**SH Exclusive**…Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Tweets, The Fighting, The Entire Show… Who Is Behind The Curtain At The RHONJ??

  October 2, 2011  2:30 pm   RE-POSTED July 16, 2012  3:00 pm 

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THIS IS a SH EXCLUSIVE… ***Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to WWW.STOOPIDHOUSEWIVES.COM with appropriate and specific LINK(S) to the original content on WWW.STOOPIDHOUSEWIVES.COM.***

NOTE:  There has been much controversy swirling around the intrawebby and on twitter regarding the New Jersey Housewives and their production crew…  if you have been a long-time reader of SH, this is a good re-read, and a reminder of WHO is REALLY running the show at the New Jersey franchise! 

If you are new to SH, this information may answer some questions regarding how the New Jersey Housewives show operates…  

ALSO… The DAY this item was published on SH, ALL of the New Jersey producers, even ones NOT mentioned in this article… changed their Twitter accounts to “PROTECTED”!  Only people who are given permission by the twitter account holder are given access to their tweets!  News traveled fast that day!!!  

                                                                          Ready for your closeup, Don Caroline…

After mulling over the explosion of drama caused by the Real Housewives of New Jersey via their twitter accounts, I wanted to find the potential real source of the Jersey drama.

Logically, you would think, the people who would be calling the shots would be Bravo and Andy Cohen… oh, but Bravo and grand overseer and “puppeteer” mastermind Andy stay far away from the real drama!

Bravo and/or Andy are not involved in the day-to-day preparation for the NJ franchise. 

        RHONJ production van… if you see this van with this license plate number, follow them!!!  

So, who are the people responsible for the daily production of the Real Housewives of New Jersey?   The RHONJ producers.  Who are these producers, and how close are they to the cast of the NJ?

All the RHONJ producers are listed under ‘cast and crew of RHONJ’ on IMDB… here. There are 32 producers listed… and SH attempted to locate every single one of their twitter accounts to find out if they are talking amongst themselves about their now totally “producer-induced ‘reality’ show”The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

 The Real Housewives of New Jersey… minus Jax!  Thanks to HousewifeHoe!!

The findings were very interesting… 

The first producer listed is Jacob Huddleston… his twitter account… here.

Jacob talks via twitter to ALL the cast members… and, as the lead producer it would be necessary for him to communicate with everyone.

However, Jacob9011 seems to enjoy tweeting with BigGayGreggy… a lot… they work out together!

                                                                    Jacob and his producer friends…

Jacob may be at the end of his producing gig with the RHONJ or he may just be adding to his workload, as he is looking for juiceheads for his next project, The MuscleHead Gym Reality Show… here.  Jacob is also involved in the very sad, IMO, Marino family “reality show,” which was given a sneak peek on Bravo.   NOTE 7.16.12:  BOTH the “Gym” and “Marino” shows FAILED.

Sorry, but the Marino show is a bomb… yes, I know a lot of SH readers liked the show, but it’s gonna bomb, big time.   NOTE:  Tojdja!!

Samples of Jacob9011’s tweets:

Next up… in no particular order after Jacob…

Is RHONJ producer Caroline Self.  You can find her twittering… here.

Caroline is responsible for the “Tree Gives Birth to Audriana” episode… all I can remember from that episode is Tree screeching behind closed doors. Blech!  Who wantsta hear that crap?

RHONJ Producer Caroline also communicates with Rob Shuter… or at least reads his messages to her.  Ya know… talkin’ about the biz  and all that…

Ain’t that cozy…

Caroline tweets with the cast, too… just some samples…

   NOTE 7.16.12:  Contrary to KathyWakile’s belief… everyone IS NOT “loving her hubby”…

Moving on to Elina Miller… here.   Elina is not listed as a RHONJ producer on IMDB; she is, however, listed as co-exec producer of “Russian Dolls, but obviously has ties to RHONJ.  The reason she’s included here is her closeness with Jacob9011 and Tree…

Tree tweeted that she was at the shore over the weekend… guess it was filmed.  Tree also tweeted that she’s on her way to the Catskills cabin today.

There is much more to this post, but did not want it to become too cumbersome.  There may be a Part II because there are more interesting connections that I’ve uncovered.

The point here is that IMO, everyone associated with the RHONJ has gotten way too close.  I understand that when you work with crew and allow them access to your home and your life that lines can and will be crossed.  However, when that happens, it used to be SOP to replace the crew who had gotten too chummy with the talent.

