ALEXIS BELLINO: Alexis Says “Last Season of RHOC Was Rough”… While Trampoline Jumpin’!!… VIDEO

August 12, 2012  12:25 pm   From Scott Stewart of What’sUpOrangeCounty

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24 comments on “ALEXIS BELLINO: Alexis Says “Last Season of RHOC Was Rough”… While Trampoline Jumpin’!!… VIDEO

  1. Alexis and trampolines go together like choclate and peanutbutter. Let’s see what new nicknames you all can come up with!

  2. She already received a phone call? about filming? Not the typical response of a HW who has been asked to return.

    • MP: You know dat ain’t da truth!! IMO, Alexass says nothing without Jimbo’s approval… there’s always a little Jimbo in Alexass’ words! Obviously, Alexass/Jimbo wants everyone to THINK she’s a sought-after OC Housewife… she’s gettin’ da Bravo boot! TFC!!! SH

      • You know, I’m surprised that she didn’t quit the show a while ago since Jimbo obviously doesn’t want Alexis to be on the show… but it IS an easy source of income.

      • That is awkward when someone married starts sounding like their spouse. Usually its an old married couple. Or Simon & Alex. Either way its ODD. :(

        • Something about Silex that just makes my skin crawl when I hear his voice and mannerism coming out when she speaks. Soooo disturbing.

  3. Uh Alexis Sara was NOT invited when you two were having drinks at the restaurant she even said she wasn’t going when Alexis brought up the party and Sara asked if Jim was going and she said no way and that is when Sara said I will go with you and Alexis said you will and squeaky and happy and Sara said sure I will what are friends for, Now my question is why didn’t you leave with her when she got kicked out and who was the chick that did leave with her, was that Alexis’s assistant that had to ride in a separate car? Inquiring minds wanna know these things but Sara did say on tape she was not invited Alexis you invited her after she volunteered to be your stand in Jim the Chin.

    • That’s what I’m talking about! Alexis brought that hot mess then after she got kicked out she tells them Sarah wasn’t acting like that when she picked her up. Well duh, alcohol takes a while to take hold and that’s not even the point. Alexis is such a dumba$$. She didn’t want to leave the party. We all know that, but when the other dumba$$ you’re with gets kicked out you leave with her. It’s what friends do. Just like when NeNe wasn’t on the list at Sheree’s party. Kim left with her bc they rode together. They friends… or were. Lol!

  4. Who in the heck was that interviewer in the above video. Talk about a mug that should not be on TV. OMG, Vicki(Miss Piggy) meet Mr. Piggy. Those trampoline parks are now becoming one of the most dangerous playgrounds in the country. There was a report on 20/20 or Dateline about how those things are shutting down left and right due to law suits brought on by injuries. I think Tramplexis fell off one a long time ago. This sounds like something Jim the Chin would invest in. Good luck TrampAlexis, dont jump to hard and get black eyes from your Jesus Jugs.(Thank u Tamera for that quote of a lifetime) And…….Bravo doesn’t call you to warn you about filming. You sign a contract first, idiot. Jesus Jugs really thinks she is fooling people. That peroxide is really seeping into what is left of her brain.

    • I agree, that interviewer was creepy and so awkward. He shouldn’t dye his hair so black or wear short sleeve shirts with his white pasty arms.

  5. I used to revel in watching Alexis’s latest verbal bon mots. But now she is so painfully out of her depth in terms of IQ, upbringing, ability to toss off a snappy retort and general mean girl bitchiness that I’m beginning to feel sorry for her. If the Bravo brass read this, I am volunteering to be her mentor! Wardrobe and hair overhaul? Check. Grammar and elocution lessons? You bet. Read the New York Times every day and be able to discuss? Of course,. But most of all, I want to sit our favorite girl from the Show Me State down and go over simple responses to the other ladies’ snark, beginning with “how Jim and I conduct our marriage is none of your damn business.”

  6. oh geeze, anyone next to that pig face
    interviewer is going to look like a million bucks. i would love to go to tramp o line gym. looks like fun

  7. I live about 2 miles away from SkyZone. Since it has opened, they have had guys on major street corners with giant arrow signs to point the way. The problem is, some are not on the same street as Skyzone and so are pointing down a street that does not lead to Skyzone or anywhere near it. The other problem is, they are pointing in the opposite direction!

    Good grief!

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