LuANN de LESSEPS, SONJA MORGAN: Sonja and LuAnn’s BravoBlogs… Sonja: Not ‘SexAddict’ Just A “Cheater”… LuAnn: Don’t Need Carole’s Designer Friend!


Now we see George isn’t a sex addict, he’s just a cheater.  Ramona says if you’re not married, it’s OK. I don’t agree. I have to agree with Aviva and glad she pointed out I like to flirt with the best of them, but once I commit I like it to stick. I am very sensitive, and in fact, have been accused of living in the past. There’s nothing wrong with yearning for the same kind of commitment once again. I won’t settle.

Ah the age old discussion of designer exclusivity!  We all borrow dresses from designers and we get territorial with our connections. I don’t want to see myself coming and going in the same dress as someone else. So I like to be exclusive and if I see a designer I’m wearing dressing someone else, I’m going on to the next designer. It’s simple. Everyone likes to feel special. Would that make LuAnn  a designer addict? Or the designer a star addict? LOL. I don’t know. But to be fair, the Kahns (OK guilty of name dropping — takes one to know one) are not just a designer contact, they are Carole’s dear friends and she obviously felt her toes were stepped on. It’s not like she can drop her friend  over this. And, the friend admits LuAnn does wear a dress well! Ouch!



I’m not surprised that Sonja and George didn’t hit it off. Sonja likes to joke and flirt, but George took it way too far. I don’t think he understands that a woman like Sonja doesn’t want to date an older playboy, especially at this time in her life. Why George comes on so strong is a mystery to me because he’s handsome, successful and, yes, according to him, virile. It makes me think that he hasn’t gotten over the loss of his wife and by acting this way; he doesn’t have to worry about finding a woman who wants a long-term commitment.

I heard what Carole had to say about Naeem lending me a dress and I respect her for telling me this to my face (finally). What I don’t understand is why Carole feels she has to protect Ranjana and Naeem who are in business to sell clothing and jewelry to people who want to buy their clothing and jewelry. Carole borrows plenty of designer clothing as we all do for photo shoots and special events but if she doesn’t want me to ask Naeem again, I won’t. While Naeem’s a good designer and I love his dresses, I have many designer friends who are more than happy for me to wear their clothes.

Until next week, bisous!!

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18 comments on “LuANN de LESSEPS, SONJA MORGAN: Sonja and LuAnn’s BravoBlogs… Sonja: Not ‘SexAddict’ Just A “Cheater”… LuAnn: Don’t Need Carole’s Designer Friend!

  1. I’m not sure if I heard Ramona correctly, but if she said she should give her daughter the soy milk I would advise her against it. Many things wrong with that….most importanly GMO’s. She should research it.
    Luann strikes me as the type who believes that people are graced with her presence so anything goes in her mind….her sense of entitlement is askew.

  2. Getting tired of Carole taking the piss out of everyone. Calm down. And I’m sick of seeing Ranjana on this show. Pathetic attempt to get her on the show.

  3. “highlighted her linebacker shoulders. LuAnn can do better!”…WOW…let’s see your pic…Actually NO LUANN CANNOT DO BETTER THAN Naheem F N KHAN…Malandrino DROPPED her ass and NOW she’s wearing ZARA(which i love) but for a woman who claimed to be a COUNTESS…i think she can do better than ZARA…NOT Naheem Khan who dresses CELEBRITIES in the most beautiful gowns EVA….

    • Eh… let’s face it… we can ALL do better in all things if we want to. To respect Carole’s wishes, Lulu can definitely try to do better.

      Now… having said that… I don’t see the big deal. Especially considering Luann is on a public show and would be showcasing the clothes. Seems like nasty grapes, on Carole’s part, to me

      • Good point! Considering the fact that Alex McCord hates LuAnn and she still stood behind LuAnn in this sitution tells me that this was not that big a deal and it is done a lot. It seems like a simbiotic relationship between housewives and designers. Personality aside if you want some one to look good in your designs you are going to pick a LuAnn body type not a Kathy Wakili body type. It seems like a win, win situation for both parties.

  4. Luann had this same territorial designer exclusivity thing with Ramona–when she begged the designer lending Ramona dresses to wear in her scenes..hey some designer, Luann needs you.

    The reason I do personal shopping and dressing on the side is because people liked my style. My first client was a friend and church member who asked he to help her out dress another church member who was always out doing them but not me. Belks is where everyone shops in our little big city and everyone looks the same.

    • Hmmm very interesting….thought people in church were there to pray and worship, not to “out dress” someone else.

  5. I sort of had the idea that Carole didn’t want Luann asking for dresses to borrow because she thought her friend could hardly say no to another friend of Carole’s. Does that make sense? Like, Luanne was putting the designer in an awkward position. Maybe I got that wrong. Anyway, Carole should stop mentioning Michelle Obama because she’s the worst dressed woman in America. She looks like a broke down Liberace most of the time. Her clothes don’t even fit her. So maybe Luann is doing them a favor. At least the count-less is good looking.

    • I think she rambles and therefore the edit on her is bad. What she’s saying imo is that Luann going into this designers place and mentioned she was a friend of Carole’s. The COuntess then, very slicklike tried to use her position to maneuver a free dress out of the designer under the guise that she would be photographed in it, bringing him business. Now, this has always worked for Luann, and granted its not normaly a problem. As a common courtesy to a new friend whose named you dropped to the designer, you should not overstep your boundaries and ask for a Zarin. If the COuntess were as classy as she claims, them designers would be coming directly to her to dress her. But she’s just not that important anymore, not that she was before.
      So Carole feels like Luann is using her friends, and Carole takes things like that personally. I would too. Like a new friend meets your oldest friend and then calls your old friend to borrow a cute pair of shoes. It’s kinda violating that way.

      • I think you are spot-on with your comments. I think Carole just thought it was way too soon to be asking favors of new friends like that – especially using Carole’s name to do it.

      • Thank You MP. I love for being a woman and actually doing it all. Went to school, earn her stripes, worked, became a wife and a mother. WE CAN DO IT ALL

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