TERESA GIUDICE: Tasting While in Napa On The Next RHONJ… Tree Says ‘SkinnyGirl’ Tastes “Diet-y”…

July 20, 2012  3:50 pm   US...  

NOTE: Tree is not smart enough to start “in-fighting” amongst the HWs franchises!  Tree ‘dissing’ ****BLEEEECH***Frankel was more than likely a line given to her by producers… hoping to create not only minor discord, but to align Tree’s product with ****BLEEEECH***Frankel’s.  

Buying liquor; ‘Skinnygirl’; Hmmm; what was the name of that other HWs drink?… Fabe something; let’s try that, too.

Tree probably didn’t even know what she was talking about or why she added “Skinnygirl” to her comment! 


In Sunday’s new episode of The Real Housewives of New JerseyTeresa Giudice travels to a vineyard to research flavors for her new line of Bellinis, called Fabellini.

With her husband Joe Giudice helping her with the tasting, Giudice, 40, discuses how she wants the flavor of her new cocktail to taste and subsequently slams former Real Housewives of New York City star *** BLEEEECH*** BFrankel.

 Juicy Joe Giudice… “I don’t care what your ‘lini drink tastes like, Tree… as long as it goes with pizza, it’s good.”

“My thing is I don’t like anything that tastes diet-y,” she explains. “For instance, Skinnygirl tastes diet-y. I don’t like that.”

NOTE:  See SH review of Skinnygirl Margarita from August 2011... NO ONE liked it!!!   Still have this bottle… in case someone visits who is curious about the drink!  Otherwise, it’s just takin’ up space in a refrigerator!!

Frankel, 41, launched her company, Skinnygirl Cocktails, in 2009. In April 2011, Frankel sold the Skinnygirl cocktail brand to Fortune Brands’ Beam Global for an estimated $100 million.  Giudice’ launched her Fabellini line in February and announced on her website, “I’m so so so proud of it. And it tastes delicious! And Fabellini is low calorie–less than 1/2 the calories of other ‘skinny’ drinks.”

            Teresa Giudice, Dina Manzo… at Fabelinni Launch Party last year…

Despite the diss, a source tells UsWeekly that Giudice looks to Frankel for inspiration.  “Teresa will work as hard as she can till she gets to Bethenny status,” a Giudice pal recently told Us. Another source attributes her shrewd business sense to her appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice. “She learned a lot from Donald Trump about bringing her brand out even more.”

Tree Explains WHY She’s Gonna Win Celebrity Apprentice…

In May, the Bravo star launched her third cookbook, Fabulicious!: Fast & Fit, and began a national book tour. “She knows this is a critical time for her and any future opportunities, so she doesn’t stop working,” the Giudice source said. “Bravo would definitely give her her own show, especially after this season. There’s so much drama.”

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170 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Tasting While in Napa On The Next RHONJ… Tree Says ‘SkinnyGirl’ Tastes “Diet-y”…

  1. I hope T reaches Bethanny’s status with her wine. I can understand what she is saying and she’s really not dissing Bethanny. Diet soda etc. does have a taste all it own. With the help of Donald Trump, perhaps Bethanny T can do it. Good luck…:-)

    • Tre’s right. I don’t like diety drinks that usually have an aftertaste (like Tab). Besides, Bethanny should welcome the criticism and use it to improve the product.

    • I wish she suceeds so that she can blow BLK water and the Manzos/Laurita/Gorgas/Waklies/Marco sisters out of the water!!

    • Ooohhh nooo, she did not say that unknowingly ! Teresa is dense but not that dense ! If you watch the show you know that Teresa is the master of throwing jabs right and left. She does NOT do that ignorantly. Why would she even mention SG in this context? She could have left it at “diety taste”. But she always discredits others to make herself look better. That is her usual game-plan. I am surprised you haven´t figured that out by now…

      • i agree with you completely Mia. you are right. so many people miss this devious quality to Teresa, but its there and its in spades!!!!

  2. Teresa doesn’t have to work hard to get to Bethenny status – she’s already past. Bethenny is not very pretty, downright obnoxious (kind of like Chuckie) and has rode the ride as long as she could and has fizzled out. Had the powers that be listened to the viewers, they would have known we could take a little Bethenny but she gets on my nerves after 5 minutes. Can’t wait to try Fabellini.

  3. That’s one thing DIETY taste….ugh…Well Ms. SH did you do a review for Fabellini, was it good. I saw a review that said it was too sweet and not enough alcohol. Also didn’t the Lauritas and Manzos went on the trip for a business deal, is that the Tree sabotage deal Jac kept on referring to.

  4. I hope Bravo gives Tre her own show. I really admire Teresa; I love her parents, love the girls — who alternately make me laugh, cry and cringe — and I’m even starting to kind of “get” Joe, whose family I’d like to know a little bit more about. Most of all, though — life would just be so bland without all those Teresa-isms!

    • If Teresa get her own show, i think The Giudice Family will be much more involved than The Gorga side.I wanna see that hot brother in law of hers everyone keeps talking about.

      • If Teresa got her own show I hope Teresa would have a clause in her contract that Joe, Melissa, Kathy and Rich not be allowed on the show. Melissa and Joe would beg her to be a family again. Even the hag sisters woul change their tune.

        • Belladee, if her brother, the stripper, froggie, creepy richie, BGG, and even BubbaJax thought for one minute that they had to be nice to Teresa to get on or stay on a show, they would be saying “Caroline who??”