Apparently, Bravo don’t care.  Yeah, I said “don’t care.”  Bravo and MissAndy just don’t care…

Even though “in the back pocket of Bravo” Rob Shuter congratulates the producers of RHONJ on their blockbuster ratings numbers, those numbers will be dropping fast… even WITH Rob publishing his “in-depth and totally objective” reports on the New Jersey franchise for HuffPo.  Oh, hold on a sec while I catch my breath from laughing too hard… could it really be that Bravo’s producers are feeding Rob the info that they wish viewers to swallow?  NO!  That just could not be true… LOL!!!   NOTE 7.16.12:  If anyone still believes that Shuter, Musto and ROL are not being fed by Bravo… well, shame on you!

IMO, and the opinion of the RHONJ viewers commenting on SH, this Housewives franchise has jumped the shark.  Why?  Because viewers can see right through all of the manufactured drama and we’re all fed up with the show, Bravo and, oh what the hell, let’s throw in Andy, too.

(Update…added 3:50 pm… a link to “connected” RHONJ cast/producers… here.)

(Thanks to SH reader “Watcher”)

NOTE:  This is a RE-POST from TEN months ago… did not check or update the links.

43 comments on “**SH Exclusive**…Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Tweets, The Fighting, The Entire Show… Who Is Behind The Curtain At The RHONJ??

  1. So I just read this for the first time. Do you think the Manzo boys knew Greggy before or were they asked to include him to give him a break (to get TV time)? If so, that would mean that Bravo is indebted to the Manzos and it all makes sense now why they keep the scum around.


  2. This show needs to be cancelled! Same old people who love to fight, insult, manipulate, middle aged women who dress like 19 yo and have to have hair extensions to swing around their fake
    eyelashes and fake boobs. Now, they are showing crotches and talking sex at every chance.
    Nothing ever changes, except to get more raunchy. Caroline’s grown l”boys) getting drunk
    and never working, her daughter can’t hold a job, etc.
    Now we get to watch Melissa turn Joe on and try to have sex when their little girl was still up.
    ENOUGH! They’ve all made their money – drop this skanky show before they show Naked sex.


    • agree – and naked sex between same sex. Enough is enough. They crossed the line on oh so many levels.


      • Now, Nonna, I have only heard Critterfur vomit. I haven’t SEEN it yet.

        I’m sure they’d love to show a giant technicolor yawn. Or someone take a dump.

        ‘Cause that’s the kind of producers and people associated with RHONJ.

        Really nicely done, sick little hipsters.


          • Nonna, I went on a search for an appropriate video to post to your comment and almost got sucked into the rabbit hole of the wrong side of youtube. But here’s an oldie but a goodie


            • Hahahaha “the wrong side of youtube” I’ve been lost in youtube a couple times. It’s scary…


  3. I was at a friends house where she had other family over and I heard “congratualtions, I heard your niece now works for Andy Cohen” My eyes lit up and my husband says, “dont you dare!” I will find a way to pick that person’s brain!!


    • Get in there and root around till you ferret out the goods Belladee. Come on you can do it. Here’s ya some motivational tuneage


      • The girls wasnt there and I dont want to give more details on her or else Andy or whoever he assigned to read here, will call a staff meeting to have them all on the look out for Belladee. I will do everything in my power to find a way to be around this girl, but I dont want to start looking borderline creepy. I have mutual friends with Sheila and I mentioned it here and let me tell you, when I tried to get info out of these people, no one would say a word!!


        • Your screen name is funny. Now that I know what a Digitus Impudicus is. I learnt two things today. woohoo.


        • If these are also my friends and have no idea I am posting on here and I casually mention the RHONJ in conversation, why would they get all weird and not answer me? These are people I gossiped with in high school and college? What I meant was I am sure that it was mentioned to all her friends not to mention anything to anyone. I didnt ask preying, out of line questions. I also have mutual friends with that loser andrea from the cookie and candy place (not mentioning the name because I refuse to promote it)


          • I do think that is very weird that no one has come forward to out Melissa. I am sure she has pissed off 1 or 2 people (or 20 if she was like this growing up). the fact that not one person has come forward and discussed her family or Father, is just weird! How is no one calling her out on her portrait of a perfect family until her dad died? They were divorced and her dad lived in florida at some point, so he wasnt always there! What about that her mom is engaged? Why is no one going indepth with details?? I have read a lot on her, but also searched records that give me a lot of this info, and was also what brought me to this site. Not one person coming forward to say anything besides the lesbian girlfriend, which everyone took Melissa’s word when she said she was an old friend and it wasnt true.


            • I’ve long wondered the same thing that not one friend from school not one friend to go to lunch with not one friend to go shopping with, just her sisters. I love my family but come on when this show first started they showed the ladies getting hair done at the salon going shopping attending parties etc.etc. now all that is shown is a big bitch fest slamming Teresa and hocking their wears! I’m bored with it.


