BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!

July 30, 2012  8:25 pm  TheEnquirer... 

 Lisa Vanderpump… Brandi Glanville…. Adrienne Maloof

What Bravo “Housewife” was nibbling on a salad in a dark booth at Dan Tana’s in Hollywood with a mystery man when she was caught with the gentleman’s hand up her dress? The leggy single mom played dumb and just ignored the other patrons when they complained about her inappropriate table manners!


35 comments on “BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!

    • It’s def Brandi. She got caught having sex at Kyle’s party in her bathroom! Gross and disgusting!


  1. ahem, bsl, I know this says “single mom” but maybe the divorce is further along than we know. I’ma goin’ ADRIENNE MALOOF!!!


  2. Brandi. I just read on dailymailuk that the cast and producers caught Brandi having sex in the bathroom at Vyle’s white party.


  3. Brandi cuz of the leggy, single mom description. If it had been Taylor they would have to say the skinny, inebriated, recently widowed … on and so forth.


  4. SINGLE (then) would have to be Brandi! LMAO it would be funny tho if it was Maloof with DeMarcus Cousins.. Ignore this post tho andlaught if ur a UK wildcatfan tho


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