  5. Bethenny Frankel is a fake bitch who lied about her upbringing. Boo hoo your parents took you skiing and let you have sleep overs. Her life sounded SO harsh. NOT! BTW, Skinnygirl doesn’t taste good at all. I’ll stick with my martini.

    • i agree. The way she used her family issues to gain the viewers sympathy is scary!
      Her voice is annoying. She is greedy and downright rude.

  6. i had the skinny girl margarita and i thought it was deliscious! Never noticed a diety flavor, although i drank a glass of pino right before it… ;)

  7. I have to say Joe Giuidice is growing on me too, flaws and all, he seems very real and like he doesn’t give a crap about the cameras or what he says. who knew. I used to be a hater with Teresa and Joe, lol

    • I like that he doesn’t do the talk to camera interviews. It is supposed to be the real HOUSEWIVES but in the New Jersey franchise, the husbands (with the exception of Joe Giudice) and the Manzoid Spawn give interviews and scratch and claw to get camera time. The other franchises aren’t like this with so much involvement from spouses and nasty grown ass children.

      • actually he does talking head interviews, BRAVO decides NOT to show them, i remember a preview video of Joe Giudice talking head.

        • Nope. Teresa has said it before that he refuses to do the talking heads that the other hasbanda fame-whorishly do. He might have the 1st or 2nd season, but once it got all crazy he refused. Good for him. All the other men are annoying. It’s a houseWIFE show.

      • Chris L rarely talks-to-camera. I don’t actually recall any except for one or two this season. But he’s SO dull, I may have just forgotten.

      • He doesn´t do interviews because he cannot get out a sensible sentence. He is dumb as a brick. I am sure Teresa has forbid him to talk in public ever again. He is such an embarrassment !!!

  8. If Tre comes out with a commercial for her drink – I hope it’s better than the skinny girl commercial. Shouldn’t be too hard to do.

    • Right??? That is a DUMB commercial. My skinnygirl bottle is still in the fridge, don’t like it.

      • I poured mine down the drain. Plus it was false advertisement about the indgridiences ;) used- lawsuit and all. Fake, just like Bitchanny.

  9. Poor Tree lol, she just doesn’t, have a filter- bless her heart! I used to admire Bethany (much like I did Caroline) but the more I saw/ heard of her the less I found her relatable. I also started to question her honesty (just like Caroline) I had her margarita (no thank you) and her Cosmo (pretty good)! I would like to try the Fabellini. Love that picture of Dina and Tree. Take THAT Caro/ Jac!!

    • I agree about Bethenny, she finally ‘made it’ but it isn’t enough, she has to keep going, she doesn’t want to get out of the spotlight no matter how much money she has or how much it damages her family. She doesn’t have to fight for survival anymore, she should just move on and enjoy life. I think though, she can only enjoy life when the camera is pointed at her.

      • That’s the thing with Bitchanny- she is a clinical case of attention hungry. She’ll use anyone and do anything for attention and nothing’s enough for her. I was never a fan of her brash style but when I was truly done with her was when she took her baby to go get “blessed” by those medicine doctors- ALL FOR THE CAMERA. There’s nothing lower than putting your baby’s spirituality on the line just for ratings. Vile.

        • I’m so glad I found this blog. Most blogs are overdosed and intoxicated on the Beenny Koolaid

          • Hate: OH.. puh-leeze. Even the mention of BFrankel is enough to elicit puking around here. If it weren’t for Tree bringing her name up, she would not be chatted about here. BFrankel is a non-entity on SH. TFC!!! SH

    • I know! Bring back Dina. Dina and Teresa were adorable together, plus Lexi was my favorite person on the show.

  10. I do also, and i think she’s right i like Bethenny’s drinks, but they do have a different taste.

    • A relative of mine said the same thing as you. They said it had a different taste, not a bad taste, but different.

      • Maybe the “differentness” is because of the lack of high fructose corn syrup and/or artificial sweeteners? Our palates have been bombarded with excess amount of corn syrup and sweeteners.

        If that wasn’t bad enough, we can consume such monstrous creations like Pepsi Next which includes corn syrup AND 3 other artificial sweeteners. Now can get diabetes and cancer… all from the same soda. Lucky us!

  11. Teresa is more than likely getting her show, but I wonder if it will be after the Celebrity Apprentice All Stars (she will be on it). Bravo could easily make a show just with her and her family trying to build there fortune again. That would make the Manzo’s, Lauritas and the Gorgas mad as hell. In fact If she did get her show, someone on the RHONJ would have to be the one on the outs, I wonder who it will be (either Melissa or Kathy).

  12. “I’ve had the SG Margarita and the Cosmo and they are quite good….There is room for both of these fabulous women!”

  13. I bet dollars to donuts that Jacko, Katty, et al are going to start publicly praising Betheny’s drink. And I say, let ‘em! They only hurt themselves when they do stuff like that!

    • Well, doesn’t she copy Bethenny?

      Who was on a HW show first? Bethenny by a year.
      Who did “The Apprentice” first? Bethenny by 7 years.
      Cook book? Bethenny by a year.
      Alchohol beverage brand? Bethenny by 3 years.
      (thanks to Wikipedia for providing the details)

      How long will it be until Tre’s appearing on Skating with the Stars, starring in her own Bravo show and hosting an Ellen-produced talk show? Lol.

