BLIND ITEM: Guess The Gay!!

July 30, 2012 8:40 pm   The Enquirer… 

Andy Cohen…

Which openly gay TV personality ONLY hires good-looking 20-something assistants that look exactly like Zac Efron?  The hunky guy is in a serious relationship, but he loves eye candy and will dismiss applicants for being female, in their 30s or God forbid – chubby!

NOTE:  Is MissAndy considered “hunky”?   The latest was that MissAndy was not in a serious relationship.   However, someone may describe him as “hunky” and MissAndy was seen on the beach with a guy, which could be considered a “serious relationship!

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31 comments on “BLIND ITEM: Guess The Gay!!

    • I was thinking Cooper also, but not exactly a hunk and he’s in a serous realtionship. I feel so stupid for knowing this crap…too much radar/tmz.

      Can’t think of any other gay guy on tv…so prolly Cooper is it.

      • I dont think anderson cooper can be considered openly Gay For yrs he refused to comment on his sexuality

        • Anderson publicly came out of the closet a few weeks ago, so the blind item fits. As of a few weeks ago, he is “openly gay”.

          • He may have “come out” but he still isnt what I would call openly gay
            he dosnt flaunt his sexuality nor run after or make comments about other nice looking men. Andy would be my pick or jeff lewis to be a example openly GAY
            Anderson Cooper is just a gay man

      • Cooper is considered a “hunk” by many in the sense that he is muscular and has fans (male and female) who think he is sexy. Yes, in a serious relationship (so that actually fits the blind item).

    • Forgot about Nate, but I don’t think it’s him. Had to google Don and he is a little hunk!

      I hate blind items…I never get it right and it irritates me not knowing….lol. No patience on my end!

      • I said Don and Nate in my second guess below… and I love the blinds, but I never get them right either, so I have 5 answers, hope I is right lol. SH, when will the answer be revealed?

    • IMO, Ryan Murphy kinda looks like a troll. His boyfriend is decent looking, but since I believe they are not referring to the TV personality’s significant other, I doubt it’s him.

    • bahahahhahaa. BSL, you might just be onto sumpin here. It sure wouldn’t do her any good to be a chubby chaser since she cant cook. So ….

      • Lol Made, but if she gets her chef (Bernie?) in the divorce, she may be able to appease the chubbies!

    • OMG, Antonella – sometimes I soooo disagree with your posts/opinions, but I had to google that one, I must be living under a rock…I had no clue about the Judge!

  1. I’d believe it. I worked for a wannabe power gay a few years ago in Hollywood and he only hired HOTTTT gay guys. One of his former assistants was a gay porn star and the assistant I met that he hired was a GORGEOUS 35+ yr old guy. Super weird!

  2. Andy has also made sizest comments. I always find it odd when someone who doesnt want to be hated for being different just picks on another catagory of person.

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