REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Who Killed Seasons Three and Four of RHONJ… Maybe A Little Kitty Did!

August 11, 2012  5:33 pm 

 Real Housewives of New Jersey… “HousewifeHoe’s” rendition of RHONJ cast!

Was alerted to a VERY interesting item re Real Housewives of New Jersey… an item which dovetails into the SH post from October 2, 2011: Who’s Behind The Curtain at RHONJ?”   

Sidebar: interesting that the lead producer of the RHONJ, Jacob Huddleston… the main producer in the October 2 item…is now listed as “Field Producer” on RHONJ.  Mr. Huddleston left his producing job at Bravo to produce “Oprah: Behind The Scenes.”  Interesting because bigtime EX Oprah producer, Carlos King left Oprah for producing Bravo’s RHOA.  Carlos King communicates with virtually ALL the Housewives via his now public twitter account, @KingDomlos… Jacob Huddleston’s twitter account is still “protected”!   NOTE:  The title “Field Producer” could mean anything… including picking up coffee for the cast!

   “Cat” Rodriguez, Co-Executive Producer… Jacob Huddleston, Field Producer

“CAT”  (Sorry… just really despise that nickname for Catherine!   BLEEEECH!) Rodriguez, as shown above, is the Co-Executive producer for Seasons Three and Four of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

If you are one of the many viewers of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, who are wondering WHY the NJ show seems slanted/biased toward Melissa Gorga, Kathy Wakile and da Manzoids, Ms. Rodriguez’ tweets seem to reveal where that bias lies!

Using the twitter name @YourFriendKitty, Co-Executive Producer “Cat” has communicated frequently with the New Jersey crew… except for Teresa Giudice!   “Cat” also stepped in at the Posche Fashion Show… something that is a no-no for a “reality” producer … to assist in defending Melissa Gorga when things got a bit rocky after Melissa’s ex-boss from Lookers showed up!

SO… why do viewers get the feeling that the show is a Teresa Giudice bashfest?  Let lead RHONJ producer, “Cat” Rodriguez’ tweets tell the story!   NOTE:  Twitter messages are in no particular order…

“Cat’s” last tweet mentioning the RHONJ… July 2:











NOTE:  Ms. Rodriguez is no longer Co-Executive Producer of the RHONJ.  Don’t know the REAL reason she was let go from her duties at the RHONJ… can only surmise that either ratings dropped or that Bravo caught on to her obvious bias toward everyone but Tree!   Ms. Rodriguez is also NOT listed on IMDB in any producer capacity…  IMDB:  the RHONJ producers.

(Thanks to SH reader “WHeart”!!!)

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137 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Who Killed Seasons Three and Four of RHONJ… Maybe A Little Kitty Did!

  1. It pays Bravo to support Teresa, they know it and always have since she threw the table over, and even pushed Andy down–any publicity is good publicity and this was gold, even being pushed. They get a percentage from her books, and don’t care they aren’t really her recipes and the books are written by a paid writer. Profits are profits. So, they did and have protected her and found the best way was to portray her as a victim. And it worked as per the viewers and fans that will buy the books just for that reason and continue to bring them publicity per portraying all those sinister others against a victim.
    This business is a revolving door and so are the titles which often are meaningless and wield little power. The real powers are behind the lines and don’t communicate by such a public way as twitter- friendly or unfriendly -as anything can be twisted to appear other then what it is. For the underlings, one goes from one title to another, goes from one job to another and back and forth; nothing is permanent and leaving, being let go, getting a new title is not sinister or suspicious, just the name of the game. This is much ado about nothing and more likely to be traced to portraying Teresa further as a victim, which is gold for profits — the bottom line.

    • You are correct in many ways I bet..but actually Teresa is a victim of her nasty castmates like Chuck and her snide must take a lot of restraint not to throw a table at her.

