CAROLE RADZIWILL: Carole In The WWHL Clubhouse… The After Show… Jerry O’Connell RUINS WWHL…VIDEO

July 31, 2012   1:45 pm  

Carole Radziwill… “I’ll get MissAndy back for havin’ me on with O’Connell…”

We all know that Jerry O’Connell is a friend of the lil Hamptons/NY group of MissAndy’s… WHY does MissAndy insist on filling up the second chair with guests who are on the “unwatchable” list???  MissAndy should take a look at his earlier WWHL episodes… when the clubhouse was actually ‘fun’… there was only had ONE guest, which was usually a Housewife.  Jerry O’Connell… BLEEEECH!

Part I

Part II

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29 comments on “CAROLE RADZIWILL: Carole In The WWHL Clubhouse… The After Show… Jerry O’Connell RUINS WWHL…VIDEO

  1. YES..he is boring….and I do not even know what he is doing professionally! All i remember is his brother..the loser from the bachelor!

    • His biggest role was when he was a kid in “Stand By Me” as Vern…..I got nothing interesting past that!

  2. Well, that last caller was interesting! C. Todd (?) from Alabama said his original question was Carole but it was nixed and then he went on to ask it anyway. Was Andy trying to get the camera off of him and Carole with that snapping arm swing? We have already discussed how the call-ins work but it was nice to hear an actual caller sneak in.

  3. Possibly with the exception of Carole, Andy doesn’t like the housewives he promotes on Bravo. Perhaps that is the reason he always has someone else who is a housewives “fan” join him on the show. He just can’t stand to spend one on one time with any of them.

    • I think Andy dislikes women in general since he perceives competition in them. I actually thought Jerry was more interesting than Carole.

      • I thought Jerry was boring! I love Carol!! Actually, I wish that Carol had been on without a second person. Frankly, nothing Jerry had to say interested me at all.

        • OK…when I wrote this earlier, I had only watched the “Live” show. After watching the “After” show, it was so much better! I actually found both Jerry and Carol quite entertaining on the After Show. I wonder if this is because Carol and Jerry just had the chance to talk and interact with callers without the constant interuptions and silly games that they get interupted with on the Live program??

  4. Love Carole, and thought Jerry was entertaining. He was certainly no worse than sooo many other guests like Ralph Fiennes. Now that was a real snoozefest.

  5. Carole looks like a man. Her droopy nose and huge oversized buck teeth due to caps. If she wasn’t a size 0 no guy would give her a second look. None. She has a goofy affect and always looks like she’s doped up on something maybe Xanax. Carole, you’re ugly. I don’t care about your past you went from an ABC intern to Peter Jennings to best-selling author? How? Who hooked you up?

    • “NY Times best seller” means nothing these days, but Carole was an author a while ago. Her personality, intelligence, and non-chalant attitude trump her looks. BTW, it was on SH a while ago where she was shown in her apartment (closet?) with her pot stuff.

    • I don’t necessarily disagree with your assessment of her looks, but then again she isn’t on America’s Next Top Model. At some point accomplishment, humor, interesting conversation, ability to entertain and simple likeability matter more when I’m determining if it is worth my time to watch rather than who is the prettiest and most appealing to the opposite sex. And I do believe a woman or two has advanced quickly in a career without sleeping her way there.

    • Well, many women these days do advance by there own achievment. I believe that men who degrade women for their looks and their achievments probably have serious issues of their own!
      I read Carol’s book. It deserved to be on the NYT Best Sellers list and, by the way, she made the list twice, 5 years apart. That is definitely an achievment! I read “What Remains,” it is very well written and an amazing read.
      I think that Carole is very attractive and I love her personal style. She is the whole package!

  6. Best guest ever was that NY Rangers Hockey player. I can’t remember his name, but he was dry and hilarious. I keep waiting for Andy to bring him back.

    • Why if they are so rich do they have such bad teeth? Carole can barely close her mouth. Heather looks like a lop sided-characture, Ramona’s mouth is all crooked. Please has no one heard about Invisalign?

