JACQUELINE LAURITA: Jax and Chris Laurita… Lied to Bankruptcy Court … ALL Apparel Licenses NOT Terminated…

July 10, 2012  4:15 pm

UH OH!  Not all going as Jax Laurita would like everyone believe when it comes to the Chris Laurita/RocaWear bankruptcy.

In a letter to Judge Peck, it has been revealed that Laurita and his counsel were not truthful when they declared in discovery that the Laurita Brothers, Joe and Chris, stated that their license agreement with Signature Apparel was terminated.

Jax stated that in re to the Signature Apparel bankruptcy that it’s down to just one case.  UH… whether it’s one case or the cases files against each of the companies under the “Signature Apparel” umbrella… it’s still a bankruptcy!

NOTE:  A hearing took place this morning at 10:00 am.  So far, nothing to report… as soon as the results of the hearing are available, the info will be on SH!    

The NEXT hearing date is July 17, 2012 at 10:00 am…

KEEP IN MIND… these are HEARINGS, not a trial.  Jax and Chris Laurita may not have been required to attend.   The hearing this morning may have involved only the attorneys in the case chatting with Judge Peck.  The hearings eventually result in a trial… for which Jax, Chris and Joe Laurita WILL be required to testify.  

(Thanks to SH reader “LNoon”!!)

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70 comments on “JACQUELINE LAURITA: Jax and Chris Laurita… Lied to Bankruptcy Court … ALL Apparel Licenses NOT Terminated…

  1. They lied to their own attorneys who now had to disclose it to the Judge under the Rules of Professional Responsibility!! PRICELESS!!

  2. TWITTER ALERT: Jax is tweeting. She blocks peeps because twitter is her happy place. HAHA, I thought her happy place was the bottom of her bailey’s mug.

      • Everyone, even Marco sisters,Rosie & Bonnie, have blocked me except Jac and Melissa. Melissa even follows me. The only one that would have a reason to block me is Melissa. I have gotten one of Jax famous DMs! I am really disappointed at how Jax changed. I still have a soft spot for her though!

    • It’s my understanding that Wacko Jacko tweets for money and that she considers tweeting her job. Is Me-ho paying Wacko Jacko to tweet about her or is she just doing it as some sort of United Sisterhood of Strippers courtesy thing?

      • I think she gets paid to tweet about the products she hocks not to talk about her co stars.

  3. She blocked me also! made me laugh, I stopped following any of them, then i can’t be blocked and why would i ever want to pretend i admire them? All snakes!Someone always RT’s their bs! Karma is a bitch whacko jaqo!

  4. It’s sad that all of their problems play out in the public for others entertainment….

    • I’m sure they knew this when they signed their contracts. It’s just plain greed and if you are a *Star* bahaha you pay the price. Now it’s their turn….high and mighty also fall…..

    • I might feel sorry for them if they didn’t make such hypocritical statements about Teresa & Joe’s bankruptcy. But since they did, I won’t. I like seeing it come back to them. Makes me feel like all is right in the world.

    • Mrs. H, perhaps it isn’t the wisest idea if one owns a business that does not adhere to standard and accepted accounting practices, has a truth impairment and an alcohol problem to accept compensation for having their life filmed.

  5. Jacqueline deliberately lied to a bankruptcy judge. My, Oh My. Jax “I just wanna know if your o.k. because I hate you” Laurita, eat crow now, and for Heaven’s sake don’t have the nerve to carry around a Louis Vuitton Bag.

    • Why am I not surprised that cray cray Jax is tweeting about McDonald’s ice cream and pretending all is fine when she bashed Teresa for pretending when her world was crumbling?

      • Do these people have idiots for Lawyers surely the lawyers told them not to lie

        • lisa: There is NO attorney currently practicing law who would tell their client to lie. NONE. They would face sanctions, lose their license and be disbarred. There are many actual licensed ATTORNEYS who read and comment on SH. TFC! SH

          • Thank you!! The attorneys are not the stupid ones, and no attorney would ever risk his /her license and career for any client (much less these morally challenged Housewives who likely have no intention of paying their attorneys anyway.)

