GRETCHEN ROSSI: Wretched Says “All Will Be Back” For Season Eight… “Starting Family With Slade”…

August 13, 2012  6:00 pm    From FrontiersLA

 Gretchen Rossi, Slade Smiley… “Hey, babe… you gotta have my baby!  It’s the only way we can stay on the show!”

Wretched **BLEEEEECH** CHRISTINE had a chat with “FrontiersLA” … Wretched is aspiring to be Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.  If that isn’t laughable enough, Wretched reveals her big plans for her and Slimey’s future!

Tell me about your personal musical tastes.
Gosh, everything from classical to rock to country to alternative! I sincerely love it all! Well, except for hardcore rap—just not my thing. Some of my favorites are U2, Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, Katy Perry, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Sting and almost all country!

Are there any pop stars, rock stars or musicians you aspire to emulate with your singing career?
Well, in all honesty, to say ‘aspire to emulate’ seems silly to me at this age, however I have a lot of respect for the greats, like Madonna and Lady Gaga, and lately I have just fallen in love with everything about Katy Perry!

Tell me about the Mia Mundo series for Telemundo and how that came about.
That was such a fun experience and such a fun surprise! They reached out to me and said that the writer of the series was a huge fan of mine from Housewives, and she wrote a role specifically to be played by me. I was thrilled and honored to say the least! It was such a great experience, all the cast and crew were so beyond welcoming and gracious with me (since I had never acted before). They were so helpful and made me feel so at ease! I definitely got the bug for acting, so who knows what the future holds.   NOTE:  The ONLY ‘acting’ any of these Housewives can do is ‘acting’ as themselves on a “reality” show… and they’re bad acting as themselves!!  Wretched can barely ‘act’ on the AD for MiaMundo!

What can we expect in the upcoming future from the O.C. Housewives? Are you and the rest of the ladies returning for a new season?
It looks like there will be a season 8, and I am sure all of us girls will be back! However, what to expect—well, you never know with this group, but I will say I’m sure we will not disappoint! I am looking forward to continuing to expand my mini empire of the Gretchen Christine Collections ( and starting a family with Slade!  NOTE:  Now we ALL know that at least TWO RHOC are gettin’ da Bravo boot… a casting call for new OC Housewives has been out since July 7!