ALEX McCORD: Alex and Simon Say “Screw you, Bravo!”… Alex Will Keep Reviewing RHONY…VIDEO

August 5, 2012   RumorFix…   Alex responds to the letter she received from Bravo suggesting that she stop her video reviews of the RHONY…



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27 comments on “ALEX McCORD: Alex and Simon Say “Screw you, Bravo!”… Alex Will Keep Reviewing RHONY…VIDEO

  1. Yay. I love Alex’s recap. I find them very informative and more fun than the actual episode of the show. But SH, I have wonder how Alex is able to spill all this info, but Simon, Tamara’s ex, said he couldn’t talk about the show because he had a two year sorta gag order on him?

  2. Maybe there’s a difference between talking about what they did on their seasons and “explaining” what is happening on this season.

  3. Just when I was starting to like Alex and her commentary here comes Simon to add the major creep factor. Simon do Alex’s carreer a favor and stay away!

    • I completely agree with you sd! Let’s face it, Simon does come across with a major creep factor and I hate that he constantly talks “over” Alex, while really saying Nothing! Simon always looks either drunk or severely hung over, not attactive! Even on the show he always looked like he wanted to film some porn of himself……ICKYYY! Simon needs to just back away, create success in his own career and give Alex room to fly!

    • Yes! I was just thinking the same thing when Simon’s mug popped up on the screen. ugh.

      I wish her videos had better audio quality. Is she using an old flip phone to record?

      • Madepiley, You just nailed my thoughts. As I watched this clip, I too felt suffocated. I kept thinking…..move away from Alex and let her breath.
        I wish I could erase that horrible scene when Alex returned from the trip to Scary Island and they played out their “Anticipation” scene. It was possitively the WORST Ever!

    • I was thinking the same thing sd. Not the part about liking Alex and her commentary, but how utterly creepy and disgusting Simon is. The whole time Alex was talking he was looking at her like he wanted to give her dog a snausage. Yuck

  4. And where is Alex “flying off” to?

    She has no measurable talent: can’t sing, dance, compose, paint, etc. A failed actress, her entire “career” was as another “housewife” on a show that featured the same lame types of women who also lacked the capabilities to flourish outside that venue.

    Like Kate Gosselin and Jill Zarin, they cling to whatever crumb is thrown out there to remain a viable presence in front of the camera with nothing to offer beyond desperation.

    Talk show hosts? You have to be kidding me! Plucked from obscurity these people begin to believe in their own hype that they have something to offer when in fact they never did outside of their willingness to set aside their own dignity to perform like trained seals for a network who has managed to make women and gays appear ridiculous.

    Is anyone really interested in Simon van Kampen? Or Alex for that matter? Does anyone miss Kelly Bensimone or Cindy Barshop? Is there a groundswell of support out there clambering for the return of Jill Zarin outside of her own family? How far has Danielle Staub gone in “showbiz” since her departure? Or Lynn Curtin and Jeana Keough? How about Dina Manzo?

    Alex and Simone could not be happier to find themselves discussed in a feud with Bravo which just gives them another 10 minutes of “fame”. Without it they would – and should – quietly take leave and pursue careers that are based on reality.

    Their desperation is almost as palpable as that of Kim G who probably was not featured in more that 3 hours of film over a course of 2 seasons but who just can’t stay away.

    • Yes! Well said, Pat. Enough from these pseudo-celebrities. I quit watching any of these shows and have “haunted” this blog to get crumbs of information about the franchises. I love Ms. SH and her readers’ comments and I have enjoyed filling the time I USED to waste on the crappy shows themselves with reading and volunteer work. Life is good.

    • Well Dina did get her own show. And not just another spin off of Housewives, one that showcases her career before Housewives. Aside from Bethenny, I think she did the most to extend her 15 minutes after Housewives.

      • Dina got fed up with all of Bravo’s BS and took the high road by getting off the show before it degenerated into the weekly cockfight that is the current RHONJ. She and her family (meaning daughter and hubby) are better and happier for it.

