TERESA GIUDICE: Kim Granatell Doin’ a “Jill Zarin”… Kim Hitchin’ To Joe Giudice “Goin’ To Jail” Story!

August 3, 2012  1:15 pm

 Kim Granatell, Danny Provenzano, da MagnetGuy…

Once these people are on a Housewives show, they just can’t stay away from the spotlight… even if the spotlight was a dim one!   Just like JillZarin, KimG just keeps trying to save herself from fading into obscurity!

Kim Granatell… the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s little pot-stirrer, Jacqueline Laurita’s ‘friend’ and next-door neighbor… is still teamed up with her magnetGuy and is being recognized by ROL, another **cough, cough** extremely reliable Housewives outlet, as a “source” for info re the RHONJ.

This time, KimG tells ROL that she “hopes the Judge throws the book at him (Juicy)” and “Teresa is just a guilty as Joe” AND there should be a new reality show… Tree and Juicy in prison.   NOTE:  ALL very newsworthy!!

KimG and da magnetGuy have come a long way since teaming up back when KimG appeared on the RHONJ… and KimG was tweeting da magnetGuy to visit her at CanyonRanchSpa in Arizona!

Da MagnetGuy even sent SH an email back in January 2011, promising MORE info from him… only if SH “keeps it all positive!”  NOTE:  Still don’t know that that meant!

The latest info from da magnetGuy was his “exclusive” re BubbaJax return for season FIVE of the RHONJ…  From SH July 26:  

RE: Tip-Jacqueline Laurita finally confirms her spot on next season
“I just spoke with Jacqueline Laurita on the phone regarding her appearance on season 5.  
When asked if the (she) will be on next season she said, “As far as I know, I’m on next season.  I’m on the show until they tell me I’m not”
I only ask to be quoted as the info source.
Tom Murro

NOTE:  That spotlight that KimG and da magnetGuy have been sharing was dim… their teaming up with ROL is making their spotlight flicker uncontrollably!

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98 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Kim Granatell Doin’ a “Jill Zarin”… Kim Hitchin’ To Joe Giudice “Goin’ To Jail” Story!

  1. I was there was a button I could push that would convert Kim G into looking and behaving her own age.

    • I wish there was a button I could push to delete from my mind the memory of her old lady @ss crack peeking out of those panties she was wearing when she was writhing on the stripper pole with Danielle.

      • It isn’t that Kim G looks bad for her age, it’s that she dresses completely inappropriately. She’s prolly around the same age as Chuckie and she does look a hell of a lot better than her. She just needs to quit dressing like she is a 22 year old heading to the club is all.

        • I am with you, for sure! I am not a fan of Kim G. but for some reason I am under the impression that she and Caroline are around the same age, and wow the difference. I think Kim G. has had some work (trying to be kind here) but she still has held up well.

        • I’d say Kim is my age is closer to 60 than 50. She looks good and I agree its time to 4ever 21 wardrobe.

          • Kim is a plastic surgeon’s wet dream. God knows how many fillers, botox and tucks she has had. I am cool about her wanting to hold back the hands of time some, but for the love of jesus, could she try to dress a bit more appropriately.

          • I think she looks good, but her hair is very thin…she’s an attractive old lady… Better then Caroline,

        • welcome to reality househoes. First rule of reality tv….dress like a stripper, underage hooker, ice dancer, pageant queen, rhomny gypsy, desperate middle age attention seeker…you pick

      • I thought Kim G was very attractive. I also thought she was unhinged for exposing herself to the scrutiny and viciousness of the RHNJ. She is wealthy, privileged and can do as she pleases. She was and is crazy for wading in such a contaminated pool.

  2. Just like Bubba, Kim G needs to worry about herself and stop getting all up in Teresa’s kool-ad. That “spotlight” that they’re sharing will never shine like it did when she first slithered on the show during season 2.

    • And I hate when Andy uses Kim G’s voice on his show ..her voice is like nails on a chalk board

  3. I really don’t get this whole Kim G thing. Are Wac and Chuck really behind her coming to the surface the last week? Is this JUST about the crazy-a*s old bat trying to stay in the spotlight?

    • I wonder if Kim G will be following and reporting when Jac and Chris go to FEDERAL court in October to face all their charges. Will Kim G bid on all their personal items and them put them on ebay and give the money to charity as she planned to do with Teresa’s. Will she there when the court take the house form Jac and Chris to pay back some of the investors they stole from? Will all of Jac and Chris’s personal problems be reported on Radar Online every week?

  4. HUH? what does Juicy lieing to get as new ID have to do with Tre Its not like she held a gun to his head and force him to do it?

        • I’ve noticed Kim G never goes into detail about things on RHONJ. It’s like she’s contracted not to talk about anything.