      If Bethenny suddenly gets in trouble with the Feds for bankruptcy fraud and starts her own hair care line named after her daughter, we can hardly accuse her of copying Tre.

      Now before I get accused of working for Bethenny let me say this… I am not even a fan. I did enjoy her on RHONY but I’ve only infrequently watched her Bravo series and have never seen her talk show. She’s too much to handle in large doses! But I do think she’s a very smart and successful business woman. And Tre is doing an awesome job of following the template that Bethenny created.

      • I agree completely. I really liked watching Betheny on RHONY but found her spin-off boring. She was much better playing off of Zarin, the Countess, Kell-amity!
        Conversely, I did enjoy Kim Z’s spin-off but never much cared for her on RHOATL.
        In terms of Betheny and Teresa, I think there’s room for both of them to do well in their ventures.

        • “In terms of Betheny and Teresa, I think there’s room for both of them to do well in their ventures.”

          I think Teresa will be successful with her beverage line too. Personally, I’m not the least bit interested in any of the Skinnygirl beverages probably because its exclusively marketed to women, lol. I might try Tre’s drinks if the reviews are good.

          But I think it’s only fair to give Bethenny credit/blame for setting the standard for housewives selling us crap. :)

  14. Is it just me, but I CANNOT stand Richard Wakile….makes my skin crawl type of feeling….ick

    • I agree – as a Lebanese American female, he makes my skin crawl too – he is a disgusting pig!! He is not the typical Lebanese man – not by a long shot!! He is a disgrace. For the life of me I can’t understand what that wife of his sees in him.

      • He plays a role on TV My guess is this is not his normal persona its the way Bravo wants him to be and they protray him as ALWAY being this way.

        • LOL yes and no I do think the people on these shows are not really the way they are protrayed well not 100% anyway. I think they are told to amp up their personalites and create Drama. I do think of course some things are real I do think SHanna is 100% evil incarnate but the rest I just think Bravo tells them the role to play and they do it.

          • I agree that some of the people on the show are pure evil….definitely Shana and Crooksie! We all know that they shoot many hours of film and then edit (condense it down) to fit into 45 minutes a week. With that being said, I do believe that we do get the essence of the true nature of each person. Case in point, they do not make Tre look stupid, she just is. They do not cause Juicy Joe to look like a drunken thug….he just is. I mean honestly, when have we ever seen anything else from either of these two?

            • Can u please provide examples of Tree being stupid. It’s kind of repetitive and boring to read post after post after post that she’s stupid. How so? I would love your insight. Frankly in comparison to the rest of her family, her brother, the stripper, froggie and creepy richie, Teresa is a mensa candidate.

              • Wasn’t it said that Tree helped her brother with his biz (start up). I don’t think Tree is stupid. She did grad from HS and attend College. She also worked in fashion in NY. Listen did she over spend money, yes. Did she live beyond her means, yes. BUT when things started to downfall. She didn’t hide, she didn’t run. She did what she needed to do and went to work to support her family. That alone can speak about her character. I wonder how many of the other wives would do that? I know Joe isn’t perfect and has his issues BUT he is her husband and she stands by him. Isn’t that what marriage is about? To many people just walk away and don’t stand and fight or want to work at things when it gets hard. If he cheats, gets drunk, or etc that is Tree’s biz. She stands firm, that is her husband and she will work things out. Can’t fault that no matter how much others try to bring her down.

                Plus I think alot of what Joe has said in the past is coming to light now. I think he saw everyone for what they realy are and had enough of the way the others talk about his wife, his kids, and his family. When Tree was still willing to fight for her family and friendships Joe knew the others where not worthy and just never wanted to play the game.

              • I agree with you about Joe and i think its great Tree stands by her hubby. But i still cant get over the scene Juicy calls Tree a Puttana. That was sad, a big no-no.

                I was wondering if anyone here “like” the RHNJ on facebook. The comments there are a bit fishy and it seems like the same people post there everyday. 644 people liked a post about Teresa while 8,188 people liked Rich’s photo! I understand people have diverse opinions but the incompatibility between those “facebookers” perception and other viewers are perplexing.

              • Antonella, here is the explanation you were asking for:

                Teresa absolutely lacks the abilities of logic thinking and reasoning. It shows in almost every conversation we see her in on TV. All of her arguments are so unintelligent it almost hurts to watch. Plus, she doesn´t seem to grip the meaning of questions that she is being asked. At least she barely ever supplies sensible answers to what she is being asked. She is very slow-witted.
                I am citing what KateH wrote in a statement further up – which I agree with 100% :
                “The reason that I see Tre as stupid, is not only her inarticulate speech, but the fact that she cannot carry on a reasonable conversation. She “does not listen” and respond with a reasonable answer. Teresa constantly says, Right? Am I right? and if anyone dares to say, No I see it differently, she starts screaming. She claims to know nothing about their bankruptsy, except that she owes some credit card bills, but when Andy asked her when these have to be paid by, she gave him a deer in headlights look and said she didn’t know. Then she claimed that no one had told her that there is a deadline. She claims to know nothing about their family income for all these years. When asked specifics about her cookbooks and recipes, she babbles in circles and says nothing.”

