SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Adrienne Maloof, Paul Nassif “Celebrity Went to Paul’s Head”… Brandi Glanville “NO Sex in Bathroom”… Heather Dubrow “Gets Da Stink Eye!”… Ramona Singer, Dina Manzo, Karent Sierra, Jax Laurita, Teresa Giudice… UPDATE: Caroline Manzo… “WatchWhatCrappens” Podcast…

August 1, 2012  10:30 am

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Matt Whitfield, and Ben Mandelker get down and dirty with all sorts of gossip relating to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Adrienne’s divorce, Brandi’s bathroom high jinks, and Lisa’s renewed wedding vows. Then it’s on to NYC by way of Miami where we are simultaneously horrified and amused by Aviva Drescher’s dad and his enjoyment of squirting orgasms. After that, we head to NJ as the Napa trip finally kicks off to unspectacular effect. Things then wind down as we imagine the housewives in the Olympics and play our new favorite game: It Smells Like. Um, not safe for work.



  Paul Nassif, Adrienne Maloof with MD partner in NYC…

ROL reporting that one of the reasons for the Maloof-Nassif divorce was caused by Paul’s love of “celebrity.”    

NOTE:  Find this VERY hard to believe… even though ROL states that this is just ONE of the reasons.  IMO, this is simply ANOTHER of ROL’s ‘creative’ items, citing unnamed “sources”… wonder who/what is paying ROL to put out these items???

“Since joining the RHOBH, the couple has skyrocketed to fame, with their every move catalogued by Bravo’s reality cameras, and a source close to the couple said that while she handled it with grace, Paul struggled with their exposure.

“Paul let the fame go to his head. He was jealous of Adrienne’s success, and he didn’t handle that well.”

As Adrienne’s business opportunities soared, the source said his attitude soured. “Paul has always been envious of his wife, and he got crankier as they became celebrities.”   NOTE:  Paul is opening another medical office in NYC… highly doubt Paul is or ever has been “envious” of Adrienne!

The couple also struggled behind the scenes.  “Paul was a completely different person in front of the cameras, the way he acted for them was all for show; he turned it on for them, and then he turned it off when the cameras went away.

“He stopped taking care of himself, gained weight and got crankier, and Adrienne didn’t want to deal with it.”  NOTE:  Oh, puh-leeeeze!!!


Brandi Glanville tweeted that the ROL “Brandi Sex In Bathroom at Kyle’s White Party” is BS!  WHO are the “sources” supplying ROL with these “stories?”


Rashida Jones givin’ RHOC’s Heather DULL-BRO da stink eye!!   Note:  We hear ya, Rashida!!


PHOTOS!!!   Some new… some were stuck in the dreaded “draft” mode!!

 Ramona Singer, Dina Manzo this weekend in the Hamptons…

 BigAl Manzo… on bus… “I wanna be alone…”

  Teresa Giudice… “I explained this look to MissAndy on WWHL… it’s not my fault!!!”

 Jerry and Bonnie Grippe… BubbaJax’ parents.  YES, this is infamous tweeter, BGrippe!!

                                                      New Miami Housewife, KARENT Sierra… graduation photo from dental school!!   And proof that she’s ALWAYS had that name!

(Thanks to SH readers “XWood” “Sly” “TBrooks” and “Antsy”!!!)

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72 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Adrienne Maloof, Paul Nassif “Celebrity Went to Paul’s Head”… Brandi Glanville “NO Sex in Bathroom”… Heather Dubrow “Gets Da Stink Eye!”… Ramona Singer, Dina Manzo, Karent Sierra, Jax Laurita, Teresa Giudice… UPDATE: Caroline Manzo… “WatchWhatCrappens” Podcast…

  1. OMG, every time I see Teresa in that eagle-feather dress, it freaks me out!! What the h$ll was she (and her stylist) thinking?? She has big-time helmet hair!!!!

    • I know Tre blames her stylist but Damn girl we know You got Mirrors in your house we saw them when you stuff was gonna be auctioned. USE THEM!

  2. Bgrippe sure is a strange one. Talk about having no filter, I can see the apple Jax doesn’t fall far from the tree. Thank God she locked up her account on twitter (or someone made her) What a loon!

    • To be honest if one of my daughters were on one of these shows I’m sure I would act like an ass defending them. That’s what Mom’s do right or wrong.

  3. I call bullcrap on ROL source saying that Paul couldn’t handle Adrienne’s success because of the show. If he didn’t have a problem with her being worth $300 Million, and having a casino, basketball team, etc., I doubt that a rinky dink housewives show would cause him to be so jealous that he would want to divorce her.
    More than likely, Paul was getting a lot of affirmation from the female viewers that he is hot and he is a nice guy and doesn’t deserve a biotch like her.

    • I think you are right, TVJ. Paul realizes that he doesn’t have to put up with someone who treats him like crapola. He’s a plastic surgeon, so I’m sure he does very well on his own. Maybe it’s better for him and his financial health to unload her and her family’s money issues.

