CAROLINE MANZO: Bravo Mouthpiece Shuter… Backing DonCaro’s “Talk Show Dreams”

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NOTE:  Notice the words “May” “Wouldn’t be surprised” and “No one has contacted her yet”… this item is a figment of Shuter’s imagination!  Another ‘made out of nothing’ story!   DonCaroChucky WISHES someone would associate her with a talk show!  This ain’t gonna happen!

Watch out, Bethenny Frankel!  Another “Real Housewives” cast member may be given her own talk show. Caroline Manzo, from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” one of the most popular series in the Bravo franchise, has often been mentioned in development meetings, following the initial test run of Frankel’s show.

“There are a lot of sheep in the TV business. Once a formula is successful, everyone wants to copy it,” one TV insider tells me. “Caroline’s name has come up several times and although it’s still in the very early stages, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she gets her own chat show.”

A few months ago, Caroline co-hosted her first daytime show, joining Jane Hanson and Sara Gore on “New York Live,” where she proved to everyone that she had what it took.

“Caroline Manzo is appealing for daytime talk because she has the ‘it’ factor,” explains Amy Rosenblum, executive producer of New York Live. “You want to be friends with Caroline. Why? Because she’s nice and she’s honest and she says what the viewers are feeling. I loved Caroline when she co-hosted because she wasn’t afraid to speak her feelings — and what she said had a huge impact.”

Caroline says that no one has contacted her yet, but told me it would be something she would love to do.

“Caroline is perfect for women at home,” Rosenblum, who also runs the high-profile media training company Media Masters, tells me. “She is smart, relatable and feels comfortable in her own skin.”

 Shuter at RHOBH and RHONY parties…

 Shuter at Celebrity Apprentice finale… for Teresa Giudice…


(Thanks to SH readers “Lisa” and “PDM”!!!)

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129 comments on “CAROLINE MANZO: Bravo Mouthpiece Shuter… Backing DonCaro’s “Talk Show Dreams”

  1. She’s booooooooooooooooooooooooooring! I’d fall asleep in the first five minutes, that’s if I even gave her “show” the time of day. If Bethenny had a hard time for networks to pick up her pilot, Carolies will get ol buddy hell trying to get her show picked up. Good try, Bozo, but next time, try a field where you’re wanted, like…the circus.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. C’s lackluster pilot would be relegated to “Production Purgatory” (If all is right in the world, that is) for decades.

    • I would looove to see Caroline….at the circus :D It would certantly be entertaning to see her fall over her big clownfeets. Shes so good at that.

    • Boring & bitter. Look at her there. & how is someone so unhappy with her life going to give advise to the radop listeners??? I get them believing in her in the first couple of seasons. Danielle’s drama confused things. Now that you’ve seen her true colors red!! & bluuuu ;P I feel a lil’ sorry for her , & I get some good laughs at her, but I wouldn’t take advise from her if it came wrapped in a sheet of gold.

  2. Oh, God. How could anyone look at that Fire Marshall Bill smile for an entire hour? “This could be dangerous!” She can go from a scowl to a crazy laugh in 2 seconds flat. She’s unstable and about to crack.

  3. HAHAHAHA I read this story yesterday while LMAO..when it came to the comments part at that time, there was not one single comment of support to her. I would definitely say that she had better lose her *bulldog* persona and so some major apologizing because her 15 minutes is DONE!!!

  4. Another “vehicle” for her three underachieving kids? One more talk show of her lecturing the rest of us in her judgmental manner? Are you kidding me?

    She ranks right up there with the likes of Jill Zarin, Vicki Gunvalson, Taylor Armstrong, and Ramona Singer for sheer unlikablity.

    And should it happen, look for Albie, Crittifer, and Lapband Lauren to be sitting right alongside her where she can keep a watchful eye as long as the umbilical cord doesn’t stretch too far.

    Listening to her 3 idiot kids make fun of dumb Ashlee/Ashli/Ashley was the height of hypocrisy as they giggled their way through a segment of insufferable boredom as BF Greg joined in.

    Whoever offers her a talk show must be delusional to think anyone faintly likes this woman to begin with.

