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NOTE:  After seeing what has transpired so far with DonCaro on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, it is interesting to take a look back at her conversation with “Celebrity Parents,” which took place months ago…



What was life like prior to the Real Housewives of New Jersey?

I was a housewife. I owned a real estate company. I chose real estate so I could work around my kids’ schedules. When my kids were in school, I was a maniac showing houses. Then at 3:00, I would pick up the kids.  I was a working mom/stay at home mom. But as far as they knew, I didn’t work.

I do the same thing with my kids. When they’re in school, I am working, but then I pick them up from the bus.

That’s when you learn the most about them, when they’re coming off the bus. From who they’re walking with to the expression on their faces, they’re saying so much without telling you a word. I even picked them up every day from high school, too.


Now, how did The Real Housewives come to be?

The producers came to our salon, The Chateau. They were looking for affluent, over-the-top women. The women there did not mention me. [laughs] I came on board because of Jacqueline, who lives down the street. They were doing a test clip on her and she said they should go talk to me. Generally I’m in jeans, tee, cowboy boots, and no makeup.  I told her I didn’t belong on the show. I don’t watch a lot of TV, I read a lot and watch the news; I’m a political junkie! I wasn’t familiar with the series, but I did know about reality TV, and it wasn’t for me. I didn’t think I fit in. Then the producers saw the kids, and they said, “You’re the balance, so it’ll be interesting.”

What was your family’s reaction?

I told them, “Look what came up.” We have always taught our kids that you have choices in life. You can’t discard something immediately because there might be something in it. We talked about it, and agreed to do it. Had the kids been younger, I might not have done it. It’s a cruel world, and I don’t think I could have exposed them to that. Jacqueline’s kids are babies so it can’t affect them. But if my kids were in middle school and high school, I might not have done it. It puts them in an unnecessary spotlight.


You just finished filming the 4th season. How did it go?

It has been a rollercoaster of heartache. A lot of heartache and a lot of tremendous experiences. That’s why I did this. Life is a chain of experiences that you grow from or not; it’s your choice. Are you going to make it positive or run rampant from it? It was a challenging season, though. We filmed over 6 months; some weeks were just 20 minutes and others were 70 hours.

Wow. Does that get intense?

It only gets intense when I’m somewhere I don’t want to be, surrounded by nonsense. I’m not ashamed of what goes on here in this house.  


What personal satisfaction do you get from being on the show?

I love to hear that I’ve helped someone. My kids are my pride and joy; I love hearing good things about them. I’ve always known it, but it’s great to hear it from so many other people!  I’ll put my kids up against anybody’s.

I’m slowly navigating through the waters of fame, but I love knowing that something about me has resonated in a way that’s empowering to other people. I get letters from all over the world, people writing that because of me they fought a bully off, or they’re staying in school, or they want to be a mom like me. I get handwritten letters. Handwritten. With a stamp. Who does that anymore? It’s really wonderful and inspiring for me that I’ve made this impact on people.

I’m a huge fan of all the Housewives, but I would say that the Real Housewives of New Jersey is the most about family. And of this cast, you are truly Mama Manzo. How do you feel about that title?

I think it’s crazy; I don’t get it. I don’t see what’s so special about me. There are millions of me out there. I just happen to be on television.


When I see you, I see a version of my mom. The Italian mom with the big blue eyes, the tremendous love for your kids, but at the same time you take no crap, and you push them to be the best they can be. I relate to that style of parenting because that’s what I grew up with.

And I think that’s not common now. The moment you’re carrying a child—that’s the moment your life changes. You can’t hit rewind when you’re raising a family. Is it that important to go out to dinner when your child needs you? These are things that scar. It’s the most important job you’ll ever have.


I think some people think you parent until your child turns 18, but as they get older you realize that they need you more.

They definitely need you more. Because they’re going out into the world and they don’t understand how it works. There are different planes in your life and you always need someone who accepts you for who you are to get through it. If one of the kids struggled and got a D on the test, and they tried their best, then party. Party. I don’t expect them to be the smartest, prettiest, or skinniest, but I do expect them to be the best of themselves. They will have a problem with me if they don’t give your best.