      • Antonella – I know right? Teresa should invite her over for drinks and then harass the hell outta her for 5 hrs straight about why she’s not crying and in the position in a corner. ( She may very well end up like that though. She aint no Tree. She doesn’t have her fortitude. )

  6. Jax, Jax, Jax……… Now that your dirty laundry is airing, we wanna know EVERYTHING about it. Come on, start talking! You know, how you wanted Teresa to talk about her private financial troubles? Yeah, you need to now spill the beans about YOURS you effin’ hypocrite!
    You know, I could probably start liking you again if you did apologize to Teresa, apologize to all of us who had to endure your crazy shenannigans and explain that this is why you were acting all batshit crazy. It was not because Teresa is the root of all evil. YOU were tryin’ to COVER YOUR ASS by putting the focus on Teresa. MAJOR FAIL !!!!! Bwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaa !!!!

  7. Clients lie to their attorneys constantly. All day long constantly. I mean – what criminal is not a seasoned liar? Shouldn’t be surprised at the lying ; but it’s still funny as hell that these idiots really think they’ll get away with it. These are not smart people to begin with; I haven’t seen Jax or Tree twitter about the enriching Mensa meeting they just came from. (look it up Jax, we’ll wait…) If the attorney is found to have prior knowledge that the client lied to the Court, then hellz bells and Goodbye American Bar Association, Hello Would You Like Paper or Plastic?

    • MBA: Agreed. However, what attorney would advise their client to lie? None. Even the sleaziest criminal attorney would never give their client that advice. There are ways to get around that; however, no ethical officer of the court would even try those ‘tactics’! TFC!!! SH

  8. Oh my! Glass houses and all that stuff. Bet that Jax will skip this year’s reunion too.

      • Will be interesting to see what she does. I still don’t get what Jax’s issues were for not attending the last reunion. What was the big deal? ??

  9. GREAT reporting, SH!! Keep up the good work . . . I am new to this site and now totally addicted!! :) :)

      • Oh ok when I looked at had that giant lock on it that usually means “protected tweets” As I said I’m blocked (and proud of it) I blocked her too so she can’t DM again. HA!

  10. agree w/ all above. figured it out when she pulled the tre ambush w/the old hag caro. you can’t have
    a friend in tre if she doesn’t cry over all her problems? instead goes out and busts her butt, and
    succeeds. to you all; especially jax, JEALOUSY is all consuming. she is not sitting home tweeting
    and drinking booze all day. go back to L.V. it is truly where u belong. your poor daughter ashlee
    never stood a chance.

  11. I am interested in seeing Jacqueline’s drunken spin on this.

    And if Teresa (or her handlers who should be paid daily in gold) keeps discussing her own successes instead of Jac’s obvious lies, she will come out of this thing looking like a class act.

    Not sure if Teresa has it in to rise above (hope so) whereas all those other vulture/wives could not even wait to feast on her carcass when she was at her lowest point.

    • I think to really piss them off, Teresa presents herself as a true lady and walks pass them all and smiles and that’s it….she shows them all that she has more class than they ever had….she doesn’t say a word about this to anyone and nothing at all to wacko jacko or el chucka bean and the manzoid kiddies I so love this….:-)

  12. Glad you’re all over this SH. Keep us posted. I can just see Jax’s reaction, holding her hands to her ears and singing LaLaLa.

  13. SH your so right, no attorney would tell there client to lie. They won’t risk there career or money over a client who is trying to implicate them in the bigger scheme of their actions. There are some attorneys that may try to bend some things or not want to know, but this doesn’t help the case one bit. Because the lawyer needs all the information to figure out a good plan to either keep you out of jail and/or get a good judgement for you. Jax is nuts and Chris should take his advice he gave the confessional about Joe Giuidice fake license thing, “he’s a moron”. For thinking that he could defraud creditors with a federal bankruptcy after looting said company and then going on a international television show showcasing your wealth.