      • Right, Love and they also mocked her behind her back yet Jax is thick as thieves with her daughter’s main detractors. Strange, but considering it’s Jax and she’s desperate for friends and air time, easily understood why she remains frenemies with the Manzoids. I can’t stand Caroline’ behavior on the RH, so I would never watch any talkie show hosted by that miserable bulldog. I loved Bethenny, but found her show unwatchable after episode 2 and haven’t tuned in since, so definitely, no Caroline, no Brownstone Sauce, no BLK, no Kathy desserts, no Horseface auto tune and definitely NO Tarzan.

  5. Maybe when she doesn’t like her guest she can flip them the bird. Heaven forbid if anyone comes on with a few extra lbs.

    • LOL I know, right? She’ll get them on liquid egg whites right quick! – or strap them to the surgical table for their own good!

  6. “Caroline Manzo is appealing for daytime talk because she has the ‘it’ factor,” explains Amy Rosenblum, executive producer of New York Live. “You want to be friends with Caroline. Why? Because she’s nice and she’s honest and she says what the viewers are feeling.” Um no!! Daggonit why do these people try to rewrite what we see before our very eyes. It is so freaking frustrating!

    • “You want to be friends with Caroline.” Really? Really? Of course who wouldn’t want to be friends with someone whose default setting is to hate people. Remember when she said that about people? That she starts off hating them until she doesn’t. CaroClown you and your FEBUS attitude can f*ck off, don’t nobody want to be your friend.

      • ana cephaly-
        i don’t read all comments, but I swear, you have the best lines and is so freakin hilarious!

      • It was all just for the show. Bozo pretty much admitted that on several occasions, and I think once in her blog.

      • That wasn’t a REAL thing, Holly. That was someone ( probably encouraged heavily by Bravo ) willing to play along with the storyline that they were giving her like a 2-4 week, 1 hour platform to SEE IF she possibly had any talent or rapport with the public. Shocker – she didn’t.

    • You know she would. “Teresa had her PR people to discredit the reputation of my show,” says Caroline… you know how it’d go.

    • Well, I thought about that! I wonder if Teresa’s “skeletons in the closet” statement on WWHL would effect her name being bantered around for a talk show? Let’s see what comes out at the reunion and see if she still wants to show her face in public.

  7. I always felt she loves the limelight….she wants to be heared but noone but her kids will listen ,oh n jax….blahblahblah is what i hear from day 1.i would never watch,even if nothing was on. who the hell is this crazy woman thinking Carowhine has what it takes?

    • She’s trying to feed her inner ” Domme ” Jo. My guess Big Al wasn’t into that scene, so the poor gal has felt unfulfilled her whole adult life. She has to get her needs met somewhere. You gotta feel for Jac tho – she probably had no idea marrying Chris would mean having to play sub to his nasty sister forever.

  8. I bet this is why she has turned to every talk show to appear on and put Lauren out there as well and toned her blogs!

  9. caroline doesn’t seem to be smart enough to have a talk show – she is glib sometimes, but has very little breadth in her comments, relationships and interests – basically she is a one-woman show of her tiny little corner of the world

    • I have had the misfortune of seeing her sit on the panel of Sean Hannity’s show and she had very little to say and what did come out of her mouth contributed nothing to the discussion. She did that thing she does where she makes the most inane comment, but acts like she is delivering the Sermon on the Mount.

    • You’re so right, she isn’t smart enough. She blows alot of hot air that she somehow believes sounds good coming out, but her ignorance is all that I hear when she “gets going,” so to speak. This whole act of hers, this “tough as nails, no one messes with me or my family” B.S. is soooooo done and over with… it has been, for awhile now. Why there is even a thought that this women appeals to the “stay at home housewife/mom” is beyond me. She’s unappealing and just nasty…

    • The only thing Caroline can talk about is someone that she hates. She’d do great on Fox.

    • You see her on the ‘reality’ show looking downright miserable and disgusted most of the time yet we are supposed to buy she has a persona made for a talk show??!!! NO freakin’ way would I give her the time of day. Can’t stand looking at her perma-puss face on the show, nevermind this. Who would want to watch a person fake smile and fake being nice for an hour every day (more than likely throwing in Teresa jabs all the while to keep viewers interested). BLARRRF. Hopefully no producer would actually give this a second thought.