How does your parenting style differ from how you grew up?

I had a very strict upbringing. There was always an open door policy, though. We said that we always had the strays! [laughs] Always tons of people in the house, but super strict.  Don’t you dare go to sleep with a spoon in the sink. When dad came home, you had to be quiet. Don’t raise your voice, and if we were in a restaurant, we behaved properly. And being from a big family, you learned how to problem solve and share. I wouldn’t change it for the world. We were a very structured chaos. The older took care of the younger. Saturday was pot roast and potatoes, and you’d better be home for it. Sunday was gravy, and everyone helped. The boys took out the garbage, and the girls did the dishes. It was a group effort, and that’s how it is here, too.


There’s a public perception of me being a pit bull, but I’m really not. I’m so laid back, so easy-going. I’m not a mother having my kids holding onto my apron strings. I do expect a call at night from them to know they’re alive. That’s all I ask. Albert and I raised them that they can be put in the White house or in Yankee Stadium in the last row drinking beer, and they’ll carry themselves properly. All I want is this: Tell me how your day is, call me if you need me. I’m with my kids often. Lauren and I are close; in fact, we’re almost inseparable. You don’t always see that on the show. And I always have one meal a day with my kids, or all three. Every single day. There’s not one day that goes by where I don’t have a meal without one of my kids.

I like how your kids get along well with each other and are protective of each other.

Make no mistake, they fight like anyone else. The point is they have to solve the problem. I don’t want them to get into a pattern of fighting and not resolving the issue. You don’t have to like who someone is dating. My whole thing has always been: Make my kid happy. I don’t care if you cook, or if you’re Italian. Or if you’re red, green or purple. If my kid is smiling and happy, that makes me happy. Beyond that, mind your business.


What have you learned from being on the show?

I’ve learned that I’m a lot tougher than I thought. I’m strong, but I’m not tough. I don’t like conflict at all; I shy away from it, until I can’t. I march to my drum and make no apologies for it. The same is true for how Albert and I raised these kids. We want them to be their own person. I’m not PC; I’m not going to tell you what you think you want to hear. I’ll tell you what I feel. Watching me go through this has taught them so much about character and resilience.

A lot of times on reality TV people will say that they weren’t edited properly, that they didn’t say what appeared on an episode. You don’t play that card.

There was one scene where I was talking to Lauren about her weight. That’s the one thing that I can say wasn’t edited right. I never said to Lauren, “I’m not going to say you’re pretty if you need to lose weight.” What I did say to her was, “I’m not going to sit here and yes you to death. You don’t look great; you need to lose weight for yourself and your health. I’m not going to wash over it and say you’re great.” I have a husband who was almost 300 pounds and had lap band surgery. You learn the effects of morbid obesity; hypertension, stroke, cancer, diabetes. I’m not going to say you’re great, when you need to lose 30 pounds. I don’t want to ever hear a doctor say that you have diabetes that’s irreversible because of a weight issue. At one point, Lauren was having heart palpitations, panic attacks, and her blood pressure was at stroke level. I want to make sure that all of my kids are healthy.

Caroline Manzo Cover copy

What plans do you have for the future?

I don’t get this whole celebrity thing. I’m not a celebrity; I’m a television personality. My mind works business. I’m uncomfortable with the fame aspect. I’m happy with a sweater on and no heels, sitting here with you shooting the breeze. I know it’s fifteen minutes. And that’s fine. My life is good; look around, there’s nothing I need. The biggest joy I have is seeing my kids happy and follow their passions. Right now, I have this moment in time where my face is worth something, for what it’s worth. [laughs] Whatever I can do to help them, I will do. Lauren is opening a store called Cafface, and there are boxes everywhere in my house. It’s okay, though, because she’s working towards something. It’s a good mess. I’m proud of her; it’s going to be a really fun vibe. My boys are doing great with BLK Water. They’re traveling all over the country and working very hard. So in my off-time, I dedicate my time to them. So if it’s Lauren trying out new makeup and saying, “Let me see what this looks like on an over-50 face,” I let her do it. I help the boys do in-store appearances, sign autographs and bottles. That’s what I do. That’s what you do for your kids.