      • So true and maybe that is exactly what the producers are going for. I don’t think Tree is gonna disappoint at the reunion. She now gets to be the voice for all of us viewers out here that have ever been shat upon and were not allowed to flip out over it. Producers know the dynamic that is at play and they push buttons to get the reaction that they need.

  2. This whole show and everyone on it makes me sick. I just dont care to watch, comment or anything. Its just so sad when people behave like this for “fame”

    Everyone but Tre has looked like fame whoreing bullying idiots oozing jealousy and bitterness. Please dont take my comment to mean that Tre is and “angel from God” But this and last season has made it obvious that these people had an agendas they tried to execute on air

    This BS with the producers is the last straw.

  3. Well if Bravo wants Pure Gold Ratings, they would completely torment Kathy, Melissa, Jackass, & Carowine one last season, then fire the pricks. I say fire the worthless not-talent Manzo children/babies asap. Film all the dirty, shady personal crap the Manzos and Lauritos have been hiding – then film the fake old school pieces of crap Gorga/Wakilies-AND SHOW THE GORGA AUD TAPE!!!! That is the LEAST bravo could do for Tre/Joe/kids.
    I hate Bravo and 2-faced Andy.

  4. Wow, you Teresa-lovers. No one is out to get the crazy b*tch, they´ve just hade it with all her crap and backstabbing. It´s not all a big plot to “take her down” (whatever the hell that means), she´s just a very hard person to get along with because of all her jealousy.

    A small but very telling example; remember Kathys goddessparty when ske gave a compliment to Melissa saying she was a great mother. Theresa of course couldn´t take it and just had to point out that “they were all great moms”… jealousyyy. I´m not so sure a “great mom” would call her brothers wive a c* in the car INFRONT of her small children.

    Does anyone remember what she called NY:s Sonja Morgan? A “crazy old whore”, “desperate” and a “b*tch”, all of this to a woman that she admitted in the same blog that she´s never met! WTF??? Wasn´t she “on Kellys side” to during her meltdown at Scary Island? Theresa tought she was funny and “right on”?!?!

    Why are people sticking up for her? Pretty soon we are gonna hear that the scene where Joe GGiudice calls his wife horrible words was all a setup by Bravo and that it wasn´t really him who said it.

    Get real people, she´s the fakest b*tch in reality TV right now!
    (and thats quite an accomplishment, there is some heavy competition)

      • Right, because just like Theresa herself her fans are delusional. When someone doesn´t agree with her/you it´s because you´re “out to get her” or part of some conspiracy. I think Theresa is a liar but i´m not in any way involved with the show.
        How do we know, you´re not Theresas make-up artist or one of her PR-consultents that she hired to make herself look good and write her blogs for her? Go back to season one and two of the show and read her posts, huge difference in the tone, the language and her reasoning.

        What do you people think about the fact that Theresa and her hubby “throws away b-day gifts” that their children have already recived from their uncle?

            • Unless a camera was there to capture footage of her glorious gift giving abilities she prolly got by as cheap as she could… just like them dadburn sprinkle cookies. Trash-bound.

            • A poop that don’t think Gia Milania or Adriana or Gabriella should have to have Mel’s cheap gifts cluttering up their rooms. :)

            • oh you don’t mean that! You know darn well if it was your kids you would give them the gift. Not to mention Tree just said that to be witchy!

            • I know. My kids would play with the junky stuff more than the expensive stuff back in the day so they would prolly love to have a stinky MeGo in their lives. I can’t remember what Tree said about the gifts. Did they get thrown out immediately or was MeGo expecting the girls to hang onto the junk for eternity because they are just so doggone sentimental about their aunt Melissa?

            • We are spilting hairs here. Tree was being bitchy. Maybe rightfully so in her point of view. But you know darn well she would never trash a birthday present for one of her kid no matter who it was from. You can give me this one and have room to spare!

            • okie doke. You can have it. Tree is bitchy with provocation. Given MeGo’s admitted “hormonal” antics I am pretty sure the only reason she took gifts to the preschool in the first place is so she would have another opportunity to trash-talk Tree behind her back to the girls’ teachers. All the while play-acting like the good caring aunt. Not like she is above that. Her own admission.