  10. A talk show? Great! Just what we need…a middle aged clown showing america how to wipe the azzez of 3 grown children.Betcha she has coupons for adult diapers and has the Depends company on speed dial. She really is chuckie-no matter how many times you kill it someone keeps bringing it back.

  11. Caroline does NOT have the “It” factor. She is very unpleasant to look out with her constant scowling and eye rolling. To me she is the least likable HW of all the HW shows. I hope she is not coming back next season. UGH!

    • The least likeable and the fugliest HW in all of the HW shows. She doesn’t even make an effort with hair or make up and her clothes look like she gets dressed in the dark, scrounging from a rummage sale bin.

  12. From trying to be on the apprentice, to trying to get a family cookbook out, to trying to get her own show… looks like Caroline is TRYING alot. I guess that is why she is so resentful and hateful to see her moron castmate TEresa “DOING”. From sucess after sucess……Teresa is running circles around her castmates. Whether they want to admit or not…they are Jealous of her sucess, especially Don C.

    • Trying is right. Remember what Yoda said about ‘try’? It is do or do not. There is no try:

    • Mel – yep. Don’t forget, she also tried to launch a FUGLY purse line so we (the audience) “could all have a piece of her”. ( I just threw up in my mouth )

  13. If any network wants to support bullying – she’s your person. Would anyone watch – NO. STOP THE BULLYING – FIRE CAROLINE MANZO.

  14. I still haven’t gotten over the “envelope” vs envelop statement. Dontcha have to be literate to have a talk show? Awe whadda I know. Give her a show cause those kids are gonna be needing jobs (when people find out the side effects of fulvic acid).

  15. Off subject did anyone catch the clip for next weeks show where Joe is on the phone with someone and he is heard saying hold on my bitch wife is coming? And Teresa asks him who he is talking too?

        • It was played last night during housewives of NY. It’s not on bravo website. If you recorded last night you can ff towards last 10-15 minutes I believe and you will see it I think Teresa was wearing a yellow long dress and they must have been at the vineyard because they were in a field of some sort.

        • The clip also implied the Tre and Joe were having sex in the vineyard and Greasy Ritchie caught them…

          • I missed that part. Knowing what a perv Rich is he probably watched and walked back to his motohome with a hard inane showed it to everyone,again! I was so repulsed by the fact bravo would air that. This show really has lost the it factor with Caroline and clan bashing Teresa n Joe the infomercial mentality and joe n Melissa dry humping every scene and now Richs penis.

              • Dick Wack-ill-e is a sexually deviant perverted satyr. He isn’t a teenager that can’t control his erections, he is a grown @ss goat-man who is obviously an exhibitionist and was getting off on displaying the pathetic little pup tent in his drawers. If JoGo was half a man, he would have punched Dick’s lights out for trying to brush his choad up against his wife.

                Parents of Joseph and Victoria’s friends: are you watching this show? Please keep your children away from this nasty pervert.

      • I caught it last night watching NY almost gave myself whiplash looking up. I hope so to! Went to bravo site to see if it was posted there but couldn’t find it.

      • How could that possibly be a wrong edit? he only has one wife
        I know people here think its no big deal how he talks to her but Im sorry he is way out of line. Poor Tre no woman deserves to be called whore and bitch by there Husband

        • I have to admit.At times I think he downright means it. You can see shes hurt when he says those things.Its all over her face.I think there is something strange going on with their marraige.Im rooting for Tre because of what her family has done to her. But im not blind to the fact something is off with their marraige.

          • In the back of My mind I am hoping its all for the show and when the Cameras are off them he dosnt act like that but Hearing Tre just make excuses for him is bothersome and is what a women who is being abused (verbally in this case) does.

    • I dont believe this anymore.As much as I dont like Jax this roxy girl is sick.Who runs around posting crap for weeks about having an affair with a married person.It would have been a bigger shock if she kept quiet until it came out.She keeps saying her story is coming out this week or that week.With all the info she is giving away-why buy the mag?.who is she to say what someone deserves when she lowers herself to sleep with anothers husband. We all reap what we sow.And she will get hers wether she is telling the truth or lying.

