KATHY WAKILE: Kathy’s BravoBlog…”Dolci della Dea-Goddess Sweets by Kathy Wakile” Available Soon…

July 24, 2012  5:55 pm 

Kathy Wakile….

This summer everyone and everything seems to be growing in the Garden State.

Congratulations to all of our ladies for branching out and taking on the next set of challenges as we all move into the next chapter of our lives.

My most important concern is and always has been my husband and my kids, which makes me no different from most housewives. Rich and I have always made sure to express to our children the importance of setting goals. We believe the best way to accomplish this is to lead by example. Through honest hard work they can achieve whatever they put their minds to, even if it means starting out very small and working your way up.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Gelotti’s and have a sampling of some of my new gelato  creations. I didn’t need any fanfare or glitzy over-the-top signs or billboards to draw anyone’s attention. The desserts spoke for themselves. My feeling is that you give people your passion and your heart and wait for their response. This was a sampling of the type of desserts  I like to make. They are small individual-sized portions with the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients. In this way you can indulge in a decadent treat without sacrificing flavor and still be able to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I’ve always felt that depriving yourself while dieting is a set up for failure. That’s why instead of cutting down fat or sugar content in a dessert, I believe that it’s the portion size that needs to be cut. You can be just as satiated with a burst of decadence in just two or three spoonfuls. I had made over 700 desserts for the sampling, and I was overjoyed that every dessert was gone by the end of the night. I did, however, manage to save some for the next day.

 Kathy’s dessert menu…  Kathy could at least SPELL the name of her desserts correctly!

So even if I had signs made from construction paper, I also had something that’s much more valuable. I had the heart and soul of my life there supporting me and working hard to help me achieve my goals: my family. And that’s everything to me. Regardless of how much success you may achieve, to me it means nothing at all unless my family is there to share it along with me. That’s one sacrifice I will never make.

I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to my desserts. I have been working very hard to find a way for you all to taste them as well. Pretty soon they will be available to be delivered to your doorstep. So stay tuned! Dolci della Dea-Goddess Sweets by Kathy Wakile will be available soon.

Which brings me to what looks to be shaping up to be Cookiegate Part Deux! I went to Teresa’s  book signing at the bakery  because I wanted to let her know how proud I was of her by showing our support. However, as I’m enjoying and complimenting her cupcakes, she manages to slip in a dig. Teresa proceeds to tell me that a dessert cookbook will never be successful, because everyone is watching their weight these days. Kind of ironic don’t you think? Will someone please remind her that we are standing in a BAKERY! Even funnier is that she has the nerve to say I made a passive aggressive comment. LOL.

Anyway, as Teresa flips through the pages, I notice the pictures of cookie’s my mom often makes. My mother, her mother, as a matter of fact, probably a lot of Italian mothers. Who cares? She doesn’t even have a pizzelle recipe in that book, just a recipe using store bought! Isn’t it a family cookbook? Why so defensive? I know my mother and her mother are not sisters, which she made such a vivid point of in her blog last week. I never claimed that they were sisters. Again, who cares? None the less, they are family and family shares recipes all the time. Are we now going to start a war over a teaspoon of vanilla or 1/2 cup of sugar? Please, Teresa, get over it! Stop being so petty! But I guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles. No pun intended (or should I say no crumbs intended).

Hold onto whatever you need to, because California here we come!

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115 comments on “KATHY WAKILE: Kathy’s BravoBlog…”Dolci della Dea-Goddess Sweets by Kathy Wakile” Available Soon…

  1. I don’t get her business model. Baked goods delivered to your doorstep? Um, I am pretty sure that you can purchase baked goods in bakeries, supermarkets, and cafes in every city and town in the country. And they would be fresh. Why would anyone want to purchase through the mail something that they can get cheaper and fresher down the street? Am I missing something?

      • I know, right? Plus dessert purchases often an impulse buy, instant gratification moment. Who wants to wait for their dessert to come by the mail?

