VICKI GUNVALSON: Vicki’s Son-In-Law, Ryan Culberson… Warning Brooks Ayers…Don’t Come Near MY Kid!… UPDATE: SH Poached By “Mommy” Site!…

July 7, 2012  12:20 pm

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This means specifically YOU, “mommy site”!

Just got this from SH reader “Nor”… am only bringing this to the attention of SH readers as “Nor” calling this site out for “borrowing” SH’s info is greatly appreciated!

Would appreciate more SH readers commenting when they see items “borrowed” from SH with NO credit!   Thank you, SH reader “Nor”!

Really thought those “POACHING from SH” days were over!  Obviously not!

What is surprising is that Gather didn’t slap “EXCLUSIVE” all over the stuff lifted right offa SH!!

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Vicki Gunvalson’s Son-in-Law Won’t Let Brooks Near Briana’s Future Son

July 07, 2012 10:45 PM EDT

The Real Housewives of Orange County
 star Vicki Gunvalson may have ended up friendship with Tamra Barney because Tamra didn’t approve of Brooks Ayers, but she may have to make some serious decisions when it comes to her boyfriend when her grandson arrives later this year. It is no secret that Briana doesn’t approve of Brooks. She even went as far as calling him an opportunist. During the season finale, she claimed that Brooks was isolating Vicki from her friends, but he denied it—while pulling her away from her daughter.

Well, it sounds like things haven’t gotten much better between Vicki and her daughter. Briana’s new husband, Ryan Culberson, may respect Vicki as his wife’s mother, but he is not a big fan of Brooks. In fact, he is now setting some strict rules regarding Brooks’ relationship with his future son. “I can assure you that Brooks will never be in the same room with our kid let alone pushing him anywhere in a stroller,” Ryan was quoted as writing.

Perhaps, Ryan and Briana had a night in a few Fridays ago, when 20/20 decided to air a special aboutThe Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson‘s new boyfriend, Brooks. Perhaps they made up their mind based on the information put forth by the documentary. There is no word as to how Briana feels about Brooks now, but she didn’t seem like she wanted to work things out with her mother. But maybe this new statement will have Vicki thinking twice—boyfriend or grandson?


ORIGINAL SH POST…July 7, 2012  12:20 pm

Ryan Culberson… Briana’s husband, active Marine and soon-to-be father…

With all the controversy surrounding the Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson’s love interest, Brooks Ayers, Vicki’s son-in-law has voiced his concerns about Crooks…

From Ryan Culberson comment on SH July 7 at 1:37 am:

“I can assure you that Brooks will never be in the same room with our kid let alone pushing him anywhere in a stroller!”

Ryan recently tweeted SH re claims that his eyes weren’t where they were supposed to be on the RHOC finale!   Ryan blamed the camera angle… 

NOTE:  We like Ryan very much here at SH… as much as we like Briana!  We hope nothing but the best for him and Briana and their expected baby boy!  Ryan obviously can see Crooks for what he is… am optimistic that Vicki will soon see what Ryan and everyone else sees! 

 Ryan and Briana Culberson..

Note to Readers:  This post was an experiment in making an entire post out of a sentence!   Numerous sites make posts from a single WORD… a word that may have been heard elsewhere… and then the word “exclusive” is slapped all over it!  The sites that follow this type of regurgitation will never be seen on the SH Blogroll and will never be cited on SH.  IF SH ever adds the word “exclusive” to a post, you can be assured that the info came directly to SH from a verified source.  

NOTE UPDATE:  Ironically, is one of the sites that create items from one word!    ALSO… noticed that other sites are just now “discovering” PrinceAlbie’s girlfriend, Lindsey!  That info has been on SH since October 15, 2011!

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103 comments on “VICKI GUNVALSON: Vicki’s Son-In-Law, Ryan Culberson… Warning Brooks Ayers…Don’t Come Near MY Kid!… UPDATE: SH Poached By “Mommy” Site!…

    • I love Bri and liking Ryan lots too. And I kinda do believe camera angle. If I’ve learned anything at all about Bravo is how they clip and paste crap to make everyone out to be horrible. I’m not in a TV buis so I haven’t a clue why this a good thing? Bravo makes me feel dirty sometimes when watching and I have to shower like ten times after each show. LOL

      • No he was looking at her boobs, big time. Also I think Brianna doesn’t know this guy as well as she should, something about him makes question alot of what he does.