So when the fifteen minutes are gone, you’re still Caroline.

I’ll be intact. The house will be intact. This family will be intact. I could be on the red carpet every night, but I’d rather be home with my family. And if it all goes away tomorrow, I’ll put my stilettos away and there will still be macaroni here on Sunday.

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  1. “And I always have one meal a day with my kids, or all three. Every single day. There’s not one day that goes by where I don’t have a meal without one of my kids.” How is that even possible? That’s pure BS. NOBODY, even if your children are young, can possibly say that. NOBODY.

    Beware of those lightening strikes.


    • I know right? She’s such a ridiculous person. It’s very unlikely that’s even true, but IF it is, it makes her look like even more of a weirdo than we already think she is. She schleps it over to Hoboken every….single…day to eat with Chris and Albie??? I could kind of understand a few phone calls a week, and maybe eating together ONCE a week with your adult kids, but every day???


      • Right on! And funny how she says Prince Albie doesn’t have time to juggle a relationship and his gig as a snake oil salesman, but he has time to have dinner with mommy every night? This woman is bat sh*t crazy.


        • What she should have said (the truth) is that Albie doesn’t have time for work and TWO full-time relationships. Heaven forbid he give up his daily dinner dates with Mommy.
          Ya know, I always thought the character portrayed on Everybody Loves Raymond was an extreme caricature, but Caro puts her to shame. Caroline is far worse than the mother–in-law character portrayed on that show, she’s downright toxic and pathologically invested in keeping her adult children from ever growing up, becoming responsible and actually moving away and leaving her. Let’s not forget, that’s just what we’re allowed to see. She puts her best face forward for the camera, as do her adult children. Imagine what they’re REALLY like?


          • Further, I don’t think either of her sons has been allowed to develop th intestinal fortitude necessary to ever break away from her. She has done a grade-A job of raising two weak, ineffectual sons and a daughter to carry on her clingy, bitter legacy.


      • Even more ridiculous is the fact that she said countless times that she doesn’t blame editing for anything, but here she is blaming editing. She just says s*** to look oh so righteous, but she forgets half the s*** that comes out of her mouth. She’ll bash Teresa and Danielle’s children, but Lord behold if someone says something about her failure of kids.


      • Food, BLK and Chuck-it is their life:

        1. Chrittifer tweets food and Chuck-it
        2. Albie tweet’s BLK and Chuck-it Albie finally took Chuck-it off his Avi
        3. Lauren tweets curse words at everyone and always mentions DON CARO
        (she actually puts DonCaro in her tweets Ms SH) LOL

        That IMO is their life..None of them EVER mention their father either. AND FOR THE BEST PART: Chuck-it does roll call once a day on twitter when they are not with her.


  2. LOL…Jac’s kids are babies? I guess Ashlee really isn’t a family member as far as CaroClown is concerned.


    • Good catch! I hadn’t thought about that. Boy she said a mouthful there, didn’t she? It’s almost like she doesn’t really consider Ashlee one of Jac’s kids or part of the family. She might as well have said ” The ones who COUNT aren’t old enough to care about the cameras. “


    • Ding, ding, ding!

      In Caroline’s eyes, Ashlee is the official family scapegoat. Hard to remember that she’s also someone’s child.

      Caroline is as delusional as they come when it comes to her perception of herself and her family.


      • Chuckie said, “I’ll put my kids up against anybody’s”. That’s the problem, her kids were in competition with Asslee and there is no way that Asslee would be allowed to win. They had to tear her down so that Chuckie’s crotch droppings, no matter how lazy and worthless, would win.


