AVIVA DRESCHER, HEATHER THOMSON: Aviva and Heather’s BravoTVBlogs… Not Much W/Heather… Aviva Says “Father Embarrassing” “Ramona Annoying” “Sonja Baffling”…


Oh Boy!

Time with your significant other is crucial and it is one of the easiest things you can overlook in a relationship. As husband and wife, Jon and I always try to hit the reset button by stealing special one-on-one time together. We will make bedroom rules, such as no TV and no smart phones after 10 pm, but life’s demands sometimes force us into old patterns and something as simple as date night instigates that much needed time together as a couple — no kids, no friends, just the two of us. It’s a good way to reconnect and catch up on our life together.

Every relationship needs work, and if you don’t put in the time to make sure communication is flowing in a marriage, you don’t get the reward. Life actually gets in your way. So while most of the girls were in Miami, I was happy to spend a night out indulging in our most favorite decadence and having some down time together with my delicious husband Jonathan.
And let me tell you, there was no place I would rather have been that entire evening. . .Holla!


My father is so embarrassing and Ramona is so controlling. Welcome to my life.

When people travel, they forget things. Some forget a toothbrush, a blowdryer, or even their favorite earrings. I forgot my swimming leg. Is it my age? The blonde hair? The four kids? How could I forget something so important?

Arriving to Ranjana’s pool, I was about to turn back because I feel like I am going to fall off the roof due to high anxiety. As the dizziness and vertigo have sufficiently set in, Ramona luckily distracts me by putting a LOT of focus on my swimming situation. Not sure if that was a blessing or a curse? Her behavior certaintly got me out of my own head fast.

                                                                         Heather Mills stole Aviva’s swimming leg!!!

Here I am about to get into a pool with a bunch of women and Ramona starts to go on and on about whether or not I should go swimming. Then as soon as I am in the pool, Ramona soon enough is insisting that I get out of the pool because my leg is going to get too wet? Once something is wet, it’s wet. . .Am I missing something here? Ranjana certainly didn’t! This trip caused me to get somewhat annoyed with Ramona. She was controlling my swimming activities, the dinner party food flow, the dinner party conversation, and even threw me out of a bathroom in my own home. I was disappointed and and my patience was lessening. . .

Sonja is baffling. She talks about sex at Ranjana’s pool. She is talking about showering and sleeping in bed with Ramona. She doesn’t wear underwear with short dresses and flashes our husbands constantly. Did you see her flirting with the contractor at her house and laying on the bed a few weeks ago ? I am wondering about the authenticity of this sexuality. Is it all talk? Is it an act for attention?

I was excited to set Sonja up with my dad. Sonja’s ex-husband was 30 years her senior so there was no age issue here. (Her ex-husband is about 80 years old) She seems to have a tolerance for inappropriate characters such as Ramona, her BFF, and my father is quite unfiltered. My reasoning to set Sonja up with my dad were thought through. . . What was the worst that could happen? A one-night stand? I am sure it wouldn’t be the first time for either of them.

Did you see when we were walking towards the hot tub, Ramona asked me if my dad thinks we were all crazy??? I was more worried that the ladies would think he was crazy. Bottom line — we are all nuts.

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32 comments on “AVIVA DRESCHER, HEATHER THOMSON: Aviva and Heather’s BravoTVBlogs… Not Much W/Heather… Aviva Says “Father Embarrassing” “Ramona Annoying” “Sonja Baffling”…

  1. I think Heather’s hubby, Jonathan, is one hot piece of tail I wouldn’t mind shacking up with

    • Hell yes. Cute and seems to have nice, non-famewhore personality… unlike Mauricio & many others

    • I think Aviva’s husband is adorable. The look on his face when Ramona was having an orgasm over the cilantro in her salad was priceless.

  2. It is beyond my understanding WHY these women allow Ramona to control everything! Have they no pride at all? She goes into the kitchen as a guest and dictates the serving order?
    She orders AVIVA out of the pool and interrupts this famous yoga teacher’s lesson? She tells
    people what they may talk about and then flirts with Aviva’s father?
    I give up. Apparantly no one is going to stop this insanity.

