BRANDI GLANVILLE, KYLE RICHARDS: Sex in Bathroom at Kyle’s White Party… UPDATE: Lisa Vanderpump “Contacts AndyCohen To Trash Footage”

July 31, 2012  10:15 am   DailyMail…  UPDATE 11:35 am  

NOTE:  The more info that comes out re Brandi’s sexcapades at HagfaceKyle’s White Party… the more it become clear that this is simply another made up scenario.   MORE will come out as the RHOBH gets close to their premiere date… this is simply the beginning!

“Brandi was absolutely mortified that she got caught at the party having sex.  Granted, it wasn’t filmed, but cameras were rolling when Brandi was discovered having sex in the bathroom with another male party guest,” a show insider tells ROL exclusively. “It was extremely embarrassing for her, and she asked Lisa to implore Andy Cohen to make sure that the footage never airs. However, Brandi knew that cameras were at the party, and if she didn’t want to get caught, she shouldn’t have put herself in that situation to begin with.

“Brandi was in the bathroom with a guy having sex when the girls caught her,” multiple sources — who all say they heard explicit noises coming through the bathroom door — previously told

“They couldn’t believe that she was doing that and they were all stunned when they found her.”

According to our sources, the Bravo reality show crew caught her too.

“The crew thought it was hilarious and would really make for great TV, but who knows if they’ll ever air that,” Radar was told.

Vanderpump boasts to her follow housewives  about how close she is with Andy Cohen. “Lisa hosted a book party for Andy’s new book at Sur recently, and she was laying it on thick leading up to the event. Lisa is a very smart businesswoman and aligned herself very early on with the key executives at Bravo, and at the production company  of the show, and she has leveraged that to get her own TV Show.

“The thing about Lisa is that she always presents herself as being diplomatic and doesn’t have time for drama or controversy, which is absolutely laughable because she is the one stirring it up! This year she is just using Brandi to do her dirty work. Brandi should be very careful because Lisa will turn on her, it’s only a matter of time,” the insider said.

“Cohen didn’t make any promises to Lisa but she thinks Andy will recognize that Brandi regrets the entire situation, and airing it would only humiliate her,” the source reveals.

NOTE:  The cameras were there… 

 Brandi Glanville, Jennifer Gimenez…  “How about THAT guy??”

Kyle Richards’ annual white party is always a source of drama for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and it seems this year was no different for the cast.

Brandi Glanville has already established herself as the bad girl of the group and it appears she will be setting plenty of tongues wagging when she returns to the show for its third season.

The ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian reportedly was caught by her co-stars having sex in the bathroom at the upscale bash at Kyle’s home.

Bad girl: Reports have emerged claiming that Brandi Glanville was caught having sex in the bathroom at co-star Kyle Richards' partyBad girl: Reports have emerged claiming that Brandi Glanville was caught having sex in the bathroom at co-star Kyle Richards’ party

Multiple sources allegedly told ROL that they heard explicit noises coming through the bathroom door.

One said: ‘Brandi was in the bathroom with a guy having sex when the girls caught her. ‘They couldn’t believe that she was doing that and they were all stunned when they found her.’

However it reportedly wasn’t just her fellow reality stars who caught the 39-year-old mother-of-two in the act.

Drama: The tryst allegedly took place at Kyle's (R) annual white party and the Real Housewives were reportedly stunned
Drama: The tryst allegedly took place at Kyle's (R) annual white party and the Real Housewives were reportedly stunned

Drama: The tryst allegedly took place at Kyle’s (R) annual white party and the Real Housewives were reportedly stunned

The insider claims the Bravo crew were also present when Brandi was allegedly found in the casual tryst.

The source told the website: ‘The crew thought it was hilarious and would really make for great TV, but who knows if they’ll ever air that.’

The website previously reported that Brandi’s co-star Taylor Armstrong was ‘extremely intoxicated’ and a source said: ‘Poor Kyle planned this gorgeous party and her guests were acting like total hicks the entire night.’

NOTE:  The partner in Brandi’s tryst is not named!  Adrienne and Paul are suddenly divorcing… Hmmmmmmm!