                Furthermore, I believe that the abilities of self-reflection and admitting one´s own faults is a direct reflection of one´s intelligence. Since I have been watching the show Teresa has never ever been able to self-reflect or analyse her own behaviour. She seems incapable of admitting to ever be making any mistakes. She has a justification for everything she does. And usually it is something very absurd and almost comical like “Everybody else is to blame” or “They all attacked me” or “It was just a joke and they didn´t get it”. Really??? Oh please, nobody can always be the victim. If you are smart you will own up to the things you did or said and admit that sometimes you are not in the right. Everyone is wrong once in a while! Claiming that she is never wrong makes her look extremely stupid.
                The one time that she did apologize for something was clearly not because she was able to see her own bad but because she was advised to do so and put it in a magazine for money… still lacking self-reflection.

                It is also very stupid to go on national television presenting a life of luxury and shopping, big houses and taking vacations, when all that has been accomplished by scamming other people out of their rightfully earned money, i.e. contractors, shopowners, tenants, etc. She lives her fabulous life at the expense of their debtees !!! If she was smart she would understand that.
                I honestly feel so very sorry for those people who – because the Guidices are living way beyond their means and have not paid their humongous bills – are unable to buy their children all these crazy presents and outfits that Teresa´s kids are sporting. Those people that do not get paid by the Guidices for their honest work can not afford luxury mansions and trips with the whole family.

                By far the stupidest thing I have ever heard anyone say was Teresa saying “Ew, I would never live in a house that someone else has pre-owned” and to see her disgusted look when in that small appartment Joe was making fun they would be moving into. Who in their right mind would say something like that when the only reason they have a huge mansion is because they denied honest people their paycheck?

                If Teresa were not stupid she would have shown some humility and really made some cutbacks – like any person with a sense of reason would have done.

                So, this is not to say that Teresa is any more stupid than any of the other NJ housewives. It is of no use comparing their levels of intelligence as all of them are pretty unintelligent. But Teresa has this extreme lack of logic thinking, reasoning and self-reflection that makes her denseness really stand out.

              • First, what IS the deadline to pay those credit card bills [reality check...there is none, the creditors can sue at will now that their discharge is denied, although the case is not yet closed pending negotiations to sell a building to pay off a mortgage], and who the hell is Mandy to pose a false misleading question? [BTW, I can't stand Mandy!!]
                Second, the operative words are “we see her in on TV” Maybe she is so self-conscious of the cameras and of the hyper-critical analysis every word of hers will receive, that she is genuinely tongue tied. Remember, these people were supposedly her friends for years before the show. I know I would be utterly bewildered if my years long friends turned on me the way these people have turned on her.
                All of which begs the questions: has any of these people remained unfazed by the exposure; who has been affected most/least and how? It probably remains for graduate school psychology theses years from now to sort it all out.

              • The behaviour I described above has been exactly the same since the very first season. It hasn´t changed one bit, maybe only become more visible since things have heated up for Teresa. But from Episode 1 on I have always found Teresa ridiculously illogical, very unreasonable and slow-witted. This has nothing to do with the falling out with her former friends.

                If she was tongue tied why would she talk so much rubbish? Besides, she rather seems overly confident than self-conscious.

                If she were not stupid… she would have come to the reunion prepared and know her stuff about the financial situation + bankruptcy. At that point it was clear that those questions were going to be asked at the reunion. So she should have been able to explain things in a comprehendable manner. But to show up, know nothing about anything, babble unintelligibly and put forward nothing but denial is going to reveal how dense you really are… Clearly she really didn´t understand anything that was going on…

    • …plus his disgusting sexual innuendos…….ick is right!
      And if he doesn’t STFU and quit bashing T I’m going to break my tv (or Mandy). Remember when he tried to jack free shirts from a local store? He is one sick dick constantly bitching
      and moaning about T. What has she ever done to him (other than reject his leching hands and perv mouth)?

      • When ever he’s on I feel like I have been violated and need to take a shower to wash off his dirty vileness. He reminds me of the relative ( we all have one) that at family gatherings the girls don’t want to be in the same room with him for fear of being felt up! He’s so gross.

    • No , u r so not alone! I am with you! Find him repulsive& not funny AT ALL! I don’t get how people could like him? RHONJ is turning Into REAl D-bag husbands of NJ… His comments make me want to throw up… It scares me that people love him.. Oh society!

  15. SG Margarita tastes like feet–awful! I haven’t even bothered with the other flavors. Wish I had seen Ms SH’s review first..would have saved a few bucks…LOL!

  16. I say BETHANY ride your 15mins of fame as long as u can… Same for teresa!!!!! Keep making $$$$$$!!!!!!

    • shoot…i wish i had a chance for 15 minutes make as much money i can, and invest it in pharmaceutical…lol

  17. Sorry, but the real truth is that Teresa, does not have what it takes to have her own show. What is her story line? 4 little girls? It’s OK for 1 or 2 episodes but won’t hold the whole series. What is her story? Spending too much money, getting her husband in debt and acting like she is a saint paying it back. Oh please. She is one sick puppy. That’s just my opinion.

    • Her life promises to yield more of a storyline than Betheny’s show. She could be shown on her book tours, promoting her hair care line, her drinks, interacting with her children, her parents, her husband’s family. I watched the first half of the season of Betheny and found it to be terribly boring.

      • Not true, Bethany is a true business woman. Teresa has lot’s of help, Ghost writer for books, mothers recipes, lot’s of people coming up with idea’s, just hope she is smart enough to no when to say no. When there is too much, you damage the brand. Bethany is very very good at what she does. And don’t forget she just got her own talk show starting in the fall. Always glad to see success with the gals.

