JACQUELINE LAURITA: Jax Explains Her Relationship With Teresa… To Caro and Kathy!… VIDEO


August 13, 2012  5:55 am   On the next Real Housewives of New Jersey…


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79 comments on “JACQUELINE LAURITA: Jax Explains Her Relationship With Teresa… To Caro and Kathy!… VIDEO

  1. Kathy, Caroline, stirring the pot!
    Kathy….it’s not deep right! (leading)
    Caroline…you’re not happy (insisting)
    Gotta love two woman who stir so well, and oh so blatantly!

    • I do want to jump in the TV and just shake the hell out of Caroline and Kathie. They just can’t stand it if anyone is friends with Teresa. Caroline is one sick woman and for some reason Kathie is up her “A”

        • well well well. That must mean Kathy and Rich are set for life now…what with the Brownstone backin em up and all. bahahahahahaha.

        • Is that true about Kathy making desserts for the Brownstone? Cause I can’t see Tommy and Dina buying into that crap. Tommy manages the food for the most part, not Al.

        • I would think that the attention starved Wakiles would have blabbed this all over the place if they were selling their desserts to the Brownstone

  2. If Jax wants to be friends or friendly with Tre that is her business….Jax was/is allowed to be Kim G’s friend…and Don hates Kim G…but probably because Kim G wants Don to like her so badly..(and Don enjoys that part)…Don doesn’t interfere with that “friendship”…but since Tre doesn’t kiss her hiney….Don refuses to allow such disrespect on her!!!

  3. Jax’s friendship with Tre must come up A LOT with Jax and DonCaro. Jax’s body language said it all. She did not want to talk about it.

  4. These women needs to realize that they’re making Tree look like bed of roses and making themselves look like cow poo in 100 degree weather.

  5. I feel sorry for Jacq so much pressure being put on her for caring about Teresa. There is nothing wrong with knowing the boundaries of a friendship and finding what works. Dina said they remain friends because they keep it light and she is fun. If Jacque comes to the same conclusion that should be okay too. There are all sorts of friendships not all of them intimate. I do think that unlike the others Jacq and Tree did have a real relationship and they both cared for each other.

  6. I don’t feel bad for Jac. She made her bed and she threw her lot in with the Manzos and Caroline. Good luck with all that Jac you will really need it..Chuck is one sick puppy with her need to control and belittle people . UGH

    • I don’t think I sent my last comment. Jac needs to listen to her husband, he seems to know she wants to be friends with Teresa. He needs to tell his sister(Caroline) to back off. Dina diid

  7. Kathy Wakile should be ASHAMED of herself! There’s no hope for Caroline, but Kathy is new to all this-WHY is she letting the Don dictate the terms of her relationship with her own cousin??? Fine if Jac wants to allow it-she is married to the Don’s brother and probably wants peace in her OWN family-but Kathy should be trying to be the bridge that brings both sides TOGETHER. Too bad she’s more interested in sticking her newly shaped nose up the Don’s ass. I hope Teresa goes to the reunion ready to tell them ALL that it’s just fine with her if they don’t like her or want to film with her. Let’s see if it’s fine with Bravo.

  8. Watching this.I would have respected Jacqueline if she would have listened to herself, and followed her own advice, she would have been just fine.

    But the Whack didn’t we all know this!

    Eww Caroline you, planted the seeds, with Jacqueline you just could not stand that in her words’ she is fine’ you just had to work on poor simple minded Jacqueline, and bring her back to your dark evil side.

    Kathy sorry, you letting Caroline or any one speak poorly about your family member is all kinds of wrong on every level., and you know this.

  9. BubbaJax says that she going to have some boundaries and is not going to ask Teresa questions and just let Teresa come to her when she wants to talk. When I hear this, I am thinking, “Hey! That sounds healthy to me!” Chuckie’s reaction, “But you’re not happy…..” This woman is the biggest s#it stirrer on the planet.

    • Yep. I was going crazy watching last nights episode when Tre and Jax went to the RV to “get dessert.” Chucky said “I’m getting concerned they’ve been gone too long.” What??? Butt out Chucky, if she wants to talk with Tre and clear the air then let her. I still don’t understand Jax issue with Tre anyway. So she doesn’t tell you her personal financial issues, get over it, none of your business. You can still have a friendship with someone if you don’t know about their finances. Trust me, I have many friends and I don’t know what any of them earn, what their credit scores are or if they are in foreclosure. If they want to tell me, I’m there to support them, if they don’t then that’s fine. This is totally Chucky’s vendetta against Tre.