        • Umm me I am trying to find a company that will ship me some Black and white cookies and not banktupt me with shipping

      • Okay. Just Googled that company. It has been in a retail location in New York since 1979 and have 240 locations worldwide. I think they prolly have loyal customers and word of mouth reputaion to support a mail order business. Catty is a johnny come lately with the hubris to think that she has such a customer base to support a mail order business.

    • I read she is starting with a do- it- yourself cannoli kit. No thanks. I will buy them @ my local bakery.

      • No thanks Kathy – I will use Tre’s recipe instead. That way I know it will be fresher and healthier than from some “kit” that’s been sittin’ in a hot shipping truck for a few days.

  2. Hey! Where’s the statement that Whatshername Wakile ALLEGEDLY told Whorga, i.e., that Teresa’s mother had called her mother for the recipe?! Teresa told Whorga that Kathy never said that to her at the signing and, interestingly, she didn’t say it in her blog entry either. Methinks Whorga and Whatshername Wakile are stirring the pot once again in order to ride Teresa’s coattails!

    • I think that airs this coming Sunday so let’s see what Froggy has to say in her next blog.

  3. Oh yeah, that is in the next episode isn’t it RealMafiaGrandmother ? MegHO tells Tre that is what Kathy told her , that Tre’s mom called Kathy’s mother asking for that recipe. Kathy is a freaking LIAR!!!

    • Yeah and isn’t this the mother(Gorga) who is married to the man(Poppa Gorga) that don’t really have any use for the other momma, his sister(Kat’s mom) over some long standing grudge over a $200 box of shoe soles of sumpin or da other? I seriously doubt that phone call ever took place.

    • But who cares, right??? Kathy really needs to give it up. She came off as a total beyotch on this blog. I would never buy none of her stuff. Yah, some of her desserts look good but so do, as many others have already stated, the ones down the street at my local bakery.

  4. This woman needs to stop with the digs insinuating that Tree spends more time away from her children than Kathy would be willing to. Come off it Kat, when yours were little, you were a hairdresser. I was too and so was my momma and I KNOW the after school and weekend hours that you have to put in at the shop to build a business so…. knock it the heck off. Lots women have to work and spend time away from their children and its HORRID for another mother to use this fact as a dagger to stab at an already gaping wound that we inflict on ourselves over it in the first place.

    • Froggy shrugs her shoulders about 8 times a minute when she talks. It is so annoying. I think it’s a nervous, lying tick/shrug because she is so full of crap.

    • Yes made, it is just idiotic to slam a mother for working hard. Maybe Kathy would rather Tre walked around in a bra and apron all day stoned out of her mind? Women should only be criticized for leaving their children often if it is just so they can go out and party….a la Mego.

    • Really great point! She’s not gaining any points knocking (the majority) of women who have to work for a living and who sometimes (not by choice) must spend long days in the office, away from their kids.
      I’d say a woman who might be facing a husband going to jail is going to do all she can to provide for her family. I actually think more highly of Teresa for working this hard right now.

  5. Kat is a coward! Why not address Caro remarks? If that was Tree her and the stripper would have written two pages about it. Coward!

    • Don’t forget she’s “torn” on who’s side to take. She “relates” to the other women on the cast.

      • She’s a moron. How quickly she forgot that Caroline hated her and wasn’t even going to give her a chance until she got mad at Tre, then suddenly Caro thought Kathy was worthy…

    • Oh, I think the fact that Kathy and Melissa did NOT address Caroline’s horrible words in their blogs is going to turn even more viewers (potential future customers) against them. What Caroline did was waaaaay, waaaaaaaaay over the line; they could have diplomatically addressed it. Add to that the fact that they went oooooon and oooooon about Teresa saying something similar, and not even as bad, in private to Joe Go, and you can see that none of Kathy and Melissa’s “indignance” and “outrage” over Teresa’s actions is sincere.
      The fact that they didn’t say anything this week is going to hurt them a great deal. This might actually be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Especially becuse in Teresa’s blog, she made sure to give a shout-out of support to them.