            • I think Lisa is right- Paul was one of the featured surgeons on Dr 90210, Dr. Dubrow was on the Swan and Extreme Makeover. Why I even know this scares me! lol!

    • Your exactly right, this smells of Adrienne and her camp trying to blame Paul for everything. She was a bitch all the time with Paul, in fact so much so she didn’t even want to be affectionate with them. They took shots to everything, his weight, his ego, his ability to make money (and I wouldn’t be to sure with Adrienne, her family may be broke by next year google Maloof finances).

      • Totally agree. Especially since as time passed fans became more vocal when it came to preferring Paul over Adrienne.If Paul was the sort to be jealous of a woman’s success he wouldn’t have married a Maloof. Plus they are both in very different fields so I can’t imagine a plastic surgeon being jealous of a businesswoman and vice versa.

  4. The Radar online story sounds like complete BS put out by Adrienne’s people. The guy looked like he worked long hours and wanted nothing to do with the housewives.

  5. Where is Terry Dubrow when his “woman” needs protecting? How dare Rasheda give his “woman” the stink eye. Looks like Dr.Terry needs some “southern” training from Crooks. ;-)

  6. I don’t understand why Bravo is resurrecting Miami. I thought that season crashed and burned. plus the reunion was strange as it was filmed in the cramped quarters of the Bravo Clubhouse. So is there any chance that DC will be back…even though all but one housewife are not with the same “househusband”?

  7. In Season 2 of RHOBH all I saw was a very embittered person in Adrienne which had a crescendo effect throughout the season peaking at the reunion. Paul appears to be the same person he was from the very start of Season 1. Adrienne’s bitterness towards Lisa and Brandi was pathetic. Any dramatic change in personality imo is on Adrienne’s part. She needs to stop playing the blame game and take some responsibility.

    It’s nice to hear Brandi is dating someone now. I hope he is a nice guy.

    • I agree, it seemed like Adrienne became the face of Jealousy on the show. She went from being very grounded to insanely jealous of Lisa. Her reasoning seemed easily manipulated by Chef Bernie and Kyle. I think she lost her way. As far as the whole ROL story of Paul being jealous, wasn’t there a blind item awhile back about a RHOBH husband and a waitress? Could rumors like this be the real reason?

      • I agree with you also, Adrienne let Bernie run his mouth about Lisa at his pleasure. It even seemed that she found them amusing, which I found odd considering there was no reason for animosity between the women. Or what was shown anyway. I’m sure if there had of been a genuine reason, Bravo would have been all over it in an instant, making money from the back of it and stirring it up even more. As for Kyle, I don’t think she needs much encouragement to be nasty, so a nod in the right direction from Adrienne was all it needed, true to form she followed.

        Say the RHOBH husband was Paul, if Adrienne wanted the marriage to work wouldn’t she have just left the show and put herself into counselling with him thus keeping their affairs private? She doesn’t need the money (apparently) so has no reason to stay under contract with Bravo.

        The only one, with that said, who got ‘fame hungry’ and let it ‘go to their heads’ IMO was Adrienne not Paul. It’s much harder with these two to work out what has actually happened in comparison to the likes of Icky/Brooks/Donn who’s pegged out their own dirty laundry for all to see.

  8. Ditto…more Miami???? Yuck…can’t understand them half the time….need sub titles at the bottom of the screen…..

  9. Rashida explained the reason for the ‘stink eye’. It was part of the act. They were doing a # from a musical for a charity event. the lyrics were about their characters having a problem with one another.

    Paul has more positive feed back on the blogs. Not too much positive about Adrienne in the vast space of cyber.

  10. Im going to admit I dont watch this enough, but can someone tell me why Adrienne hates Lisa-or direct me to where I can find it.?

    • I don’t think we really know exactly why but we speculate it is because of fan popularity. I think Adrienne thought she would be the favorite and it turned out to be Lisa. Lisa got a lot of air time and eventually parlayed that into a spin off for her restaurant. They all come on these shows to promote their businesses and the Maloof’s are finacialy shaky right now. I am sure she thinks Lisa stole business opprotunitys. Similar complaints in New Jeresy, same ol’ BS different franchise I guess.

        • Thanks! I remember on the reunion Brandi said Adrienne didnt like lisa-Adrienne goes…THATS NOT

  11. Has anyone ever seen Adrienne smile??? She is the “poor little rich girl” who has always gotten every thing she wanted and now cannot face the fact that nobody likes her. She went after Lisa with both guns blazing and found out all she had were pop caps and people backed Lisa. Now she is attacking her husband in order to get sympathy and have warm fuzzies from fans and everyone has seen enough of her gutter sniping shrew act to know SHE is the problem. (ok, I’m ready to get lamblasted but does anybody else think Adrienne is gay?)

      • “She just seems really butch to me” that made me laugh, after a very crap day it was a welcome relief! :D

          • Awww bless, thanks MP, you are a love. Just been one of ‘those days’ topped off by the car deciding it wants to be a static out building! xx

      • Since we’re all on this subject; I think Heather from NY looks like a guy, a gay guy with that smile.