      • Danielle staub once said that Bubbajax told her all the family garbage, things about DonCaroChuckyFace and Dina. Maybe DonChucky thinks Bubba would do that again…They always say Jacko is “the weak one”

  10. I was really blown away watching those two. Wow they really do not want T & J to be friends.
    And what was with C comment I don’t do mean toasts? How was that mean T is working on making things better with her brother and sis-inlaw. Becuse she didn’t include K and her Hubby that was mean…REALLY…As T would say are you kidding me. Kathy is a whole lot nastier than we know..She is every bit as mean and vindictive as Caro..

    • Leigh,

      I have always thought that about Kathy, watch the eyes rolls, smirks. Listen to her comments, she is not all sweetness and light, that she has fooled some people into beleiving she is . She has a side, just like Jacqueline.

      I thought the same thing with the toast. Afterall they had just been to therapy. They were trying and from what it has looked like they were really getting along and thats what they wanted. I think Teresa was toasting to that? Maybe?

      Why oh why do these people look for headaches that are not there?? If anything was mean, it was Caroline saying that , and planting a seed like she has all season.

      • Katty needs to get over herself. Repairing her relationship with her brother is much more important to Teresa than her relationship with Katty. Teresa has one brother. She prolly has many cousins. ‘Course it doesn’t help that Chuckie is in Katty’s ear telling her that Teresa isn’t trying to make things better with her.

        • Ana

          Actually I thought that was really one of the reasons Teresa and Joey went on the trip, right? Isn’t that what ALL of them wanted?

          Like I said to me that was mean for Caroline to say that. And it’s mean that Caroline is in Kathy ear.. Didn’t Kathy have a talk with Jacqueline and Caroline after she and Teresa talked, and said they were ok? Why does Caroline have to start shit? See, she says she doesn’t involev herself with Teresas family issues and what does she do? Smack dab, starts shit!! Yea right Caroline, no time for drama… You start the drama!!

          • Yeah, it’s almost as if she is putting wood on the fire of Teresa’s family problems, instead of putting a lid on them. Why, that would make CaroClown a lying, hypocritical sack of s#it! NOOOOOOOOO! Say it ain’t so!

          • Tre needs to repair each of these friendships one By one without any input from anyone
            I agree she needs to start with her brother and Melissa I have liked seeing mel and tre the past few episodes its nice to see them get along.
            Kathy and the rest need to butt out and wait their turn.

        • So true Ana, but let’s rewind to the beginning of the trip when Kat was trying to talk to Chuckie about her & Tre’s relationship, and Chuckie almost ripped Kat a new one… Chuckie is so hypercritical because now she’s in Kat’s ears starting discord and Kat doesn’t have the since God gave her to demand the same respect for her family. At least Meho is not a blood relative of Tre, so it’s easy for her to stab Tre in the back, but I have no respect for a cousin you grow up with doing the unforgivable things Kat has done…

        • Funny, my brother knows I hate butterflies (I know weird, right) so when he wants to creep me out he makes what a stranger thinks is a cute reference to butterflies. Kathy is a master at hitting Teresa’s triggers (bad mothering, not spending time with children, mom’s cookies), she knows exactly what buttons to push and then say I was only kidding, jeeez, what’s wrong with saying butterflies!!

    • Teresa was referring to sharing an RV with Melissa and Joey and getting along successfully. How is that a mean toast? Caroline is a size 4 pig.

      • Because the Don needs to have someone on her side….Mego is getting along with Tre, Jax is “fine” when it comes to Tre…so the Don is working on Katty…..The Don says “I see her trying to get next to Mego…I don’t see her trying to get next to you” (to Katty). So of course when Tre says a nice toast about how well sharing the tight quarters has been, and they are really having fun….the Don turns it into “how come she didn’t mention Katty…my new best friend….how dare she…that’s mean…I won’t toast…see I told you Katty”….Keep stirring that chit Don….eventually you will start smelling like it all the time!

    • Oops, this was for Antonella above, “Kathy is more dangerous than Chuckie because she knows Teresa’s triggers.”

  11. If Good Ol’ Crooks thought Tamara threw a mean evil eye roll he ain’t seen nuthin until he sees Kathy’s evil eye roll. Then he would have somethin’ to protect his woman against with that eye roll. I would love to see Ramona and Kathy in the WWHL clubhouse and have a wonky eye roll competition with all different looks they do with their eyes. I think Kathy has Ramona beat and I never thought I would see that.