            • Or for her kids to feel part of the family. I believe tree would put aside her feeling so that her kids feel part of a whole. In the long rung I think we agree. Tree loves her kids and her parents even if her Brother and his wife are Di$ks.

            • This is true. Tree’s kids are already part of the family. The one that has messed up(blabbing to Danielle) and has to work her way back into the family is MeGo. But the kids accept each other even if their mother is a turd unworthy of a good polish.

        • What? I don’t remember seeing that! I do like Tre but, No matter what the gifts were they are teaching their children to be ungrateful by throwing them away. Isn’t it the thought that counts?

        • WOW JJ – (MeGo or whatever other family member you are) – you say that T fans are delusional but have you read any of the comments the anti-T fans put on T’s kids pages or Teresas? It’s DISGUSTING and MEAN. All I see on Twitter is Jax, Wakilie, Manzo, MeGo and any other family member or part of their crew CONSTANTLY bashing T, but on T’s page – she takes the higher road. No one is saying T is completely blameless in this, but what the other women are doing is completely TRASHY and DISGUSTING (whether it’s them or the BRAVO producers WHORING them out to do it)! What are they fed up with, with T? They were all buddy- buddy season 1 and 2 and what has changed? Oh yes MeGo and Kathy WahWahWakilie have joined the cast! Now they have turned on T and are mad at her for what? They are mad because she sells mags stories – but it’s okay if the rest do it? They are mad because Joe Gorga was the one that CLAIMED T said MeGo was a gold-digger in a PRIVATE conversation (many people at one point do not like their brother/sister in law and had a one on one sharing their concerns) and MeGo and co are the ones CONSTANTLY bringing it up? They are MAD about a FAKE stripper gate setup that the only one that HAD NOTHING TO GAIN from it was T?

          Listen I’m sure ALL the ladies are out for fame – who in their right mind would go on a show that EVERYONE knows they will air all your dirty laundry. Unless of course there are biased producers that protect the Albie Manzo’s lying on his applications for Public positions, protect the Laurita true financial issues, protect Richie Wakilies flood of lawsuits from other women about his treatment and his corrupt behavior and protect the Gorgas financial background, protect the real reason for being on the show, protect MeGo’s past and anything else that is DIRTY about them. If all they have on T is unproven character attacks, than that’s not bad (and we all know they expose any little thing they can about the Giudicie’s!). To sit there and say that T is the one out for fame and that it has made her JEALOUS of the others, is ridiculous! She is the MOST SUCCESSFUL in her products – what does he have to be jealous of? The other ladies looks – have you SEEN what they look like – not trying to be mean, but they are not the best looking people out there! Their husbands – allegedly T’s husband cheats on her (where are the pics of these ladies? still waiting to see them) and maybe he does, but what about all the stories about the other men? We don’t believe them at all because then no one could bash T for it, since it would be hypocritical? We’ll that’s very one sided and biased. What does she have to be jealous about these ladies? I don’t see anything out there and the facts that are proven is that MeGo has been COPYING off of T – seems to me she is the one JEALOUS of T! Taking her hairstylist, her stylist, moving into her community and even posting THE SAME EXACT PIC one day later and going to the SAME movie – the pic of her kid and her tweet is almost IDENTICAL. Coincidences happen, but not this often.

          As for the GODDESS party why not address Kathy’s UNDERHANDED compliment – the one of many PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE comments against T. If you watch the show you would now that Kathy has CONSTANTLY attacked T’s parenting style and this was a DIG at T – don’t be BLINDED like the MINORITY of viewers about their true intentions! Those comments are VERY TELLING and the MAJORITY of viewers see right through KATHY!

