KIM ZOLCIAK: Kim Owes IRS… Didn’t Pay Taxes for SEVEN Years!

July 11, 2012   CelebrityVIPLounge

 Kim Zolciak… “Just doin’ what I learned…” learned some major trouble for Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak is about to go down. Apparently girlfriend did NOT pay her taxes for almost 7 years up until 2009 for sure.

A source very, very close to the reality star told us exclusively that Kim claimed NO income, “yet big poppa was buying her $50k gifts and much more and she was spending over $200k a month.”

The source told us that “She wouldn’t even put her own social security number when her old best friend needed it for the emergency room back in 2008 when Kim was in LA and her daughter needed medical attention.” And get this, nor would she give her social security number to VH1 for her paid appearance at Divas Duets. Fellow star Nene Leakes did though!   NOTE:  What SS number did Kim provide to VH1?

“She needs her jail time or pay up like the rest of us,” added the source.

To further prove how sneaky and selfish Kim is the source told us that when she was a stripper she would pour out thousands from her purse onto a table at her old best friend’s house before picking up her daughters to count her bills!

SHADY!  Celebrity VIP Lounge tried contacting Zolciak’s reps but had no success.

NOTE:  IF this is verified, here’s what will happen… and it ain’t no big thang as this site and others are making this… Kim will meet with the IRS, along with her attorney; a figure showing what Kim owes will be presented to Kim and her atty;  Kim will either pay the amount or set up a payment schedule to pay off the IRS.   IF the penalty includes any incarceration, Kim will more than likely get a light probation…  The IRS just wants their money!!!

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