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July 12, 2012  12:25 am   FROM BRAVOTV…

 Vicki Gunvalson…


Taping the reunion show is somewhat similar to being on the defense stand for a murder trial. It’s one of the most grueling days we endure, when wrapping up a season. It’s a chance for all of us to say to one another our viewpoints from the past season of filming. This first part of the reunion went fairly well for me but the second part I don’t think is going to be as forgiving.

As a human, we all make mistakes and if we learn from those mistakes and continue to make better choices in life — then it was worth it. I admit I’ve made mistakes, said some things I shouldn’t have, and have attempted to move past them. However, as I said on this episode — it’s like continuing throwing them up over and over again. Frustrating!

There isn’t one of us that sat on that couch that goes untouched on the reunion episodes. One way or another, we got “called out” on actions, words, or things we did to hurt one another. I don’t believe any of us have ill intent towards each other, however we necessarily don’t agree or even like each other at times, which can make things uncomfortable.

Tamra and I obviously are not in a good place. Other than her not accepting Brooks, I really don’t know how or why she decided to do what she did this year to our friendsip. We had a strong bond, and I felt that no one or nothing would have ever come between us. We had too much history with each other, and too much genuine care for one another to let things get as bad as they did.

I told Tamra that I felt her friendship with Gretchen had a lot to do with it. . .and I still believe it. Gretchen obviously doesn’t respect me or even like me, and although I wish we did have a good “working” relationship it’s just not there.

When Tamra found out about Brooks past child support issues, it was a way for Gretchen to finally get her word out that I’m a HYPOCRITE and of course Tamra had to join in on that because she couldn’t let Gretchen be alone in that fight. Personally, I thought she would have gone to bat for him, however she did the exact opposite what I thought she would do.


For a time, Eddie, Tamra, myself, and Brooks had a great relationship. We went to Mexico together to celebrate my birthday and Eddie’s birthday months prior to the media exposing Brooks, and we told them our fears of introducing Brooks to the world. They both encouraged us and said we would show everyone our new boyfriends and to show how happy we both were. We spent many weekends together. Never once did Tamra even talk to me about her concerns of Brooks — until months later. When I told her that I would never do anything to hurt her or Eddie, I wouldn’t. There are many things that have not been disclosed about Eddie (or Tamra for that matter) and as a friend I would never want to deliberately hurt them or their relationship by disclosing anything negative about them. We were completely honest with them, as we trusted them with our relationship. I guess we were wrong. Where I come from, a true friend supports whatever decision one makes, unless it is life, financially or emotionally threatening. NONE of these are the case with Brooks or I.   NOTE:  OMG!!!  It’s “Brooks or ME” not “Brooks and I”!!!!


Alexis, I thought, did a fabulous job on defending herself. She has become a very dear friend to me and regardless of what people say about her, she is a great person. Reflecting back on how Tamra  spoke to her in Costa Rica about “being a true person and throwing her money away” was just down right mean. We all need money in this world to survive, and all of the times I have been around Alexis and Jim this past year they are the most genuine people I know. I would question Tamra, if Eddie didn’t have any money would you still be with him? I doubt it. Furthermore, Tamra does not work and it would be very difficult for her to support her three young children with no child support, Eddie. To say money doesn’t matter to Tamra, is being a “hypocrite.” Oops. . .did I say that?

 Heather Dubrow…. “Class act….”

Heather is a class act. I have really enjoyed getting to know her and Terry this season and I hope to have a lifelong friendship with them. Now that the show is over and summer is here, we haven’t been able to see each other as often as we like, but we truly care about one another and could never see it getting bad between us. But then I’ve said that before.

I’ve seen Gretchen become more mature these past few years. There is a lot of s–t stirring she has done, which has caused some unnecessary issues with Tamra and I  Note:  “ME” not “I”… which I wish could have been avoided. I wish her and Slade a lifetime of happiness and am glad that he has seemed to come out to the drama  that was focused on him a few years back. Looks like all that has shifted towards Brooks this season. Wonderful!

In closing, we have one more week and Season 7 is a wrap. I went with Briana and Ryan yesterday for her 27-week ultrasound checkup. The baby is growing, is healthy and even waved at us which was SO exciting. He was drinking and moving around which was fun seeing. My Briana and I are closer than ever, and as a soon to be 25 year old mother herself, she is definitely an amazing girl. She is very protective of me, and only wants the best for me. At the end of the day, we are family and for those of you that say I have chosen Brooks over my family and friends is just flat out not true. I will defend my honor in those statements. Briana may never accept Brooks, or for that matter any other man I choose to be with, but at the end of the day, my happiness does matter.

