ALEXIS BELLINO: Jim Bellino’s Phony “Authentication Biz” On Pawn Stars… FBI Sting “Operation Bullpen”… VIDEO

August 3, 2012  10:00 am  

                           Jim Bellino…

Just happened to catch a Pawn Stars episode where a guy brought in his “authentic” BabeRuth baseball bat and mitt.   This guy was looking for $50,000 to $100,000 for the bat and mitt, which he was convinced were the real deals.  Why?  Because he had letters of authentication!

Unfortunately for this guy, his letters of authentication were part of an FBI sting… “Operation Bullpen”… in which Jim Bellino was heavily involved!  When the FBI took the operation down, instead of jail time, Jimbo received a slap on the wrist and had to pay ONLY $30,000, along with serving one year’s probation and told by the Feds to stay out of the memorabilia business.  WHY?  Because Jimbo wouldn’t admit to any wrongdoing and the FBI could not crack him!

Guy gets ripped off by Jim Bellino’s “Operation Bullpen”…

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57 comments on “ALEXIS BELLINO: Jim Bellino’s Phony “Authentication Biz” On Pawn Stars… FBI Sting “Operation Bullpen”… VIDEO

  1. Wow. Jimbob just keeps making himself look douchier and douchier…without being directly involved

  2. Wow! A $30,000 fine and a year of probation for cheating 100s of people out of 1000s of dollars, but Juicy Joe is facing 10 years in prison for getting a fake license.

    • Interestingly enough Bruce Willis & Demi Moores daughter was charged with same thing but actually gave it to the police officer when she was stopped for drunk driving and was given 2 days of community service and if after 6 months she doesn’t get into trouble her record will be cleared. But Joe they want to give him 5/10 for same thing the thing that no one has mentioned though is why he did it he had a business he couldn’t drive had to rely on someone else to take him there. Joe seems like he has a lot of pride so how hard it must have been for him to ask for help. It’s probably the reason why he had to let the pizza shop go and couldn’t be there to make it work. Just a thought.

      • And UNDERAGE at the time she was stopped for DUI. I think the DA is going aft JG for publicity purposes. Justice is blind sure it is…………

      • I think w joe j its because of r national security since 9/11 that getting a fake DL then involves homeland security like he could possibly be a terriost. Ty

        • Scary because he could also be detained indefinitely… hopefully the powers that be haven’t lost their entire minds…yet.

          • I think the difference is how he got the fake ID. I was told using governmental issued Documents and the fact someone in the DMV helped. I’m not saying it’s right but that is why they are pushing the issue. I think it ticked them off that he manipulated the system and got away with it. Let’s not forget the reason he didn’t have a license to begin with.

  3. Jim Bellino is a RAT, he turned States Evidence in order to save his own Arse. He is none the less a criminal.
    But, he and Alexass are so “Deeply Offended” by the Jesus Jugs comment…..what Hypocrites! Evidently, Stealing, Lying and Forgery are “all good” with these two and their religion. But, don’t make a joke about those big, Fake Boobs….Jesus doesn’t like that!

  4. Why does everyone hate Jim B.? I am not saying I adore him or nothing, just curious is all. Is because of their marriage and family beliefs? Or is it because of Alexis? Tamera fans? When I’ve watched the show I haven’t seen anything most would think awful except his views on marriage.
    His wife seems to be hated most for her IQ? The “she brags and talks about what she has” excuse given by cast mates is nuts because they all are!
    Again, I’m not saying I am their fan exactly, just asking why the extreme dislike from most people is all.

    • Plain and simply put. He is a con man. Greed, unfortunately runs rampant in the world. Wanted to get on my soapbox but refrained myself.

    • I kinda agree with you, DM. Jim comes across as swarmy, but there’s not enough to convince me that he’s THAT bad. I thought that he snitched out the other people in this FBI investigation & that was why he got a light sentence?

        • Thank you for posting the item from 2011, it shows he was a hard one to crack. I think the issue as the FBI agent said was he got a feeling that something wasn’t right and he became paranoid. What may have worked if the agents started doing big business with him and on alot of occasions so that he could get comfortable with them. He may have opened up about it. But they got the rest and threw the fish back. Also with Jim saying that he didn’t want to do long litigation is false. He didn’t want to go to court because he was afraid of something more being dug up by the federal govt..

