AVIVA DRESCHER: Who Is Aviva’s Sex Addict Daddy… George Teichner?

August 2, 2012  6:30 pm

 George Teichner…

Viewers were introduced to the Real Housewives of New York Aviva Drescher’s father, George Teichner, as Aviva’s “sex addict” dad two episodes ago.

                                                Aviva Drescher…

Mr. Teichner probably has his Miami PH well-stocked with those little blue pills, however, in drawing from various sources, here is what ELSE is known about Aviva’s “sex addict” Daddy…

GEORGE TEICHNER was born in 1935…. and is 76 years old.

GEORGE TEICHNER currently lives in Miami Beach, Florida.  Before that, he lived in Bal Harbour, FL from 2000 to 2011.

GEORGE TEICHNER graduated from CUNY… Baruch College in 1964 with a BBA… 

GEORGE TEICHNER is a CPA and was accountant to the Beatles and Woody Allen…

From WSJ June 3… by Ralph Gardner…

Ms. Drescher …  said that her father, George Teichner, was the Beatles and Woody Allen’s accountant. “My being a celebrity is not that exciting to me,” she said.

GEORGE TEICHNER owned a fabulous Jamaican property…

Highland House, the 7,000-square-foot former Jamaica residence of the late lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II, is on the market for $950,000, furnished. Mr. Hammerstein and his wife, Dorothy, purchased the house in the mid-1950s. The current owners are George and Ingrid Teichner, who recently moved from Manhattan to Bal Harbour, Fla. He is a managing director of Strategica Group, a merchant bank in Miami.

GEORGE TEICHNER’s neighbors included Michael Douglas’ first wife and Bill Moyers…

The couple also is trying to sell their 3,600-square-foot apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where neighbors in the building include broadcast journalist Bill Moyers and Diandra Douglas, the estranged wife of actor Michael Douglas. Asking price: $4.4 million. The Teichners’ representative, Linda Smith, in Cabin John, Md., is handling the Jamaica property, while William B. May Co. has the Manhattan listing.

GEORGE TEICHNER had listed for sale a four-bedroom, five-bath condo at 9601 Collins Avenue in Bal Harbour for $5.35 million.   Exactly where Aviva has her PH!  Was Aviva’s PH  a gift from Daddy?

The 3,960-square-foot Unit: PH204 is one of the 153 units in the 22-story condo development at Majestic Tower at Bal Harbour, which was built in 1998. It is part of Seaside Bal Harbour.   Teichner is an independent accounting professional. According to, there have been 179 condo sales in Bal Harbour during the past 12 months, with a median sales price of $425,000.

GEORGE TEICHNER paid his green card-seeking housekeeper/cook $7.54… in 2007.   Looks like the cook’s wages were upped to $8.00!!

GEORGE TEICHNER made this week’s TWOP’s list of theMost Heinous People on Reality TV“…

George (Real Housewives of New York
Aviva’s dad is your prototypical dirty old man. He made comments (during dinner) about wanting to give Carole her first squirting orgasm, and then made Sonja blush when he accosted her on the bed and showed off that he didn’t need Viagra to get things going. His innuendo and behavior made everyone, including us, uncomfortable.

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  1. Aviva gets on my last nerve. At first I liked her but bottom line is she is just another shit stirrer and her father?!?! OMG! I lost the last bit of respect I had for her when she brought that creepy idiot onto the show. Who brags about their father being a sex addict and even worse trying to set him up with a friend? UGH! She needs to take her one leg, her creepy old man and hop on back to where ever she came from!


  2. The excessive amount of huge photos of Aviva’s family on the the walls everywhere made me suspect that Aviva and her husband did NOT own that condo. The photos on the wall were meant to convince me that the condo was theirs. In lieu of art they had resorted to the cheapest way to fill the empty wall space of a vacant, or borrowed, condo. Kim Zolciak filled the empty wall space in “her” mansion the same cheap way: With HUGE inappropriate photos of her and her husband.


