July 25, 2o12 9:00 pm

DonCaroChuckyFace has put her foot down!!!

She just ain’t goin’ to Napa… unless she gets her very own RV with monogrammed pillowcases!!    Are you listenin’, MissAndy???


   “MyBigAl just gave me…

 … the key to the Brownstone apartment!!!”


 “He wants me to sell all this sauce that’s stored in the bedroom… and the kitchen and the bathroom…”


 “Hmmmm…. where am I gonna sell the sauce?  MEH!  Screw da sauce, I’m gonna write a C&D letter to my favorite HWs site…Dear MsSH…”


 “My C&D letter didn’t work… “


 “How can I get offa this bus?”


  “It’s filled with Manzoids…”


 “Where’s the singer???  They told us some chick was gonna sing!  OH!  The CD playin’ was the singer? OK… I’m going home!  Looks like the rest of the audience already did…”