      • I think Ryan is the type of person who needs respect to be a part of the equation in eye contact…it looked like he was looking at the ground or his drink, not vicks old not so fun-bags, and given what was coming out of her mouth…wasn’t worthy of a nod let alone eye contact. Just bc Brianna kept it quiet between them, doesn’t mean she doesn’t know him….

  1. Top lad, well said! I really hope Briana & Ryan allow themselves to be filmed for S8. It would be lovely to see how they are getting on. Such a likeable couple.

  2. So glad Brianna and Ryan stand their ground with Crooksy. Vicki may not have much
    contact, either, if she continues to have him around.

  3. Can’t you picture Icky with her eyes bugged out, veins sticking out in her neck, and spittle flying as she screams, “Brooks is my man and he can see your baby if I say he can!”.

    • Sadly, I can picture it. Ryan and Briana seem like such a grounded young couple. They make the older gals on the show look like even bigger idiots.

      • I really don’t think Briana is angry at Vick rather showing concern for her Mother. What Child wouldn’t speak out to keep her Mom’s from harms way. I doubt that Vicki can see it that way. I wish Vick would have given her children some distance instead of forcing them to accept Brooks. They could have at least waited until they both were divorced before trying to make him part of the family. I still can’t believe she had Brooks in tow on her wedding day.

        • Yeah that part I KNOW had to rankle Brianna. Crooks having to be at the wedding. She might not have started out mad at her momma but I would say at this point she is mad at her because she has basically put a man before the comfort of her children. And the way she crammed him in there at the wedding tells me she might be planning on doing the same crap when the baby is born… just so she can delude herself into the “we are in a happy place now” when in fact SHE might be the only one that was happy because her kids gave in and bent to her will. Doesn’t look like Ryan is willing to do that.

          • I guess his deployment in the middle east has trained him well for dealing with (emotional) terrorists!
            Gotta love our men in uniform keeping us safe from the enemy!

  4. I love Brianna. I thought it was awful when Vicki was pushing Brianna & her then boyfriend to a more “money making” career back n S1. Bc apparently a nurse isn’t good enough for Vicki. I am so glad to see Brianna so grounded through all that awful pressure Vicki put on her. It showed how level she was at Heathers party when Vicki running up to her bragging about her coat then she told Brianna her dress was pretty. And Brianna said “thanks cost $20.” Way more mature than her mom! & Vicki claims she worries about Brianna? Please!

    • Not a Vicki fan at all. That said, if Vicki was my mother (heaven forbid) I would not appear on this show, and if I did I would have very little to say to her or anyone else. I would reserve my comments for private moments. Briana has a lot of anger about her mother, and while it may be understandable it is not attractive or appealing. JMHO

  5. I honestly doubt that Ryan would have been oogling old lady boobs, especially when he has his bride to look at. He sounds like a level-headed guy.

  6. My friend is no longer able to post to Vicki’s Facebook page and all his comments have been deleted. Someone blocked him. Can SH look into it?

    • There’s a long list of people who are blocked — basically anyone who says anything other than “I worship the ground Vicki walks on and agree with everything she says.”

      Your friend should be proud — like the people who discovered they were on Richard Nixon’s “Enemies List.”

  7. I love this couple. It just goes to show that a crazy parent can produce a beautiful and sane child.

  8. Vicki only has acquaintances she can bully. Brianna and Michael are in the unique situation of being able to put Vicki in her place. They know her better than anyone.

    Want to see more of Brianna and Tara. These are adults, now, who’ve grown up through the BS. They’re in the position as equals who can call these ladies out on the BS.

  9. I’ve always wondered why Bravo didn’t have a show with Brianna, Kara and all the other YOUNG people instead of the over the hill, cheap looking, desperate, flakes they have on now. THAT would be a fun and interesting show to watch. Watching people my age trying to act like they are young is just gross and NOT entertaining!

    • Yes it would! Good idea!…..but, they are most likely too down to earth to do it.

    • i think it is pretty entertening. I love watching old ladies behaving like teenagers. It makes me feel good about myself. (im not saying this is only time i feel good about myself)

      • I also think this is good for older women too because they can watch 40, 52 years old on tv, starting a relationship, travelling, wearing expensive clothes…Because of the housewives, 40′s are the new 30′s.

  10. I find it interesting that Brianna, Kara and other housewives kids are not as affected by the Real Housewives experience as the New Jersey kids are. Why is that?

