From The SH Archives… MARISA ZANUCK: “Friend”… “Housewife” … “Friend of Friend” on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?… SH Readers Knew Back in March!!

March 14, 2012  10:30 am   NYPost…    UPDATED JULY 31, 2012 12:15 pm 

NOTE:  As per the usual Housewives PR machine… there will be “leaks” released to various media outlets …Brandi’s sex-in-bathroom BS item… coming from unnamed “sources.”  

Obviously, Marisa has been given the go-ahead to start interest in the new BH season via twitter…  

***SH has been “following” Marisa on twitter for four months; Marisa started “following” SH today.   How long before SH expects a “block” by Marisa ala @KyleRichards18???     

                           Marisa Zanuck… July 30, 2012…

Marisa Zanuck has been VERY quiet!

Marisa created her twitter account back in February and has not been tweeting ANYTHING of interest, and NOTHING about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… until recently!

Marisa claims that the reports of HagfaceKyle getting full-body lipo is not true… OK, so LLLKyle got spot lipo, not “full body”!   Simply semantics…

Marisa is ‘spillin’ it’ via twitter… when asked if she will be on the next season of the RHOBH…

NOTE:  Marisa did NOT indicate if she will be appearing in a cameo role ala Jennifer Gimenez… or if she will be a “Friend” of the Housewives ala PamDana… or if she’s just gonna be a guest at HagfaceKyle’s White Party… OR if she will be a full-time Beverly Hills Housewife as had been reported by the NYPost on March 14.   Interesting is the fact that Marisa is NOT shown in any RHOBH season three photos!


“Beverly Hills real estate broker Marisa Zanuck will join Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” next season, sources tell us.

Zanuck, a mother of two who appeared on HGTV’s “Selling LA,” is married to Hollywood producer Dean Zanuck, son of producer Richard Zanuck and grandson of legendary Darryl F. Zanuck, a co-founder of 20th Century Fox.

Marisa already has a connection to two of the reality show’s stars — she works at Hilton & Hyland, which is run by Rick Hilton, who is married to Kathy Hilton, the half-sister of “housewives” Kim and Kyle Richards. Zanuck declined to comment when we reached her via phone, and a Bravo rep didn’t get back to us.”

Producer Dean Zanuck (L), winner of the Best First Feature award for “Get Low” and Marisa Zanuck at the 2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards at Santa Monica Beach on February 26, 2011 in Santa Monica, California.
(February 25, 2011 – Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images North America)

9 comments on “From The SH Archives… MARISA ZANUCK: “Friend”… “Housewife” … “Friend of Friend” on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?… SH Readers Knew Back in March!!

  1. Hmm. I’ll probably be eating my words down the line, but Marisa seems like she’d be a welcome addition to RHOBH. She’s definitely Hollywood “royalty” being married to a Zanuck, and *appears* to be very attractive w/o the help of plastic surgery. How refreshing!


  2. ANYONE but Trailer Trash! She’s not all that to look at and her makeup in the first pic is horrid, but at least she doesn’t have duck lips!


  3. Did not know Kathy was half sister to the tramp stamp Richards hags!!! Now you see why they are not as close different sperm donors!!! Marisa can work late with Mario on real estate deals and get a storyline there going.


    • Yea, their mother was a real black widow slut. They called her “Big Kathy” and she used and abused men for all she could. Taught her daughers from a very early age. Anyone who wonders why Paris Hilton is the way she is…well, it’s in her DNA. Google it.


  4. That couple appears to be good looking until you actually look at them.

    RH really needs some good looking people to join. Aren’t there any good looking, wealthy AND interesting people that we can disect?


    • Unfortunately, the *truly* good looking, wealthy AND interesting people are self-confident and secure enough not to need validation via a reality show. They’ve nothing to sell, nothing to prove. D*mn them!


  5. Reality shows are like has beens going on “Dancing With The Stars’ to revamp their old careers.Hw’s looking for a career boost.Hawking products or their husband’s business.Have noticed alot of HW’s are behind liquor endorsements or new product lines for some reason.I know they sure drink alot on the shows.At home and socialy.


  6. Bravo is probably waiting to look over the footage they’ve shot to see what they can make out of it. Sure beats anything Stoopid Shana can do.


  7. Who is the guy in the sunglasses? That’s what I want to know. He’s cute and looks lots more interesting. Put him on the show instead of Shana!


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