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74 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE, KYLE RICHARDS: Sex in Bathroom at Kyle’s White Party… UPDATE: Lisa Vanderpump “Contacts AndyCohen To Trash Footage”

    • I just have to tell you that your username is by far the funniest! Every time I see one of your comments posted, I laugh!!! I have probably seen that movie 10 times :)

    • I like Brandi, too – she’s not afraid of any of the other HWs. If she did have sex in the bathroom at Kyle’s party, well, that wasn’t exercising very good judgment. But I’d like to see proof before I believe it. Brandi is SO much better than PamDana.

      • Holy: AlienShapeShifter ScammerProPam Dana Wilkey got da Bravo boot… why she wore the “F You” shoes on the RHOBH reunion show! PamDana is in the ShanaScammer group… find a guy who you THINK is “wealthy”; have a baby… except, unlike Shana, PamDana’s BabyDaddy wanted nothing to do with her! The castle wedding was a figment of PamDana’s imagination. TFC!!! SH

      • I enjoyed Brandi too, as crass as she was (“super slut” made me laugh though). I felt like she was the voice of the viewers, as I agreed with a lot of her commentary throughout season 2. I just hope she doesn’t ramp it up and become a cliche.

        I’m worried for RHOBH season 3 in general. BH is by far my favorite. I don’t want to see it messed up the way NJ has been.

      • I’m a fan of Brandi’s also. I love her wit, I love the way she stands up to the witches and doesn’t take any sheet from them. I don’t think she would do anything intentionally to embarrass her family….:-)

  1. I use to root for her after the leanne and eddie affair.She is no better now.Im surprised Leann tries so hard to be her.Im sure she had Leann nailed in the looks dept at one Point-but Leannes vocals are exceptional.These women are shameful.Women or men.Anyone caught having sex on purpose with ppl not to far away are sorry excuses.

  2. if it meant ruining Kyle’s night at her own party, I’d have sex in her bathroom too!

      • I agree with you, suddenly Paul is getting a divorce what was the rush? I mean they could have waited until after the reunion but to have it done real quick is fishy. It could be the kicker is that Paul was the man in the bathroom with her and he knows it’s about to come out. I tell you, I love Brandi but she needs to have more discretion when she does this.

        • yeah, I wondered how Brandi seemed to be the first to know about the split…split? did I say that?

        • I thought Brandi and Lisa’s husband flirted a lot more than she and Paul – were there any scenes of the two of them interacting filmed?

  3. Producer: Brandi This party is gonna be a been there done that bore so I need you to pick a dude and go lock yourself in the bathroom. I will have the girls “find” you in there.

    Brandi: Okie doke. What am I supposed to be doing in the bathroom? drugs or sex?

    Producer: You know I cant tell you that, this aint scripted TV… just wing it….But we HAVE already had a drugs in the bathroom scene last year so…..

    Brandi: You got it chief. Sex it is. Will go down at 2300. Be ready cuase i dont want to have to film this all night.

    Producer: Thanks for taking one for the team Brandi. You’re a peach

  4. If given the choice between hearing the sounds of Brandi having sex in the bathroom or Shana having another Drunken, Screaming, Violent Fit, I choose Sex!

  5. Sounds like more BS from the usual reliable ( NOT ! ) ROL “sources”, either the Maloof hoof’s own mouth or her accomplice from the kitchen. AND who the f**k hangs out and listens at bathroom doors at parties… ohh …that’s right , Tamara does ! LOL ! “Explict noises”.. maybe she just had a big poop and went AWWWW really loud ! This story is soooooo stoooopid !

      • yes, MP ! ;-) Brandi tweeted about it a short while ago and said:
        ” OMG people I did NOT get caught having sex in any bathroom ! I kissed a cute boy that I am now dating.These stories are such BS! #getlives “

        • Did she happen to tweet that she didn’t get caught with some dude’s hand up her skirt at dinner either? whoops ;-)

          • c’mon, romo, we all know that was Adrienne Maloof!!!!!!! Or at least bsl knows it!

