LISA VANDERPUMP: Lisa and Ken Todd Taped “Vow Renewal”… For Season Three of the RHOBH…Adrienne Maloof Attended “Reception”…

July 31, 2012   7:45 pm   ROL

NOTE:  Who the hell is driving the bus at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills???  How many damn wedding and vow renewals are going to be included on each of the Housewives franchises??   Do ANY of these producers have any ORIGINAL story lines????

It was reported by ROL that the RHOBH reunion was being taped on Monday night, which obviously was incorrect… they were taping Lisa and Ken Todd’s vow renewal ceremony!  

Which is where “friend” of the RHOBH, Maria Zanuck was, according to her tweet… since Marisa is referring to the cast as being in the “lion’s den,” you know she’s not a full-time Housewife!!   Note to Marisa:  Watch your words!!

Lisa Vanderpump ain’t no dummy… she’s probably doing the same deal with Bravo as she did with daughter, Pandorka’s, wedding.  Lisa privately taped Pandorka’s wedding and sold the rights to Bravo for airing on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

Lisa Vanderpump has been showing how strong her relationship is by renewing vows to husband, Ken Todd.

        Adrienne Maloof… “I didn’t wanna go to Lisa’s wedding… I hate you’re lousy Bravo contracts, MissAndy!!!”

Adrienne was even in attendance and put on a brave face to offer her well-wishes to the happy couple.  “She missed the ceremony,” a show insider said,  “But she was there for the tail end of the reception.”


Rather than white, Lisa wore a chic black evening gown, while Ken sported a pink shirt under his black jacket.  While there was no bridal party, the couple’s dog Giggy was front and center. “Ken held him during the ceremony,” the insider shared.

After Lisa and Ken swapped emotional vows for the second time, they celebrated with an evening of dinner and dancing in the garden of their new Beverly Hills home. “The house overlooks a deep valley and the swimming pool had swans in it,” the insider adds. “The whole scene was breathtaking.”


Good thing Lisa sold her old dump… it caught fire a month ago…


(Thanks to SH reader “KJ”!!!)


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63 comments on “LISA VANDERPUMP: Lisa and Ken Todd Taped “Vow Renewal”… For Season Three of the RHOBH…Adrienne Maloof Attended “Reception”…

  1. Well, there goes the Vanderpumpernickel marriage – sorta thought they’d be together forever….lol Useless footage.

    • Wow, we really do have something in common, don’t we? A sick sense of humor and I love it!!!! My six pcks come fro the package store. Hardy har har.

      With all due respect for your marvelous wit.


  2. Enough with the Vow thing. Its bad enough i will suffer with Chewy and Juicy for the camera reniewal now Lisa and Ken

    • Lisa, I am so with you, I will have to drink the night the Juicy-Dice re-wedding is shown. As far as Miss Vanderpoop, she is up in Bravo’s (Andy) you know what, she and Giggy are soo up there I am suprised Giggy’s head isn’t poping out of Andy’s shoulder.

  3. I love my Vandepump but the whole vow renewal shtick is getting old. First it was Vicki and Donn (everyone knows how that went) and them it led on and to be honest, if they do this on every franchise in the next five years i can see viewers getting over the entire franchise.

    To SH. When do you think BH will premiere since all this info is coming out.

    • I agree….Enough with the Vow Renewals! I would also say, enough with the Over the Top children’s parties given by Shana!

  4. They seem to care more for Giggy than they do real people.I hate to see how it will be if Pandorka ever has a baby.The dog takes center stage in their lives.Even over their real kid and adopted one.
    Sad my mom was that way too.Dogs over real people and family.Everyone that renews vows is headed for divorce in reality T.V.

    • I take acception to the statement, “The Real Kid and the Adopted One”….Lisa and Ken refer to both kids as “Their Own” and indeed they are. Adopted children are a REAL part of a family…….not an “Extra”.

        • I was adopted and i resembled my sister to the point people commented on it all the time
          There was a time I thought my sister was my bio mom and my parents adopted me I even asked my mom she denied it i didnt believe her but it ended up not being true.

        • Wow! Thank you Ms. SH. That is interesting. I agree, I also thought that there was a strong resemblance.

      • Actually both kids are mine, but I’m just glad that someone else is paying for them.
        And it’s exception, not acception.

    • Well the dog does only talk when spoken to!!! And Ken and Lisa are laughing all the way to the bank folks!!!!

  5. I love Lisa I love her style her class her elegance. I hate to admit it but I have a deep affection for my little dog too. Not that I don’t love my children I do deeply I spoil my children and my dog equally. Can’t help myself. My children and my dog all had rough starts in life and I saved all three.

    • I totally agree with you, about Lisa and dogs, too. Although I DON’T have kids, so my pets are everything to me. And some people think I nuts too, because I’m always carrying my smallest dog around. That’s THEIR problem.

      • I always laugh when my grandson calls to talk to the dogs. I know he loves us but he loves them more.

      • I wouldn’t think you’re nuts! I think there’s something to be said about people who can look at another living creature or someone “not like us” and still form an unbreakable bond.

    • Awww don’t say that! I’m planning a vow renewal in 5 years because our wedding sucked and we wanna do it on a beach, not in a church like my mom made me. lol But maybe since we aren’t celebs, it won’t doom the marriage.

