SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Adrienne Maloof, Paul Nassif “Celebrity Went to Paul’s Head”… Brandi Glanville “NO Sex in Bathroom”… Heather Dubrow “Gets Da Stink Eye!”… Ramona Singer, Dina Manzo, Karent Sierra, Jax Laurita, Teresa Giudice… UPDATE: Caroline Manzo… “WatchWhatCrappens” Podcast…

August 1, 2012  10:30 am

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Matt Whitfield, and Ben Mandelker get down and dirty with all sorts of gossip relating to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Adrienne’s divorce, Brandi’s bathroom high jinks, and Lisa’s renewed wedding vows. Then it’s on to NYC by way of Miami where we are simultaneously horrified and amused by Aviva Drescher’s dad and his enjoyment of squirting orgasms. After that, we head to NJ as the Napa trip finally kicks off to unspectacular effect. Things then wind down as we imagine the housewives in the Olympics and play our new favorite game: It Smells Like. Um, not safe for work.



  Paul Nassif, Adrienne Maloof with MD partner in NYC…

ROL reporting that one of the reasons for the Maloof-Nassif divorce was caused by Paul’s love of “celebrity.”    

NOTE:  Find this VERY hard to believe… even though ROL states that this is just ONE of the reasons.  IMO, this is simply ANOTHER of ROL’s ‘creative’ items, citing unnamed “sources”… wonder who/what is paying ROL to put out these items???

“Since joining the RHOBH, the couple has skyrocketed to fame, with their every move catalogued by Bravo’s reality cameras, and a source close to the couple said that while she handled it with grace, Paul struggled with their exposure.

“Paul let the fame go to his head. He was jealous of Adrienne’s success, and he didn’t handle that well.”

As Adrienne’s business opportunities soared, the source said his attitude soured. “Paul has always been envious of his wife, and he got crankier as they became celebrities.”   NOTE:  Paul is opening another medical office in NYC… highly doubt Paul is or ever has been “envious” of Adrienne!

The couple also struggled behind the scenes.  “Paul was a completely different person in front of the cameras, the way he acted for them was all for show; he turned it on for them, and then he turned it off when the cameras went away.

“He stopped taking care of himself, gained weight and got crankier, and Adrienne didn’t want to deal with it.”  NOTE:  Oh, puh-leeeeze!!!


Brandi Glanville tweeted that the ROL “Brandi Sex In Bathroom at Kyle’s White Party” is BS!  WHO are the “sources” supplying ROL with these “stories?”


Rashida Jones givin’ RHOC’s Heather DULL-BRO da stink eye!!   Note:  We hear ya, Rashida!!


PHOTOS!!!   Some new… some were stuck in the dreaded “draft” mode!!

 Ramona Singer, Dina Manzo this weekend in the Hamptons…

 BigAl Manzo… on bus… “I wanna be alone…”

  Teresa Giudice… “I explained this look to MissAndy on WWHL… it’s not my fault!!!”

 Jerry and Bonnie Grippe… BubbaJax’ parents.  YES, this is infamous tweeter, BGrippe!!

                                                      New Miami Housewife, KARENT Sierra… graduation photo from dental school!!   And proof that she’s ALWAYS had that name!

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