VICKI GUNVALSON: Brooks Ayers… Trouble In Crooksville and Vicki’s LoveTankLand!!… UPDATE: Vicki Tweets About Crooks’ Kids… UPDATE: Crooks Is Now “SINGLE”…

July 12, 2012   4:08 pm    UPDATE July 13, 2012  11:30 am

ATTENTION all you single ladies!!! Crooks has changed his relationships status AGAIN on his Facebook page.

From “very complicated” to “SINGLE”!!!

UPDATE:  Vicki Gunvalson has been VERY quiet… too quiet.  Something is up…  

However, Vicki has finally responded to a twitter question regarding Crooks and his kids:

 Brooks Crooks Ayers… “It’s Complicated…”  It’s also hard to believe that this guy is 45!!! Woulda guessed at least 59!

Are there some behind-the-scenes problems in the relationship between Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson and her love-tank-filler-upper, Crooks David Brooks Ayers?

If you are one to gauge your personal life on social media sites, such as twitter and facebook, as Crooks does… then there are definitely some changes being made!

 Ryan Culberson, Vicki Gunvalson… “It’s Complicated…”

Crooks described his relationship with Vicki on his Facebook page as “In A Relationship With Vicki Gunvalson”… until yesterday when he changed his status to “In A Relationship and It’s Complicated”…

Obviously, the “complications” are too numerous to mention… however, just to remind those who have not been keeping up with Crooks:

Crooks’ last known mugshot, issued by the Walton County Sheriffs Office.  Does this make his mugshot total four or five?  Just having ONE mugshot would be too much for the majority of people!

And… of course, Crooks is STILL on the hook for child support owed to BabyMAMA “Nicolette” and over $6,000 he owes MissNanny!   (The amount for MissNanny is actually $2,400.  The $6,000 includes attorney and other fees…)

 Crooks promised MissNanny on this napkin that he would pay her!!

Maybe Crooks should sell that fur coat he “bought” Vicki and settle his prior obligations before rollin’ up beside an empty tank and start fillin’ it!

NOTE:  Vicki claims that she donated/got rid of/destroyed her fur coat under immense pressure from PETA.   It is rumored that the fur coat was a loaner from a Newport Beach furrier, Bizakis Furs…

(Thanks to SH reader “Josy” “PDM” and “Audrey”!!!)