          • It seems to be Carolines MO to maybe ots a Bravo say enough to get people talking but dont disclose EVERYTHING. Its Like Bravo wants people to speculate

          • She likes to attack with innuendos and partial facts….and then let the gossip soar off by itself and grow. She is just evil and looks to do harm wherever she can and wish Bravo would banish her and her voice from any HW-associated show.

            • I am wondering if she was one of the anonymous posters on On Common Ground. Back when she was trying to kiss Don’s ring.

  5. Ms SH I’m going to give you an exclusive. Originalcyn1 will be appearing on RHONJ next season unless Bravo confirms that I am not!
    I thought I’d give you the scoop first!

      • I’m taking you with me. You can be my colorful BFF that’s always stirring the pot and hunting down her paddle boat!

        • Is this the kind of world we live it? Could you just imagine my bulimic butt left alone with a cake bow? I’d be like “what bow? was there a bow?”

          • I’d be right beside you saying that Melissa ate it! You could be the Phedra of NJ with all your colorful sayings. “that would go over like a fart in church.” I’m thinking we might need Antonella for an interpreter between the NJ and Italian going on. Wonder if she’s game. One of you will have to be gay for my story line.

            • LOL. I can be your tamers-style gay for pay meaning we can talk on camera about the wet juicy kiss I really didnt lay on you but want to talk about so I am relevant and not all condescending to the lesbian community. And then we can all have a duct tape party.

      • Mmmmm, yummy. Instant Sanka, can’t think of anything better than that. And the man did say they use only the RiCHEST coffee beans, so that should appeal to those social climbing money grubbing real housewives.

        • Yeah that is if we can get em off that fancy Katie Couric coffee makin machine. I know I am mixing my franchise references sumpin awful today.

  6. Let’s see Jacqueline is friends with Kim G and the Magnet guy….both of whom have sent nasty cheating pixs of Juicy to backstab Teresa. Lovely friends Jacqueline (eyeroll).

    • I am absolutely positive that is a huge coincidence….right? Remember, Jaq is the peacemaker who always get put in the middle, bless her little heart. I think she is still believing that viewers believe everything she says as absolute truth and she means no harm to no one, only love and light: hatred and jealousy are the biggest blinders to the truth about yourself.

      • I think Jacqueline is about to be in the same position as Teresa was–having to stay on the show because the family needs the money. I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if many of her cohorts are fired and some Teresa’s supporters are hired. I can definitely see Bravo thinking we want to see another slaughter but this time with another victim.
        I hate what Jacqueline is doing to Teresa. She defines worst friend ever. Still don’t want to see another person hit bottom in her personal life and then get kicked repeatedly on TV. Jacqueline just doesn’t have Teresa’s strength. She will lose it. I think she already has. I think right now she is in rehab of some sort. I think that is why her daughter and parents are “visiting”. Intervention.
        If Bravo wants to be a bitch, I hope they do it to Caroline, Kathy or Mel. I think they can take (not as strong as Teresa but a whole lot stronger than Jac). I’d have no problem with that. Love movies where the bad guys get in the end.

  7. I want Danny Pro to go on WWHL so I can call in and ask him if he knows where Jimmy Hoffa is Buried It has to be the family secret Im sure they discussed it over Sunday dinner.

  8. I’d much prefer watching on these shows someone who actually could be a housewife like Kim G or Jill Z to hangers-on like Albie, Chris and Greggie! Never really saw the point of Eunuchs in a harem.

    • What I don’t understand about the enemy of my ememy is my friend mentality that we usually see on RHNJ is that it seems like KimG hasn’t received the memo. Doesn’t she realize that if it were not for Don then KimG’s son would be in BGG’s spot? So why is she all up in Tree’s business? Shouldn’t she be gunnin for Don and company?

      • Wasn’t it Chuckie who rebuffed Kim GrannyTell’s efforts at befriending her? Wasn’t it Chuckie’s spawn that tossed her out of MeGo’s Christmas party? I don’t understand why she harbors so much hatred towards Teresa. What did Teresa ever do to her?

          • I think she thinks that if she sucks up to the Manzoids and BubbaJax long and hard enough that she will eventually get a spot on RHONJ. She tried with Danielle and when Danielle got the BRAVO boot, she quickly ditched her. She is delusional. I can’t get over how BubbaJax is friends with KimG after she urged Danielle to press charges against Asslee in the whole weave pulling incident of season 2 and walked arm in arm with Danielle to the court case against Asslee.

            • Well if Kim is reading she needs to realize that Don would still be the belle of the ball if she hadn’t turned on Tree so viciously. Don dun goofed. So Kimmy is suckin up to the wrong teet.

