TERESA GIUDICE: Kim Granatell Doin’ a “Jill Zarin”… Kim Hitchin’ To Joe Giudice “Goin’ To Jail” Story!

August 3, 2012  1:15 pm

 Kim Granatell, Danny Provenzano, da MagnetGuy…

Once these people are on a Housewives show, they just can’t stay away from the spotlight… even if the spotlight was a dim one!   Just like JillZarin, KimG just keeps trying to save herself from fading into obscurity!

Kim Granatell… the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s little pot-stirrer, Jacqueline Laurita’s ‘friend’ and next-door neighbor… is still teamed up with her magnetGuy and is being recognized by ROL, another **cough, cough** extremely reliable Housewives outlet, as a “source” for info re the RHONJ.

This time, KimG tells ROL that she “hopes the Judge throws the book at him (Juicy)” and “Teresa is just a guilty as Joe” AND there should be a new reality show… Tree and Juicy in prison.   NOTE:  ALL very newsworthy!!

KimG and da magnetGuy have come a long way since teaming up back when KimG appeared on the RHONJ… and KimG was tweeting da magnetGuy to visit her at CanyonRanchSpa in Arizona!

Da MagnetGuy even sent SH an email back in January 2011, promising MORE info from him… only if SH “keeps it all positive!”  NOTE:  Still don’t know that that meant!

The latest info from da magnetGuy was his “exclusive” re BubbaJax return for season FIVE of the RHONJ…  From SH July 26:  

RE: Tip-Jacqueline Laurita finally confirms her spot on next season
“I just spoke with Jacqueline Laurita on the phone regarding her appearance on season 5.  
When asked if the (she) will be on next season she said, “As far as I know, I’m on next season.  I’m on the show until they tell me I’m not”
I only ask to be quoted as the info source.
Tom Murro

NOTE:  That spotlight that KimG and da magnetGuy have been sharing was dim… their teaming up with ROL is making their spotlight flicker uncontrollably!