July 10, 2012  12:45 pm

The Real Housewives of New York’s BravoTV Blogs are up… those NY chicks are very prompt!!  All the NY Housewives BravoBlogs have been up since last night… except for Sonja Morgan, who was with MissAndy at the Bravo Clubhouse!   NOTE: Again, Carole has written a most interesting, witty recap!

There was no SH RHONY Recap.
 HOWEVER… BSL has written a great RHONY mini-recap for our friends at TVGasm!   Please give TVGasm a visit!!

AND… friends of SH, MobWives, has a “WTH Moments” from last night’s RHONY!  Funny!

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10 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK: BravoTV Blogs… RHONY Recap… And “WTH” Moments…

  1. OMG. Carole is quoting Winston Churchill. Crooks quotes Winston Churchill in his recent tween. Lookout Carole!!!!! You are next on Crooks’ list if Icky ever dumps him!!!!!!!! You have been warned!!!!!


  2. Those NY chicks ARE very prompt and I appreciate that.
    Love how Aviva referred to Ramona as a “60 year old woman” in her blog!

    Yes Ramona is my least favorite and I could not stand to have someone like her (with such a sharp tongue) in my life. I think she’s mean on purpose and does nothing to try and change that.


    • I agree that I couldn’t have someone like Ramona in my life, strictly because she would exhaust me! I didn’t see the “60-year-old woman” comment you refer to, Whoa, in Aviva’s blog, but I did see this: “At dinner, Ramona brings me back to junior high. She is intimidated by Heather and it shows in the form of mockery.” So, why did Aviva agree with (passively) Ramona at dinner? It’s kind of two-faced to put on a front at dinner, then turn around and say otherwise in a blog. BTW, I am no Ramona fan, BUT . . . at least she says what she thinks, even if it IS c-r-a-z-y! :)


    • When Aviva’s blog first came out (Monday night), it referred to Ramona as being 60!! Today, on Tuesday, it seems Aviva revised her blog and now refers to Ramona as a woman in her 50’s. Too late Aviva. Already saw it.


  3. Say what you want about Ramona; at least she was brief in her blog, unlike Carole’s 6 pages of what *she* obviously thought was humorous; I found it tedious. I have to say, I, too, was curious about the prosthetic limb . . . the engineering, the design. The fact that they filmed it, though, showed what depths Bravo is willing to go to. All in all, this season is boring, boring, boring.


  4. Well, I love reading Carole’s blogs! She is an amazing writer! I am really enjoying this season! Happy to be seeing fun events and locations without “as much” of the over the top nasty and extremely childish drama and fighting!
    I really am tired of Ramona, time for her to go! And as for the countless….so insecure and self centered…..Omg! the airs that she puts on are absolutely rediculous! Send these two idots packing and bring back Alex (without Simon!) and perhaps Carole can introduce us to a friend of hers!


  5. Yummie this. Yummie that. I do hope the Spanx people are getting a cut of all these folks who’ve ripped off their idea (Betheny and Shill Zarin included). Heather acts like she’s the first person to think up the idea for a girdle.


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