        • I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Betheny has had a good amount of help too.
          I’m sure there i,s, and probably always will be, an audience for Betheny. However, that doesn’t mean that a show featuring Teresa would not do well too. They lead different types of lives and would probably pull in different viewers. Personally, I’d rather watch Teresa’s story (love watching her daughters) but to each their own.
          Like you , I’m happy to see hardworking women (who don’t feel that they have to tear other women down) succeed.

          • Most of all, it would make me laugh to see her get her own show and know that those idiots, her own family, who tried to tear her down, are seething with jealousy. As ridiculous as it sounds (I know it’s only a show, and probably a scripted one at that!), I still cannot get over that her own brother, sister-in-law and cousin would come on the show with their claws out for her. Still blows my mind that fambly would do that. How do you get beyond that? I know I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to.

            • Just a note, I am a great grandmother, that being said I have several children in the entertainment business, they laugh at me for watching this and when I asked them if she would get a show there anwser was, she could only keep it up by being mean and having feuds. Watch what she did to get here. Just be honest with yourself.

              • Other than goading Danielle at the country club and flipping a table (season 1 or 2), I haven’t seen her be mean. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t have missed it.
                This season, I’ve only seen the clips provided by Ms SH and a few other sites. How has she been mean and started feuds? It sounds more like she reacts when others are mean to her.
                Her sister-in-law has now admitted to hating her and contacting Danielle before ever getting on the show because she wanted to hurt Teresa.
                Her brother called her garbage after she went over to say hello to him at his baby’s christening.
                Her cousin’s husband has repeatedly made profane statements about her.
                Jacqueline and Caroline turned their backs on her and ended their friendship with her for…I’m still not sure why. Making jokes in a cookbook (Jokes that had already been told on another show and were apparently fine then), not confiding in front of the cameras all of her financial and marital troubles?? Those are the only reasons that have been given to date, unless I’ve missed others. Please let me know if I have missed some other reason that would explain all of this, besides jealousy of her success outside of the show.
                From all I’ve seen and read, it sounds like she’s held her tongue astonishingly well given all the negative things that other family and friends have attempted to hurl at her and make stick. Remarkably well.
                So I’m going to have to disagree with your assessment of how she got to where she is today. Has she benefitted from their beefs with her? Absolutely, vieweres sympathize with her, given what they have done to her. Did she instigate said beefs? No, quite the opposite.

              • I am sure Milania to keep us entertained with her picking on Audriana and fighting with Gia. I enjoy watching Teresa more when she is happy and funny and I am sure that is what a lot of people want to see.

              • Id like to see more Stucco scenes like they had a few episodes ago, Id like to see less smart ass comments coming out of such little girls Gia is very mouthy to her parents and other adults No child should be advising her father about cheating rumors period
                and Miliania shouldnt be pile driving her little sister into the floor. Im sorry thats not my idea of entertainment

        • Sorry but I doubt Bitchanny did it on her own, you really thinks she a chemist who fine tuned the packaging of her alcoholic beverage? An herbologist I develop vitamins? A trainer to to create workout videos? A textile expert to develop shareware (talk about copying Jill)? Nope. She’s jut a self centered “poor rich girl” with friends in the right places (uhum, Mz. Ann Dee) a she was set to find fame at any costs.

        • Bethanny spends a great deal of time on her show ridiculing her husband and her in laws because of their more conservative values. OH WAIT, that’s what Ms. Andy wants. No wonder he loves Bethanny so much.

      • Joe and Teresa remind me of a real-life, modern day Archie and Edith Bunker. All in the Family premiered in 1971 and didn’t go off the air until 1983, so I have no doubt there would be both sufficient material and an audience.

        • Maybe they’ll let li’l Joe Gorga guest star in the part he was born to play – The Meathead. :)

      • The difference is that Bethenny actually has a level of intelligence, education and witty vocabulary – whether you like her personality or not – while Teresa is just plain stupid… Sometimes I am finding it hard to watch her because the denseness is just oozing out of her every pore.

    • Trudy, I agree with you. I would still like to know why Teresa and Joe still spend money on Furniture, Designer Wardrodbes, New Cars, Trips an d other non-essentials, while they are in bankruptsy?? This makes no sense!
      Another important difference between Bethany and every other housewife out there suddenly hawking everything from makeup to alcohol and books is that Bethany did this first. Bethany was an entrepeneur Before she was a HW. Bethany attended culinary school after college and began a career as a Private Chef, specializing in Natural, Healthy Foods. She then had a venture called “Bethany Bakes” with a brand of Healthy Baked Goods that she was marketing in limited distribution through Whole Foods. This was part of Bethany’s story line during season 1. There were multiple production and distribution issues with “Bethany Bakes” and eventually, Bethany had to move on. Next, Bethany wrote her first Skinny Girl Book, this grew into 3 Skinny Girl books and the beginning of her “Brand”. It is important to know that Bethany is actually the author of her books. Unlike Tre and others who used ghost writers. Bethany hit gold with the Skinny Girl Margarita. Whether you personally like it or not, sales have been and continue to be very strong and Bethany successfully sold the Alcohol portion of her company to Jim Beam and retained the rest of her brand. Bethany contiues to build her brand successfully.

      So, Teresa can say whatever she wants to say (and we all know that Tre does……right??) But, at the end of the day, this is the truth. Bethany did her homework, she put herself out there, she wasn’t afraid to try and fail until she made it.