  3. Avivan….when your fear of heights takes over, why dont’ you just retreat to your miami condo and relax on the terrace a thousand floors above ground leve?l….Ramona likely thought your leg might become saturated with water as opposed to wet….your father’s sexual conversation is far more disturbing than Sonja not wearing underwear and producer induced flirting… call your dad unfiltered, I think most agree he’s perverted and….. a one-night stand with Sonja???….never happenin’!…she is too far out of his league…. #washyourhair

  4. Aviva knows her father is a pig. Am I the only one that thinks Aviva setting Sonja up with her Dad is payback for Sonja’s “friendship” with her ex Harry?

  5. Oh that pic heather looks like that flying big white dog from that old movie.cant think of the name.

  6. I completely agree with Aviva!! I think that Sonja’s a phony too, regarding her sexuality. She was called on it and she acted like a prim and proper little girl who’s never been exposed to such behavior. What a joke! And as far as Sonja being out of Aviva’s dad’s league?????? Sonja’s a pauper, a phony and an old hag. Aviva’s dad seemed to be 1,000 steps above Sonja on the financial ladder.

      • Ahh, well that’s different, and it’s perspective. Sonja looks decent sometimes, but most times (to me) she looks like she’s a Barbra Streisand reject.

  7. Ramona is a selfish B@TCH needs to goI think the Sonja is with all the sex talk and showing her tits/vagina that she would or has had sex or a 2 way with Ramona and Mario.They are too comfortable around each other..I do believe Mario has cheated on Ramonaand for good reason.She acts so childish.I think he has had sex with Sonja or maybe a 3 some with her and Ramona by the way they are so close.Sonja would sleep with any man right not just like Brandi would for $$. Sonja and Brandi act like whores in heat.HW’s watch your husbands!!!

  8. Am I the only one who thinks “WTH with Hola”?! I don’t get that at all. STOP with the HOLA. It. Is. Not. Making. You. Cool.

  9. The whole “POKE” in Sonja’s back with George’s (ahem) member seemed contrived and weird. His old pelvis was miles away from her, unless of course it’s miles long.

  10. Ramona posted a pic of her and Dina Manzo having lunch on her facebook. Hmmm what an unlikely pair.

  11. Oh, that Hola stuff is so not cool. Idiotic. I sort of like that Sonja and Brandi do what they want sexually. I wouldn’t call them whores. More like attention seekers. I don’t know why men can do it, but, they can’t. They’re both beautiful, in my opinion. George is called a lech, but, not a whore. Beats me. He’s greasy and has huge rat dentures. You know he orders buckets of viagra and pays for sex. He’d have to pay me a LOT. Like, he’d have to put a yacht in my name. And wear a bag on his head. And get me real drunk. And roofie me.

    • “huge rat dentures” – LOL! He was funny and bright some light to the show, but I would be afraid to in a room alone with that creature!

  12. Why is heather a 40 something woman saying Holla? She is always using teenage ghetto talk that went out a few years ago! She’s a fake! Ramona? She makes me crazy, yet I get annoyed when Lulu picks on her!

  13. I’m confused here do you need 2 legs to go swimming? Why not just take off the non swimming leg and go as is. If the ladies didn’t like it too bad, it’s life. It sure would have shut up Ramona.

    • I was hoping that the ‘swiming leg” had flipper thingies attached to it to aid in swimming like this toy

      • If you had a swimming leg I’m sure it would along with a cup holder for refreshments later. LOL

        • Heck yeah. And a built in buck knife holder…ya know in case I need to fight off advances of an aged woody-woodpecker weed fiend.. or sumpin like that. :)

  14. I think that Sonya is actually a nice person. She cares about people and likes people to get along. You rarely, if ever hear Sonya bad mouth anyone.
    I feel badly for Sonya. I think that much of her identity is wrapped up on being the life of the party. The sexy party girl on the top of everyone’s guest list and she is having a really tough time having to face getting older and loosing that status. So, she resorted to being the “Bawdy older woman”, the whole Burlesque thing……showing her ass and not wearing panties…..pretty sad really. Not attractive. It is obvious that her divorce and financial problems have really hit her hard, it would hit anyone hard.
    But, even with her whole bawdy sexy act, I give her credit for nipping “Nasty George” in the nuts before he could get started. He is disgusting NOT Sexy! I don’t think this makes Sonya a phony. I give her credit for setting her bounderies. She does not owe Aviva, and certainly not George anything.
    I really do hope that Sonya finds herself and her happiness!

  15. I hate how every new housewife has capitalized on some business or another.
    It’s tiring.
    I want to see money. I want to see fabulous. I want to see how I could be if I won the major, gigantic, over the top lottery and could just live that life.
    I don’t want to be sold anything more, ever.

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