VICKI GUNVALSON: Brooks Ayers… Trouble In Crooksville and Vicki’s LoveTankLand!!… UPDATE: Vicki Tweets About Crooks’ Kids… UPDATE: Crooks Is Now “SINGLE”…

July 12, 2012   4:08 pm    UPDATE July 13, 2012  11:30 am

ATTENTION all you single ladies!!! Crooks has changed his relationships status AGAIN on his Facebook page.

From “very complicated” to “SINGLE”!!!

UPDATE:  Vicki Gunvalson has been VERY quiet… too quiet.  Something is up…  

However, Vicki has finally responded to a twitter question regarding Crooks and his kids:

 Brooks Crooks Ayers… “It’s Complicated…”  It’s also hard to believe that this guy is 45!!! Woulda guessed at least 59!

Are there some behind-the-scenes problems in the relationship between Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson and her love-tank-filler-upper, Crooks David Brooks Ayers?

If you are one to gauge your personal life on social media sites, such as twitter and facebook, as Crooks does… then there are definitely some changes being made!

 Ryan Culberson, Vicki Gunvalson… “It’s Complicated…”

Crooks described his relationship with Vicki on his Facebook page as “In A Relationship With Vicki Gunvalson”… until yesterday when he changed his status to “In A Relationship and It’s Complicated”…

Obviously, the “complications” are too numerous to mention… however, just to remind those who have not been keeping up with Crooks:

Crooks’ last known mugshot, issued by the Walton County Sheriffs Office.  Does this make his mugshot total four or five?  Just having ONE mugshot would be too much for the majority of people!

And… of course, Crooks is STILL on the hook for child support owed to BabyMAMA “Nicolette” and over $6,000 he owes MissNanny!   (The amount for MissNanny is actually $2,400.  The $6,000 includes attorney and other fees…)

 Crooks promised MissNanny on this napkin that he would pay her!!

Maybe Crooks should sell that fur coat he “bought” Vicki and settle his prior obligations before rollin’ up beside an empty tank and start fillin’ it!

NOTE:  Vicki claims that she donated/got rid of/destroyed her fur coat under immense pressure from PETA.   It is rumored that the fur coat was a loaner from a Newport Beach furrier, Bizakis Furs…

(Thanks to SH reader “Josy” “PDM” and “Audrey”!!!)

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90 comments on “VICKI GUNVALSON: Brooks Ayers… Trouble In Crooksville and Vicki’s LoveTankLand!!… UPDATE: Vicki Tweets About Crooks’ Kids… UPDATE: Crooks Is Now “SINGLE”…

    • Yeah its kinda weird that she would “cave” to the demands of PETA when she doesn’t give a flying squirrels tail about what her own daughter thinks.
      We dont believe you.

  1. Well, well, well between his relationship status update on FB and her “we are just dating & living separate”; the puzzle pieces seem to be coming together. I’m not sure I will like Vicki again if she ends it with Crooks but, it will help me loath her less. =)

    • Yep, Vicki took Crooksy’s allowance away… :-( What do you think is so complicated? Him having to drive an ice cream truck now? Tsk Tsk

      • hahahaha! Actually, the complicated part is him trying to figure out how to keep her ATM card & a copy of the key to her car. Or maybe the complicated part is him trying to figure out how to keep her from outing him & his Con-artist ways. Or maybe the complicated part is how to spin this without making them both look like the douche bags that they are. Or maybe the complicated part is finding another sugar Mama to take over the payment to him…. =)

  2. Also interesting is that he has changed the picture on his facebook page, which is linked to from Icky’s facebook page. Last time I checked, which I believe was yesterday, it was a picture of him and her. Now it’s a picture of what seems to be a much younger crookster. Could this mean that there is trouble in paradise??????? Maybe she’s finally checked her bank accounts!!!!

    I don’t usually revel in someone’s heartbreak but d@mn it serves her right for being so d@mn holier than thou. I have no sympathy for her,.

    • Actually, let me clarify, the picture shown above is the picture that WAS on his facebook account.

  3. He was arrested in 10/11. When was this season of RHOOC filmed (that we are currently watching)?? Did he get arrested before or after the season wrapped?? Does Vicki consider the 10/11 arrest to be “wrong” too????????????

    • I believe it was during filming. When he bought the fur he “brought” her to her house there was a Christmas wreath on her front door and I assume that they film for several months so I would assume they were filming in October when he was arrested. That’s just my guess, though.

    • Good question. This last arrest could be the reason for the crooksy and vicki break-up and then getting back together prior to the finale being edited.

      • Thanks, guys! I could see 1 blunder re: the child support payments, but to get arrested numerous times, it should set off her radar. Then again, seeing as how she was unable to string together coherent sentences, I’ve lost all respect for her.

    • Failure to appear for something. Unfortunately it doesn’t say what he failed to appear for.