    • yeah I caught that. But I took it as a dig toward Tre. Even though CJ is older than her 3 “babies”. He is probably just a yr younger than Gia, so that constitutes him as a “baby” since Gia is in Middle school. What a load of CRAP!!! I don’t believe one dang sentence she said. She is full of it! and if she was such an “awesome” mom her kids wouldn’t have turned out to be lazy, useless, ungrateful human beings!


      • I was also thinking about Froggy’s kids, her daughter & son were/are in HS when joining the show.


    • But I felt even more of a dig towards Dina, because her daughter was just a young teen when the 1st season started and she was on quite a bit….so don caro saying “it’s a cruel world and I don’t think I would’ve exposed them to that” or “it puts them in an unnecessary spotlight”….between Jax’s daughter, and Dina’s daughter…I’m guessing it wouldn’t be okay for don caro’s kids…but who cares about anybody else? Yeah right Don Caro loves dishing out a**vice and I’m sure she said something to them! :)


  3. She’s full of shiza up to her eyeballs. She absolutely DID say ” I’m not going to call your beautiful when you’re fat.” she said EXACTLY that at the reunion. It wasn’t a case where they show a housewife saying part of a sentence, then the camera cuts away, then you HEAR ( but not SEE ) them say something else. The camera was right on her bulldog mug when she said it. I could go on for about 27 more paragraphs about other times she either said horrible things to Lauren about her weight or just handled the whole situation with incredible insensitivity. Standing in her closet talking about how tiny SHE is and how she needs to throw a bunch of clothes that no longer fit her away right at the same time Lauren strolled in to talk about HER weight issue. ( Which we all know was planned ahead of time ). That’s just ONE example. She may very well care about Lauren’s health, but that’s certainly not how she approached it. And she didn’t MENTION the word ” health ” EVER UNTIL ppl all over the internet on sites like this started to point out ” why does this woman never talk about Lauren’s weight loss in terms of HEALTH??”


    • Even if what she said to Lauren is exactly what was stated in the article, she still started it off by saying “You don’t look great.” Honestly, the rest is going to come out sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher (“Wahh wahh waah waah”) because who is going to want to hear the rest of the garbage spilling out of Caroline’s mouth? I would never say that to someone I care about, especially a family member. No matter how she tries to spin it, Caroline said those awful things to her daughter.


  4. It’s all lies. SHE’S the one who called Danielle out on blaming editing. I also like how she said Jaq’s kids are babies so it won’t affect them. Really? What’s Assley then, the family dog? Tell me exactly who she thinks she’s ‘helping’ with her reality role? I know no one who’s inspired by Caroline Manzo. As for her sons being busy with work..really? It’s quite a career to show up for 12 people in a supermarket and say, ‘here, drink dis here sewer water.’ Yeah, there’s something to be proud of. Daddy probably has to put gas in their car to get them there.


  5. Chuckie is delusional. The more she goes on and on about how great her worthless progeny are, the more ridiculous she becomes. The viewers can see that her kids are lazy, spoiled, and big ole losers and that her relationship with them is weird and unnatural. Yet, she acts like everyone thinks her kids are great and that her relationship with them exemplifies something to which others aspire. Delusional.


  6. One more thing:

    Who in the hell put up their kids against someone else’s? What type of nonsense is she spewing?

    I know parents with kids that have graduated from college then gone on to complete law school, medical school, etc.

    I know parents with kids who lost weight with proper eating habits & exercise.

    Does she really want to put up her kids against others?


    • You took the words right out of my mouth MM! Perfectly said. “I’ll put my kids up against anybody’s” Who says sh&* like that?? Freakin wierd. I also have to say that her forgettting about Ashley is very telling like many of the commenters. What is so ironic about it, is that OF COURSE Ashley has been effected by it in a negative manner! I believe that any teen on a reality show enduring her whole family putting her down will most likely have issues. Caroline, Caroline- smoke and mirrors.


    • I was thinking the same thing! She really would be embarrassed if she compared her “children of privilege” to others.