  18. I seem to remember a blog feud between Bethenny and Teresa a couple of years ago. I do think this was a little jab. I guess they had an unspoken truce, but there’s still enough resentment to throw a dig every now and then. Honestly, I haven’t tried either of their drinks. Something just doesn’t seem right about “premixed drinks”. I’m sure the kids at your local college could mix the same drink on the spot with cheap liquor and Dollar Store juice and let you have it for $2.

    • Also, Betheny just had C. Manzoid on as a guest about a week ago and Betheny asked her directly about her feud with Teresa. When C. Mongo answered Betheny’s question in the affirmative, that she would not be Teresa’s friend anymore, the audience cheered and C. Mondo seemed truly surprised by their reaction. It would be safe to assume that it was a set-up and that Betheny had a hand in it.
      For someone who went through the exact same thing with Zarin, that’s pretty cold and calculating. Betheny thinks she’s so smaaaht that viewers won’t figure out what she’s trying to do (passive-aggressively show support for their crusade against Teresa, thereby hopefully weakening Teresa’s ability to successfully promote her brand).
      All Teresa had to do to poke a hole in Betheny’s brand?
      “It tastes kinda diety.”

      • Interestingly, i believe that’s how it started, those exact words. Teresa was guest blogging for RHONY when Jill and Bethenny split. I think this feud got swept aside because it hit at the exact time as the bankruptcy. Tre called Bethenny “cold and calculating,” and it just went downhill from there, with Teresa calling out Bethenny for bragging about being “skinny” in her PETA shoot when she was pregnant, then doing a swimsuit photoshoot immediately after her baby was born prematurely and giving women an unrealistic aspiration for post-baby bodies, etc

        Geesh… Teresa was ruthless… (but i can’t say I disagreed with any of her views on B)

        • Close, LanaLove, but inaccurate with respect to the key point. According to an article dated December 16, 2009 — one day after Bethenny’s PETA ad was released — that addressed the dispute, Teresa’s “feud with Frankel stems from a September interview the latter gave in which she referred to Teresa as her ‘least favorite housewife’ because she’s ‘whiny and unintelligent’.”

          Tre’s made no secret of the fact that she only attacks when she’s been attacked, and her comments with respect to Bethenny’s PETA ad proved she, at least, wasn’t a liar!

          When Bethenney bragged to the press that she was already pregnant when the PETA photo was taken and was pleased the nude photograph didn’t look photoshopped, Teresa pointed out that Bethenny said in December of 2009 that she was three months along, and that she’d done the shoot in August. “Even if she’s four months pregnant now, she would’ve been, like, one hour pregnant in the pic. Someone tell Bethenny that sperm does not make you look fat.”

          Unintelligent Whiner: 1
          Bethenny “I did not lie about being lost at sea” Frankel: 0

          • Aha! Thank you, some part of the puzzle did seem to be missing. Bethenny did call Teresa stupid, and classless for the table flip in season 1 of RHONJ, which was in 2009. Because peeing in a bucket in your wedding gown on national television 5 minutes before walking down the aisle is SO classy.

            • I think Bethany is a very jealous person. She was the most famous housewife an Teresa became just as well known as her. Not getting along with your own mother or recenting your ILs for being close to their son says a lot about a person. I was a huge bethany fan until her last season on HW and then lost all respect for her when she treated Jason’s parents like sh*t. She hit the In-law jackpot with them. All they wanted was to love her and she wanted them to go away. You can see how scared they are of her.

      • “When C. Mongo answered Betheny’s question in the affirmative, that she would not be Teresa’s friend anymore, the audience cheered and C. Mondo seemed truly surprised by their reaction. It would be safe to assume that it was a set-up and that Betheny had a hand in it.”

        Or maybe they just don’t like Teresa?

        • When you are in the audience for a talk show you only react when the staff on the floor prompts you to react. I remember being prepped before the show on when to cheer or ohhhh and ahhhhh. Not saying that the audience liked or disliked Teresa, just my experience.

        • Good point. If the audience consists of Betheny’s fans (Doubtful they’d pack the seats with haters), then they would know she’s had a bone to pick with Teresa for a few years now. Likely that they would be loyal to her when she brought up Teresa.

  19. Speaking of the housewives liquor, doesn’t Kathy have a red velvet martini or something out? Has anyone tried it? As much as I don’t like Kathy I have to admit it sounds pretty good.

  20. Speaking of housewives liquor, doesn’t Kathy have a line of red velvet martinis or something like that? As much as I don’t like Kathy, I have to admit that sounds pretty good.

  21. BETHANY ride your 15mins of fame as long as you can!!!! Teresa same as well!!! KEEP MAKING $$$$$$!!!!

  22. There is no comparison between Bethany and Teresa. Bethany is smart, witty and she is the first HW to actually make a success of her ventures. Teresa can barely speak. As for Tre having her own show, I would not watch. I can see all I want of her stupidity and ugliness on RHONJ, thank you very much! Tre’s husband Joe is a drunken slob! A low life thug! He disgusts me in every way. He is ignorant. How many times have we watched a drunken Joe acting out with his kids in the room? How many times do we have to watch poor little Gia in tears because of her parents horrible behavior? How many times do we have to watch Teresa blame everyone else for her troubles?
    Enough is enough!
    Bethany has had and continues to have a lot of success because she is creative and smart. I love her show and I hate to see it end. She has a beautiful little family and with what they have gone through in only 3 short years, they really are doing well. I can understand why Bethany and Jason have decided to take their personal life out of the spotlight, at least for now.

