GRETCHEN ROSSI: “YOU COULD BE A REALITY STAR”… Seminar Taking Place in El Paso, TX… UPDATE: Seminar Tanked…Cancelled…

 May 2, 2012  7:20 pm   UPDATE August 5, 2012  9:45 am


While searching for something else, came upon this item from three months ago.  Wretched *BLEEEECH* CHRISTINE teamed up with Shuter trying to get participants to believe they could be “reality” stars.

Apparently, this “opportunity” slid downhill quickly, as ticket prices went from $149/$129 to $69!

NOTE:  When ticket prices slide this far down, it means that no one purchased the full-price tickets.  Why weren’t tickets selling at full price?  Because no one is interested!  With no interest, the event more than likely did not take place.  

Good for the people of El Paso, TX… there were absolutely no guarantees in the press releases… lots of “maybes” and a $100 cheapo ‘headshot’ to be won!  Anyone who gets sucked into one of these “I’ll get you on a reality show” scams deserves to get their money taken from them.  The only way on to a “reality” show is mainly through the production companies or casting agents… or if you’re a friend of MissAndy!

UPDATE: Called the ElPaso TX Wyndham Hotel… the Shuter/Wretched “event” never happened!

Received this press release and thought SH readers might be interested…  


How To Be A Reality Star’ is debuting in El Paso.  Naughty But Nice host Rob Shuter will be headlining a seminar in How To Be A Reality Star, complete with Reality Celebrities, producers, and casting agents, including stars from Real Housewives, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Today show producers, Seminar attendees will get the opportunity to be cast in a brand new reality show, debuting on AXS TV, the new channel owned by Ryan Seacrest, Mark Cuban, and CAA.   NOTE:  “AXS” pronounced “access”… no significance in the A-X-S initials…

 Shuter filming Season Two finale with Lisa Vanderpump at SUR…

Hosted by Rob Shuter, the gossip columnist from Huffington Post, and host of Naughty but Nice, the entertainment gossip show on the newly branded AXS TV Network being relaunched this summer (a Mark Cuban and Ryan Seacrest owned network), the seminar will provide both real life experience, introductions and a chance to be cast on a reality show pilot that will be produced this summer by the producers of Naughty but Nice.   NOTE:  Read very carefully!  A “chance” to be cast on a reality show…. means that your “chance” is slim to none.

NOTE:  TREE JOODICE held the same “how-to” over a YEAR ago at The Learning Annex… Tree’s seminar was “moderated” by Shuter when he was at PopEater... HERE.  Tree’s tickets were originally $50 and were slashed to $19.95 on the day of the seminar…

Attendees could be the next Reality Star! (NOTE:  Again, read carefully!  Attendees “could” be…  as we ALL “COULD” be the next reality star!)  They get to meet celebrities, learn about the industry, get custom headshots (worth over $100.00!!!!), and maybe even get cast on a new reality show on Mark Cuban and Ryan Seacrest’s new cable network, AXS TV. This is a first-of-its-kind event.   NOTE:  Professional headshots, taken by a professional photographer cost THOUSANDS.  “Custom” headshots are obviously priced much differently… maybe “custom” headshots at this event will be taken by Shuter’s cell phone.

 Shuter filming with the Real Housewives of New York…

All attendees will meet, audition, workshop and have a chance to be cast in a multitude of shows as casting directors, producers and agents from the country’s biggest reality and talk shows will be present.

Experts will include the producer who was a founding producer of the View, and Millionaire, (HUH????) the producers and casting directors of stars from hit  Reality shows like Jersey Shore, Mob Wives, Real World, Real Housewives, and the Executive Producers of shows like Anderson Cooper, Dr Oz and GMA.   NOTE:  If the featured “expert” is a ‘founding producer’ of past reality shows, they have no pull in present casting!  There is no mention of Shed Media, Evolution Media or other production companies who have casting influence…

The event was created by 2 Market Media in partnership with Townsquare Media

WHAT            “How To Be A Reality Star” hosted by Rob Shuter

WHEN            Saturday, June 23, 2012

WHERE          Wyndham Airport Hotel, Satinwood Room

                                                           Wretched and Slimey…

According to Shuter’s PR people, Wretched **BLEEEECH** Christine and Slimey are confirmed participants… as are booted DC Housewife, Messy Salami and her new boyfriend, Neal Schon.

 ex-DC Housewife, Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon…

Tickets for this “event” are $149 … $129 for advance tickets.  

If you’re interesting in attending, you can purchase your tickets at TicketFly.

NOTE:  Shuter should know all about the reality biz… he’s been a Bravo mouthpiece for years!  

Got no other words for this… except, wonder how much Wretched/Slimey are gettin’ paid up front?  

                                                                                  All anyone wantsta know is… Whatever happened to Sparkle????

Poor Messy Salami probably signed up for next to nothing simply to attempt to remain relevant…  

What do we REALLY think???

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  1. I acutally feel sorry for that Salahi woman. She got herself in with a bad creepy man. She didn’t seem to be as mean as the other women.


  2. Hahaha. That guy is an idiot. Joel McHale just used a clip of him on last week’s ‘The Soup’.


  3. $150 to see those dweebs? It’s freakin hot in El Paso! That Shuter guy really creeps me out… :-/ so does Neal.


  4. I’m gonna go, and I’m gonna pitch my idea for a new show. I want to make a reality show about reality show producers and production crews and the shady lives they live by manipulating reality t.v. stars into exposing themselves for money and fame. It should make for great t.v. I’ll call it “moderen day snake oil salesmen”! lol


      • As soon as she admits she was never a Redskins cheerleader or Miss America contestant or video vixen for Journey during the 80’s. The only MS she has is her initials.


  5. Are these things held at airport hotels so they can beat it outta there as soon as the attendees realize they been ripped off???


  6. ‘Maybe custom headshots will be taken by Shuter’s cell phone’.. LOL!! This whole article cracks me up but that comment took the cake! :)

    Shuter is a gossip columnist… between him and Da Magnet guy… I’m sick of these two famewhores who suck up to the tv famewhores and subsequently think they’re something special.

    And the chances of me paying ANYONE that kind of money just so Wretched can tell me how to trap a sick and dying old man, and Messy can tell me how to lie about serious diseases just to get on tv…. not my cup of tea. I’ll hold on to my pennies, thank you ;)


  7. grew up in El Paso as an Army Brat. It is over 80% Hispanic and has the lowest per-capita personal income of any large metropolitan area in the U.S. Nobody there is going to throw away $149 or even $29 on something like that


  8. I sense this is what will happen to Shana’s living well and loving it Mexican Riviera cruise. Although if it actually goes forward it will be a comedy goldmine.


  9. I was going to post a huge statement about this then saw the ‘My Little Pony’ picture…….. awwww ;)


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