SH!

This Housewife wants to muzzle SH by “allowing” SH to conduct a PHONE interview with her!

Outta-her-mind Housewife told SH that the phone interview will allure and attract many readers to SH!  (UH… Housewife obviously has NOT done her homework!  SH expressed to this Housewife that SH does not do the **cough, cough**  “EXCLUSIVE” … ‘clear all questions with the Housewife’-type… “interviews.”   As for the “driving readers to SH”… puh-leeze!!!)

NOTE:  SH gave this Housewife the benefit of the doubt…since she’ s new and all that!  SH also told this Housewife the particular photos and captions which she pointed out were/are not published with any malicious intent!  

SO, how does SH really feel about this Housewife???  Ken’s words  fit perfectly!   

NOTE:  There is MUCH more re this… Housewife’s last email ‘ultimatum’ was the final insult!  Hope Housewife knows what she’s doing…