            How many scenes have there been with bathrooms? We had Kim rolling around looking for pills when she and Ken were in Hawaii; there was the one where JoGo flashed MeGo coming out of the shower, and the other one in the changing room at the beach; Ramoanster taking the pee-test on the boat; somebody (Kim?) was locked in the bathroom at the Sur opening; Kim and Vile in ASSPamDana’s bathroom cleaning the mirror; and now this one. Any more?? Oh yeah, critterfur losing lunch–classy.

            BRAVO: Bathrooms, Revolting And Very Offensive.

            • Ah yes, the leggy Adrienne Maloof. Of course. Where is my head?
              BSL is right; I’m sure of it!

    • I’m sure Shana will do anything for cash, and if it’s to stick it to Brandi, she might even do it for nothing.

  6. I believe it. Rmbr Brandi saying she hooked up with Demi Moore at some party in the bathroom? Ho hooks up at fancy parties.

  7. Looks like RHOBH is gonna be another version of New Jersey. Trashy. The producers probably giggling like little school boys. This is why the Gorgas and Wakiles get disgusting in front of the camera. They are entertaining the perverted producers and camera men and of course Big Boss Andy.

    • Or that scene at the cabin where midget juicy gets annoyed by Tre pawing him but ends up smacking her in the ass and having his oh so small penis ring –eww–displayed for the camera before they do it – 1,2,3, thank you ma’am, now leave me alone, lol.

  8. Ugh…can’t stand Brandi AnalGlandville. I mean, I know that all these women are phony, but BG is by the phoniest of them all.

  9. Brandi has come on to Lisa’s husband Ken and ran around in that string/butt floss bikini @ Mario’s BD party and none of the women minded their husband’s looking at her almost naked.Did not leave anything to the imagination.She would F@CK any of the husbands.I would not want her around just because of how free she is with her body.No bra/underwear always advertising her goods.She is shopping for a rich BF or potenial husband.Paul might be a contender.

  10. While it doesn’t seem completely illogical for Brandi to have sex in a bathroom… a few things just make my eyebrow raise a bit.

    One: why wasn’t this mentioned a long time ago? Wasn’t a white party weeks ago? Why wasn’t this released then?

    Two: Bit suspicious that this is being released RIGHT AFTER it was announced that Paul and Adrienne were separating.

    Three: This insider gave this scoop at RADAR ONLINE. The site has been wrong about A LOT of things. I don’t trust anything Radar says. Unless Brandi says “Yes, I slept with a guy at Kyle’s party”, I’m not fully gonna trust this story.

      • Yes, sounds bogus to me too. I think (hope) it’s all BS put out there to generate interest in the show. “Multiple sources,” show insider,” sounds like BULL. You’re right that ROL gets it wrong a lot of the time.

  11. The whole thing seems made up.

    I love how everyone just assumes Brandi is a ‘slut’. I don’t think that. She’s single, hot and dating. Having sex when you are single doesn’t make you a slut. Especially when the whole thing was made up to probably make her look bad for some stupid reason. I blame Adrienne. lol.

    • I just think she seems that way instantly if youre a bitter fat jealous upthight biatch.
      I think she`s beautiful and comes of as a very good and loyal person and the first person in any real housewives show I`ve seen, that I actually really like and would wanna be friends with. Anyone who confuses her guts with the idiotic idea, that shes willing to do just about everything must be stupid.

      • I’m not a “bitter, fat, jealous uptight bitch”. Although I am not fat, I also don’t look like a starving model like Brandi does. Thank God I have a boyfriend who likes to grab something instead of skin and bones.

        • And if your boyfriend wanted to ‘get some’ in the bathroom, that doesn’t make you a whore, that is a possible hot scenario. If neither of you actually ‘got some’ in the bathroom and it was all made up, you’d be pissed off that the whole thing was made up.

  12. Kyle and Taylor are getting more imaginative with their made up stories. I wonder what their next move is?

  13. I just don’t believe this..someone wants Brandi to go down.

    I read that Shama was so shitfaced drunk. Why weren’t both discrepancies stated at the time the one involving Shama was printed, it was the same party.

  14. I have a feeling that this was either a. Producer driven, b. A gag on everyone at the party to keep her “naughty” role going.