      • Thank you SH, it appears I started a boo fest? LOL
        I’ve read hours here so far and will never get it all covered. Also, using the “hate” word was a poor choice on my part. Sorry.
        To others, I am not now nor was I earlier defending the Bellinos. I was hoping to learn what others thought is all. Unlike SH I suck expressing myself. I should of said, that reading comments here,there & everywhere it seems many dislike them based on their marriage and faith convictions.? Thanks!

    • I don’t hate Jim, but what I find frustrating about him is the same thing i get annoyed by with most of these husbands on the Housewives shows: they seem to be allergic to getting REAL jobs to support their families and climbing up the career, financial, and social ladder in legitimate ways like most people. I’m not saying every businessman is a conman, and every succesful business doesn’t come with a few failures. But some of these men have lied, cheated, stolen, and forged for years before their wives even came on the show. They keep getting away with these get rich but go broke even quicker schemes, and at what point will they stop putting pride before credibility, money before their families, and stop screwing honest, hardworking people over and become one of us instead?

      • Good points Lana, I think Jim’s religous views get very judgemental at times and when you know his scamming ways and party back ground that just rubs people the wrong way.

  5. Call me dumb but doesn’t being a christian and honesty go hand in hand. When you put a face to one of his victims it makes you question how this man can show his face.

    • You aren’t dumb. I just don’t get EXACTLY what JIM did. If the FBI couldn’t charge him with anything there is a fairly good chance that he was involved with a shady business but not actually doing anything bad.

      • He was authenticating items that were forged and selling them. The fact they shut his business down and fined him tells me he was involved in the wrong doing. IMO Jim was a small fish they used to get bigger ones and that’s how he got off the hook.

          • Well…wait a minute. He is an evil scammer, but when he gives the government the evidence it needs to go after the other evil scammers, he is evil for being a “rat.” I confess the logic is unclear to me.

            I agree that Jim is an unsavory character, but everyone featured on any of the RHs shows is unsavory in some way. I would argue that Jim is not the worst person on RHs.

            • I don’t necessarily want to have a controversy with SH, my esteemed hostess on a website I very much enjoy, but the quote was “Ain’t nuthin’ worse than a rat!! LOL!! TFC!! SH” I took that to mean the worst person on the HWs, if I was mistaken I stand corrected.

            • Here’s the deal. Jim did not give the information to the FBI because he wanted “To Do The Right Thing”. Jim did it to save himself. Jim is just as bad as the people that he turned in. This is what makes him a RAT. It is one thing to be unsavory, but it is another thing to be a criminal and a hypocrite.

            • Exactly! JB is a fine example of “Do as I say, not as I do,” while he professes to be a Christian. Funny thing about him (and the other RH husbands who have skeletons in their past) is why did he agree to do a show like RHOOC when that would expose him to the public eye and bring to light his past poor business decisions? Guess he’s paying the price for craving notoriety, whether it be positive or negative attention.

    • Not only does he show his face, but they flaunt the lifestyle that their ill-gotten gains have afforded them. They have no shame.

    • You aren’t being dumb at all. In fact, the characteristic you cited, honesty, is a command for all Christians. If someone who claims to be a Christian is in fact a liar or a con man, you would have to question whether or not that person really is a Christian. I certainly would!

    • You are far from dumb cyn. Jimbo IMO is one of those who uses the facade of his being a “Christian” as a veil , which is used to cover up and deflect from his true “faith” , which is a pompous and self centered / self profiting agenda. It is also the “tool” he uses to keep control of his wife. Sadly Alexis , being dim witted is willing to “obey”, because of her lack of self esteem and quest / desire for $$. The need to always be changing / enhancing all her body parts becomes a parody of a natural woman as she was created to be and her need to be taken care of / supported , has led her to parrot this faux religiosity on their parts.

      The hijacking and metamorphosis over the last few decades of faith being used as a cover or blanket exception to cover up and avoid any criticism of ones misdeeds and selfish interests .. just as in politics it’s often used in addition to hiding behind our flag to question anothers love of country and patriotism simply to avoid the same questioning , or any real examination of ones true intent, is vile to me.

