July 31, 2012  9:05 pm   Deleted scene from the Real Housewives of New York.  ‘Thank you Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky’ that Jillz and KKKelly got da Bravo boot… imagine their birthin’ stories!

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30 comments on “AVIVA DRESCHER, SONJA MORGAN, RAMONA SINGER: Talkin’ ‘Bout Birthin’ Children… VIDEO

  1. Sonja couldn’t have been that far into the delivery if she was still able to have an epidural. Gimme a break! I had NO epidurals with both my births and they were both quite the experience. I do agree that women don’t like to share their birthing stories for fear of scaring off future potential mamas from giving birth! I wish I heard the real possibilities so I knew I wasn’t dying!

    • Aint that the truth. No one ever warns you about back labor feeling like someone has hold of your spinal cord and is playing jump rope with it. I showed my daughter the video of her entry into the world early on and made no bones about how bad it hurt(took a play out of my momma’s playbook on that one- as in….dont have sex cause it HUUUUURTS!) Anyways I would never be brave enough to upload my own birthing video to the you tubes but this girl did. I know I already posted this one once as a daily shout out to BGG’s loose butthole but I feel like it needs to be here also

      • Your going to hate me but I had 4 kids and only one labor pain each. No meds because I deliver so fast. It explains why I dropped them in cars and parking lots.

        • Oh gosh! I would panic! I bet you handled it with the same level headed calm that you display on here. My first was educed so the pains came on fast but the dilation took for-freakin-ever. So I had to wait for my epidural. Second one was c-section and I gotta say, after experiencing both, I would rather be in labor for 2 days then to put up with the recovery time on the c-section. I thought my innards was gonna plum fall out of my gut hole the first time I had to get up and walk afterwards. I was big ole whiney bag. Although that first BM after episiotomy was quite the trauma inducing butt kicker too. But, I don’t want to get off an Alexis-like tear about it.. both my youngins was worth it.

          • I don’t think I would have more than one if it hurt! I’m sure glad I didn’t have to do it the regular way doesn’t sound like fun. I hope you get good stuff on Mother’s day!

      • I’m too afraid to look! lol. My labors were 30 hours and 14 hours and I didn’t let anyone film any part of it. Just hearing about rough labors should deter some young girls from having unprotected sex!

        • Funnniest part of my video was my sister was filming it and she was right down there front and center and when my daughters head came all the way out she screamed “She’s good” like it was a daggum field goal or sumpin. Good times.

          • You know what I thought was interest is they will still come out slithering right through your panties. Amazing, at least I thought so.

          • haha! That’s great! (back in the day when I had my kids, only the babydaddy was supposed to be in the delivery room. Nowadays I’m amazed at how many people could be there. We just saw our niece giving birth–she did it with such ease too!! )

            • Yep Thats the one. Not much of a story really. He was one of several OBGYN that I saw in that same group and he happened to be the one that lucked up and got to birth my baby. :)

            • The other doctor. in that group was Dr Box. We used to get such a big kick outa a punanny doctor with the name Box… like what else COULD he have been. Had to be an OBGYN.

            • I got one even better for you. My last wife’s gynecologist was Doctor Stephany Muff. I wonder if she knew Dr. Box???….

            • Yeah you’re right that one is the funniest. We have a local dermatologist named Dr Rash. I sure am glad that feller didn’t go into the gyno business.

      • What a whiner. Geez, it’s babies every day. I mean, go to Africa and give birth if you want to whine! If you girls weren’t so loose with your charms, you wouldn’t have these problems!!! Buck up- damn it or I’ll be forced to give you a good slap across the chops. Chew on this for awhile you fembots!!!!

        • Bahahahahaha. How dare I piss n moan about my plight as a female. I’m a disgrace. I shall watch this video continuously until my mind is right again and my natural sweetness is ready to shine thru. Thanks for reminding me of my place Miles. :)

          • I first saw this video when I was a student at the Winston Coolige Kennedy Roosevrelt Churchill Children’s academy for the rich and famous, and the who were soon to be rich and famous, If they had the money. This video extolls the virtues of a good slap, but as headmaster I never had to put his into practice since a stern hearty yell would insure subservience from all,including my spouse, children and any servants who happened to be lingering within earshot., Insubordination is not to be taken lightly, and I for one would never tolerate it. A few minutes on the bench with the cat O’nine tails will always take the sass out of any young lady and make her behave in a most appropriate manner, befitting her status
            Headmaster Miles

            • Miles: Kinda recall you were a bit harsh on somma those servants… it was nice of you to get them back by dangling car keys in front of their faces! Those were the days!! What you do give them now?? TFC!!! SH

            • I just give them really bad advice these days. I’ve mellowed out a lot, but I still have the capacity to play cruel jokes on them from time to time. Har har har.

  2. I had four with no meds, and I wouldn’t describe it as poopin a tv…..painful….absolutely….the first being the worst….my stomach felt possessed during the final stage….the rest were easier

  3. I can’t watch RHNJ and I’m pretty close with Ramona. I get that she ‘brings’ it, but she ‘brings’ the f’ing stupidity and I just can’t watch for too much longer. I lose brain cells for every minute she has screen time.

  4. Whoa TMI but hey Aviva is kind of right I had no epidural & it was like pooping a small portable tv. Totally. That was funny.
    Ramona gets to drunk, she needs help. Sonja was funny too “the guys yamulka fell off!” LOL.

  5. I had the back labor. There’s no pause in it, just one endless pain that takes over the universe. I didn’t feel anything ‘down there’. Well, until the next day. It’s not a bit sexy to have your asshole sewn back together.

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