    • I have never once seen Gia in tears because of her parents. I have seen Gia in tears because of her uncle and because of BubbaJax and Chuckie. As far as ur assessment of Bethany vs Teresa, if you measure them on business, Bethany hands down. On personal life, Teresa is by far the most content with her husband (notwithstanding your description of him) and kids. Bethany doesn’t realize or is unable to appreciate how great Jason truly is. Finally, Teresa has stepped up the the plate because of her husband’s destructive decisions, I am convinced that Bethany would have shoved Jason out the door and told him not to let the door hit him on the way out. So all in all, Teresa wins hands down as far as overall loyalty and success (which I do not measure in dollar signs)

  23. I have asked this question so many times… Not a Jaco or Manzoid fan but why do so many love Tre? What is so special about her? I was at a party where they offered her fabulini and it tasted crapolini.

    • LaFora: There are no “teams on SH or any “hate” towards any Housewife. Can only guess that her PR team is doing a fabulous job of making her look good and people are responding to her! TFC!! SH

    • What as converted some people is how she can stand her ground 5 to one. 4 other HW n miss Andy. I don’t like seeing people ganged up on. She’s not without fault, but she does not appear to be evil like her other cast mates. They deliberately try to paint her I. A bad light. That’s how I see it.

    • I don’t “love” Teresa. Like Meaow said I feel what her relatives and friends are doing to her is just wrong. Family is suppose to love you and stand by you and they have viciously thrown her “under the bus” and keep putting that bus in reverse and running her over, over and over again. Teresa is at a low point and needs their support to get through this, not added stress. I don’t understand why people hate Teresa so much. I even felt sorry for Danielle season 1. Caroline and Dina wanted nothing to do with her, and Danielle so badly wanted to be their friend. Jacqueline and Teresa tried to have a friendship with her. Teresa attacked her at the dinner, which was wrong, but it was because Danielle was getting defense and insulted her.

      • Exactly! For goodness sake, even Casey Anthony’s parents stood by her! I would never forgive my family if they did what Teresa’s family attempted to do to her, and I mean never.
        I honestly think if her family and friends hadn’t done this to her, there would have been a backlash against her for all the financial shenanigans.
        In a way, she has only them to thank for her popularity now.

  24. I disagree that Teresa is stupid or unintelligent. She is inarticulate, but that doesn’t mean she lacks intelligence. Some people are inarticulate, well, just because. Teresa appears to be inarticulate because English is not her first language. She can always find the correct Italian words when she wants.I think she is simply bilingual, with Italian being her stronger language.

    • Teresa was born in the US and she does not speak Italian. Remember during their trip to Italy…..she was not able to speak Italian. For that matter, she also doesn’t speak English!

      • She was born in Italy- great, that’s all we need this election cycle- more birth-place denyers! ;)

        • Teresa Giudice was born in Paterson, New Jersey on May 18, 1972 to parents who emigrated from Italy. She earned a degree from Berkeley College in Fashion Marketing and Management. After college, she worked in the fashion industry in New York. She is married to Joe Giudice, a childhood friend and entrepreneur. They have four daughters: Gia (born 2001), Gabriella (born 2004), Milania (born 2005), and Audriana (born 2009).

      • I don’t remember that, but she probably speaks dialect. I have heard her speak Italian on camera several times. She didnt learn english until she went to school.

      • Hey KateH, let’s do a little fact checking before u spew. Teresa’s first language at home was Italian. She spoke Italian in Italy. Have you heard her parents speak and that’s after 40 years living in this Country, can u imagine how they spoke when Teresa was first born to age 5 when she went to school?

        • Hi, Antonella, I am stating the facts. During the trip to Italy, Teresa had to keep asking for translations, Italian to English. She was only able to say common greetings in broken Italian.
          I understand exactly what it is like when parents speak a different language in the home. My parents spoke French. Until the time of their death they still chose to speak French instead of English. I still consider English my first language. Many people move to the US from foreign countries speaking a different language and in a matter of a few years are fluent in English. Face it, Teresa is just not articulate and not very bright!

          • That’s bologna. I speak FLUENT Italian, I read Italian and I write in Italian, I understood every word she said. Her Italian was dialect and it was perfect. Whoever told u that she wasn’t speaking Italian is incorrect. I speak from actual experience. I grew up with parents who spoke strictly Italian in an Italian neighborhood where there is little need to learn English. Have you heard Teresa’s parent’s speak English? They have been here for over 40 years and yet they are difficult to understand. Furthermore, the woman who u say is “not very bright”, is certainly getting plenty of mileage endorsements, money, isn’t she?

          • My parents have been here for 40+ years. While my father speaks English well, my mother doesn’t. I too didn’t speak English until I started school (I was born in the US). I have trouble to this day with “sayings” and some words. Newsflash…when I go to Portugal, I too have a hard time understanding some of it. Also, do the to “slang” that we use I have to ask for translations on some words or how I would say something correctly not with “slang” words.

    • Perfectly stated Amy! My degree is in second language acquisition and Tre’s communicative style (“inarticulate”) is very typical of second language learners. Communication has nothing to do with intelligence an people that argue otherwise don’t know what they’re talking about.

  25. People said the same thing about Jessica Simpson and her net worth is over 100 million and growing. Teresa maybe book stupid but business smart.