      • lmao that line killed me. there is a huge difference between upper middle class restaurant owners and an iconic piano man’s level of wealth.

        ok not to sound mean here, really just stating the facts, i thought it was SO CREEPY how don caro tried to set up albie w/ an unsuspecting alexa ray joel, just a few months after alexa tried to kill herself. nothing i say will sound dignified after this line, try as i might, but what mother would be that desperate for fame and money. you can tell alexa was really creeped out by don caro!


    • You’re so right, took the words right out of my mouth!! Would “put her kids up against anyone else’s?” Seriously? Is there a spoiled rotten, lazy and overall ignorant, bully competition that pits “children of privilege” up against one another? Well then Chuckie, I’d have to agree with you, your kids win hands down. What an idiot she is…


    • Yeah, she might want to rethink that statement: of course she loves them and all mothers want to be proud of their children, but her kids are not exactly successful for their ages, or well educated for their ages, or have very good manners since they are very disrespectful to older adults on television. In fact, her children pale in comparison to mine and many others I know in all of those categories and others; she has no sense of reality itself, just the fake reality we see on this ridiculous show.


  7. yes,DD! I remember that too! Danielle blamed editing and Caroline went nuts saying that Danielle wouldnt take responsibility for her own actions.

    Don Caro is very articulate while Teresa is just a mess. Teresa must be extremely well trained to handle the reunion.


    • i hate when eye-talians call pasta “macaroni” and sauce “gravy”. you are queens garbage from john gotti’s neighborhood- howard beach.


  8. WTF???– I’ve learned that I’m a lot tougher than I thought. I’m strong, but I’m not tough.– So she is tougher than she thought but she is not tough. She’s bipolar…


    • She is pathetic. She puts so much B.S. out there she can’t even keep track of her own lies. Since day 1, she’s tried to force feed us this impression of herself as the June Cleaver of the RHONJ, when in reality, she couldn’t be further from the truth. She should hire an assistant to help her keep track of all the B.S. she spews… she keeps stepping all over her lies, its become embarrassing to even look at her or listen to her at this point.


      • Honestly, she’s turned out to be the biggest liar of them all. NOTHING she has said about her family or “friends” ends up being the truth. It’s gotten to the point that, whenever she makes a point about anything, I have to assume the opposite is the truth because experience dictates this.


  9. Every single thing she said in that article is exactly the opposite of who she actually is and what she’s done on that show!

    “I do the same thing with my kids. When they’re in school, I am working, but then I pick them up from the bus. I even picked them up every day from high school, too.” (Man, I bet she STILL wipes their asses, too!)

    “I get letters from all over the world, people writing that because of me they fought a bully off, or they’re staying in school, or they want to be a mom like me.” (SHE is the BIGGEST BULLY on this show, is she kidding? Also, I would never want to be a mom like her. NEVER!

    “I told them, “Look what came up.” We have always taught our kids that you have choices in life. You can’t discard something immediately because there might be something in it.” (You mean like Lauren DISCARDED her business after one day, or when she DISCARDED her diet and exercise plan and opted to get a lap band instead? Yeah, you taught her well, Caro!)

    ” There’s a public perception of me being a pit bull, but I’m really not. I’m so laid back, so easy-going. ” (She is the one who kept referring to herself as a pit bull over and over and over…and we’ve all seen how “laid back” she was at the S3 reunion when she was foaming at the mouth at Teresa.)

    “Albert and I raised them that they can be put in the White house or in Yankee Stadium in the last row drinking beer, and they’ll carry themselves properly.” (Is she freakin’ kidding? From their catty comments about Teresa behind her back to the vulgar reference to FEBUS tweets and the equally child porn of the Baby Joe Gee tweets that they were involved in, I would hardly say they carry themselves properly!

    And, I am going to READ BETWEEN THE LINES here Caro:

    “We talked about it, and agreed to do it. Had the kids been younger, I might not have done it. It’s a cruel world, and I don’t think I could have exposed them to that. Jacqueline’s kids are babies so it can’t affect them. But if my kids were in middle school and high school, I might not have done it. It puts them in an unnecessary spotlight.” (I think this was a dig at Teresa for putting her kids in the spotlight, in particular Gia with her dancing. Caroline knows that Gia has more talent than all 3 or if you count Greggy, all 4 of her kids combined. I think this is a big part of what is eating her along with Teresa’s sudden popularity, that Teresa’s kid and not her kids is developing her talent and actually HAS talent!)