There is no doubt Brooks has been put thru the “ringer.”    NOTE:  It’s “WRINGER” not “ringer”…  Yes, he admits to some mistakes in his past, but keep it in perspective. We ALL have some “issues” in the past that we wish we could have changed or not have said, but at the end of the day he is a son, a brother, a father, a businessman, and I love him.

 Crooks Ayers latest mugshot October 2011… he’s a scammer!

I have a very good judge of character and I sure wouldn’t have stayed this long if I didn’t feel he wasn’t worthy of me.  NOTE:  Vicki must feel that SHE is worthy of Crooks!  Snap out of it, Vicki… and RUN!!!

I have no idea where my road is headed, but one thing for sure is I know who I am, I know what I want, and I’m not settling in any area of my life. I have two amazing children, Mike and Briana, a new son-in-law Ryan, a grandson on the way, amazing friends who all love me and support me, and an amazing business Coto Insurance & Financial Services. I am focused and centered of where I am headed, more than I have been in many years. I love my life and if you happen to see me around, please stop and say “Hi.” Thank you all for your support in this crazy ass year I had, and I look forward to seeing you again in Season 8, if we have the opportunity. Woo Hoo!

Vicki Gunvalson

PS: Don’t forget to visit my website  for any of your life insurance needs. We are a full service agency representing all the top insurance companies.  NOTE:  Wonder how that CotoInsurance is doing since Vicki hooked up with Crooks the scammer???  It’s rumored that Crooks is working in Vicki’s office.  That could mean a lot of things… however, if he’s advising anyone re insurance products, Vicki could lose her license and her business.


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44 comments on “VICKI GUNVALSON: Vicki’s BravoTV Blog… RHOC Reunion Show “Being On Trial”… Tamra “Not In Good Place”…

  1. I think she means well but I also think she is very gullible when it comes to trusting a man with
    his background. She can lose it all if she lets him get involved with her finances, I think it is
    Interesting that she says Eddie has something in his background – it’s never been revealed what
    he does to make money. I can absolutely believe Tamra has done things she doesn’t want
    Finally, I think many of us, me included, live vicariously through these women, who in no way
    live “normal” lives, and we should be grateful for what WE have. I know I’d much rather have
    my life than any of theirs.

  2. that picture of brooks is HILARIOUS! SH well done! — he looks like he’s quite tiny. very wee indeed! L M A O

  3. Vicki has always had a strong immaturity about her and I think if it weren’t for so much pressure from everyone she knows she may have moved on from Brooks a long time ago.
    She’s behaving like the teen aged girl that runs off with the boyfriend she’d been forbidden to see anymore.

    • I have a younger sister like that, she will ride it to the end, to try and prove that she was right and everyone was wrong. Even when she has doubts she still keeps going, she hates to admit that others were right. It has always blown up in her face. She finds these men who need to be fixed all the time so she can say “see what I did” “he was this until he got with me”. Its a sickness, because she never fixes them and she’s always hurt in the end.

  4. So, if he was arrested 10/17/11 that means he was arrested while they were filming, right? WOW. Just WOW. Yea, Vicki is a real good judge of character. Does she honestly think he hasn’t told all of his other scamees the same story as he has told her? It would only make sense that he is working for her somehow. She has got to be paying him so he can afford to buy her furs. Wait…… Wouldn’t that mean……… Never mind.

  5. Let’s not forget that Vic was best friends with Tamra, the despicable, until this season. Great judge of character my A@@!!

  6. Vicki’s blog was an exercise in self serving crapola. “See how forgiving I am?” she says.

    We are expected to believe that she and Briana have recaptured their relationship but something tells me otherwise. If Briana can’t stomach Brooks I see no reason why this “closeness” would return at all. Briana has his number and I doubt she has embraced him with open arms especially since that revelation on “20/20″.

    As for Tamra, all was well when both Tamra and Vicki could sit back and chuckle over Gretchen and Slade by trolling the internet and finding items listing his “deadbeat” status yet now Tamra has sided with Gretchen (I’m sure for the producers benefit) and Vicki is left with egg on her ugly face.

