CAROLE RADZIWILL: Carole In The WWHL Clubhouse… The After Show… Jerry O’Connell RUINS WWHL…VIDEO

July 31, 2012   1:45 pm  

Carole Radziwill… “I’ll get MissAndy back for havin’ me on with O’Connell…”

We all know that Jerry O’Connell is a friend of the lil Hamptons/NY group of MissAndy’s… WHY does MissAndy insist on filling up the second chair with guests who are on the “unwatchable” list???  MissAndy should take a look at his earlier WWHL episodes… when the clubhouse was actually ‘fun’… there was only had ONE guest, which was usually a Housewife.  Jerry O’Connell… BLEEEECH!

Part I

Part II