    • @bagladey….thank you…I’m happy to not be alone in thinking the exact same thing. I felt all the family photos were props as well. The house seemed so impersonal and sparsely decorated…..nothing high end about it….just run of the mill condo. Especially that room they put Maurio and Ramona in….I wouldn’t be able to sleep in there it was so uninviting. (oh and Aviva was also running around putting sheets on the bed that were just purchase….which I wouldn’t do…I always run them thru the wash first….and then she was putting lamps by the beds…If that was hers she would have done those things long ago..)….I’m not buying it


      • Actually, Aviva said that this is a “Family Apartment.” It sounded to me like several family members use and perhaps own it together. Maybe each family keeps personalized items and photos to personalize the space when they are there?


          • Yes, I really wanted to hear about the “House rules”. Ramoana was soooo Rude when Reid mentioned Rules……can you imagine staying at Ramoana’s? She would tell guests exactly what they could do or not do, or even what they could “Think!”

            I know about “Family Condo’s.” Friends of ours have such places up in Vail and Aspen. Each individual family has their own “closet” containing their personal items. When the family is not using the condo’s they are put into the “Time Share Pool”.


        • When did she refer to it as a family apartment? She definitely didn’t in the video tour she gave I just watched it and she repeatedly said “my” apt and referred to the two sinks…”this is mine, this is reids” etc…ended the tour with thanks for visiting “my’ apt….


  3. I’ve waited on these kind of guys all my life…..(nightclubs)…..They’re all talk and no action…totally obnoxious and boring….half the time, they don’t even tip well. Combat pay, is what’s needed to put up with them. Sooooo annoying……


  4. So interesting about Aviva’s Kobe beef hot dog. this from
    “Forbes recently did an expose on widespread Kobe beef fraud. To be called Kobe, the beef has to be grown and slaughtered in the Hyogo region of Japan. The fact is that the USDA has not approved any slaughtering houses for export, so unless it was smuggled illegally, Kobe beef is not found in the US. Instead, a lot of the “Kobe” beef you see on menus is actually waygu, a similar breed of cow but for those who have tasted the difference, it’s far from similar, says Shallwani. ”
    Umm, I’m upset now. I love what I think is Kobe beef. Imagine what was in that imposter hot dog.


    • I agree … everything you said is true.

      Also, her father suggested she order that phallic symbol for her main course b/c he knew what it symbolized and he also knew what it really was — and not Kobe.

      George just wanted to humiliate and embarrass his own daughter … and in front of her ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ “friends”. He’s a mind-messer. It’s was a typical juvenile prank … it’s something a young teenage-boy would do to his older sister who is out on a date — a real juvenile prank … NOT something a normal man does to his daughter.

      What grown man does that to his daughter?

      Aviva is phony. She pretends nothing is wrong when it’s all very wrong and she even repeatedly puts her husband through this awkwardness all b/c her father is wealthy and she just wants his $$$$$$$$.

      I mean really, and getting real … whose father does that to their own daughter?
      If my dad did that to me I would think he hated me.


  5. I had my suspiscions about this penthouse being Aviva’s. Did some research and found that this Penthouse 204 appears to be the same one that Aviva tried to pass off as her own. In fact Reid actually owns very inexpensive condo NOT on the beach and I’m not even able to find marriage records on Reid and Aviva. I’m calling BS not only on this PH but other Bravo housewife properties as well. Aviva may be as phony as all the rest


  6. C,mon, really, WHO DOES THAT? Not my dad or any dad I know of. If my dad made those types of highly inappropriate comments AND objectified women with degrading comments (especially in front of friends at the dinner table) and I asked him to stop and he refused, I would have cut my dad out of my life — and so would you.

    The truth is, that if Aviva’s dad was the same person that he is now (objectifying women, inappropriate immature, attention-seeking narcissistic, etc.) … BUT a regular working class, middle-class (or less) kind of guy with few assets and only one modest middle-class property and leaving only a small inheritance (instead of the wealth he has) Aviva would NEVER have tolerated his uncouth, crude, rude, adolescent behaviors. She’d surely be estranged from him — no contact at all and he wouldn’t even be allowed (or trusted) to see his grandkids. It’s the reality.