    Vicki can parse “deadbeat Dad’s” from now until infinity and it doesn’t change the speculation that if you can’t take care of your kids, go around telling women you have had a vasectomy then get her pregnant and abandoning her in process, that still makes you a “deadbeat” in the eyes of the world.

    As for Heather, she is as insufferable as Vicki in her own way. I can’t stand Alexis but that “pile on” was cruel. More so when they sit there with their fake hair, eyebrows, stuffed bras, and pumped up lips telling someone else she is not “authentic”. But the low point was delivered, as usual, by potty mouthed Tamra in calling her “jesus juggs”.

    These women are phonies.

  7. Not to change the subject but OMG…just an observation….All the housewives faces REALLY look like androids/mannequins SO unreal, at this reunion. Their faces hardly move except for their mouths…. It’s so noticeable and fascinating. Human beings faces don’t look like mannequins..why do they do this to themselves??? I don’t think men like this do they???? If the peer pressure in Orange County is so intense that these woman can’t resist doing this to themselves….I for one…would NEVER live there no matter how much money I had. Watching all the botox women housewives on all the series, is beginning to be like looking at a circus. Hopefully, these woman will NOT be role models for our daughters growing up.

    • So true. Heather looks like an alien, maybe should should try out for that role, they wouldn have to do any special makeup. They also all have the same or very similar noses. The California Dr’s need to retire that model.

    • So true, smallmiracle & DeeDee! Tamra, especially, looks like she’s had recent forehead botox. She’s obviously sporting extensions, since her own hair is not this full (the result doesn’t look good, BTW). Heather DOES look like an alien. Gretchen’s face didn’t move either – she seems more plastic every time I see her. Gretchen & Tamra seemed to coordinate their dresses, lol. Vicki actually looked the nicest of the group . . . wearing an age-appropriate dress, and her hair and makeup were subtle and pretty.

      • Oh, and I thought it was funny as hell when Alexis pointed out Gretchen has lied for three years about her extensions and lips. Jeez, why not just own it?

          • Mine too! If Gretchen pointed out Alexis’ “phoniness,” then Lex had the right to point out that everyone keeps secrets that they don’t want to share with the public. What gets me is that Gretchen was ASKED if she had her lips done (which isn’t a big deal) and she put more lipstick on, pouted, and denied it. Meh!

  8. I get a laugh when SH corrects the non-existent grammar of the housewives. The rules of when to use “I” or “Me” so easy. “Me” always follows a preposition. Then I though, they probably don’t know what a preposition is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. She thought Tamra would have gone to bat for the dead-beat Dad??? What the heck is she smoking? Tamra attacked Slade the same way Icky attacked him for the child support issue. Tamra would have been a hypocrite had she “gone to bat” for Crooks. Wake up & learn the definition of the word, Vicks.

    “Where I come from, a true friend supports whatever decision one makes, unless it is life, financially or emotionally threatening.” I am so glad I am NOT from the same place Icky came from! I want my friends to continue to be honest with me and voice their opinions about EVERYTHING, including my love life. Evidently Icky has never heard the phrase “love is blind”. My friends have saved me from making a fool out of myself in the “love department” numerous times. They are “true” friends, not people that just tell me what I want to hear & nob affirmatively at everything I say. Oh Icky, You really are an idiot!

    • Icky had PLENTY to say about Simon when Tamra was still married to him. Granted, Simon was a jerk, but at the same time Icky had a mouthful to say about Simon, Icky’s husband, Donn, was carrying on a long term affair.

      • Oh, I forgot about that part. You are so right, Ana! I’m sure Icky’s excuse was that it was emotionally damaging to Tamra & that is why she had to remind Tamra constantly that Simon was a control freak.

        Icky, pocked marked Vicki is the definition of hypocrite but, she’d rather go around pretending to be above it all. She just wants everyone to be happy & be happy for her & her douche bag Crooks. Oh BARF.

    • I think Vicki is terrified of being alone, that’s why she hasn’t kicked Brooks to the curb yet. And as far as Vicki’s friend definition is, I’m with you. Sounds co-dependent to me. I like my friends to be able to tell me when I’m acting like an idiot. I don’t think friends need to always have your back, they’re supposed to be able to be honest with you. None of these women seem to know what a friend is. They just want someone always on their side. It’s a little bit sad.

