ALEX McCORD: Alex’s Review of Last Night’s Real Housewives of New York… Carole Radziwill Making Rookie Mistakes…VIDEO

July 31, 2012   RumorFix


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11 comments on “ALEX McCORD: Alex’s Review of Last Night’s Real Housewives of New York… Carole Radziwill Making Rookie Mistakes…VIDEO

  1. Alex has finally found her niche. I love these little recaps of hers and I hope she can parlay it into a Bravo show. It would be brilliant and much better than Andy the dandy. He grinds on me like sandpaper.

  2. I agree. The recaps are brilliant. I love how Alex gives the ins & outs of reality television. I can figure out some of the production technicalities, but really getting the inside scoop is quite interesting. It’s a great direction for Alex to go in. This would be a great book for Alex to write. A book on how a reality show is filmed and how they make all the drama happen. I think it might actually sell. She could even fictionalize it to keep within her Bravo hush-hush; confidentiality contract I’m sure she’s still under, while giving us the intel on how the producers walk the line between what’s fiction & non-fiction. I’d read it.

  3. ….. i think its.. a little ridiculous… to think… that we’re ALLL just being DOOPED… i immediately felt like ramona was WAYYY out of line as SOON as she “put her foot in her mouth”… both feet.. and she did.. alex is… a little obnoxious… with the over analytical.. “and THIS is why you reacted to the show the way you did.. because someone MADE you” awww.. editing?? and who cares about a fish bout the wrinkle faces they have without… making a fish face. grr.

  4. Katheryn, you had exactly the same idea I just had. I’ll betcha she’s working on a book now. She’s no fool. Maybe she can ask Lou Lou for help. <—sarcasm. You know, since she's a best seller. Pffft.

  5. Couldn’t wait for your show today. Great recap as always.Please keep writing for the educated viewers who want a behind the scenes view. And ‘Bravo’ for you standing up to the network! And PS. if you need an ‘intern’ like Sonja has, let me know!LOL XOXO to family.

  6. too bad Alex didn’t come across as confident and smart when she was on the show, she’d still be there now!

  7. I spent many seasons of RHNY detesting Alex. Who knew she was intelligent and interesting? Always enjoy her recaps.

  8. I’m glad she said that about Carole. While I dislike Luann, I did think that Carole made too big a deal of the designer thing. If the designer didn’t want Luann to wear the dress, he woulda told her. It was like Carole was jealous that Luann established a connection with her friend, kinda high school..

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