KIM ZOLCIAK: Kim Owes IRS… Didn’t Pay Taxes for SEVEN Years!

July 11, 2012   CelebrityVIPLounge

 Kim Zolciak… “Just doin’ what I learned…” learned some major trouble for Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak is about to go down. Apparently girlfriend did NOT pay her taxes for almost 7 years up until 2009 for sure.

A source very, very close to the reality star told us exclusively that Kim claimed NO income, “yet big poppa was buying her $50k gifts and much more and she was spending over $200k a month.”

The source told us that “She wouldn’t even put her own social security number when her old best friend needed it for the emergency room back in 2008 when Kim was in LA and her daughter needed medical attention.” And get this, nor would she give her social security number to VH1 for her paid appearance at Divas Duets. Fellow star Nene Leakes did though!   NOTE:  What SS number did Kim provide to VH1?

“She needs her jail time or pay up like the rest of us,” added the source.

To further prove how sneaky and selfish Kim is the source told us that when she was a stripper she would pour out thousands from her purse onto a table at her old best friend’s house before picking up her daughters to count her bills!

SHADY!  Celebrity VIP Lounge tried contacting Zolciak’s reps but had no success.

NOTE:  IF this is verified, here’s what will happen… and it ain’t no big thang as this site and others are making this… Kim will meet with the IRS, along with her attorney; a figure showing what Kim owes will be presented to Kim and her atty;  Kim will either pay the amount or set up a payment schedule to pay off the IRS.   IF the penalty includes any incarceration, Kim will more than likely get a light probation…  The IRS just wants their money!!!

Kim Zolciak “Behind The Music”… from StevieTV…

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42 comments on “KIM ZOLCIAK: Kim Owes IRS… Didn’t Pay Taxes for SEVEN Years!

  1. No surprise that someone who had a problem paying her friend for her work on Tardy for the Party would stiff the government. I have to admit as I watched her living the good life with no job often wondered what her tax returns looked like. Hope the IRS does a very thorough job of combing through her bank accounts for taxable events and charge maximum interest on her late payments.

    I also wondered if the older gentleman who gave her the lyrics to “Tardy” was ever compensated or acknowledged as the lyricist?

  2. That is why ho’ing should be legalized. She sure made lots of $ on her back and knees from Lee. She should have to pay some money. If she reported no income, then surely she was getting a fat tax return because surely she filed a return to declare the property tax that she pays on her house.

    It’s amazing how all of these people can spend money like they mint it, yet refuse to pay what they owe. She screwed Candy, her landlady and now we find out Uncle Sam. The good thing is that Uncle Sam is not one to play with. He won’t be so kind or stupid as Candy was. Go get her Uncle!

  3. she probably thinks lee supporting her wasnt Income
    WHY OH WHY do these peopel think they are smarter then Uncle Sam

  4. This goes on all the time. She isn’t the first and she sure in hell won’t be the last. I know people who don’t pay and that’s their business. What she has to do she will. :-)

  5. That is a GREAT picture to accompany this article!

    Pay up and move on Kim. Otherwise, Kroy will be stuck in your past bullshit.
    Don’t do that to Kroy. He’s good peeps.

    • You’re right CJ. This whole story sounds like BS that someone who hates Kim put out. The person giving the gift is responsible for gift tax, not the recipient. I wonder if Bravo pays the cast as employees or contractors.

  6. Poor Kroy. He sure didn’t realize what kind of a cess pool he was getting into by hooking up with Kim. He married her, got two step-daughters, a stretched out coochie, probably some sort of VD and now he has a huge tax bill that he will have to pay.

    • Your exactly right, big time but I think Kroy is so mesmerized by her that he doesn’t care. In fact from the amount of money she made from stripping and the amount given to her as a mistress, I think that Kim does some real nasty things in the bedroom that has Kroy mesmerized. Also I don’t think that Kim is going to get off that easily with the tax thing for 7 years. What gets me is that she should have been paying taxes at least the last 3 or 4 years of doing the housewives show.

      Govt. is going after celebrities hard when they don’t pay their taxes because they want to show the other plebs that see this is what we can do to a famous person who doesn’t pay taxes, what do you think we will do to you.