          • Tre called her an old lady…….It was respectively as she was saying she didn’t want to insult an old lady or something like that…lol..SH you probably know exactly what she said…

        • Her extreme sensitivity about her advanced age might have something to do with it. Remember, Teresa called her “Kim Grannytell” and mentioned her “old lady butt cheeks ” – or something like that, in one of her blogs. When they brought her on the season 2 reunion as a “surprise”, if you recall, she kept insisting Teresa had said “mean things” about her oldness and that she owed her an apology! Seriously, other than her pathological need for attention, I really think it’s about as simple as being p*ssed about being called an old lady. She also wrote a whole article about how women are the victims of ageism in some magazine like a yr or two ago ( it might on here – I probably read/heard about it here ) and in it, she again, mentioned ( or alluded to ) Teresa making fun of her old lady butt cheeks. Of course, we ALL make fun of her old lady butt cheeks, not because they’re old, but because they were OUT and on a stripper pole, but Teresa was the first to bring this up in a public way as someone on the show.

          • Im her age I embrace my 50 yr oldness I make fun of my old age
            Granny embrace your 50s and celebrate it and make fun of the Youngins its what we have waited for.

            • Other than switching over my age into dog years and being a lot older than you, I’d say life gets better as we get older. Can’t wait until I get a few years older and I can be called a character instead of a pain in the butt!

            • I personally like excentric I wanna be at that age Like Mrs Clifton on Designing Women
              She was so out of her mind she made sense,

            • To be honest I’m more like her now than I care to admit. I just told my hubby that he better make a few bucks on his golf game or I’d have him working the corner this Saturday night! I’m an odd duck.

            • No but I have Kermit the frog footie PJS. I’m grounded from wearing them outside anymore.

            • Yeah thats my goal… to be eccentric. Ya know what they say about that… the difference between eccentric and crazy is money. So if I can scratch together enough coin to be called an eccentric old bat one of these days I will die a happy woman. I know the crazy is coming(ok its already here, who am I kidding)….resigned to it….willing to embrace it. I just want to package it differently. :)

            • When your young you call it being unique! That and it’s helpful to learn to use the phrase ” blow me!” when you don’t get the response you like. Your purdy enough to have that unique thing working for you now.

            • You got that right, I am going on 59, life is good… And my crack is probably a little to the south, but my man still grabs it, I like it too!

          • You might be on to something there Guilty. Now that you reminded me I also remember Tree saying sumpin about respecting her elders. That “elders” must have cut Kim to the quick for it to have her so twisted up inside that she cant see that the manzo bunch is a sinking ship.

            • I remember Chuckie kinda get ticked off at that, too. As Teresa is making fun of Kim’s old ladyness, Chuckie says something to the effect of, “She’s the same age as me”.

          • Didn’t Teresa say something to the fact that she respects her elders when talking about Kim. I think that is what ticked her off.

        • Teresa refered to her as elderly when Kim G was hanging with Danielle. I think Kim G sill holds a grudge.

  9. Kim G could be in a relationship with Michael Lohan if she would take it in all holes like he said this GF does when he had a blowout on “Celebrity Rehab”.He blasted this GF then went back to her.

  10. I want Kim G to buy the Brownstone (CASH), rename it “Caroline’s” and make it a strip club. All the girls have to be gingees.

    • Antonella: What a great idea!! KimG was going to buy all of Tree’s household items at auction and sell them on the street! KimG got the cash to buy Paterson, FranklinLakes, Alpine, Montville, Towaco… and Missy’s future record deal!!! TFC!! SH

      • She’s the real deal as far as rich bitch. That’s why everyone puts up with her. She really needs to focus her wealth to do good, like buying the bank that holds the paper on the Brownstone and the Manzo’s Franklin Lakes house!!

        • I read somewhere she was only worth 20 million.Anyone have an idea how much she’s really worth if she can buy al that.?

      • Ooh I don’t know, SH. Missy’s future record deal…that mighta just put that list out of reach, even for Kim-I can’t -help-it-if-I-look-like-an-old-broken-down Tweety, because we all know how much THAT’s gonna be!

  11. This woman is so pompous. She tweeted a while back that she pays $1,000 to have her hair colored every four weeks. to me that just makes her an idiot.

  12. Poor GrannyTell, still trying to stay semi-relevant after getting ‘da Bravo boot in season 2. I wince every time they play her whiny voice on WWHL.

  13. I’m betting Kim is behind all the BS about Teresa all the he said she said the supposed rumors the Melissa’s outing stripper past and all the rest of the tit for tat! The hate Teresa clan are being played like a violin. All the rag stories quoting a source. Jacqueline cried to Kim Kim cried to the rags.

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