  10. This season premiered in April, 2012. This interview took place in JANUARY 2012. Nobody knew in January what a horrible bully Caroline was going to show herself to be. Guaranteed she would not have been asked to do this article if the people who write that magazine knew what her true colors are. Or, the article would have had a completely different tone – instead of “tell us why you are so awesome” it would have been “tell us why you are so hateful”.


  11. I have to agree with all the posts. It is interesting when Ms SH posts the previous statements and past shows and comments. They all started out with 1 intention but didnt realize viewers would verify their crap or investigate…….”Oh, I know lets just say we own this house”…….or, “We pay our bills.” “My name is Taylor Ford Armstrong.” This is where the house of cards and the whole franchise of reality shows is crumbling. There is no hiding their version of reality in this day and age. So revamp, or actually show reality. PICK A SIDE…..reality or not!


  12. What do you guys want to bet that Chuckie was one of those mothers who when confronted with something that one of her kids had done she would say”Oh no couldn’t be my kid! My kids would never do that sort of thing”. Or if they did do something bad it had to be because someone made them do it or that so and so is a bad influence.I kind of was the opposite. If something came up and a mom came to me the first thing I would say is,”What did he do?” lol…..If my kids did something wrong they got punished and it was no ones fault but their own. But of course my kids were perfect angels…lolololo..


    • Our kids used to joke they were “guilty until proven innocent” – not that we didn’t trust them or take their word for whatever might have happened, but we never made a decision until we heard both sides – and when it comes to disrespecting adults or being mean-spirited, being lazy, and everything else Manzo, there was only one side which was ours: don’t ever do it!!


  13. I would be very curious to know how higher education is viewed in their household. Why did the younger two never go to university? When I raised my boys, college was a given. They were never given the opportunity to reject it. I cannot understand why this was apparently not encouraged.I think they have made a huge mistake here. Every advantage possible, that’s is how I look at it. The world is a tough place with no education to fall back on. Ok, sermon over.


    • I think Lapband was expected to find some schmuck to marry and her MRS. (Missus) degree was the only thing Chuckie was concerned about for her. Critterfur was expected to take over the helm of the Brownstone. The first season (or two) when he worked there, I thought it was good how he was learning the business and wasn’t given some cushy job and instead was working from the bottom up. Prince Albie, the golden child, was expected to do great things. I think that the other two didn’t even try because Prince Albie would always outshine them.

      Sadly, I think the show has changed them all for the worse and forever. Once the show ends (and it will end), is Critterfur going to go back to parking cars? Lapband has become such a foul-tempered grumpy entitled clone of her mother that I don’t think she will ever get anyone that she thinks is good for her nor will any of her ventures be successful because she sucks. If it were not for the show, Prince Albie might have worked harder to overcome his learning disability and succeeded in law school.


    • Medicated – Caroline actually said in the 1st season the equivalent of ” We don’t believe in book learnin’ in this family; we’re street smart. ” – That old chestnut ” Street Smart “, I think we all know what that means, but forget their disdain toward HIGHER education, does ANYONE believe the Manzo “kids” are street smart???? The family as a whole made fun of Lauren’s intelligence throughout the whole 1st season and then in season 2 launched the ” Poor Albie has a learning disability! ” storyline with not a hint of irony or shame. Yes, I KNOW LD ppl can be quite intelligent. I just think it’s funny that Albie fails out of school and had Mommy do his homework ALL throughout his life ( she said as much ) and LAUREN is the dummy??