  10. This is the only website in which the host cares about spelling and grammar. I say bravo! Perhaps a tutorial could be given on some other common and annoying mistakes? For instance, the differences between the words ” your” and “you’re,” and the differences among “their,” “there,” and “they’re.” This would be a service to the blogging world.

    Always enjoy SH.

    • Amy: OMG…FUNNY!! Can only handle the HWs misusing “I” and “me” … the “your” “you’re” and “they” “they’re” “their” would keep one busy and unable to do anything else!! LOL!! TFC!! SH

    • LOL! It is not the only website which cares. However as a blogger I can tell you, I don’t care. If I were writing a paper or working on a novel, I’d care. I have limited time. I’m typing fast. Grammar, spelling errors will happen due to lack of typing skills or plain ignorance. Many of my readers know what I mean or meant in spite of all my errors.

      I so enjoyed your comment. Thank you.

      • Mob: I disagree, regarding your blogging. Any time I type, write, speak, I want to speak coherently. If you learn proper English, it should be second nature. It shouldn’t be something you have to stop and think about. It’s very sad to me that supposedly educated professionals can’t even string a decent sentence together, nor spell correctly. Of course there are always exceptions, (i.e.: mistakes, typos, etc……), but if you speak to someone at great length, you get a grasp of their language skills. (and, btw, I type 130 wpm).

    • I AGREE!!! It’s one of the reasons that I was instantly attracted to this website. Gotta LOVE the grammar lessons!

  11. Since Vicky and Tamra are pretty much enemies now, I think she should spill some of Tamra and Eddie’s dirty laundry. I’m sure Vicky has dirt on Gretchen and Slimey too, more than just the ‘deadbeat dad’ stuff.
    Spill it Vicki!

  12. Its sad that Vicki is that desperate for attention. I remember a scene with Vicki’s Mother and her pleading her to tell her she loves her. : (

    • Oh yeah- I remember that, too! That is so sad! Kind of helps to explain why she is defending Crooks…kind of…the poor lady! She truly needs to love herself, which I don’t think she does.

  13. That picture of Heather is HILARIOUS. It’s priceless…it looks like the permanent pucker in her backside has moved to her face. She looks like she’s sleeping and sucking lemons at the same time. Thanks for making me spit out my lunch. BTW, I can’t believe I left lurkerville to comment on a pic of Heather, but I love you SH!

  14. Donn and Vicki cheated on their spouses when they got together. It’s no surprise to me that they cheated on each other. Everyone loves Donn but he goes to a sex parlor to watch other people having sex. In my book that’s called being Peeping Tom; it’s just in a setting where you don’t get arrested for it. A perv is still a perv no matter where you act out your perversion. It’s a mystery to me how Brianna turned out to be so normal.

    • I don’t think Brianna is normal. She is angry and resentful if her upbringing and dosn’t know how to distance herself from a very dysfunctional family. She married someone she didn’t appear to know well and instead if using that opportunity to escape her family and bravotv, she kept coming back for more. Now her new husband is into the HWs and twitter, etc. This not a healthy way to live.

      Also, her obesity is another sign of her emotional problems.

      • I don’t think Briana would qualify as obese. Also, she had all those problems with her thyroid and eventually had it removed. Perhaps that contributed to any excess weight she might be carrying around?

  15. Authentic and fake are words that none of these HW seem to get or understand. Maybe someone should give them all a dictionary…TammyFaye is looking older and evil looking each time a new picture of her comes out. Feahterhead said something about just because her husband is a plastic surgeon doesn’t mean she has had all that much done…Something to the effect of 95%real 5 percent um fake? I think she might have it backwards…Gretchen should have learned some kind of compassion being as she took care of some one whom she supposedly loved. I think once again the old fame dragon got out and bit her in the ass.

  16. This is Season 7 for Vicki. She fully knows the perks as well as the consequences of selling her soul to reality TV. Clearly, Vicki is wrapped up in her self importance. She is wicked to the core, yet she constantly tries to convince herself as well as others that she is such a nice person and so forgiving, simply a “victim” of the cameras and the press. I Do Not Buy Any of this! These women are Not Stars, they are TV personalities, who choose to put their personal lives out there for all to see and judge. Period! If they don’t like the fall out from all of this, they should just quit!

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