            • lol. I cant get past how rank the crotch of them britches must stank after a night out at da club… no wonder JoGo prefers suckin on toes.


            • LOL BELLADEE!!! I think it was funnier just cuz I saw your comment first then scrolled up to the pic……honestly can’t stop laughing……


      • Howdy! Are you the one that has pull with Andy? Can you tell him to take my call next time I call? Did you know that WWHL hanged up on me…twice…in one night? Made not happy bout all. Imagine the nerve of them hanging up on me? Like I was just a common disposable dingbat. I am THE Made … laws a mercy :)


    • LMAO @ “My eyes lit up and my husband says, “dont you dare!””

      That cracked me up for some reason. Maybe because I can put myself in your shoes. hahah .. KEEP US FILLED IN! ;)


  4. it is n.j. surprise, surprise. no insult meant to the real hard-working, law abiding, paying taxes
    citizens of the state. they r probably all sickened by this show. could it get any raunchier than
    it already is? discusting. they will all soon be out of work, hopefully. and we can all move on.


    • As an NJ citizen, I’m more sickened by Jerseylicious and Jersey Shore (and all the other crappy NJ shows) than I am by RHoNJ for some reason. Maybe it’s because I live about 15 minutes from most of the housewives and it’s fun seeing all my favorite places on TV every week. :) I even met Ashley once at the Hoboken train station when she first dyed her hair blonde. I didn’t even recognize her at first because of her hair. I was with my 9 year old son and boyfriend and she was just sitting, waiting for her train when she said hello to my son. So, he started telling her about how we went to Liberty Science Center and all the fun things we did and she was telling us how she has 5 brothers and how she loves having a big family, etc. She was actually really, really sweet. After she got up and left, a lightbulb went off in my head and I was like “HEY, I KNEW HER!” LOL I’ve also been to a bunch of parties at The Brownstone and have gotten ice cream and italian ice at Gelotti’s (where Kathy and Rich are selling her cakes next week) so many times when I was a kid. So, anyway .. enough rant. But, I guess I don’t mind the RHoNJ because I like seeing my stomping grounds and finding new ones that look interesting on the show. That’s sort of what my watching of the show has resorted to. The rest is just filler and goes in one ear out the other. Ya know .. the actual content? The stuff the show is about? Yeah, I don’t pay any attention to that. (*bla bla bla bla bla bla* OH, I know that place – they have great food! *bla bla bla bla bla bla bla* OOOO!, I’ve been there!! *bla bla bla bla bla bla* “I have to try that place!”) That’s pretty much what it consists of. LOL

      Sorry for long, boring novel! :)


      • I have to agree, Jerseylicious and Jersey Shore are the shows that give Jersey a bad name. People really dont dress like Olivia and Tracey. I would say Kristy and Gail are a more accurate representation. only cast member of Jersey shore that acts like a normal Jerseyian is Sam. We dont walk around With long nails, drunk with a puff on our head. RHONJ, is closer to how Italian women act like in NJ (in MY OPINION). We are more about family and geniune friends and being close like family with them. The adults and their adult children do hang out together. Jersey women are more into their material possessions, clothes, jewlery, cars, big houses, with custom everything etc., Hair, nails and make-up have to always be done. where other states, I noticed, the rich women were more into spending their money going out to dinner, joining the country club and spending lots of time socializing there with acquainances, vacationing several times a year, having a 2nd home, a plane ride away, rather than an 2 hour drive down the GSP. They really live life to its fullest, and social with casual friends often. Jersey Italians are more family and the other is more, “I raised my kids, now they can live their life and we can life ours” Neither is wrong. My parents idea of fun is watching all their grandchild for the day.

        I think Ashlee gets a raw deal. I do feel bad for her. She so bad wants to be a part of the Manzo family and she isnt. They have made her insecure and thinking nothing she does is good enough or as good as the other cousins. She is emotional and impulsive like Jacqueline.
        ***disclaimer: all of the above is only the opinion of the poster. Please refrain from telling her she is wrong, stupid, bias, judgemental, etc. She will flip a table and pull out your hair extensions if you say her opinion sucks. ;-)


      • You reckon this could have anything to do with that blind item about the franchise that is tanking and headed for a shake up with bringing an old cast member back? Rob not wanting to have any of his tweets give up the goods just yet?


        • MP: The only ‘goods’ Shuter has are ones fed to him by Bravo. Don’t know what’s going on with his twitter… next thing will be that @BravoAndy’s twitter will be “protected”!! LOL!!! FYI: That will never happen! TFC!! SH


  5. The direction the show has gone is sad. I was excited to see the Italian culture when the show started. The food, family and lifestyle of Italian an families. Not this.