  7. So ifn her sugar daddy was paying all her bills(actually they were prolly all in his name, no?) during the Big Pappa years, then at least he didn’t try to claim her as a dependent on his income taxes. Maybe he counted her as an independent contractor? Don’t know how to file a w-h0.

  8. Poor Kroy. She’s going to bleed him dry and then leave him.
    Poor Kroy’s family. They must be sick every time they hear more about their new DIL.
    I’m not so sure she couldn’t go to jail.

    • Can you imagine…. you do your best to raise your child with morals and integrity, and a hoe bag like Kim literally falls into his lap and gets her hooks into him. He done messed up something awful. I guess the only good thing that came of it are his boys. Sad they are from a mother like her. You would figure being a mother of almost 4 children she would cover herself up a bit more and act like she had an iota of class. Too bad no one told Kroy you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. Wonder how long he is going to be good enough to be her husband. She was flashy before to get herself a man, now she has one, you would think she would try to act respectable and tone it down a bit. Wonder how good of a mother she is, on camera she seems to need an assistant for everything even though she has no real job. Wonder when the cameras are off is she is involved and spending time being a real mother to her children.

      • i THINK kIM AND kROY MAKE A good couple and their baby is frickin adorable. To me she looks as though she has changed…..and EVERYBODY has skeletons. Might wanna hold up on the rock throwin. Nobody knows her situation but her. Rock on KIM and KROY.

        • I can assure you that whatever my skeletons are I have never been anyones paid whore
          I havent flatbacked my way to a new house and jewelery and a car what things i do I have i got the old fashioned way I got a job and I earned them. I also have never lied about having cancer and dont dress like a dime store whore on her way to the pier where the fleet has just pulled in. I dont use the F word and call my assistance the N word or the B word. So while i may have a bone or two in my closet Kim has all of hers On Display for the world to see.

          • I don’t normally agree with you, Lisa, but you’re always sharp and you make good points. I agree with you this time. Here, here!

            • I sure will be happy when ROoBH comes back so we all can agree about hating Taylor and bond over it forget about this NJ nonesense

          • Lisa, now you’re causing me to spit all over my screen. LOL The imagery of flat backing and going to the pier during Fleet Week is too funny.

          • Lisa I agree with you 100%. I like Kroy. I think Kim is trash. Her skeletons are out for all to see. She is an unapologetic whore and a bad example for her daughters. Karma is a bitch and she will get hers in spades. Funny how Lee’s marriage was over and all that shit, whatever it took for her to feel good about spreading her legs for a married man. Guess what the man is still with his wife. Can you imagine what is was like for his children to see her flaunting her cheating with him. Lee is equally as liable because they are his children, but she was absolutely blatant about being a mistress that didn’t give two shits about his marriage.

  9. I am always baffeled when these stars, reality stars get caught for not paying their taxes! I am surprised; are these people so removed from the real world? Kim says she has a nursing degree; she had to take pre-rec’s/classes for her degree; I know some type of business math and or just math had to be included. Is she going to blame a business manager like the other stars do? She has a wig business; a buisness person should know about business/quarterly taxes????

    • She doesn’t have a wig business. That was all for show. Nothing has come of her line of wigs.

      • Is there any thing real about her? Are they in the same house? Shame on Bravo for letting some of these women mis-represent themselves, their real estate and their finances! “The Real Housewives????”

          • No bones…..well im lmao, for someone who doesn’t use profanity, You sure have a dirty mind. Far as kim is concerned, that married man is the dog! HE knows hes married…takes two to tango. Jeaulousy is ugly!

            • I don’t see anything that Kim has for someone to be jealous of. Sorry but Kim’s material things are a flash in the pan, she didn’t do a thing to earn them and I surely can’t respect her. What she has will be gone before you know it. She traded on her looks and that lasts but so long. I definitely agree that it takes two to tango. As a woman, wife, mother and a sister, I think women should hold themselves to a higher standard. You don’t step into a family no matter what that man says. If he was really serious about you, as you were about him, then you tell him to handle his business and then come calling on your door step the correct way.

  10. Poor Kroy…he just doesn’t know better….What kind of person…doesn’t pay what they owe…just sayin’ If she didn’t pay people….funny…it doesn’t surprise me.

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