  16. Since when is being honest called “bullying” and when did this happen? God forbid you are honest with anyone these days.

  17. She is smart?????? Oh please, that is a slap in the face to the rest of society. She is dumb as a bag of rocks. “Envelope” anybody???? Do you remember that???? Excuse me, but, what is her education level???? She is a blithering bully idiot. Her talk show would be as hilarious as when Jill Zarin had the interview with the BBC correspondent. It was painful to watch.

    • I remember that when she said it wrong. They mock Teresa for mispronouncing words but when they do it it’s a slip of the tongue. At least Teresa can poke fun at herself like she did with Andy on Sunday on WWHL. It’s sad because C & J use to like that quality about her now they question her intelligence. I’m no brain trust either I can’t say aluminum without it coming out wrong and I have a 4 year degree in Business. LOL

      • I think we all have words we just cant get out right I know I do but I bet you and I both know where the Aztecs came from and are now and it isnt on a reservation in calif

      • I couldn’t say Massachusetts until last year when my granddaughter told me say chew nana..and I am 58,

  18. Try as you might Ms SH to make people understand ,some people just don’t get it that ANYTHING Shuter posts / spouts and tries to spin on the Huff.Post is BS. This guy is such a tool and whoever aligns themselves with him as their “secret” backup PR and “insider source” guy usually gets screwed in the end and rightfully so! LOL !

    • kas: Shuter is not the only one/site that does this…it’s truly amazing at the non-stories that are put out! How EASY it would be to put out “logical conclusion” and “maybe” items!! Think we’ll start doin’ that at SH!! LOL!!! TFC!! SH

      • So true Ms SH ! The gullibility of some readers of stuff like has always made me laugh.
        True story: About 25 years ago my mom ( God love her) was arguing with some of us in the family about a serious subject and she kept saying this STOOPID quote from Loni Anderson (WTF!!! faces all around the room ) which HAD to be true about the subject because she read it in “Celebrity Hairstyles” and they only print exclusives and the truth ! I remember thinking a) she really needs to stop reading rags and b) if anyone outside the family hears this , I’m going to say I’m adopted ! :-)

  19. Why does she need the money if Big Al is so great? She also has mentioned selling the Franklin Lakes house. Problems?

  20. I really hope this is true, although I doubt it is. It would be awesome to see Chuckie leave RHONJ for a talk show that gets canceled quickly.

    • Amen to that and let her take Kathy to do the cooking segment Jacqueline to do the zit segment and Melissa the non talent segment.

  21. OH lord..the Manzos are a joke! Try again losers! what does Clownzo really have to talk about?? fried sauceless meatballs? poor lauren’s fat ass? how to alienate your siblings? grudge holding 101? how to keep your sons from growing up? or her fave subject… criticizing teresa and joe guidice’s marriage, finances, and children?

    please, leave this droopy-jowled, bitchy, uppity, bitter, and delusional old bag on housewives where she belongs. I doubt she’ll ever get a talk show… she’s not likable or appealing in the slightest. I’d rather stick forks in my eyes and ears than watch her vomit any more of her know-it-all, hypocritical ‘wisdom’…

    • Speaking of fried meatballs….

      Okay, yes, I DO personally prefer to fry them before putting them in the sauce, but 2 things:

      1. Teresa was writing a HEALTH-CONSCIOUS cookbook and
      2. I’ve noticed that the Manzos NEVER miss an opportunity to bring this up. Chris Manzo brings it up ALL the time. It’s pathetic. No, you’re not obsessed with Teresa at all!

  22. IF she ever got a chance to host SOMETHING, I bet it would go exactly how her tenure has on RHONJ. In the beginning, she’d do OKAY – she’d seem ” relatable ” and a certain % of ppl who don’t already know her deal would appreciate her ” honest, straightforward tough talk ” and ” family values”. Heck, she’d probably even be able to trick ignorant ppl into believing she was a mama bear who only has her children’s welfare at heart! But this wouldn’t last for long. As we’ve seen, she CANNOT hide her true nature, even when it harms her image with the public. She also is incapable of accepting and learning from criticism. She’s a vile…..VILE woman, with a dark heart and a penchant for D/s relationships. She’d turn off viewers in short order. And not just viewers, but ppl behind the scenes too.