    Her dad gets away with it b/c Aviva wants to inherit his wealth when he dies. If there was little money Aviva would have severed ties with her dad long ago. So, she she plasters a phony smile all over her face and pretends to be a kind, loving daughter with an exceptionally high-tolerance and who loves everyone unconditionally … and all is okay … maybe no one will notice I tolerate his horrid behaviors b/c of the $$$$ involved. Right!

    Realistically, most normal adults with a dad like hers, but who is NOT wealthy, are estranged from their father b/c of his behaviors and refusal to change. George knows Aviva is uncomfortable, but her dad doesn’t care how his daughter feels.

    Aviva just doesn’t want to rock-the-boat and jeopardize her inheritance. If it weren’t for the $$$$$$$$$ he’d already be G-O-N-E from her life … if he acted like on the last show — completely out of her life.

    She’d NEVER put up with his embarrassingly, horrid, totally disrespectful, juvenile teenage-boy behaviors if it weren’t for the large inheritance. I’ll bet deep inside she can’t stand him. She just wants her huge inheritance and she’s willing to grovel and lower herself and allow herself to be treated poorly while allowing her impressionable kids (their not stupid) to be influenced by a juvenile-like grandfather who objectifies women … just to get his $$$$$ when he dies.

    IMO … AVIVA is not genuine and authentic … she’s a phony baloney money grubber.


  7. Here’s what AVIVA said: “I’ve asked my dad numerous times to stop and he just won’t.”

    That’s b/c George crosses the line and knows no boundaries b/c he’s arrogant and inconsiderate AND he dangles the carrot, his wealth/inheritance b/c he knows he can … Aviva will eat crow.

    If Aviva warned him to stop or she would not speak to him again and he would not see his grandchildren again, IMO, George would just walk away. But, he wouldn’t respect his daughters’ wishes and stop doing/saying things that humiliate his daughter and make her very uncomfortable. IMO … he’d argue and then leave, abandon, walk away. He has no respect for Aviva and Aviva has no self-respect.

    If Aviva were to finish her sentence it would instead be …
    “I’ve asked my dad numerous times to stop and he just won’t — and I’m not going to do anything about it b/c I will put up with ANYTHING to inherit his wealth.”

    TELL THE TRUTH AVIVA. It’s not b/c you are incredibly loving and exceptionally kind and tolerant … it’s really all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


  8. Now I remember the movie with Steve Martin called “all of me”.
    “you have no class”
    “no, you have no class”
    “you’re rude, crude and thoroughly unattractive”.


  9. If Aviva’s dad wasn’t wealthy she wouldn’t have a relationship with him. He has no respect for Aviva and she has no self-respect.

    If it weren’t for his money she would never put up with his dirty-old man antics..”squirting orgasm”…what a narcissist just like the rest of the cast.

    They are not normal people behaving badly — they are narcissists.


  10. I’m late to the game because we’re just getting these episodes in the UK, but I am so repulsed by this man – I can’t believe he actually uttered the words ‘Incest is best’ in the health store! If I were Aviva I’d offer my inheritance as a pay off to the producers to destroy that footage forever, I couldn’t live with that! I really hope we’ve seen the last of him, I don’t want to have to take two showers in one day.


    • I know what you mean. I bet he had to say it multiple times too. So gross. Sumpin is WRONG. Perhaps Caroline for NJ can send her soft core porn reading youngin over to live with him.


    • It’s disturbing to see her tolerance of her fathers perverse behavior while railing nonstop about two women having a few drinks…..for that I find her even more repulsive than him.


      • I know. I really liked and admired her when she first came on but got turned off by how far she took her rant. I think it’s part of the disorder though, you lose control, and I doubt she’s ever had to deal with women like that, they’d make me crazy. And she would have felt really close to her husband for supporting her and would be sensitive about protecting him, plus she was already at her end with those two so it was a no-win for everyone. Once you handle a situation badly and embarrass yourself that’s usually all it takes to learn for next time. If not, then it’s probably a lost cause. I guess I’ll find out, we’ve got a few more episodes before the end of the season!


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