          Oh and do you recall the campaign that was out there to say that when Richie Wakilie called his wife’s chacha FISHY that it was edited by BRAVO? So if they are campaigning hard for that are you saying there is no way there was any other BAD editing out there? Oh I see you only have your eyes open to anything that T does and the rest of the cast are saints? I think both were most likely UN-EDITED, but by the Wakilies campaigning hard to disprove those comments makes them hypocrites and the fact that ANDY didn’t bring that up in the reunion is BIASED!

          Overall your point about T being the fakest Bi@#! out on reality TV is a joke – ALL of them are faking it so they can be making it (cash that is, to cover their lawsuits, bankruptcies and overall their rich lifestyles that do not match with their finances). From what I see, the majority of T viewers that post don’t post how T is a saint and absolvent of all her indiscretions Instead they post to reveal the hypocrisy that surrounds all those in the Laurita/Manzo/Gorga and whatshername? camp and show how the same things they accuse T of, they themselves are guilty of it. Someone needs to bring them all down to reality and show them that people are not falling for their crap! There are a few people out there that view their favorite cast members as above everyone else and think they can’t do anything wrong in their eyes. From what I have seen the majority of those posters are MeGo/Wakilie/Manzo and Jax fans, that have been obviously blinded by them, most likley the culprit is MeGo’s glittery eye shadow, it is very mesmerizing and blinding. It’s posts like yours that show how delusional you are in your defense of people and their actions that should not be defended and their indiscretions not overlooked.

          I don’t think T is perfect, she is far from it, but the other ladies are in a category of their own with their actions and behavior, and that’s a class way below T’s!

    • I believe the stripper and Froggie have Teresa beat for the most fake. But your analysis is most intriguing. TY

    • Kathy’s opinion about what a great mother MeGo is was horsechit. Her standard must be very low.

        • Kathys kids are older so i´m sure they are fine and I´m also pretty sure Melissa is home a whole lot more than miss Tree with her booksignings and all her magazine interviews.
          Not that I think it´s anything wrong with having a nanny or babysitter, they both have it even though Theresa refuse to admit it (I´ve seen pictures of someone namned Shauna who calls herself “Theresas nanny”).

    • Fully agree, JJ. I am truly astonished that teresa has a single “fan”. What terrible (& incredibly stupid) people she & joe are. I guess people with differing viewpoints gravitate to different websites. WWHL polls indicate most people are not on teresa’s side. It’s strange how we watch the same things & see such different things.

  5. My comment wasn´t about wheter or not Melissa was a “great mom” (even if i happen to think that she is 10 times better than Theresa who´s practicly pimping her children out for fame) but rather Theresas reaction to Kathys compliment. It was something K said to Melissa, it didn´t involve Theresa but somehow miss Jealousss just had to turn it around to herself by saying; “we are all greeeat moms, all of us”.
    If i´m at a party and someone compliments my friends dress, I don´t usually add “my dress is pretty too, it really is”.

    • We all have great dresses. lol. Perhaps the better issue is why would Kathy single out Melissa for being a great mom AFTER the conflict that Kathy had with Teresa questioning her mommy skills at the christening. passive aggressive much?

      • And were was baby joey during that drunken brawl that her husband started? Off with the nanny I presume. Real good and attended like.

        • My favorite part of that brawl was Melissa kicking people in the shins like the guttersnipe that she is. Her kid was in a stroller, too while she and her genital wart and herpes infested man-sisters were brawling like prisoners over a pack of cigarettes. disgusting.

      • “We all have great dresses”??? WTF? Thats your answer?
        Wow, you didn´t understand a word of my previous post did you? I guess theresa isn´t the only one who doesn´t know logic and can´t follow a train of thought.

        Why is Theresa inserting herself into that conversation, it wasn´t about her and it makes her look crazy jealous and pathetic?

        Theresa has already apologized to Kathy for the way she reacted to her comments, if she´s finally accepted some responsibility (which very rarelt happens) why should you go back to that?

