REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK: Jill Zarin STILL Trying To Stay Relevant!… Jillz Does WWCrappens Podcast…VIDEO

July 18, 2012  3:10 pm     UPDATE:  July 20, 2012 2:15 pm  

If you have not yet listened to the “WatchWhatCrappens” podcast featuring Jill Zarin as a guest, it is an hour well-worth a listen!

The guys at WWCrappens could barely get a word in edgewise!!  Jillz is of the mindset that the reason for the drop in ratings for the RHONY is because SHE is no longer a NY Housewife!  Although Jillz says she has accepted her new status as “EX” Housewife, you can hear the desperation in her voice when the subject of her possible return to the RHONY comes up!

                                              Jill Zarin… “Look at Listen to MEEEEEEE!!!”

Ben/BSideBlog, Matt/Yahoo and Ronnie/flipit from TVGasm spent so much time with Jillz that they expanded their weekly “WatchWhatCrappens” podcast… to two podcasts!

                                  Real Housewives of Orange County… Heather Dubrow, Wretched***BLEEECH*** Rossi, TamballsBarney, Vicki Gunvalson, Alexis Bellino

Ben/BSideBlog, Matt/Yahoo and Ronnie/flipit’s very funny review of the RHOC reunion and the latest RHONJ and RHONY are covered in their latest WWCrappens podcast!

NOTE:  Jillz does not take into consideration that MissAndy did the RHONY VERY wrong by squeezing the RHONY in between TWO still-airing Housewives shows… RHONJ and RHOC!  THAT is the main reason for the low ratings… there are other reasons to also take into consideration for the RHONY’s drop in ratings, which have been detailed previously on SH.

                                                     Sonja Morgan… “Jillz just won’t give up… what a shame!”

Jillz reviewing the last episode of the Real Housewives of New York for GAA…

 Jill Zarin… on the Real Housewives of New York.

The only scene of the show being discussed is Sonja Morgan’s use of the hotel bidet?  That hotel bidet is probably cleaner than Jillz’ lips!  What is the big deal?

The most pathetic part of this GAA segment was Jillz pulling out her dog’s framed photo! The same one which was presented to MissAndy on WWHL.  The same one that MissAndy probably trashed as soon as Jillz was out of the clubhouse!

Jillz is probably upset because Amy Phillips… as Ramona Singer… has a place on the clubhouse shelf and her dog didn’t make it!

Jillz on Good Afternoon America… chat about the Bachelorette was edited out…

NOTE TO JILLZ:  Go Away… PUH-LEEZE!!  And take your dog with you…  

23 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK: Jill Zarin STILL Trying To Stay Relevant!… Jillz Does WWCrappens Podcast…VIDEO

  1. Wow! Jill outed LuAnn as the source for her snarky material. It”s not something I didn’t know, but for Jill to confirm it was surprising.


  2. WTH is on her head? LOL I thought for sure the world of reality tv was far better without Jill. Her voice grates my last nerve.


  3. Don’t hate on Jill she has a hobby now. Jill hair is thinning, she needs Tree thickening shampoo, lol.


  4. Some of the HW like to show their dogs to get the recognition as Giggy did.Adrienne got the big dog as a BD present then ended with a smaller house dog name Jackpot to rival Ziggy.Clothes were no comparison.All out ot 1 up the other.Jill is so irritating to listen to.She is a whiney old hag that is bitter because others have done better than her.Jealous!!


  5. Thank you SO MUCH for continuing to write about me and my businesses. Without the support of websites like yours…well you know the rest of that! Wishing you a safe and successful summer!


      • Is that really Jill?! This is why I can’t stand her. Just, Go. Away. Already. The reason she and LuAnn are friends is that they both lack self awareness. But no worries, Jill, no need to be jealous of Lu, the only reason she is still on the show is because they found someone with an actual title to highlight her ridiculousness.

        *first time poster, but seeing Jill comment irritated me into commenting*


  6. After season three and the way she treated Bethenny and Alex and even Ramona, I would not give Jill and or whatever business she trying to have; cause they are all trying to copy Bethenny. Jill is full of malice and munipulation. Yes SH EX Housewife is RIGHT!


  7. Jill is a prime example of how NOT to treat your friends! I do bet she is fuming that Countless is still on and she ain’t! Simom posts the ratings every week for RHNY and they aren’t good!


  8. Jill isn’t so bad on this interview in terms of snarkiness…she will always try to stay relevant..once again…all I can say is poor Bawby…how does he put up with it?


  9. First of all – I love this website and also think the Watch What Crappens podcast is hilarious – you need to be a guest on their show.
    I could not believe the out and out lies and contradictions in Jill’s interview on Watch What Crappens. Regarding social media she said she doesn’t know what happens on it because she doesn’t tweet. Didn’t she just tweet about her husband’s missing briefcase? She said she did not read Andy Cohen’s book and soon after referred to specific passages in his book as she does in the in GAA video. She said she had planned to quit the show because Bawby didn’t like doing it anymore. Then turns around and says Bravo should do what “Dallas” did (BTW, Jill, Dallas was a fictional TV drama) and bring back the three NY housewives who were let go. Most amazing were her backhanded compliments like her concern about Alex and Simon because the show was their only income. Jill is not just a stoopid housewife, she is a stoopid liar and a very, very bitter woman. I was so ticked my fave guys from WWC kept her on air for over an hour (she never let them talk and she had NO idea who they were or what their show is about) but have forgiven them because of their bonus episode.


    • Obviously I missed the interview in its entirety . I was referring to the brief snippet of her interview on this page.


    • Ha- that’s hilarious that she would try to feign concern about Alex’s income when she said at the last reunion she wouldn’t come back if Alex did. What a loser. There’s nothing sadder than a loser putting her loseriness on full display in these bottom feeder interviews every chance she gets.


      • Yes! Loseriness! One of the weirdest Jill moments was when she showed up on WWH when she was still on the show and was wearing suddenly dark hair in a Bettheny style pony tail, a corsette top and black pants. Single White Female anyone? Jill was so cluelss re: the guys on WWH. If only she knew what they have said about her in the past. She just assumed that they “loved” her just like how she says she was the favorite housewife and eveyrone loved her. Maybe Jill and Kate Gosselin can get together and do a reality something or other – crash and burn even bigger than they already have.


        • I wonder if she still thinks she runs w/ a “fabulous circle of people” like her phony old tag line said. After hearing Carole’s comment about putting people in circles last week, it makes me so thankful bravo finally found someone of substance to rep our city. That jillweasel was such a waste of space I could never believe ANYONE would hang out w/ her regularly- if she doesn’t grate on you she bores you to tears w/ her inane superficiality.


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