  7. I saw the comments about Carole and on last episode she looked like she was in a child’s dress and I realized she is too thin, but probably felt pressure from her mother-n-law who was anorexic looking for years, by the way she has Alzheimers and they have to tell her over and over that Jackie is gone, John Sr. and John Jr. are gone and her own son that was married to Carole as well as her own husband and they say it is gut-wrenching, I am taking care of my mom who has Alzheimers and it is great and wonderful when she knows me , but when she is confused I do get very upset and cry, like tonight, there is no government or state help for taking care of a parent, sibling or relative or friend, I shudder to think what happens to people with no one, the emotions are the last to go and many people give up, ya’ll please pray for me and I have found a mass on my bladder and have my second test for a ripped knee tomorrow, Jesus got me through today, but I feel alone, I lost my daddy suddenly this year too. I read all your posts and I am so sorry about what your going through, with a brother being incarcerated, another family member murdered, and the illness, I think of all of you as “steel magnolias” because you are beautiful but are opinionated strong women. I am still learning things on my computer, and still feel like a rookie at times. God Bless all you great women! You are in my prayers. By the way watched Hollywood exes and how cute it was and no one fought, they acted like real friends, except Jose caneseo’s wife is a vegan or something and is really upset if people don’t do what she does, I love animals. I do try to buy cage free eggs and when I saw how they kill cows for grocery store, it was brutal and gross. I think giving to the Humane society is better than radical groups because they do spaying and rescuing and try to get the animals placed and Peta takes away from that according to them, I watched a documentary about the different organizations and I was not impressed with the woman who started it, it seems to be about her and not stopping overpopulation and stopping the millions of pets who are abused and abandoned, and it also seems to be about the celebrities getting free publicity. Pamela Anderson wore Uggs for years, and I like the old time celebrities like Betty White and Bob barker who give to Humane society and barker gave millions to get the “whale wars” people a boat to stop Japan from slaughtering them. I think carole is pretty genuine but I was not offended by Indian, since I have blackfoot and Cherokee and spent time with the native Americans, going to pow wows and they taught me dances as a child and we did this instead of watching T.V. Believe me in La. there is a word like wop which just means without papers(read Tony Bennetts(famous singer) book, what a great guy!) and is as bad as the n word, and it starts with a r and ends with and e and I won’t say it because I hope it dies out with the older generation, but it is saying you aren’t pure. So believe me indian is not bad. I probably rambled on too much, thanks for keeping me entertained and hopeful, God Bless and whatever your beliefs I wish you all the best.

    • trishi, I am so sorry for what you are going through with your mother. I lost my stepfather 2 yrs ago, he had alzheimer’s also and really he was lost to us years ago, so I know how you feel. I hope all turns out okay with your own health problems, I said a quick prayer for you when I read about it. You sound like a very kind person, I love pets also and I donate whenever I can to my local humane society. I’m glad you have found a place to forget your problems and laugh once in a while.

    • Trishi I sincerely hope that things work out for the best. I know how difficult having an ill parent can be amongst other struggles. I will try to pray just for you.

    • Trish,
      I am sorry to hear abut what you are going through. You are sooo right that the emotions are the last to go. My granny has Alzheimer and they were told it would be best to not even tell her about our uncle passing away. As she would get upset and them forget and then next time she is told she would feel all those emotions all over again. We went thru that when she asked about her youngest child(who died in a car wreck 30 years ago) before they knew better they reminded her that she was gone and it was trauma all over again.
      You are in my prayers.
      This song of praise gives me comfort in all my trials and tribulations. I hope it will for you too.


  8. wow, i didn’t know that lee radziwill had alzheimers. i googled it to make sure, and sure enough it was there. i wonder if carole keeps in touch with her former in-laws and if she goes and visits her ex-mother-in-law. if she is still close to the family, this must be hard on her too. what i like about carole is that she is not a snob, not a name-dropper, doesn’t feel the need to impress anyone. this is a nice departure from some of the other housewives of new york. she is also not over-bearing, which is another nice quality on this show. luann could take some lessons from carole on class.

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