      • Which is what smart people do. :)
        Meanwhile, BubbaJax follows Caro, and Caro listens to herself. That’s gotten them to an, uhmm, interesting place in terms of fan reaction.

  26. In lots of homes where the parents are immigrants the children only speak the language that is native to the parents and learn English once they enter the school system. So that might be why Teresa says English is her second language.

  27. Stupid all the way to the bank. Real difference is with regard to their personal family lives, Teresa loves her husband and family and Bethany is miserable most of the time and can’t see how good she has it.

  28. Seriously, is there really any debate about this?

    - Ingredientses
    - cummin
    - Continuing to spend foolishly while in the midst of a very public bankruptcy.
    - insisting that using the phrase “going away” will fool everyone into thinking that your husband isn’t going to prison.
    - staying married to a verbally abusive drunk
    - Heckyll and Jyde
    - Not knowing what “solstice” means
    - allowing poor Gia (and the other girls to a lesser extent) to endure such public humiliation
    - Cro-magnom hairline

    • Well, Butch, you can’t use her cro-magnom hairline as an example of her stupidity…LOL. There is no proof she is spending foolishly. What you see on TV is not always real and she gets freebies. I have heard Joe Gorga, Melissa, Kathy and Caroline misprounce words. Oddly enough Joe Giudice does better than them with pronouncing words. Nothing wrong with wanting to use “going away” to protect your daughters from hearing the word jail. I would do the same. Obviously america knows whay going away means, so she aint trying to fool noone. Staying married doesnt make her stupid, it makes her loyal. Heckyll and Jyde…OK I got nothin’! yeah that was really dumb. I didn’t know what solstice meant either. Gia thing, Is a matter of opinion. You are entitled to yours opinion and I am to mine. I can’t say how you feel is wrong.

      • For the record, “Freebies” are counted as income and you have to pay taxes on freebies. I seriously doubt if they got the materials for their new garage/shed as a freebie. Also her new furniture and her new car… you really think these are all “Freebies?” Also a makeup artist and hair stylist every times she leaves the house? Only in certain circumstances is any of this considered a business expense.
        I can totally understand Tre wanting to use the term “going away” in front of the girls. In fact, this is an old “mafia term”….LOL! But, using the word jail in regards to their father could be very frightening for the girls and they should be protected.
        As for her staying with Joe, even though he is a nasty drunk, a criminal and is perhaps
        cheating. Does this make her loyal? Maybe, maybe not. Women often stay with a man out of fear of being alone or fear of change. Teresa is Catholic, and her family is “Old country catholic”, this is a huge responsibility for her. Time will tell, what she will decide to do with her marriage. I don’t envy her being married to this Jerk!
        The reason that I see Tre as stupid, is not only her inarticulate speach, but the fact that she cannot carry on a reasonable conversation. She “does not listen” and then respond with a reasonable answer. Teresa constantly says, Right? Am I right? and if anyone dares to say, No I see it differently, she starts screaming. She claims to know nothing about their bankruptsy, except that she owes some credit card bills, but when Andy asked her when these have to be paid by, she gave him a deer in headlights look and said she didn’t know. Then she claimed that no one had told her that there is a deadline. She claims to know nothing about their family income for all these years. When asked specifics about her cookbooks and recipes, she babbles in circles and says nothing. I would love to have a few concrete examples of Tre showing actual signs of intelligence? Seriously, I would really like to know!

        • I wouldnt call staying with a man who called me a whore and told me to shut up as Loyalty And much as people say he is joking It dosnt seem that way to me.

  29. That wallpaper of Teresa made me ROFL. First thought was she was auditioning for ‘Planet of the Apes’.

  30. I love this site and am going to be very honest. T is an idiot. Celebrity Apprentice was a fluke. She flew under the radar because she was intimidated by the mostly intelligent and talented people on there. She looks like Leona Helmsey, minus the brain. She’s a joke, helicoptoring over NYC with the other idiot, “What’s that big green thing?” Uhm, Central Park. I guess I’m in a bad mood, still paying off student loans.

  31. I agree about the Puttana comment. Has my hubby said things to me in public that he shouldn’t of? Yes, but I deal with that when we get home. I’m hoping that is what Tree does. I’m not excussing his behavior, but I have a friend of mine that her husband after years of being the main bread winner was laid off. It was a hard 4 years. He became evil and nasty at times. She explained to me that now that she was the bread winner it was hard for him to deal with the fact he wasn’t the provider. That he felt he was a loser and let his family down. No it wasn’t right how he acted but she just rolled with it and showed him more love. I’m happy to say that things turned around and before he got a job he noticed what he was doing. She said the key was NEVER EVER to make him feel that it was her money, that it was their’s. So I’m hoping that is what Joe is going thru.

  32. oh. my. gawd.

    teresa should NEVER, repeat NEVER wear her hair ‘back’ she has the worst hairline and NO forehead…her features are extremely strong and therefore needs calm, subdued colors

    worst styling ever….was it done by woman hating gheys???

  33. I’ve heard Tre mention Bethenny in glowing terms until the dreadful Manzoid on the talk show episode. I don’t blame Tre one bit for taking a shot at her. I like Bethenny, but, the Manzo’s are scum and shouldn’t be pandered to. Anyway, Tre needs to fire her stylist, or hire one. Weird sprayed up hair and piled on makeup do her no favors. Maybe it’s just me, but, I think Teresa is very beautiful. She has a sad hairline I wish she’d fix, but, the woman is just gorgeous.

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