  5. Frankly, I do not consider any of these reality personalities to be celebrities. But, with that being said, I do find some of them to be entertaining and others to be totally annoying! I will not watch anything with Ne Ne on it, she is pure BS Trash! I find Teresa annoying with her ghost written cookbooks and all of her endorsments, no, she does not truly create anything….she just slaps her name on product after product. She just dresses up and goes out for personal appearances. I do like Bethany and I respect her business sense and focus. Bethany was in business for herself before joining the housewives. I am happy that her “Skinny Girl” brand is a huge success! As for Alex, I do think that she has talent. I could see her doing a talk show or even branching off with her own show about being a professional and raising small children. The problem with Alex will always be Simon. He has No charisma and no talent! I hate the way he hangs all over Alex and is forever interupting her. I am tired of the No Talent “singers”. They ALL Suck!

  6. I know I may be in the minority here but I really enjoyed Simon and Jill on the 1st season of RHNY. They seemed to give us viewers a little slice of what life in Manhatten and the Hamptons was all about. Of course this was before the “branding” and “i’ll use the show for a stepping stone” trend started.

  7. Alex personality shifts a littlle when her husband is around. When she was on the Housewives, I could take or leave her. Simon is creepy. I can do without him. But I really like her on Rumorfix. I do think she is insightful and intelligent. Not sure about the two of them on the new reality show. Don’t think I can stomach them talking about their marriage. Like her on her own.

    • I agree with you about the shift in Alex when Simon is around. I also agree that if Alex was to be on another show, Simon would need to make himself scarce……very scarce, in fact, if he never made an appearance, that would be best!

  8. Didn’t these two wanna-be’s get the 15-minutes-is-up memo? Maybe they should join Kim GrannyWHO?’s S.T.A.R. Club = Still Trying to Appear Relevant.

  9. Why is she keeping herself attached to the show? In the hopes they’ll re-hire her if the new cast members don’t work out? I find her pathetic for doing these video recaps… move on honey, you were fired for a reason. Is your neck splotchy & red right about now?

  10. Simone looks rode hard, and put away wet. He needs to back away from the alcohol, his nose is gonna turn red like Alex’s chest. He really needs to get some work done on his eyes-he’s awfully hard on mine. Wish Alex could stifle that horrid twittering nervous laughter-is she coked-up? Blech both horrid famehores. Don’t miss either one of them.

  11. I like Alex’s blog too, but Simon needs to stay away!!!!! He is a creep show in it self. If he were part of her blog, she fade away fast…. please Alex, go solo.

    • I agree, I never liked Alex when she was on RHONY. She was never the glamorous socialite, I found her akward to watch. I was always very vocal in my dislike for her and when she got the boot, I was relieved! When she started her segment on Rumor Fx. I was pleasantly suprised. Alex had found her niche, she was also delivering really interesting imformation we had all been dying for. For the first time ever it was an insiders view and no longer speculation. When I watched the clip above everything I didn’t like about her before came rushing back. Simon and his repulsive sexual inuendo, Alex with her dorky demeaoer. This is exactly what turned me off to this couple before! Alex, we get it, he is your husband and YOU love him but he creeps the rest of out. If you want us to watch your new Rumor Fx gig keep Simon away!!

      p.s. My all time fav. Simon creepy moments:
      The end of last season on the boat during LuAnn and Jauque’s party when LuAnn sings with Natalie Cole, the cameras catch Simon’s expression and he is pratically purple with envy!
      Season one, in the Hamptons. Alex and Simon get a couples massage in their Hamptons rental and he moans and groans through the whole process! Icky poo!

  12. I think Simon may have married Alex for her money, at least a little bit, her family is really rich and she is very educated and a real “socialite”. I also like her on rumor fix, but I also think Simon is this large socially awkward Aussie who truly thinks she is beautiful, cultured and sexy, and feels lucky to have landed her and I just bet he kinda “stalked her til she gave in, because it has happened to my sweet, pretty friends who just got worn down, you should hear the stories, and I hate to admit I let myself be worn down by these types, then later they get crazy jealous of you because they are insecure, I know some of you ladies know what I’m talking about. i feel he may be more weird in every way than gay. Ewww

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