      • I totally agree, Magdella. Melissa’s main dramatic plot point this whole season has been ” Teresa is interfering with and saying horrible things about my marriage!!!!” And then they say NOTHING about Caroline not only predicting divorce, but stating emphatically that it will be TERESA’S fault? I’ve been thinking for a while that Melissa and Kathy, but Melissa in particular, is going to drop Chuck and Wac like hot potatoes soon. We don’t know exactly HOW yet, but it’s a pretty safe bet that the show WILL change next season. Even IF the 5 remain ( which is highly unlikely, I think ) the four-on-one-bash-Teresa fest just can’t continue for YET ANOTHER season. Forget the immorality of it, it’s just become BORING. If BRAVO dumps Chuck and Wac, ( more likely IMO ) my guess they WILL bring someone on who WILL challenge and bash Mel and in that case, Mel’s going to need an ally with a stiffer backbone than Frogface. Frogface DOES have that gay sister willing to exploit her humanity and sexuality for a paycheck, so I think it’s pretty safe to say Frogface is staying!

  6. I for one will not be purchasing anything associated with Kathy, Melissa, Cacawhine, and Jaq.

    • Chuckie savors the public’s view of her if it is all good…but when they do not agree with her then the fans of the show are all jack asses.

  7. Dolci della Dea-Goddess Sweets? Well that just rolls off the tongue… Not!
    Froggy needs to hook up with Tre’s marketing people bc that name is terrible. It’s almost as bad as those sad lil signs her kids made that time.
    Nope, I’m not letting that one go. Those kids are too old to do that chit! Why didn’t Kathy have nice signs made? That bothers me…

    • She must have taken a few too many bong tokes off that hookah of hers before she named her company. Or, maybe she let Carowhine name it. After all, she is the marketing genius behind Calf-face.

    • T states she tried to introduce Kathy to her people but that Kathy refused. Boy is she dumb. T can’t keep her books in the stores but Kathy can turn down good advice? Yeah okay. That name is just stupid.

      • Seriously? Lol, my god, those women are dumb as tree stumps. Who wants to bet Chucky told Kathy not to, because “evil” Teresa would somehow hurt her.


  8. If I order cakes, Italian pastry, on line from an Italian in NJ, it will be from “The Cake Boss” Buddy! The name is stupid and why the hell do i need to see that nasty picture of Richies tongue? Pukes! Love you SH but ick, ick and more ICK!

    • Yeah and even Buddy wasn’t ” The Cake Boss!” overnight, in fact, not even over YEARS. His parents ( and maybe grandparents?) spent YEEEEAAARSS building that business (best cakes and pastries in Hoboken, not the Cake Boss which came later ) and brand BEFORE TLC ever came along. The WHOLE family worked their tails off to make that place what it is today. Buddy is and always was a hell of a a lot more than just a good cake decorator. Desserts were also Buddy’s LIFE and sole means of income for YEARS before ppl got interested in buying his stuff from across the country. IOW, he knew his sh*t. I don’t doubt Kathy’s desserts are tasty, but there’s a lot more to the business side of it that I’m not convinced she knows anything about. Heck, she said as much in her blog – her desserts are tasty and her family is around her so stuff like signage and professionalism aren’t important! You’re right Kathy – IF YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT MAKING $$$$$$$$.

      • And Titamusu and Lemon chello? What kind of Italian is this woman??????? I’m not Italian, but I know a lot of them, and this is borderline BIZARRE – her not knowing how to spell these terms. How do you grow up with an Italian mama and papa off the boat, live in the NY Metro area and not know how to spell these words?? Or worse, how is it she doesn’t seem to understand that “C” in Italian often makes the “CH” sound in English? Wasn’t she like Tree? Wasn’t Italian her first language? Italians, back me up on this, isn’t this WEIRD???