      If you are only out to make a buck anyway you can and could care less about the ethics of how you do so, own up to it. If controlling a womans thought process and independent thinking is the only way one would be with you, own it. If your barbie doll wants big fake boobs, nose whatever, since that is how she measures her importance / validity as a woman ,own up to it. Sad as that is. Stop using your “faith” in a blasphemous manner to shutdown any scrutiny of your actions.
      Cue MP.. blasphemous rumours vid. ;-)

      • Wow, great analysis/explanation of Jimbo (and others)! When I was young and single and lived in Orange Co., I met MANY people like Alexis and Jimbo …. women who’d do anything to hook a rich guy and guys who used women as tools. Observing the lack of scruples made me vow to raise my (future) family elsewhere. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to conquer the selfish mentality my kids would be constantly exposed to that is so pervasive in OC. Not saying it’s a bad place to live. I’m saying I wouldn’t have had the strength to fight it (the attitudes) while trying to raise children with good values, esp. respect for oneself and others, when my biggest support system (family) resided in the midwest.

    • @originalcyn1, sure it goes hand in hand.
      But if anyone is thinking being a “Christian” will be hand in hand with “Perfect” they are wrong!
      Our God IS PERFECT!!! This is why we need him and strive daily to be more like him.

  6. What is outrageous is their phoniness!! If they did not act like they are royalty/rich/righteous then fine, we are all flawed…but they are such phonies…they must be broke, she is plastic (surgeried), they and their kids must be screwed up (conversations re drugs, living on the edge financially)….that is why. AS the girls say, “just be real”…but of course, that is not what this show is about.

    • The show is a microcosm of the attitudes in OC (see my comment above), just blown up a bit for us. You really have to “fight the good fight” if you’re going to raise a family there. And sometimes you lose.

  7. I think with these two; again based on what I see on the show (what is edited) they cannot play the religious card, and then brag about their material items, get caught up in the vanity of her face, be rude to people; Jim always acts like he is hiding something; the whole him and Peggy (past sex) episodes; questioning his business practicies; again I don’t know these people but based on the TV and rag mags they annoy the you know what out of me!

  8. What really raises my blood pressure is when Alexis says “I thank God everyday for my life and YOU would too”. Ummmmmmm no I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t want her life for anything.

  9. I saw that Pawn Star episode.They do reruns here everyday.I will watch it again next time since Jimbo/Dumbo is involved.I dont remember how the show came out but will watch closely next rerun.How would Jesus feel about his steward of God Alexis??? Prayer must have gotten him off the hook and a small fine.So many of the House Husbands are doing illegal stuff to keep up their images or their wife’s spending.I would love to know exactly what do they do for real work to make that kind of big $$.Very few have a real office to report to.Both Joe’s on NJ are never seen ‘Working” just parading around following their wives.The pervert overbite Richie never is seen working either just on camera acting like a pervert/child molester in waiting.We know Slimy and Crooksy dont really work just get paid for being on show.Jimbo’s trampoline park is a disaster/liability waiting when the 1st child breaks a leg/bone or worse.Terrible business to get into.

  10. Maybe Jimbo “authenticated” Alexis’ ring too? “member when Heather Kent-take-a-joke DuBro went through all the trouble to have that jeweler at the naming party?

    • I would worry that there was not adequate insurance and safety features. If Jim is a scammer then he might be cutting corners for profit rather than the safety a park like that would need to cater to the general pubic and children in particular.

      • Bingo! If he thinks he’s had problems before, just wait until people start getting serious injuries, or, God forbid, a fatality occurs at his place. Where I live (Phoenix) a place was shut down when a man died (Feb., 2012), so Jimbo best be insured to the hilt! I used to be a gymnast and we were only allowed to use the trampoline when there were 8 spotters around its perimeter. It blows my mind these days that people are so cavalier with regard to letting their kids use this apparatus. They do not understand the risk of bodily harm that is involved when an untrained individual tries “stunts” because it looks cool. Spinal cord and head injuries can result (not to mention the numerous broken arms I’ve witnessed). They routinely happen on trampolines. If you have young kids and they beg you for a trampoline, either firmly say “No!” or plan on spending all of your time outside glued to its side reminding your kids (and their friends) not to jump too high, have only one (two max) person jump at a time, stay in the center, don’t try to flip, etc.

  11. Better look into legitimate newspaper articles about Joe Giudice forging his partner’s signature to get a loan, ….

    • doreen: EVERYTHING you mentioned in your comment has been on SH. “Legitimate” articles??? You must not read SH… we prefer COURT documents and speaking directly to Juicy’s business partner. Would suggest you take this weekend to read ALL the items re the Joodice’s on SH. SH

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