        • “Too Wong FU Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar! That’s the movie that seems Heather from NY would fit in to. Just saying?

  12. Said it before and I will say it again: Adrienne is the poor little rich girl who was born on third base but thinks she hit a triple. Translation, life handed her every advantage imaginable but she thinks she has achieved her successes based solely on her own merits. Sorry to let you in on the secret, Ades, but people who don’t want or need anything from you (i.e. viewers) aren’t going to suck up, fake being awed and inspired by your waaaayyyyy over the top hair/make-up/gaudy clothes, or even really like you. But her worst sin in my book is her segments are boring and she is not funny or amusing.

  13. The MaloofGoof just doesn’t seem to be wife or mother material. I think growing up in a family of all men and driven by their father kind of put the kibosh on her being a normal human being. I don’t care of rashida was acting I loved the look she gave featherhead….lol…I still cant get Paul’s picture when he was younger out of my mind. He was very very handsome. Not to say he isn’t now, just yummy….Don’t think he will have to much trouble finding a woman who actually loves him and shows it. Unlike the ice queen….

  14. To me… going to medical school is much more successful than managing in inherited fortune. Just saying’

    I’m def not looking forward to RHoBH. It seems like the fun is gone. I always liked Paul more than Adrienne anyway.

  15. SH: Thank you for the DC info…I knew you would know what was going on. I loved the DC reunion…especially when Mary’s husband said to Tareeq : ” Just admit you wore you’re Ass Hat” As for Miami…I couldn’t keep the cast members straight. They all acted the same to me.

  16. Adrienne’s business opportunities “soared”????!!!!…..I’d bet earnest money all her tasteless stripper heels have found their way into basement bargain bins

    • And Holy Cow they aren’t cheap, either!! I just don’t see how they can walk in six inch heels with two inch platforms. My ankles hurt just thinking about it.

  17. I gotta say the miami women were catty, but I liked mama Elsa calling andy “dandy”, but I watch these train wrecks to remind me my life isn’t that bad. It was weird having their reunion in the clubhouse, it was like well you aren’t as important. I think it will be better and I feel bad for Alex Eschevierra’s son being in awful car wreck.

  18. Love Paul. Adrienne always seemed so cold.
    Miami UGH. Never liked it. Could not understand them either. Huge dislike of the accents. Never could get into it.

    • I’d love to skype with ppl who can’t understand the Miami accent just out of pure interest. I’m from Yorkshire, England and have one of the oldest accent’s and traditions to ancient England. Or Tyke as we call it.

  19. i think adrienne got bent out of shape when lisa’s daughter had her bachelorette party at another hotel in vegas and not the palm. lisa has a friend who owns a hotel on the strip and who offered it up for lisa’s daughter and her party. don’t know how long lisa has known adrienne, but apparently, lisa and her family and this man have been friends for many years. i thought paul was a cutie and adrienne just wasn’t nice to him.

    i hated, hated, hated miami. i couldn’t understand two words most of the time. the women were insipid and that woman’s mother, who andy adores, is a horror show. they all seemed to run into each other. didn’t see a lot of individuality among them. the reunion show was a nightmare, and when i heard they renewed them, i thought what are they thinking.

    this brings me to d.c. except for the one couple (yuck), i really liked the women of d.c. they were bright and had real conversations, and they weren’t into themselves. they also seemed to be intelligent people. even the men on the show were good. i would have liked to have gotten to know them better. i really wish bravo would bring them back. i’m not sure i will be able to watch miami. i am just so angry that miami is coming back.

  20. The red dress Carowhine is wearing is the same style as the blue one she just wore on WWHL. Someone tell me what TFC means Plz.

    • It means Thanks For Commenting. You are right about that dress. The designer must have had them all sign a non compete clause or sumpin and they are running out of options. :)

    • same dress Mel wore in red to the reunion and same dress in Purple Teresa wore in the episode where she was shooting the cover of her book. For some reason the cover has her wearing a different purple dress then that episode.

  21. Will probably watch Miami! Mama Elsa cracked me up. Plus ya gotta try something spicy once in a while. Glad they dropped Christy & Mrs Pippen though!

    As far as dead DC…three, wait FOUR of them got divorces since the show ended! Yikes. That show wuz cursed.

  22. What they had do with D.C. is to show ACTUAL powerful black families and see how they operate throughout the city. No, it doesn’t have to be like Atlanta (even though ATL got me into this mess) but it would be interesting how the way Bravo would put another predominantly black cast on the same franchise.

    With Miami, i would give it another try. Season 1 was not in the traditional “housewife” formula and since they go rid of the original producers and brought in new ones, i can’t wait to see the Cuban culture through Bravo’s eyes.

    P.S. i would rather watch Mama Elsa than watch New Jersey any day.

  23. Off topic….last night when I was setting my DVR for tonight I went to my Fox channel and sure enough at 3AM there is a show called Better….and miss kitty was being featured. The show is one hour and is not repeated at all during the entire Fox schedule for the day. So if you want to see kitty or caro set your DVR. What a laugh :-) :-) Prime time TV :-)

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