    • He had a DUI arrest in Walton County, FL on 6/16/09 (Apparently refused the Breathalyzer test).
      He never showed up in court, and was arrested for Failure to Appear on 10/17/11.

        • that doesnt seem quite right. I can’t imagine any DUI issue even if it is refusing a breath test go on without action for 2 years. DUI’s usually are immediate actions with losing your license for at least 90 days. It woulda been wrapped up closer to the DUI arrest. I am betting it is scamming drama that is finally catching up that hasnt been exposed yet….or more child support drama. Either way……what tangled webs we weave when at first we practice to deceive…..

      • Is someone from FL and can look into the particulars? I gotta know what it was for. IF he was on the run from a warrant for two years, then how many tuimes has he been back in FL. Was this picture taken in FL or where did they catch up with him?
        I got lotsa questions. If someone I was dating had been arrested four times, I would be able to see the writing on the wall.
        I would like to know the name of the court and judge involved. I would like to write a letter to that judge encouraging him or her to throw the book at Brooks. He knowingly evaded his responsibilities, again. I’ve lost people to drunk drivers, so I’m really pissed on that point alone.

        • OK, I’m gona take a percocet and a pinot and calm down, but if someones got the particulars, please share. (droopy, winky happy eyed panda).

        • I will try to link this…he was arrested in Florida on a Tuesday morning at 9:16 AM for DUI. The address on his drivers license was in Mississippi. Florida may not be able to automatically suspend out-of-state licenses for refusing the Brethalyzer — I really don’t know. It is quite possible that he was released from jail, skedaddled back to Mississippi, and managed to avoid detection in Florida until 2011. He may have gotten pulled over, and when they ran his drivers license the warrant for Failure to Appear in 2009 popped up.

            • You can tell by his face. He is only 3 years older than my husband but looks like he is 15 years older than him.
              People who drink a lot age faster. His jank ass teeth we also falling out so it makes me wonder if he also had a snorting problem

          • As far as I know, yes. Florida can suspend/revoke any license for refusing.(automatic-12 months) He would have to surrender the license and agree to show up for the court date upon release. The court date would be for what he is actually charged with or sentenced to. I think the dates are getting confusing because before the first of this year, states did not share this information. It used to be that you could get a DUI while out of state and just report back to your state that your license was lost and get a replacement. (You still have to comply with the fines/punishments of the state where the DUI happened. Your home state would not be involved.)

            I would guess that Crooks did not know that states are now federally mandated to share this information. Any infraction, from any state, is now common knowledge. You can’t just go and get licensed in a different state and be “off the hook” anymore. Also, many DUI’s are recorded in the mornings. Sleeping it off and driving hungover can still result in an over the limit blood alcohol level. Or the jerk could have tied one on in the AM, too.

            I bet the warrant popped up when he tried to renew his license. Whatever state he tried to renew in. This pesky internet is making it hard to run scams and run from responsibilities!

          • Wow! 9:16 AM ? Wonder if he was on a long buzz from a night of drinking and was still drunk in the morning, or if he wakes up in the morning and says to himself “man, I gotta get drunk now!”
            Vicki said in her talking head after her blow up with Tamra on the finale show that she
            doesn’t have a reason not to trust Brooks. After the 20/20 thing, I would say that would be a good reason. Maybe she is fixin’ to dump his arse?

            • Vicki’s not going to dump him. She would have to admit she was wrong and everyone else was right. She’s going to dig her heels in deeper than they are already dug in. Think about it. Vicki already stayed with Donn for 20 years (married for 18) while he was allegedly having an affair. She married him and stayed married to him. Why? They didn’t have kids of their own so she can’t use that as an excuse. No. She stayed with him because she would have had to admit she was wrong about something.

              Vicki’s got her heels and her head firmly and deeply dug into the sand.

        • ninja: It’s all been on SH… even when Vicki and Crooks actually took a break in real-life time, not HWs time! Pls take advantage of the “categories” drop-down menu and the search bar. TFC!! SH

        • For the most part if you have a warrant, the police in the jurisdiction the warrant is written in will decide if they want to use police man hours to find you. They usually take a day or 2 a month to round up local warrants but if you move and don’t come up on police radar by being pulled over or commit other type crimes, you generally won’t be found until you bring attention to yourself in some way.
          It costs a lot of money for police departments to fly all over the US to bring you home for a $200. infraction (or however much).
          That said, they will always devote man hours to heinous crimes. If Brooks’ child support keeps only going UP, they will grab him due to the large amount and ability to fund himself and flee. He would end up on the top 10 deadbeat dads and trust me, someone would drop a dime on that fool in a heartbeat.

      • hmm walton county is a county over from me so now we have been contaminated by Kim Zolciak on vacay and a drunk Crooks driving through our area. I think the whole state of FL. needs to be fumigated!

  4. I don’t understand why a 45 year old changes bis relationship status on facebook. Seems juvenile. What a stoopid dork.

