SONJA MORGAN, LuANN de LESSEPS… Sonja Tells Jacques To Make a Move… Or Leave!… VIDEO

July 31, 2012  12:15  am   On next weeks’ Real Housewives of New York…

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33 comments on “SONJA MORGAN, LuANN de LESSEPS… Sonja Tells Jacques To Make a Move… Or Leave!… VIDEO

  1. Poor Sonja! It just goes to show that the bad girl is usually the sad girl. I think that was a disco song, I’m hearing “toot toot, awww, beep beep”! lol

  2. Pepe le pew looks like a rat orrr help me out here… some kinda rodent. I can’t put my finger on it. It’s not a skunk. A possum? :-/

    • that does always stand out whenever I hear that … it makes the skin on my arms tingle, but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing (maybe a stroke?)

    • Yup. I think she says it that way to sound extra-pretentious like everything she does. I am no Jacques fan, but he should leave already if he knows what’s good for him.

  3. I like Jacques so far, but believe the storyline is contrived to make it more than what it really is. A few weeks ago, when her son was doing the French lesson scene, Jacques was making a few asides that just did not jive with what LuAnn is portraying. For instance, Jacques made a comment about her speaking French to show off and trying to be impressive. In the context off the whole scene, I truly got the impression he was referring as much to his role as anything else. We see/hear her using the having a baby storyline only when Jacques is not present. Never is it mentioned or discussed between them.

    Jacques has made several asides that really indicate he is just playing a role. I don’t like LuAnn. She’s boring, snobby, rude, phony and obnoxious in every scene so far.

  4. They can’t show Jacques on camera talking to LuAnn about having his baby. Would YOU be able to keep a straight face/not vomit while doing that?? I know I couldn’t.

  5. There is absolutely no chemistry between LuAnn and Jacques. He seems responsive like her son does. Jacques is an accessory. That’s all. Luann speaks of him in a dialog right out of a bad play. The characters make absolutely no sense together.

  6. I dont think jaqstrap will ever marry the countless. Her title is how she defines herself
    she isnt about to give that up.

  7. Sonja’s doing the “drunk drivel.” She doesn’t care what Luwannabe does…the alcohol is doing the talking.

    Does anyone think Jacque looks like the guy from Friends…David Schwimmer? I fact almost like his twin.

    • Ewwww, I can’t stand Schwimmer. He;s got a DB rep out here in LA. Jacques, in his froggy little way is better looking than Schwimmer but still basically irrelevant to the storyline.

  8. I agree with Lisa. A man would have to have a TON of money for Lu to marry again. There is no way she’ll give up the Countess title. She will drag that to her grave and have a billboard erected at the cemetery. Jacques is cute, but, I think most of that accent is a put on. If so, it makes him perfect for Louann. Phony baloney.

  9. I watched the show for the first time this week, and this is my 2cents plain-Countess Lu-such a screeching bore, shallow, phony, opportunistic, but so DULL. Tall, nice figure, dresses well, but is unappealing as she is WITHOUT being able to see the world outside of herself.. Her cute French (Moroccan?) boyfriend is only along for the ride, the status, her money, and a little tv exposure…He doesn’t seem even mildly interested in her as a love figure. When the ride is over, he will walk and she can push her “title” on someone else who is needy for fame.
    Ramona is the most LOW CLASS, ill bred, mouthy, aggressive in an annoying way, pushy, obnoxious woman. She’s like a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, a bully. Wonder if she was like she is in high schoool-if so, she must have been hated by her peers. Her husband is handsome & well dressed & the calm part of the team, but the $$$ must be pretty good or maybe he is really in love with this wrong side of the tracks chick–as we all know love is blind. One wonders. Sonja-pretentious, but very SAD, and phony-nothing particularly likeable about her.And I find her very unattractive- her face could christen a ship! The only likeable woman is the Journalist/Author Radziwill, who has STYLE (natural style), a brain, is very sophisticated, worldly & has a sense of humor. She appears to be down to earth and kind in nature.. She is someone anyone could “do lunch” with & she would be charming, intellectural, spiritual, & a good conversationalist. What in the world is doing with these horrid women? Aviva is lovely, pretty, great figure, well-dressed, married to Conservative seeming man. She is benigh. Feel sorry for her-embarrassed for her by her father’s mouth and total crudity, lecherous behavior, tactless personality. I know she loves him as a dad, but I feel for her. She has to be loyal out of love, but HOW EMBARRASSING. That man makes me absolutely cringe. He’s like someone you would run from if you met him at a party. And Heather-is she a transvestite in drag-she looks so masculine, and unattractive, uses her good teeth to SMILE inappropriatelyly & mask her real reactions,
    is evil, full of herself, so catty, and is no one I would ever want to know in this lifetime. Better to be alone, than have a friend like Heather…she’s lethal, competitive, mean, backbiting, and I am amazed that she has a husband who is still with her. That’s it…Quite a zoo!

  10. Two typos above-intellectual & benign…sorry, in a rush. Can’t spend any more time on observations of these poor choice role models for women in 2012. If I were a man, they would make him go gay for sure. I certainly wonder about Ramona and Heather’s respective husbands. Out of all the fine women in NY you can LISTEN to those women…ooooooh…maybe you are both hard of hearing? It’s all beyond my comprehension…..Why did I watch this past week? Homebound due to illness-only reason. But it’s OVER for me. I can’t relate to their shallow lifestyle or behavior, excluding Radziiwill and maybe, maybe Aviva….and to think they are earning $$$$ for their exhibitionism…tells you where our decadent society is really at these days, doesn’t it? Thank G-d they do donate to charity & arrange galas-so they are doing something positive for others…but their involvement in those charities may be way overstated….

  11. I don’t think LuAnn wants to get married. She wouldn’t be a countess anymore. And she LOVES being a countess.

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