    • She has insulted RHONJ fans on her Bravo blogs and Twitter on more than one occasion. She’s so full of herself, the ugly seems to seep right out of her pores. I get disgusted everytime she is on screen. I seriously cannot fathom any RH viewer wanting to watch her on a talk show. Her constant contradictions are such a turn off. Her ‘dont talk about other peoples marriages’ instantly springs to mind. I could go on about my opinions of this ‘woman’ but I think SH has pretty much covered this ten-fold.

  23. Tre’s products can be sponsors of the show.That will piss her off.She has nothing to talk about but what products/businesses her family is pimping/hawking.She will only be bashing Tre if she can get a dig in.She is too baised to be a neutral host.Her opinions are the only ones that matter.Her crotch droppings will be on every show to make sure they make $$ too.Chris and Jaxass will be on too to hawk products.It will be a train wreck because she only talks to family or about family and Tre.Very narrow minded and stubborn.

  24. Chuckie is co-hosting “the Better TV” program tomorrow Aug. 1. Jill Zarin did it today. I think they better change their program name. Once you have chuckie on it, you really can’t call it “Better TV” anymore.

  25. Caroline’s voice envelopes me when she tells me the pearls of wisdom I crave to improve my shabby garbage life. We are tick as teeves, fambilee is everything, blood is ticker den wadah, my daudah is a fat hog but I love her, my kids are good kids, they are children of privilege, nothing good can come of the ham game. As long as I remember these things, I can live like my life means something. My chuckie swells with pride. If only she would tell me how to make olive sauce, my world would be complete. Whateryagonna do? Id is what id is.

    • Ah, The Gospel according to St. Chuckalina. But you forgot her current mantra: Life is short. I’ve got no time for drama.

      • Of course she has no time for Drama she is to busy creating it along with bullying her Daughter

    • DonCaro is one lonely woman who lives on resentment and jealousy. Her theme song should be “If only.” Dream on, Chuckie. You are a mule trying to race thoroughbreds. You won’t be allowed into the barn.

  26. Hell, if some humanoid with a name like Shuter can put out fake stories as true, then I should make some up and pass them off as true!

    • Better not sell them to US mag. Jacqueline and Caroline will read them say Teresa sold them and blame her!

    • Ok Househo its time to photoshop Chuckie on a talk show set with a Mic in one hand a knife in the other

  27. She couldn’t cut it on that awful radio show of hers and at least being on the radio protected the limitied audience from having to look at her face while hearing her voice. She will get her on TV show the day she is a legit size 4. In other words, the show will air once Hell freezes over, melts, then freezes over again sometimes in the month of Neveruary in two thousdand ninenteen and never-nine. It will also be a groundbreaking show in exposing the daily battles of the chronically lazy as throughout each show her spawn will be seen rambling in the background, lounging on couches and impatiently waiting for their next feeding so they can hurry up and take their afternoon naps. Lots of diet experts will be on each episode which will be appropriate as Caroline had to suffer the humiliation of being the mother of ten pounds of sausage in a five pound bag. She will also share how Lauren finally lost the weight once Big Al paid for her lap band and used his ties to local to police to arrange for an alarm to be placed on the fridge which would result in a SWAT team swarming their home whenever Lauren tried to open the door to sneak a snack.It worked so well Lauren lost the weight thanks to the lap band and only eating remnants from the ham game. And she will also share how much she cares about the LGBT community. But not as much as her two sons who care so much about gay people that they sleep with men on a regular basis. Shana will likely be the most controversial guest becaused the presence of Caroline and Shana on the same stage will lead to the audience commiting mass suicide. Shana will then write a book about how she managed the to survive the abusive acts of the cruel evil audience. She might even date Critterfur and Prince Albie for awhile until they realize despite her apperance she is not a transvestite but it in fact half- Oklahomoan half-Muppet.

  28. ….anything to get her off rhonj. Of course she would not leave without a fight. BLK is a joke along with her sauce so maybe Bravo will put her on some cable channel nobody watches just to get rid of her, and her loser kids. Please I beg you BRAVO watching her any longer is TORTURE pure TORTURE

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