  6. Just a thought; what did everyone think of Theresa saying “the fact that she would even bring up b-day gifts show me what kind of person she is” when in fact it was Theresa who brought it up by saying “you bring my kids gifts to preschool and drop it off”.
    It doesn´t seem like a very rational thinking by Tree, does it? It makes me wounder if most/all of her comments about Melissas “golddigging” is´nt just in Theresas head?
    I didn´t see Melissa bring up anything in that conversation that would suggest she was “always talking about materialistic things” other when she said “it´s better than the no gifts my kids get” (which is sort of a valid point, don´t throw stones Theresa). Yet somehow in Theresas mind Melissa was the one “who brought it up”
    Theresa is delusional, trust me I´ve seen narcisist before.

    • Curious JJ, what did you think of the stripper contacting Danielle and telling her about Teresa’s financial and familial issues. Rational? Manipulative? Deceitful? Dangerous? Disloyal? Deserving of a beating?

      • Answeringa question with a unrelated question? Hm, interesting. So you don´t have an answer, I guess?
        I don´t have a problem with Melissa speaking to Danielle. If anyone acts like Theresa does they don´t deserve loyalty, especially not from someone that they themself treat like crap just because they cant get over their jealousy. Why wouldn´t she speak to someone Theresa doesn´t like when we heard so many times of Theresa talking shit about Melissa to her own family and friends.

    • Teresa’s point was that how does an Aunt who lives 2 blocks away drop off bday gifts at school rather than her house. For attention of course! To be able to say, “See, I am the better person!” She needed to make a big to do about it! She gave them present with an ulterior motive! I am sure these were gifts for a birthday party they choose not to attend. As for Joey not getting a gift, Teresa was not invited to celebrate Joey’s birthday. in the italian culture you give a gift when invited to the celebration and if you dont go you send a gift. Do I think Teresa was wrong not to give a gift regardless of not being invited to his borthday dinner, absolutely, but Melissa didnt give the girls a gift out of the goodness of her heart. let’s be real here! by the way, you know how to spell Teresa! give me a break!!

      • If I were not getting along with someone it might be a smart move to drop the prezzies off at school instead of letting the little ones watch the grown ups spar at one another. Just sayin’….

  7. Why are we talking about situations that have already been discussed ad nauseaum and happened early in the ‘season’

    • Because they are relevant and germane to the show and speak to the duplicitous intentions and back-stabbing nature of Melissa and Joe and how they got on the show in the first place.

      • The contact Melissa had with Danielle was downright dirty…and I can’t believe Jax and the rest of them don’t have an issue with it. There has not been a single thing Teresa has done that comes close to the deceit and hatefulness that was intended by Melissa. Yet the Manzo/Laurita/Gorga family ignore that whole situation. They have tried their best to demonize Teresa to no avail. They come across as bitter idiots.

        • it was disgusting! You have to really hate a person and have an evil black heart to want to humiliate Teresa, her children and your ILs on national TV, by leaking information that was told to Melissa in confidence because she was family. You never expect family to turn on you like that! Me and the other thousands of ppl who dislike Melissa must be better people than Melissa, because everyone is disgusted at how a family member, no matter how much you dislike them or were supposely wronged by them, would ever go the route Melissa went to seek revenge. It was spineless, evil and appalling!! I hope Melissa’s IL’s stop overlooking what this whore is doing to their family and call her out on what she has done, but I am sure Melissa would be happy having Joe to herself and her family to further brainwash.

