**SH Exclusive**…Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Tweets, The Fighting, The Entire Show… Who Is Behind The Curtain At The RHONJ??

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NOTE:  There has been much controversy swirling around the intrawebby and on twitter regarding the New Jersey Housewives and their production crew…  if you have been a long-time reader of SH, this is a good re-read, and a reminder of WHO is REALLY running the show at the New Jersey franchise! 

If you are new to SH, this information may answer some questions regarding how the New Jersey Housewives show operates…  

ALSO… The DAY this item was published on SH, ALL of the New Jersey producers, even ones NOT mentioned in this article… changed their Twitter accounts to “PROTECTED”!  Only people who are given permission by the twitter account holder are given access to their tweets!  News traveled fast that day!!!  

                                                                          Ready for your closeup, Don Caroline…

After mulling over the explosion of drama caused by the Real Housewives of New Jersey via their twitter accounts, I wanted to find the potential real source of the Jersey drama.

Logically, you would think, the people who would be calling the shots would be Bravo and Andy Cohen… oh, but Bravo and grand overseer and “puppeteer” mastermind Andy stay far away from the real drama!

Bravo and/or Andy are not involved in the day-to-day preparation for the NJ franchise. 

        RHONJ production van… if you see this van with this license plate number, follow them!!!  

So, who are the people responsible for the daily production of the Real Housewives of New Jersey?   The RHONJ producers.  Who are these producers, and how close are they to the cast of the NJ?

All the RHONJ producers are listed under ‘cast and crew of RHONJ’ on IMDB… here. There are 32 producers listed… and SH attempted to locate every single one of their twitter accounts to find out if they are talking amongst themselves about their now totally “producer-induced ‘reality’ show”The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

 The Real Housewives of New Jersey… minus Jax!  Thanks to HousewifeHoe!!

The findings were very interesting… 

The first producer listed is Jacob Huddleston… his twitter account… here.

Jacob talks via twitter to ALL the cast members… and, as the lead producer it would be necessary for him to communicate with everyone.

However, Jacob9011 seems to enjoy tweeting with BigGayGreggy… a lot… they work out together!

                                                                    Jacob and his producer friends…

Jacob may be at the end of his producing gig with the RHONJ or he may just be adding to his workload, as he is looking for juiceheads for his next project, The MuscleHead Gym Reality Show… here.  Jacob is also involved in the very sad, IMO, Marino family “reality show,” which was given a sneak peek on Bravo.   NOTE 7.16.12:  BOTH the “Gym” and “Marino” shows FAILED.

Sorry, but the Marino show is a bomb… yes, I know a lot of SH readers liked the show, but it’s gonna bomb, big time.   NOTE:  Tojdja!!

Samples of Jacob9011’s tweets:

Next up… in no particular order after Jacob…

Is RHONJ producer Caroline Self.  You can find her twittering… here.

Caroline is responsible for the “Tree Gives Birth to Audriana” episode… all I can remember from that episode is Tree screeching behind closed doors. Blech!  Who wantsta hear that crap?

RHONJ Producer Caroline also communicates with Rob Shuter… or at least reads his messages to her.  Ya know… talkin’ about the biz  and all that…

Ain’t that cozy…

Caroline tweets with the cast, too… just some samples…

   NOTE 7.16.12:  Contrary to KathyWakile’s belief… everyone IS NOT “loving her hubby”…

Moving on to Elina Miller… here.   Elina is not listed as a RHONJ producer on IMDB; she is, however, listed as co-exec producer of “Russian Dolls, but obviously has ties to RHONJ.  The reason she’s included here is her closeness with Jacob9011 and Tree…

Tree tweeted that she was at the shore over the weekend… guess it was filmed.  Tree also tweeted that she’s on her way to the Catskills cabin today.

There is much more to this post, but did not want it to become too cumbersome.  There may be a Part II because there are more interesting connections that I’ve uncovered.

The point here is that IMO, everyone associated with the RHONJ has gotten way too close.  I understand that when you work with crew and allow them access to your home and your life that lines can and will be crossed.  However, when that happens, it used to be SOP to replace the crew who had gotten too chummy with the talent.

Apparently, Bravo don’t care.  Yeah, I said “don’t care.”  Bravo and MissAndy just don’t care…

Even though “in the back pocket of Bravo” Rob Shuter congratulates the producers of RHONJ on their blockbuster ratings numbers, those numbers will be dropping fast… even WITH Rob publishing his “in-depth and totally objective” reports on the New Jersey franchise for HuffPo.  Oh, hold on a sec while I catch my breath from laughing too hard… could it really be that Bravo’s producers are feeding Rob the info that they wish viewers to swallow?  NO!  That just could not be true… LOL!!!   NOTE 7.16.12:  If anyone still believes that Shuter, Musto and ROL are not being fed by Bravo… well, shame on you!

IMO, and the opinion of the RHONJ viewers commenting on SH, this Housewives franchise has jumped the shark.  Why?  Because viewers can see right through all of the manufactured drama and we’re all fed up with the show, Bravo and, oh what the hell, let’s throw in Andy, too.

(Update…added 3:50 pm… a link to “connected” RHONJ cast/producers… here.)

(Thanks to SH reader “Watcher”)

NOTE:  This is a RE-POST from TEN months ago… did not check or update the links.