        Plus, I’d challenge someone to find ANYONE who lives in the NY Metro area Italian or not, who has NO idea how to spell T-I-R-A-M-I-S-U. It’s even spelled pretty much phonetically fer pete’s sake! It’s a VERY popular Italian dessert and if you’ve ever had a meal at one of the 50,000 Italian restaurants in this area, you’ve had it a million times ( cause it’s frickin’ GOOD ) or seen it on the menu. AND you’ve sure as hell heard ppl talk about it and pronounce it. I’d say it is THEE most popular American-Italian dessert. Oh and the R in the second syllable is unmistakable. I’ve never heard anyone say tiTamisu. But again, we’re not talking about upstate NY French-Canadian transplants like ME, we’re talking about a 100% ITALIAN GIRL! Is Kathy special needs? I’m not picking on her. It’s a serious question.

        • @Guilty, they set up a twitter for her mother and called it NONNI KNOWS BEST, here’s the rub, in Italian, grandmother is nonnA, not nonnI. What kind of Italian, even a 1/16th Italian doesn’t now the word for grandmother. I am telling you that froggie is as dumb as a turnip.

          Creepy Richie tweeted that he has been an honest and successful business man for 25 years. Seriously? He must have forgotten about the lawsuit where Exxon sued him for not paying for gas.

          • Ok, I have to defend this one. I’m 100% Sicilian. My parents are from Ragusa Sicily and when my kids were little (3-4 yrs old) they couldn’t pronounce Nonna or Nonno. It was easy to say Nonni. It just stuck and they still call her that to this day. She loves it.

            • PattyCayke, that’s different. My brother’s kids couldn’t pronounce Zia (aunt) when they were little so they both call me “titi” Tonia. But the name given to froggie’s mother’s twitter account is not a nickname, those fools think it means grandmother.

              • I was called Fisa for yrs by one of my nephews who couldnt say Ls very well ..the name stuck
                guess what Fisa means in swedish……………..Fart yes fart My sil was from sweden and it was my half swedish nephews who couldnt pronouse Lisa …so i was auntie fart I never outlived that

        • I’ve wondered the same thing about Victoria. I don’t like to pick on the kids being a mother myself, but I’ve often wondered if she is.

          • Froggie’s kids call Chuckie “aunt” on twitter. Really? Less than a year ago, they hadn’t even met. They call Chuckie “aunt”, but their father is allegedly telling them not to invite their friends when Teresa is around? “We’re old school, we believe in respect”

      • If you saw the cake boss last night you would have been in tears, I know I was….his mom has been diagnosed with ALS. To watch this show and the way the family came together was just beyond words. I can’t say anymore because it’s just so sad. There wasn’t a dry eye at the bakery that’s how devoted they are. God Bless her.

    • If you want to be a professional – and you certainly are proclaiming that you want to be a professional – you should have paid for professional signage. Did Richie take your RHNJ money to keep his gas stations in business and forgot to tell you? At Tre’s book signing, you should have behaved yourself. I guess you could not believe that little cousin Tre had so many fans waiting in line to meet her. Green with envy, Kath?

    • I agree, those signs are mediocrity at its finest. Presentation is just as important as taste. Victoria is a high school grad, how could she have made those cheap signs for her mothercknowing they would be on national tv? I don’t find them very driven, I’m sorry. My ten year old would have put them to shame with what she can create.

      • If her high school aged children did those signs, then the handwriting is indicative of the learning disabled….or so I have been told as mine is ADD so the writing does look like it is being done by someone who struggles to give a crap about what they are doing. Used to frustrate me to no end during homework time , I was like “at least make it neat”… to no avail so I decides to quit ragging on that and pick my battles. Having said that, I suspect her kids aint all that into “supporting” her dream as she would like to have us believe. The penmanship speaks volumes.

        • Penmanship speaks volumes, but at least get the spelling right. The event was held at an Italian ice cream shop, in an Italian neighborhood and they invited an exec from an Italian dessert company.