  12. Yeah, Kathy and all her bringing the family together is crap. When Tre DOES get along with people, Kathy and Caro can’t stand it. Caro says Tre needs feel bad for what she (Tre) has done, and Kathy says Tre needs to be sincere. Yet Caro nor Kathy can do neither of those things themselves. I love these camping episodes because Tre can talk back to them in person and we can see their dumbstruck faces.

    • Tre strikes me as one that likes to take care of things one at a time well at least interpersonal relationships she is right trying to mend fences with Joe and Melissa first
      then Jax I think she is really really trying, She didnt flip a RV yet.
      Maybe Kathy thinks she should be first.

      I still do not care for Tre but I am seeing her in a different light these past few episodes.

      • I think being on Celeb Apprentice has changed Tre for the better. I think Caro is super jealous of that opportunity afforded to Tre. LOL flip an RV!!!!!

        • @pjbottoms This was before Celebrity Apprentice! I think it took Tre some time to get over her brother & SIL, and Kathy & Creepy coming on the show to sabatage her… I think anyone would have been thrown off by the trickery that was going on… Tre told Jacko last night I will never get nasty with you! Tre is not a nasty person and have not been with any of them unless it was called for. Tre is a defensive person, if you back her in a corner she fights… Not saying thats right, but i understand it because thats how i am. Hence, her family coming on the show put her in fighting mold.. I’m really trying to work on that because it’s not about being right In a situation, it’s about how you react/respond to a situation that dictate the outcome. At this time the other cast can’t handle Tre because she now understands everyones position and she has gain some self control…

          • @originalcyn1-LMAO!!! @sincere2001—you are correct…I get mixed up in reality tv timeframes! I see your points about Tre. I understand her better this season in light of the rest of the cast.

  13. OOps..used a double negative there:I meant to say Yet Caro nor Kathy can do either of those things.

  14. It is so pathetic that kathy is backing caro in this but not at all suprising. Last season after kathy made the “unattended children” statement to Tree at the brownstone, she went to Caro’s house to make nice and didn’t even bother to call her own cousin (per Caro’s blog). I thought all Ms. RainbowsButterflysChildsLaughter wanted was peace? Then why badger Jac when she said they made up? Why not highfive and keep it moving? She feels that her own cousin’s downfall will be her biggest victory. She is sick! I hate to break it to all of them but one of my favorite characters in people is loyalty. If your friends and family are not loyal u have nothing to build on. I don’t care if Tree did something terrible tommorow which changed my entire outlook on her- I still will not like YOU or buy your sauce, blk water, desserts, music, or anything from a twitter boutique.

    • I was just talking to my friend on the phone last night about how Katty talks about peace, family, and old school respect…yet every chance she gets she badmouths Tre. When Tre and her had the blow out about Katty saying “I couldn’t be away from the kids” and Tre took it negatively….after Tre explained she was still upset about the “unattended” comment…and Tre left…Katty makes ‘coo-coo” sounds and bugs her eyes out….clearly everyone there saw the argument….how about you show some respect and shut your mouth…if you have something to say…say it to Tre….a mature adult would know not to make those types of remarks in front of others…let alone on camera….oh wait…that’s right…if she didn’t do that…she would have no storyline….ohh poor poor katty…she needs to be disrespectful, passive aggressive, and immature…or else she would be off the show!

  15. Kathy has yet to be thrown under the bus by Tre. Kathy was a hairdresser before attempting to become the next Martha Stewart. Martha grew up in NJ

  16. Kathy is all over the place with trying to fit in, but she’s stoopid for letting people talk against Teresa. Regardless of what Teresa’s issues are she’s family, and you just don’t allow people to shyt all over your family. Caroline is looking to use Mego and Kathy to further her anti-Teresa campaign. The moment Caroline has fulfilled her campaign on Teresa, Mego and Kathy will be able to go and take a flying leap for all she could care.

  17. I just keep wondering who is going to sit next to Teresa at the reunion? Will they give her a couch to herself? I can’t imagine her wanting to sit next to any of these two faced people.

  18. I know we have dubbed Terry D’oh!Bro as Quagmire, but seriously–look at the wallpaper of Jax. Her nose is seriously Quag-esque!!

  19. I wouldn’t mind stickin around to see when this is all over n done with how chuck treats Kathy n Mel. You can tell she doesn’t really like them. And she seems like the grandma babysitting her grandchildren. And I really do not think Mel can help herself. She MUST create drama and I hope it involves a Manzo diaper baby. Then we shall see how loyal chuck will be to her new friends. And I think Kathy will be the first one to have a Chuck problem. She is so accustomed to snipping I don’t think she can stop. too many big Personalities here.

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