    They are going after them because they have the goods on them and they want to get everything under oath and what did we see, a letter pointing out that not only they where mistaken about it, but they out and out lied to the bankruptcy court. The judge is seeing this and must be wondering if you are lying about this and to your attorney what more are you lying about. The judge may grant much of what Chris don’t want. And in the case of the black water settlement, it’s nothing now but it could be. If the judge okays that they pierced the corporate veil and essentially use the company as their piggy bank, then they could go after their assets privately and also try to claw back any money that may have been sent to the black water original owners. Because the money may not be the Laurita’s but the companies money.

    Not to mention that they might face criminal charges because of a fraudulent federal bankruptcy of a company under their watch where they benefited from the fraud. Chris is in some serious trouble and Jax isn’t to far behind.

    • I thought lawyers were known to be dishonest? Jim carey was in that movie liar, liar and he was a lawyer that always lied. Maybe their lawyer implied they should lie but didnt directly say it? I have 2 friends that are attorney, who are great people and far from dishonest. I wish the other laurita brother, Joe would make an appearance on the show.

      • UMMMM….that was a movie. Lawyers NEEDS TO KNOW EVERYTHING….now if the lawyers KNEW that they were hiding this information, then he/she license might be in jeopardy. At times clients do tell their lawyers EVERYTHING…now it is the lawyers job to defend them…even if they are “guilty”

  14. When an attorney becomes aware that a pleading he filed on behalf of his client contains false information, he must withdraw the pleading. So, they lied. AND THE GOT CAUGHT. If they did not get caught, the lie would have continued.
    LAURITAS are dumb asses. Deposition lying – oh, oh. PERJURY. False affidavit – PERJURY. Get wait for this crew to get theirs.
    JAX – no more big house in Franklin Lakes – you gotta sell it and turn the money over to the trustee. Bye-bye jewelry.. CHRIS – you may be going to the BIG HOUSE.

    • Your exactly right, she’s going to get hers and it won’t be pretty. When the money was coming in it was good, now they are looking at serious issues and not may but will lose that house and everything they may have. If they think doing the put stuff in other peoples names will work it won’t, because it could put the people who have it in danger of getting arrested.

  15. Remember how Jac kept asking Tre if she is going to jail??At the reunion, Tre should ask Jac the same question. Remember when Danielle said karma is a bitch?? It really is.

  16. How come these people are accused of so many things, like Joe getting a false license, and nothing seems to happen to them? They never go to jail. I do not get it.

  17. I wanna know when viewers can start sending in questions for the reunion show…I’m sure Miss Andy will get a boatload each for Don Caro and Jax!

  18. On the Bravo blog site….a couple of Jac supporters are trying to say that there is no proof of any wrongdoing by the Lauritas regarding their bankruptcy….that it’s all just rumor. Obviously, that is not the case….anyone have any updates?

    • I have read this also Parkview. People SWEAR that there is absolutlely no wrong doing at all, this is all rumors.. I really do not know what to think as nothing has been in the press that I have read at all, and no blogs. gossip sites, tabloids, have picked up on any of this.

        • I have read everything that you have written all of it.

          It’s just strange to me that no one eles has written about all of this, and it’s a really big deal!!

          I like Park was just saying that I have read the same thing,( on Bravo , on RT, on alot of sites) people are saying this is all rumors, the Lauritas have done nothing wrong.. :/

      • The people that are swearing that there is absolutely nothing wrong are ignorant. The court motions and hearings are on going. One this week and another 10/2/12. Obviously, the Federal Bankruptcy Court doesn’t think it is just a rumor.

          • I understand CJ.. I was just agreeing with Park in my post saying that I have read the same thing.. I guess maybe if a ton of blogs. gossip sites tabloids etc would pick up on all of this people would beleive it.. I don’t know.. I don’t think any of it is a rumor, I never thought it was… I was not trying to diss anyone geeze1

  19. Reblogged this on anythingnjhousewives and commented:
    Looks like more and more blogs and even sites are beginning to pop up on google with the news of jaqueline and chris laurita’s fraud and embezzlement accusations….of course the lauritas have no comment because they are too busy commenting on teresa guidice.

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