    I think Kyle would have started holy-hell taping or not, seriously doubt Kyle would let that happen in her home during a family party her kids are at. I also think Brandi isn’t so stupid as to putting herself into an EXTREMELY compromised position custody wise…this would give Eddie and bonus mom way too big a chance to take her boys.

    I’d actually kinda like to see Paul and Brandi hook up, but seriously doubt that will happen, this story, if it were true would have been kept under lock and key bc of the ratings draw it would make for the party episode…just seems like unsubstantiated gossip to drum up excitement and intrigue.

  15. Divorce is hard for kids, so I feel sorry about the 3 Maloof/Nassif children. However, Paul seems like a nice and warm guy, and life is too short to live w/ someone who is cold and pretentious. He’s making a good decision. It’s likely they’ll have to compromise w/ joint custody, but at least Paul will not be stuck in a sham marriage. JMO.

  16. I don’t believe for one minute that Brandi would hump anyone’s hubby, since her hubby did it to her. She’s all on Kristen Stewart’s ass about it over the cheating on Sparkles deal. I like Brandi. I wouldn’t let her do brain surgery on me, but, I love her on this show. She’s free and single, if she got some in hatchet face Kyle’s powder room, good on her. It beats listening to a Richards sister any day. Kyle can put it on her next ‘things I love’ special. Along with naming your kid after a stupid car.

  17. I cant even decide who would wanna hurt her the most, Kyle, Shana or Adrienne….. or Kim whos also a possibillity. Those bitter fake and insecure old hags were soooo jealous of her, from the moment they laid their eyes on her and now they`ve also learnt how honest she is. They are so afraid of her and all these fake stories just makes it even more obvius, than it alredy was.

  18. I think it is disgusting that Brandi was invited to Kyle’s party anyway. I realize it is for the show, but after the reunion, and hearing that Kyle invited her to her holiday party, and Brandi declined. But then Brandi texted someone saying why would I want to go to her party, Kyle is a biath; but then sent that text to Kyle by mistake. Show or no show, if I was Kyle, I would only film with her in certain settings, but I would never invite her to my house. The fact that any woman would call another woman such a vile name is disgusting. Actually, anyone to call someone that, but especially a woman to use such vile names is beyond disgusting. I can’t imagine interacting with Brandi after that, at all, but I would draw the line at inviting her to anything that I was hosting in my home. However, if it did in fact happen, I don’t know why Brandi should get a pass on the footage not being aired. Brandi has made plenty of comments about everyone else’s conduct, so if it happened, why shouldn’t her poor behavior be shown (with some discretion of course). I would be shocked if it was Paul Nassif though, not that Brandi wouldn’t hit on him, and him go for it, if she was giving it out, but I do think he would use more discretion knowing that cameras are there filming the women.

    I feel bad that anyone’s marriage fails, especially for the children, but Adrienne Maloof did not show too much respect for her husband, especially in the way she spoke to him knowing that they were being filmed. My guess is that Brandi takes delight in the news, as she made comments alluding to their marriage not being real or some cheating going on. Brandi made comments when they were in Hawaii, and then followed that up with more comments in her talking head, and she made a comment during the reunion show as well, and Adrienne quickly followed with a not so nice look and comment. Whether Brandi knew if there were problems in their marriage or not, she had no business taking pot shots during last season. As we all know, there are always two sides to every story, and a break up is never easy, especially when young children are involved. I am sure issues will be addressed on camera regarding their marriage, especially since they finished filming everything except for the reunion show; before the announcement of the split was made. I am sure now that the announcement has been made, that will affect how the producers edit the footage of Adrienne and Paul. I think that more than normal bickering will be shown now, as they were filming for several months immediately before their break up. I hope that if they decide to divorce (which I believe is inevitable at this point), that it is not a really nasty divorce. Knowing the Lebanese culture (am married to a Lebanese man), and the fact that they are both prominent people, and a little more mature, I think that both Adrienne and Paul will try to keep the details very private, and hopefully relatively civil. Unfortunate and sad, but as the saying goes, money can’t buy you happiness. Good luck to them both.

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