REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Who Killed Seasons Three and Four of RHONJ… Maybe A Little Kitty Did!

August 11, 2012  5:33 pm 

 Real Housewives of New Jersey… “HousewifeHoe’s” rendition of RHONJ cast!

Was alerted to a VERY interesting item re Real Housewives of New Jersey… an item which dovetails into the SH post from October 2, 2011: Who’s Behind The Curtain at RHONJ?”   

Sidebar: interesting that the lead producer of the RHONJ, Jacob Huddleston… the main producer in the October 2 item…is now listed as “Field Producer” on RHONJ.  Mr. Huddleston left his producing job at Bravo to produce “Oprah: Behind The Scenes.”  Interesting because bigtime EX Oprah producer, Carlos King left Oprah for producing Bravo’s RHOA.  Carlos King communicates with virtually ALL the Housewives via his now public twitter account, @KingDomlos… Jacob Huddleston’s twitter account is still “protected”!   NOTE:  The title “Field Producer” could mean anything… including picking up coffee for the cast!

   “Cat” Rodriguez, Co-Executive Producer… Jacob Huddleston, Field Producer

“CAT”  (Sorry… just really despise that nickname for Catherine!   BLEEEECH!) Rodriguez, as shown above, is the Co-Executive producer for Seasons Three and Four of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

If you are one of the many viewers of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, who are wondering WHY the NJ show seems slanted/biased toward Melissa Gorga, Kathy Wakile and da Manzoids, Ms. Rodriguez’ tweets seem to reveal where that bias lies!

Using the twitter name @YourFriendKitty, Co-Executive Producer “Cat” has communicated frequently with the New Jersey crew… except for Teresa Giudice!   “Cat” also stepped in at the Posche Fashion Show… something that is a no-no for a “reality” producer … to assist in defending Melissa Gorga when things got a bit rocky after Melissa’s ex-boss from Lookers showed up!

SO… why do viewers get the feeling that the show is a Teresa Giudice bashfest?  Let lead RHONJ producer, “Cat” Rodriguez’ tweets tell the story!   NOTE:  Twitter messages are in no particular order…

“Cat’s” last tweet mentioning the RHONJ… July 2:











NOTE:  Ms. Rodriguez is no longer Co-Executive Producer of the RHONJ.  Don’t know the REAL reason she was let go from her duties at the RHONJ… can only surmise that either ratings dropped or that Bravo caught on to her obvious bias toward everyone but Tree!   Ms. Rodriguez is also NOT listed on IMDB in any producer capacity…  IMDB:  the RHONJ producers.

(Thanks to SH reader “WHeart”!!!)