  8. When we hear Jac say to Teresa, more than once, ” you didnt want me to be friends with Melissa” I dont believe Jac is referring to anything that T told her. I think she got that info from Melissa. MELISSA told Jac that and that is why Jac and Chuck say ” well….you never said it but you inplied it”. Well of couse T implied it….she thought she was venting to her FRIENDS when she complained to them about Melissa. But what T did not know at the time Jac was communicating and getting to know ALL the Marco sisters WAY before she ever appeared to have a problem with T. There are Tweets and reports of Jac and the sisters hanging out a while back. Now who is the real problem here? Melissa told Jac everything she could think of bad about her sister in law and Im sure lied her way throigh much of it. Can you IMAGINE the things she must have told Jac? And we ALL know Jac is dumb as a houseplant so of course, she believes it. Jac was starting to get upset at Ts success at the time and along comes Melissa to seal the deal. Yes, Jac is a puppet of Caroline’s for sure. But Im starting to see a lot of people letting Melissa off the hook a little because of her T friendly behavior on last week’s episode. Melissa is smart…I will give her that. She won the ear of Ts best friend and quickly turned that friendship upside down. Now the reason Jac wont tell T what she “lied” about and “what she said” is because Melissa is her new BFF and doesnt want Melissa to get upset with her for stirring up the pot while she is trying to “fix her family”. Jac and Melissa are WAAAAY closer than anyone realizes. And THAT is why Jac is “done” with Teresa for “setting up ” Melissa at the upcoming Posche Fashion Show.

    • >>>.but Tre did kinda say that in front of the camera’s when she saw Caro and Jaq being cordial to Mego, and the other one when they were getting ready to walk in a fashion show…..saying…”its okay…I have friends…lots of them” as if by them speaking to her family they were NO LONGER friends. There has been wrong doings on both sides.

  9. And oh…it wasnt the tabloids supplying the info that so upset Jac….because thats just stoopid. Nobody believes that nonsense. It was Melissa.

  10. love the comment:

    The Manzo family has a history of dishonesty and playing rough – starting with Tiny Manzo skimming money from the mob and ending up dead and naked in a car trunk (standard mob message to the living – don’t cheat us because you will end up like him). Alfred Manzo lying on his application about his residency to get on the North Jersey Water Commission and using the health insurance benefits. The collective Manzo / Laurita families cheating on the charity run (not running – just crossing the finish line – but making fun of the others who ran and were out of shape). Chris Laurita’s business went bankrupt – he needed money. Highly unlikely he would get a job running another company – so he had to start his own company – blk water. Another lawsuit.

  11. So cat told jacq she overheard angelo saying he is gonna humiliate melissa and teresa and kim asked him to and all you teresa fans blame everything on cat? Even if it was her, does not negate the fact angelo said teresa nd kim asked him to setup melissa. Boy you teresa mob will do anything to deflect what is so painfully obvious. Why didnt teresa tell kim to shutup instead she drinks nd toasts with her ” come with your real friends” i know. Also jacq said, i got a text saying DONT GO THE DRAMA IS NOT ABOUT YOU meaning jacq thought something bad was about to happen to her nd her friend said no i heard angelo said its melissa. Andif cat does like everyone but teresa i dont blame her thefts, fraud and watching teresa scream family family then she goes home and talks shiit about ALL her family, i wouldnt like her either, remember cat sees ALL knows the truth and how they really are even before editing, having a producer like you after watching u 24/7 says a lot!

  12. Is anyone else here wondering….why the sudden interest in this “cat” blog that Ms SH posted probably a month ago? Im getting replies and comments about things I and others said well over a month ago…..using new information. I believe everything I have written, but some of these people are citing examples from the Posche FAshion Show that hadnt even aired yet when this blog story posted. I have said that Melissa is the one who told Jac that Teresa didnt want them to be friends, and now I get a reply that says “yes she did…right before the fashion show”. WTF? That was waaaay later in the year. Whats up with all this?

  13. Danielle was harassed, attacked, bullied and ran off the show by these women, including ‘Tre’. Now they are all turning each other. Teresa called Danielle a prostitution whore, flipped a table, chased her and folks called Danielle crazy. What did Danielle do to deserve being bullied like that?

  14. What do these tweets prove? That this Cat person tweeted the hws? I don’t see any tweets back to Cat from any hw. WTF is the conspiracy?

  15. Bravo, or, cat, or whoever is in charge of getting rid of “shit on tv”, please do the viewers a favor and get rid of all the psychopath women of the rhonj and replace them with REAL HOUSE WIVES OF N.J. just do it and wash your hands after wards. There DONE. .

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