          • I agree. It had to be somewhat insulting to the executive the way that it was done…..especially since I gather she is wanted to go with high-end decadence. Maybe the producers suggested that? More and more I am starting to think they are not as pro manzo-laurita-gorga-bennett as they once were. There is a reason the camera panned to those “rinky-dink” signs. And they chose to ask Tre about what she thought of them in talking head. So… little clues.

        • Hmmmmmm. Messing up mom’s signs ‘cuz you ain’t down with her dessert bidness. Sounds pretty passive aggressive. I wonder where the kiddo could have picked up such behavior……….

  9. Dear Kathy: Get bent. I am guessing you are sharing the Gorgas’ garage band marketing firm. Your attempts at building a brand suck. Free advice from Marketing Drive-Thru.

  10. Gee Kathy – reading everyone’s comments it looks like no one wants your deserts. Sorry – YOU LOSE!! You can take a seat next to Dumpy DonCaro in the losers section…BTW – make sure your fat-ass doesn’t use more than one seat as Chris Laurita will soon be joinin’ yuz….

  11. This is random but I am forever blocked from all Bravo message blogs forever. Did I swear? Slander someone? Say something extremely offensive? No. I don’t remember my comment word for word, but it went something like this. I was watching an old rerun of a rhony reunion, when people were picking on this Kelly girl (sorry don’t watch that show.) But the cast was ganging up on her by saying well why did you go on the trip if it made you so miserable. And she looked at Andy and said, “because it’s in my contract. And Andy said, “No it isn’t” And she said, “Yes, it IS, Andy and you know it. And He said “No it isn’t. and she said, whatever. So I recounted this little observation and said that I knew for a fact that it was because I was told by someone who works for Epic Productions and they told me that that is how it works. On all the shows. Aside……. (Do you really think Tre is dying to go to Napa? Duh! Next thing you know I am banned for life from any Bravo message boards. error message 2000 you are not allowed to visit this forum. invalid parameter. invalid nuonce. I wrote to them to ask why I was banned and received no response. Plus, my friend who worked there was fired. She said they bullied her until she quit, but isn’t that the same thing? I feel very bad about that. But she said she doesn’t care and as a story writer for reality shows she will find another job soon enough. I remember when I dished about what I learned about the rhoc someone said I hope she doesn’t get fired. Now I have to live with that guilt, and I had a few friends on that message board going way back that I will never chat with again. What a bunch of communists. And the wierd thing is they banned me on my Ipad too, which I assume has a different IP address.
    Sorry about the punctuation, or lack therof. It is late. I thought you’all might find this interesting.

    • That is scary gessie. I love liberals who punish anyone who takes a position that is different than theirs.

      • They took out all the negative comments from Kathys blog…mine is gone…I just wrote something nice to Teresa, lets see if it stays, mine to Carozide is gone….boy what do this trash have on Andy…

          • Maybe they are trying to use the comments as a companion piece to the show. They are scripting the show, why not structure the comments?

    • That is wierd. I tried to comment a few times a long time ago and I was NEVER posted. My comments were pretty snarky, but so were a lot of the ones on there.

    • Big mistake to fire your friend because the New Jersey show is desperate for some story lines! We all know those BRAVO trips are comped! Blogs like SH are the only reason I’m watching:)

      • Can never get things posted there…I don’t think I’m banned because I still receive Buzz By Bravo emails. maybe I should reply and ask what’s up!:)

  12. I won’t be able to live with myself until she finds another job, but they had to have read Stoopid Housewives to know who she was, and had it out for her ever since.

      • No, I didn’t say her name but I did say she was a writer for the rhoc. You are right, maybe I should lose the guilt. Antonella, anybody that tells the truth gets the Bravo boot. Jackie’s mother spilled the beans about Jax being told to do something mean to Teresa by Bravo and got shut up real quick. Oh, Well.

  13. I disagree that tiny fattening deserts are better than large healthier ones. If people had the restraint to eat just one teensie bite of tiramisu, we wouldn’t be facing the obesity epidemic that we are today. And if you do have such restraint, wouldn’t one bite of a fat-free dessert be even better than a bite of sugary crap?

