July 25, 2o12 9:00 pm

DonCaroChuckyFace has put her foot down!!!

She just ain’t goin’ to Napa… unless she gets her very own RV with monogrammed pillowcases!!    Are you listenin’, MissAndy???


   “MyBigAl just gave me…

 … the key to the Brownstone apartment!!!”


 “He wants me to sell all this sauce that’s stored in the bedroom… and the kitchen and the bathroom…”


 “Hmmmm…. where am I gonna sell the sauce?  MEH!  Screw da sauce, I’m gonna write a C&D letter to my favorite HWs site…Dear MsSH…”


 “My C&D letter didn’t work… “


 “How can I get offa this bus?”


  “It’s filled with Manzoids…”


 “Where’s the singer???  They told us some chick was gonna sing!  OH!  The CD playin’ was the singer? OK… I’m going home!  Looks like the rest of the audience already did…”


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42 comments on “CAROLINE MANZO: Ain’t Goin’ To Napa…VIDEO

  1. That is the ugliest saggiest puss I’ve ever seen. Hopefully she will stay in the RV all the time…I’m sure no one will miss her. She sure knows how to slam the top of the computer down when she didn’t pay for it…oh well Ms. Andy has it all….

  2. OMG, I nearly choked when reading the caption under BGG’s picture! Ms SH, you have OUTDONE yourself!

    Don’t you DARE C&D! This website makes my day!

  3. Oh my goodness Wako Jacko’s blog is up and she is actually saying that she has never EVER brought up Teresa and Joe’s financial situation on TV. Really and seriously how crazy is this woman?

    • She is delusional. I think she actually believes the crap that squirts out her mouth. I hope when Bravo gives her the boot, they plant it so far up her @ss that she tastes shoe polish!

  4. Then don’t ‘effin go Don!!! No one wants you there anyway! I can’t stand this Bravo set-up b.s. They should just say it “I have to go b/c it’s in my Bravo contract.” There. done. This nonsense about everyone going clear across the country w/ people they hate is ridiculous. Do they think the viewers are idiots? No sane adult would go on that trip unless they had a gun at their head or in this case a signed Bravo contract waved in their faces. Pfft,

  5. Who is HOE HOE Chuckie trying to convince. EVERYONE in the Paterson area knows damn well that Tiny Manzo was a low level toilet paper gangsta who ALLEGEDLY stole money from the mob (by skimming off money from illegal gambling) and they cut him up in little pieces and stuffed him in the truck of his car. Chuckie’s husband and Brother in Law then took the insurance money (and allegedly the money that Tiny stole) and renovated the Brownstone (with Stolen Money). EVERY COP IN PATERSON and North Haledon over the age of 40 knows that Albert Sr AND Tommy ALLEGEDLY have long term girlfriends. BUT Chuckie is looking down at Juicy because he took his brother’s ID to get a fake license and she predicts the Giudice marriage is in trouble!! WTF. When did I enter the twilight zone. This woman is such DENIAL and her fall off that pedestal is going to hurt!!

    • Seriously. And I didn’t know that having a fake driver’s license was such a big deal. A lot of illegal aliens have them. I never heard of one of them going to jail for it.

      • If everyone with a fake license went to jail, every first and second year college student would have a record!!

      • It use to not be a big deal But since 9/11 he got more serious and you do go to jail They tightened the penalties agree or not using someone else ID to get a License isn’t a harmless prank it is ID thief the same if you used someone else ID to open a bank account or get credit cards.

        • Yeah, but the president’s illegal alien uncle has a driver’s license and social security card all the while he’s been under a deportation order for years, so they must be fraudulent. Why do some get away with stuff like this?

    • There is a great line from the movie Minority Report: “if you dig up the past, you’re gonna get dirty.” Caroline fiercely protects her family’s dirt/past.

      • its very true bout tiny…..i was a baby when it hap but i still know the story…..everyone does tiny was also a real freak

  6. So, Chuckie doesn’t wanna be anywhere Tre is. So, since Tre is on RHONJ, and is probably gonna be on the show next season, get off the show Chuckie. How simple is that? Buh bye Chuckie! Oh, and take BubbaJax with you, ok?

  7. When Caroline made the comment on twitter that she wonders how tough jackasses on social media would be if they were standing in front of her instead of hiding behind a computer was laughable.
    It was laughable because she then goes and HIDES BEHIND HER COMPUTER and uses the Colorado shooting as an excuse to not write her blog and explain the hateful comment she made about Teresa’s marriage. I guess that makes HER the jackass.

  8. Someone pointed out that Ursula had no problem with the Colorado tragedy when she appeared on WWHL, but days later, was too upset to write a blog.

    • kim: Good point! The RHONJ get their Sunday episode on Wednesday… DonCaro had plenty of time to write! Instead she chose to use the CO shootings as her excuse for no review! TFC!! SH

      • So you could imagine how the lil encounter with the beggar woman in McDonald’s had her tore up for days and days also. That Caroline, when she feels thangs… she feels them hard :)

  9. MP_ I always read SH while on my lunch break. I can’t read the comments while I’m eating because I’m afraid I’ll choke while laughing. Thx for the lunchtime lols.

  10. The grumpy old troll who lives under the bridge gives her Micky D buns to the homeless, come on guys…

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