From the SH Archives: MELISSA GORGA, JOE GORGA… Missy “On Display” at Splash… Joe Gorga On Stage… “Tarzan” Meets “Jane”… AND JoGo’s Bikini Line (Bleeech!)

ORIGINALLY POSTED November 5, 2011 5:42 pm   RE-POSTED July 22, 2012  7:30 pm

Let’s take a look back… from EIGHT MONTHS AGO!!  

Melissa, Joe and BigGayGreggy appear at “Splash” in NYC where MeGo ‘sings’ “On Display” … MeGo STIIL can’t lip sync!!

                                                                Melissa and Joe Gorga… the lollipop twins… 

More from Melissa Gorga’s appearance last night at Splash… performing “On Display”… BigGayGreggy just had to be there, along with Missy’s fidget hubbend (borrowed that description from JoeJoodice… thanks, Joe!).

Melissa was tweeting that her husband, who she loves more than just about anything, got some fabulous news two days ago… wonder what it could be???   NOTE:  STILL don’t know what the ‘fabulous’ news was!  Maybe the window guy who sued JoGo accepted a settlement amount… just to never have to deal with him again!?

Everyone in the twitter world wanted to know what the “great news” was that JoGo received… Someone “guessed” that Melissa is pregnant… could that possibly be the “great news?”  Certainly, it’s possible…  NOTE:  Obviously Melissa ain’t pregnant!

                                                                      Uh, good luck with that, JoGo…  

NOTE July 22, 2012:  In the following video, BigGayGreggy is hold the mic; however, it is the ANNOUNCER screeching the “F” words…

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  1. Was that thing with JoGo’s face on her chi chis male or female? I can’t believe that JoGo wears a cross as he ‘motorboats’ a tranny’s (?) boobies. I am so traumatized by this video, I might need to see a physical therapist. The Whorgas are truly vile and disgusting.

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  2. Fidget looks like an idiot with that stupid hat on. Of course he could market the hat for hair growth and probably be more successful than with the bikini line.


    • The hat highlights the weird sloping of his forehead. I swear, I don’t think there is room in that cranium of his for a frontal lobe. A missing frontal lobe would explain a lot of his behavior.

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  3. WOW !! this video is really shocking , I mean what kinda role model are they acting like that when you have 3 little children at home…..what a shame….Teresa at least has more class than that.

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  4. His arm looks really big, but I can’t see actual definition. I know that it is pretty normal not to see much definition for normal to average muscles that aren’t being flexed, but is it normal for someone who is that big?


    • I think body builders build muscle and bulk up, then there is a process which involves reducing calories to get “cut” i.e. muscle definition. It isn’t enough to just build muscle to get a body builder’s physique.


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