    • desserts aren’t the cause of obesity. Its the lack of natural food that is. Most people eat processed crap laced with corn byproduct and with no redeemable nutritional value. And they do it out of convenience because they’re too lazy to make a decent meal on their own.

      • Of course desserts don’t cause obesity, it is the people with no restraint or common sense, (besides people with health issues). I’m just saying, as someone who will eat it if it is in my fridge, it makes more sense to put low-fat in my fridge…..

      • See when i go to Whole food I buy their desserts cuz they are all natural it makes me feel less guilty eating them

  14. Just picked up some cannoli & spumoni from Angelo Brocato in NOLA. I support my local shops and I bet everyone has a wonderful gelato or pastry shop in their neighborhood.

  15. I’m not even Italian and I know how to spell Tiramisu!
    Kathy’s spelling of : “Titimisu” looks like it is pronounced: Titty Miss You.

    • HA! kathy can’t spill it because shes no professional cook!..She shouldnt be petty herself…she is now the pet to all the manzos.

  16. What is a Hazelnut Something! ? Uh couldn’t think of a better word than “something”? I’m sorry, I’m all for family helping and kids doing their share, but as a teen making a sign, I would use a computer and add pictures and make it all fancy…I didn’t like doing my school posters using my own handwriting!!! If you are trying to impress someone into funding or backing your business…you need to look like you at least have your chit together! Katty does not!

  17. I just don’t get it. My family has been in business 100 years, 3 generations. I help out at the store on Saturdays as I work another full time job. 3 years ago my sister and I started a side business we put in the family store and we thought very carefully of each sign we make to advertise/showcase our line. I mean anyone with any forethought would have designed some kind of sign better than the kindergarten signs Kathie used. It shows me she isn’t that committed or smart enough (which it shouldn’t take that much brains) to sell anything.

    • She is an amateur. Tre got professional help – publishers, marketing, etc. If you want to go commercial, you have to be professional.

      • But to even misspell words. Being a baker she knows presentation if half – and that especially goes with the marketing end. You don’t need professional marketing people to start out – but what she did was below amateur – more like STUPID.

      • Even last season when her daughter was doing a school dance she had a invitation all computer generated and such.

    • And failing that, how about using the computer? For goodness sake! We KNOW she has one that she got for Christmas. A little typing, select a font, pick a color and there you go. *shaking head in wonderment,* SHEESH!

  18. “Please, Teresa, get over it! Stop being so petty!” Ha! No, Kathy, you need to get over it. Saying ‘Oh my mothers cookies’ when looking at your cousin’s,book was another lame way to make Teresa look bad. BTW, you failed. You are a middle aged woman who crawled her way onto your baby cousins show out of jealousy and envy. When are you ladies gonna learn that in all of your attempts to make Tree look bad this season you are actually making yourself look bad. So, Kathy, get over it! Stop being so petty!

  19. I will order Kathy desserts they look delicious. It is very hard to find good homemade desserts.

    • Homemade desserts cannot be sold retail. Any dessert purchased would necessarily be prepared in a professional facility that has been inspected and approved and therefore not homemade. As far as good desserts go, they are readily available in any city or town in the country and they aren’t prepared by a horrible woman who has set out to destroy a member of her own family out of spite and jealousy.

  20. Hold up…Teresa NEVER said for Kathy to NOT write a book, Kathy asked Teresa if she will write a desert book. Teresa said NO, because lots of folks are watching their weight, therefore it wouldn’t sell…HOW DID THIS BECOME A DIG TOWARDS KATHY? HOW? Did Teresa knows that Kathy was gonna take the baking thing as her “niche”. Teresa always knew Kathy as a hairdresser…

  21. I order specialty desserts all the time by mail. Fabulous things that local bakeries do not make…or make well. Possibly Kathy’s desserts could be carried in grocery stores, too.

    I love getting my very special desserts delivered and can’t wait to try Karhy’s fare. Everything she has made look absolutely delicious!!

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