    • Good Point. Even my 20 year old daughter and niece make fun of people who make relationships FBO(Facebook Official)

      • You do not look like you have a daughter 20 years old! You look great.. Good damn genes in your family..

        • Well thank you. I gotta say, the profile pic is 4 years old and I have come to accept that it was the tail end of my better years in terms of my cuteness quotient. Nows I just gotta rely on my personality. :)

          • Gurrllll, You have looks AND personality!!! And you’re smart, too! And nice! And responsible! It’s what’s held you back from being picked for the RH’s franchise ;-)
            Hope your Mom is o.k..

    • He knows how much it means to Icky. Remember how much weight she gave when she & Brianna discussed it while glamping? Guess this means she gave Crooks his class ring back. ;-)

  5. If Vicki cuts off his cash flow, he will last about 35 seconds in Orange County. He may need to start looking at studio apartments in Victorville if he wants to stay in CA.

  6. I wonder is she has paid his child support for his “extra” child. I found it interesting that in either the 20/20 interview or the Ask Don and Mike interview he said that he had fallen behind in his child support but “WE” had gotten it current. I laugh every time I hear that. “HE” didn’t get get it current. “WE” got it current. Thanks Vicki!

    • I noticed that too! I bet she is paying A LOT of his bills just so she can get his name out of the news

  7. I love watching HW’s for the fun they have, hate it because they are cruxified too. I wonder if Vicki even knew this was coming.

    Yes I’ve been vocal about Vicki and Crooks but I’ve been on the receiving end of someone likes Crooks too, and I just know what’s coming, and it’s not nice, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, wether or not they brought it upon themselves. Which is hypocritical for me to say, I have been a huge Judge against Vicki, but, being a human being, I wouldnt wish what I went through on anyone.

    It’s going to to a huge horrible road for her, alot of apologies, alot of taking pride back, alot of humbleness and so on.

    And then there’s family, after you have dealt with that. Crooks gets everything he deserves and Vicki did put herself out there, without question. I find it hard to give her sympathy but have some empathy left for her.

    As long as Vicki wakes up and smells the coffee, she’ll have that from me. Not as a fan, I’m a HW fan, not a Vicki, Tamara, Gretchen et all fan, my guilty pleasure is wanting to watch a show about how the ‘other side’ live. I (yes can be very blunt but also have a heart too), don’t really want to see anyone hurt at the end of the day. Afterall, if you are watching viewing for that, watch the crime channels…….. Just saying………

      • I wonder if Ms. Andy would have been so tolerant of Tamra’s religious slurs if Alexis was Jewish? “Jew Jugs?” “Jew Barbie?” My guess is he wouldn’t like it. Since he is such a lefty hater though, he enjoys attacks on anyone he perceives to be conservative.

  8. Icky posted on her facebook page “Everyone comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack.”

    AAAWWWW. Must have been today’s daily affirmation from Crooks. Wonder if Nicolette got one of these too.

  9. Quick question: Has anybody ever looked into the possibility that this sumbeech is related to domestic terrorist Bill Ayers?

  10. “It’s complicated” is what you post when you are separated or divorcing, not when your sugar mama is unsure if she wants you anymore. Crooks is such a dumbass.

  11. Crooks&Icky were out last night Twitter Stalking again… They attended A Magazine Party hosted by her friend Chris.

  12. He is one rough stretch of highway to look at. Given the law of averages, there’s GOT to be 1 grifter in CA that Vicks can be used by. This Crooks person is über ugly. And O/T if he’s paid up on child support, I gotta ask – Vicks swore she didnt pay for his snaggletooth procedure, that he paid it himself. Ok veneers start at $15K so WHY wasn’t he giving that $ to his kids? Selfish, grifting, narcissistic, opportunistic, ugly, unattractive, looks like he needs penicillin bastard.

    • I believe Vicky said she paid for his fake new choppers and in return Crooks gave her a borrowed fur to wear for a night. You see, totally even…LOL

      • Actually, it was Ms. Andy who said that Vickie bought Brooks teeth on WWHL. HE is the one promoting that item. But if Brooks can’t pay child support, has no car or his own home, maybe she did.

  13. Whoops sorry – I meant to say ‘there’s got to be 1 grifter in CA who is moderately attractive, for Vicks to be used by.’

  14. Wow single!! If tomorrow he changes it to “in a relationship” I’m gonna believe he is a 45 yr old in a 60 yr old body with a 17 yr old mind!

  15. I wish old Crooksey would have hooked up with Shana Banana. I would definitely buy tickets to THAT train wreck!

  16. Vicki posted something on facebook about going on a girls weekend. So I’d say they broke up.

    Hopefully she spends some time being introspective. She is a good person, who deserves much more than Crooks could give her. After watching her being ‘herself’ on TV for 7 years I care about what happens to her.

    • it sad for a woman to be 50 years old and still having to learn the hard way. Some people are just hopeless. I think there is a void in vicki that can just not be filled. At least by a man. She needs a little introspection. And not via Hallmark.

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