      • I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. I was really just talking about celebrities that do it for publicity and attention, because the majority of celebs don’t take marriage seriously and end up divorced so why bother making vow renewals? A wedding on a beach sounds very romantic and lovely. I hope it turns out to be everything you’ve dreamed of. :)

        • Annie, no worries, I wasn’t offended! Everyone else says the same about it jinxing people. I guess we’ll see in 5 yrs….if I keep him around that long, lol. And maybe then if I remember I can google Lisa and see what happens to them! Ken will probably be married to Brandi by then..

          • I’m with you Kel, I got married at the courthouse and then went to work! I would love to have a real weddin i.e. my pintrest page! lol. I am, however, pretty sure Lisa got a lovely wedding the first time around and got to plan another beautiful wedding for her daughter so now she is just being a glutton! jk :) One word of advice. I worked catering for a lot of years at a beautiful beach resort and we did more weddings than I can count. Be careful with the length of your dress. It will drag through the sand and end up looking like a litter box!

      • don’t call it a vow renewal. it’s a reaffirmation. Your vows are still relevant they don’t need to be renewed. But sometimes its nice to reaffirm them

      • Call me crazy but I think there is one of your entertaining reflections in there somewhere. Do tell?

        • Well, there is a story to go with my comment, but it’s very unpleasant and not very entertaining. Sorry.

            • Ha ha ha, you sure hit the nail on the head. That’s what it was like with the first one and two so many years ago. Nagging, bitching, never satisfied with anything except my paycheck and that never lasted long when she got her hands on it. But that’s all in the past and now I can look back on those times and think, just what the hell was I thinking????

    • Well true it is a chance to get back to what RH used to be just showing the opulence and all.

        • Lisa, I’m lookin forward to that! Each time Shana is on camera drunk off her ass, I like to think it will show how wacked she is and get her the boot!

  6. Max does favor Ken with the dry/pale/washed out complexion.Maybe he was a love child of Ken’s with a mistress that Lisa adopted.

    • Would make sense given his reputation, but I LOVE his and Lisas dynamic, hope they survive this!!! Being able to keep each other laughing is usually a good sign…also wonder if Paul or Adrienne will inherit Bernie…

      • Bernie is entertaining. I don’t think that people see the real Lisa. There is something awfully off about her. some may not agree but I saw that with Carowhine and it turned out the be true. Who knows.

        • I like Bernie too. I never liked or trusted Lisa since Season 1. I saw how poorly she treated Kim and she joined Kyle and Taylor in on the bullying. I also noticed that she seemed to favor Pandora over Max and other things like her story with Cedric never added up to me. I remember a video of Bernie saying that he heard Lisa say some racist remarks and it reminded me of that scene at the DMV were Lisa said she feared for her life because there were people of different color there. I think he’s spot on about a lot of things where Lisa is concerned.

  7. If indeed Max is the biological son of Ken and therefore Lisa’s step son, Ken and Lisa need to acknowlege this. It is disgraceful not to!

    • Well I will comment on this If its true Max may not know the details of his adoption
      so that could explain why its not commented on. Lots of secrets in adoptions not all adoptions are the happy open ones you see on Teen mom, Some adopted parents who know the truth dont tell the child or tell when he/she becomes a adult.
      Its sad but lots of sigma is still attached to adoption and adopted kids Its changing but
      not fast enough IMO

  8. kate, if this is indeed the case, it may be the son who doesn’t want that out there. i will have to look at the son again to see if i see some ken in him. i never noticed that before. but if true, it may be that the son asked that this not be put out there because he seems to be pretty low-profiled on the show. not sure he wants to have a lot of attention focused on him, especially this kind of attention.

    gotta add – i love lisa and ken, and i am sad that adrienne and paul didn’t work out. she seems intense and he seems laid back, and i thought that was a good combination.

  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, instead of these fake gatherings, can these women PLEASE help get animals adopted, help get one meal for each and every US child and/or create jobs for the elderly – who are not yet old in the brain, need the money and can actually add to the marketplace?

    If the RHs bring just a teeny tiny light to all of these situations for the ‘too much money impaired’ demographic, there would be a lot of viewers happier with these stoopid bitches!

    I mean seriously, they are all so vapid and useless. I love Lisa and Ken, but for all of them, there has GOT to be some redeeming quality other than the amount they spend on one F’n Chanel purse…right? (maybe it’s just me, I don’t know…)

    • As I recall, Lisa DID have some sort of charity event at her restaurant, to raise money for a woman that was abused or something of the sort. I think she said she raised the grand total of $5,000. That should be an embarassment to the women who attended–they literally spend thousands on shoes that they might wear once or twice, yet are too greedy to donate money to help someone else.

      • It was a luncheon for a woman set on fire by her boyfriend. She raised 25,000 in one afternoon. I know people criticized her for that but in real life that is a great fundraiser and tells me she did not charge for her venue or her time. Unlike Taylor and Dana that spent thousand for a return that was less and lined their pockets.

  10. Oh, yawn, another vow removal..err, renewal. There are more important things in the world! Like, who can I screw in her bathroom? I wonder what Ken is doing after the ceremony?

  11. I thought it was rumored that Lisa was having a fling with the next door neighbor – the one where they had the party in his basement? Has there been anything more said about that?

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