JACQUELINE LAURITA: Sellin’ Black Water in Canada… Chris Laurita Compares BLK to Coke!

July 21, 2012  8:50 am   Canada

A little bit of Jersey has seeped into Canada’s water supply.

Three cast members from the Real Housewives of New Jersey have launched a bottled water product called BLK  in the Canadian market.

BLK, a mineral-infused water that’s black in colour, made its official Canadian debut on Thursday, July 19. To mark the occasion, Housewife Jacqueline Laurita and three other cast members threw a party at Toronto’s Dolce Social Ballroom.

“Unmask the Night will include music, hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, raffle prizes, dancing and more. Our presenting sponsor, blk. beverages, is owned by well-known celebrities as seen on the show THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY! We are launching their product blk. water to Canada and there will be a strong media presence attending the event as well as celebrity guest appearances from cast members of the show!!”

Tickets are regular $40.00 but for a limited time only you can get them for $30.00 if you type in the coupon code EARLYBIRD. There are also a limited number of Meet & Greet tickets on sale now for $50.00 that will allow you the opportunity to go into the VIP area and meet and take pictures with the cast members of the RHONJ!

While Laurita helps promote the beverage, she says she’s not directly involved in the business. Laurita’s husband Chris is BLK’s CEO and her nephews Chris and Albie Menzo (sons of Housewife Caroline Menzo) are also employees.

“They really didn’t want it to be a housewife thing,” Laurita says. “They don’t want people to show up for me to sign something then never come back.”

blk Real Housewives of New Jersey cast launch BLK water in Canada

Still, Laurita and her husband are quick to admit that exposure on the show has helped market BLK.

“The platform that we have is amazing,” Chris Laurita says. “We reach millions and millions of people around the world. We’re not discounting that.”

Of the drink itself, Laurita says he was originally thrown off by the idea of drinking black water.  “Most people react the same way I did,” he says. “You look at it and say, ‘Why is it black and why would I drink that?’”

“I think Coca-Cola had the same problem when they first launched their soda,” Laurita says. “The reality is there are a lot of drinks out there. Some are purple, some pink, blue and green. Ours is black.”

“But our drink is a healthy alternative,” he says. “There are no carbs, sugar, calories or caffeine.”

BLK initially had a rocky relationship with Canada.  A Canadian design firm called Creative Thinkers claims it had an agreement to sell the product —then called Blackwater—with creators Jackie and Louise Wilke, before the Menzo and Laurita families were involved.

“Jackie and Louise were talking to [Creative Thinkers] prior to us meeting,” explains Chris Laurita. “Their deal didn’t work out.”

“They were selling product in the U.S. with the Blackwater name on it,” he continues. “We sued them and they responded to our lawsuit. Long story short, it’s settled. It settled out of court.”

A spokesperson for Pillsbury Law, the firm that represented Creative Thinkers, refused to comment on the Blackwater case.

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  1. Hey Jax?? Yeah we kinda do wish you’d sign something–a pledge to give up twitter, quit the show and STFU– and then never come back!!


    • lol. what she means?? is messed up, not a housewife thing…
      1. Sounds sexiest, 2. Once again sounds like a dig to T. 3.- That family doesn’t believe in her. they don’t think she can pull it off on her own… sad. And then she says that is T who sabotage her. I though this show was supposed to empower woman, She is not doing that at all, that’s why it sounded so funny when she said she was doing “research”


  2. I think a key difference between Coke at launch & Bogwater is one had cocaine content & the other has added plant extract sludge.

    It looks like 2 stroke fuel in the splash photo.


  3. You know, BLK Water may have had better success if they never labeled it asB water. He’s right about drinks being a variety of colors, but when it comes down to it, everyone wants clean, clear, pure water. I understand they can’t just slap a label on it like “soda” or “energy drink” or “juice”, but they could have coined a new term, like “mineral beverage” or something. Anything but water.


    • Lana, I think you nailed it. I agree, I think having “Water” in the name was a Huge Mistake! By calling it “water”, the consumer immediately makes a comparison to the clear, refreshing, clean beverage that we are accustomed to, and yes, black water makes us think of sludge, dirty water and we are automaticly turned of.


  4. How do we know this isn’t the same stuff that is in the bucket after they wash off the poor birds after an oil spill. If anybody drinks this crap and finds a feather, please call the FDA.


  5. I have to talk about this here as all my friends etc are drunk or asleep (2AM in Melbourne)

    This drunk guy just ‘rolled’ his car backwards down a hill into my garden, almost into the pool. Kept on trying to start car, making various excuses about it & why he couldn’t go home. He wanted to sleep in the boot (trunk) of his car. Police were called to breathalyze him & arrest him. Now sitting up waiting for them to come & ask for a statement.


    • Oh my! I wish you would have got that on camera panda. This video claims its all women drivers but I dont believe that I think most of them are drunkass men.


      • I’m going to take photos tomorrow morning. The police who came to take him away were quite bemused by what he has managed to do.

        I don’t know about other countries. But in Australia women pay lower insurance premiums because we are safer.


        • I am glad you were not hurt. Good thing you talked that guy out of sleeping in the trunk of his own car. We had one dude in a neighboring town once that got arrested for driving his horse drunk. And every now and again will will hear tell of a riding lawnmower being driven by a drunkard. Im pretty sure this one is fake but the same thing really did happen in my town. People are crazy.


  6. Forgot, remember Caro’s target practice and dog training for her husband’s abandonment?
    Those shell casings and gun powder residue might be secret ingredient along with doggie doo.
    It’s definitely possible with these twelve stooges.


  7. I have a feeling it has. But I haven’t seen it stocked anywhere.

    Maybe the secret alcohol combined plant gunk kills brain cells?


  8. I heard they pretty much stole the Blackwater thing from Louise & Jackie & that they settled out of court. However the 2 ladies that started it had trouble selling this crap water looking snake oil & now they must be having the last laugh that Jax & the Clownzo’s can’t off this junk on anyone either. People like Smart Water & Oxygen Water etc brought to you by companies that know what they are doing. Not black water with no real value brought to you by over weight, uneducated, over botoxed reality show blow hards who stole the idea in the first place. PLEASE.
    At least with Teresa Giudice, she doesn’t pick things out of her wheel house. She drinks bellinis, she cooks real Italian food & so on. You don’t see the woman hawking vitamins to up your SAT scores or designing smart cars.


  9. Black Water is an oxymoron (emphasis on moron) in this case. Her comparison to Coke is false…Coke was originally a syrup people bought for stomach pains. They could go to a drug store with a soda fountain and get a small amount added to their drinks (like people nowadays get syrup added to coffee). Maybe they should try selling Yellow Water next.


  10. All the scenes with the black water are either a full unopened bottle or a half empty one.None of the interviewers take a drink of the stuff.Should have all the Manzos/Lauritas that are being interviewed drink a full bottle while on air to prove they drink the stuff themselves.


  11. “They were selling product in the U.S. with the Blackwater name on it,” he continues. “We sued them and they responded to our lawsuit. Long story short, it’s settled. It settled out of court.”, That’s not what happened. It wasn’t the Manzo’s who initiated the lawsuit it was the company that the women did business with first that did and after a year and a half they did a settlement that is private. But I will tell you that the other company probably got what they wanted, just by the way they wouldn’t comment on the lawsuit. You see Chris was talking about the lawsuit but not really, he was stirring up stuff on the periphery that everyone already knows before the gag order. What he may or may not hoped is that the “winners” would do the same and then they would go to court and fight again saying they didn’t follow the judges order on the gag settlement and they shouldn’t pay.

    You see he can lie all he wants as long as it’s not true.


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