      • I have to say, my older son was in law school when the Manzo storyline about law school was airing .As I watched my son work his ASS off and studying 10 to 12 hours a day, going to class and working, I thought “How does this kid find time to film a reality show?” And when they wanted special consideration for a “learning disability” from the law school I just laughed! Law firms don’t care if you have a learning disability. Do you think you get special consideration in the court room? Was this even a true storyline?


      • Way back when, Chuckie was hoping that her and hubby Al’s now jailed “long time best friend” Bernie Kerik, would be able to pull some strings for her poor, victimized little Prince… “Don’t believe in book learnin’?” WTF Chuckie, are you really serious when you make such an ignorant statement? What gets me most irritated with her, above ALL else, is that she thinks we fall for her B.S. For some reason, this woman has testicles the size of Texas, she has to in order to make the moronic, not even half truth statements that she makes… its insulting and she’s an absolute disgrace.


    • Way back in the beginning, CAroline made the statement regarding higher education being necessary that she was a strong believer in “street smarts” over “book smarts” if she was choosing. Unfortunately, from what I have seen of them, none of the three have much of either.


  14. Lauren is one bitter old victim. Not remotely likeable. And a liar – imagine that! She’s a PITA without the tzaziki.

    As for the sons, well…annoying, clingy, not funny, not entertaining, not remotrly attractive, not successful, I am sure they need Caro to comfort them and make them chicken soup and grilled cheese cut into triangles to cope with their BLK Trademark lawsuit. You know they’re both in a corner, rocking in the fetal position, sucking their thumbs. She’s being her kids pimp for pushing their fabricated lives into the show every flippin’ week. And note to Caro: is that the best you can do to fabricate a life? Work with us woman!


  15. Can someone please explain to me where she gets this reputation as a great mother?

    Both Albie and Chris were arrested in a bar brawl in Punta Cana. They habitually talk shit about women, particularly Teresa, out loud at parties where they can be heard. They tease their sister cruelly – on national television. Add to that, Albie did not go forward with his plan to work with the police until he can get into law school, but QUIT to take up a job handed to him by his uncle.

    Then there is Lauren who quit her new business her parents set up for her after one day. Who quit her diet. Who is getting another business handed to her. Who doesn’t seem to work.

    And lastly, there is Chris who according to the questions for the online dating site cannot recall the last book he’s read, who can’t be bothered to get off the couch and who, despite all the family wealth, did not pursue an education beyond high school.

    Three kids with so much privilege in terms of educational opportunity thanks to their family wealth and what have they done for themselves?

    Have any of them ever worked for someone not related to them in their lives?


    • Just ask her, she’ll give you 101 reasons explaining why she’s the greatest mom ever. Better yet, read her blog as she thinks she’s giving herself and ego a big ol’ pat on the back while we viewers cringe with every single lie that she feels like spewing at any given moment. Embarrassment that she is…


  16. Food for thought:
    Before anyone knew about the lapband surgery, Lauren was STILL tweeting her thanks to Dr.Perricone for helping her lose weight. What blatant lying!

    (…and wasn’t Lauren still in high school when filming of S:1 began? So much for not filming w/high school aged kids.)

    Ashlee recently tweeted about how she was distracted months ago trying to resolve family problems with the Manzos. (That was the gist of her statement. She definitely was giving off signals that she is not treated as part of the fambly.) (..and how many times has Aunt Caro offered free advice on how Asslee should be disciplined, treated, etc?)

    After ‘Golden Child’ Albie flunked out of law school, a few of his fellow students were posting on message boards about how he never showed up for class, didn’t do homework, walked around campus like he was a celebrity, etc. That was his “disability”. (Anyone remember Dina calling Albie the ‘golden child’ in Season 1?) (Anyone remember Chris acting as a valet at the Brownstone, while Lauren acted as wedding assistant?)

    If the little boys have been friends with middle-aged Greggy for years, where was he in Season 1?

    Bravo loves the Manzos but I don’t know why.


    • Actually, Lauren was 20 yrs old in Season 1 so she was out of high school. She DID NOT WORK and worked for her Dad once in a while at the Brownstone. Ashlee just imitated her cousins, and she was crucified for it.


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