    • Unfortunately they captured the bad part about the Italians, the feuds and grudges. Italian are so into respect and so stubborn, but most of the time siblings fight after the parents die because both have so much respect for their parents and loyality to their whole family.


    • Sadly I agree it was because of this show I have tired some italian meats I would never try otherwise as I am not a adventerous eater But I do like some of the stuff i have eaten.
      All this cookie talk makes me want to find italian COOKIES next.


      • Most bakeries sell italian cookies .. in NJ anyway. LOL But, if you have a chance, try pignoli cookies and italian snowball cookies. OMG – just thinking about them makes me wish it was christmas. *drool* And sfogliatelle is really good too. mmmmm That’s not a cookie though, it’s a pastry with a slightly sweet ricotta cheese filling. It’s pronounced “spoy-ah-dell” .. sooo good. yummy yummy yummy. Being italian is so much – especially around the holidays. :) ok, gotta go .. off to the bakery! ;)


  6. No, I don’t think so. Bravo knows from everyone including the fans and media that they are getting sick and tired of the same ole attack Teresa because ____________ plot. The producers may be friendly with the cast, but they know where their career and money comes from. And the reason Andy isn’t paying attention is because he’s trying to get something started for himself and it’s failing (his talkshow). The problem with having friends and you work with friends is eventually you have to be the bad guy to your friends and it’s not nice, not at all.


  7. Maybe how close they all are with the producers is why they’ve been reluctant to shake up the cast, but I agree, I’m over it and I really wish they would. It’s really hard for me to believe that any of them are there for anything other than their paychecks. Teresa and her family are never going to make up. They all have the Emotional IQ of a peanut (teresa’s is probably = to a raisin), and it’s become painful to watch. Do they even want to get along? I doubt it, and I honestly wish they would stop pretending that they do (would they even get paid if they were permanently getting along?). One season of that BS family drama was more than enough.

    Caroline and Jacqueline are another story. Caroline, Ms. “I have no time for drama,” would probably leave if it weren’t for the money. She’s always talking about how she wants nothing to do with Teresa but she goes back season after season, and it’s all for the money/advertising for her family’s “empire.” Jacqueline seems unstable. She has like 5 breakdowns on twitter a day. If the show is causing her that much grief, you would think she would leave. Do they need the money that badly?

    The worst part about them is that they’re completely random now. If it weren’t for their breakup with Teresa, why would they matter (in terms of their story line). And the BS with Dina? Please. I seriously feel like they’re just trying to find another way to make Jac/Caroline relevant again. It’s funny how Dina left because she didn’t want the drama with Danielle, but she’ll gladly come back to trash her sister. I literally think that Dina is going to be asked back just to keep the drama fresh.

    Ok rant over… The show is just annoying now. I don’t get why people would rather watch this than RHONYC. It’s not like it’s any less boring… and at least NYC is intelligent and funny (well… Carole Radziwill is anyway.)


  8. Bravo channel has deteriorated into the lowest-common-denominator intellect … commercials have more truth than any of “The Real Sluts of Any City” shows that Bravo now pushes forth. They gave up on high-brow because ratings were too low and revenues weren’t high enough. Just like most of broadcast t.v., Bravo capitulated for the almighty buck and is now shoveling drivel out to the trailer-trash mentality that permeates the American viewing audience. You all deserve this 4th grade intellectual sewage making stars out of people you wouldn’t take a second look at when walking through your local WalMart store.


    • I’m confused. Is this an insult towards Bravo, America or fans of trashy reality tv in particular? When you say “You all deserve .. ” who are you talking to?


      • Says the person who takes time out of their day to comment on a blog about a show that “has deteriorated into the lowest-common-denominator intellect” to people (1.5 millions of them) who deserve to be watching “this 4th grade intellectual sewage”. I guess we do mean something to the commentor if they feel the need to let us all know that they dont watch the show. If people hate the show so much and are done with it, why go on blogs to tell everyone you hate the show and dont watch. sounds a little cray cray to me. There is a lot of shows I dont watch, but I dont seek out their viewers just to let them know I dont watch. Why so angry? Anyone have Dr. Sweeney’s tel #?


  9. This Rob Schuter guy once commented on his twitter or a blog that he just met Chris Manzo and if it were not for reality TV he doesn’t think he would have a job. I was surprised then after that Chris and his mom kept talking to him on twiitter. They obviously did not see the comment. This was about a year ago.,.


  10. This is disgusting.

    We need to get how strongly we want this crap gone to Andy.

    Okay, they can keep whoever they want. BUT DON’T LET THERE BE A SLANT BECAUSE OF THE PRODUCERS.

    It pisses me off so much. It’s utter trash.


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