    Ashley, the Manzo spawn, etc. think they’re celebrities and are worthless, lazy brats while Brianna and Kara etc. have just gone on with their lives and seem to be successful, normal kids.

    • No other Housewives franchises have spotlighted the cast members kids the way the Manzoid spawn have been shoved down the viewers throats. The Manzoid troupe of clowns think RHONJ is the Manzo Show which is why they are all butt hurt that it has turned into the Teresa Show. Chuckie’s crotch maggots are boring, worthless layabouts who bring nothing to the show. I hope none of them return for season 5.

    • I was sick yesterday & watched a few episodes of season one. I think the difference is that Vicki, Jeana & to a certain degree Lauri were really strict & none of their children seem to see being on the show as part of their future.

    • well…new jersey is new jersey and OC is OC. Im not saying the Manzo babies are normal im just saying that is hard to compare people who live in dif. areas.

  11. Oh man, Bryan just squirted lighter fluid on a camp fire. That comment is going to cause some serious combustion with Vicki. By the way, why does she think she has to be so protective of her creepy boyfriend? Can’t he handle not being adored? Never mind……already know the answers!

    • I’m pretty sure I’m going to be able to see the flameup and I’m on the East coast! If anything this is going to make Vicki dig her heels in deeper where Crooks is concerned. Vicki will not be able to stand someone telling her what she can an cannot do.

  12. Like I have said before, get rid of Vicki and put Brianna in her place. The whole thing with Crooks, makes Vicki look like a fool for her, her family and business; how ambarassing, any respect she had for a business women has gone out the door. Good from the new parents, keep the CROOK away fromt he kid!!!

    • I think Icky has taken leave of her senses. I would hesitate to allow Icky around the baby unsupervised. Unsupervised, she would prolly allow Crooksy around the baby. That God that California doesn’t have grandparents’ rights visitation except in cases of divorce or death of a parent.

        • Ha! I wonder if Heather counted the silverware after having Crooks at her party. I know some wondered why she had parts of her house roped off during the party, but with the likes of Crooks there, do you blame her?

          • When Crooks and Vicki were leaving after she was screaming at Tamra he had a glass in his hand. I was laughing like crazy thinking he was going to walk out with it but he put it down on a table near the doorway. DARN!!!!!

            • Paula I thought the same dang thing… and then he set it right down on that nice fancy table without a coaster. what a boob.

      • You said it Ana. No doubt Vicki has already laid down the “you’re in or you’re out” mess. So not a doubt in my mind that she will TRY try stipulate that her and Crooks are a packaged deal in the gramps department. Good for Ryan for puttin down the way its gonna be.
        I betcha dime to doughnut that when if Vicki sends flowers to the hospital when the little one is born she will sign hers AND Crooks name. Its all a stubborn assed game. One that I wont play and one that Ryan and Brina aint playing either. Let ‘er know Ryan. Keep saying it… till she “gets it” and if she don’t then…”thats on her”

        • Here’s the thing: in Icky’s Bravo blog she gave the impression that she and Briana are good now with Crooks and all. I don’t buy it. Why would Ryan make a statement like this if all is good between mother, daughter, and mother’s sleazy boyfriend.

        • She will do anything to make brooks look like “a good person”.. Will never work, and she is going down with him.. She made her bed, and know she has to lay in it… So sad, she will be alone soon enough, and hopefully she has a little money left.. She will have no pride, that’s for sure.. Keep that baby away from that woman, she is sick… And she side kick, crooks

  13. Good for him and Briana!!!!!!!! And it’s going to chap Vicki’s arse because you know they won’t be keeping the baby away from Donn!

  14. How do we know that it was actually Ryan commenting, and not someone using his name? Commenting on a gossip blog doesn’t seem like his style.

    • Nina: Excuse me?? There’s no “WE” here and “WE” don’t have to know… SH knows. How do YOU know his style??? Is it his ‘style’ to chat with SH on twitter?? SH

        • I thought that too when she said :
          Nina says:
          July 7, 2012 at 4:32 PM

          “I doubt anyone’s getting cut. Wasn’t this the highest rated season ever?”

        • If Nina is one of Vicki’s sockpuppets you know darn well Crooks is posting on here too.

          • I’ve got a roast I could try it out but it doesn’t sound like it’s gonna be too purdy!

            • Mmm! Sounds delish, girl! I just made a bolognese, came out awesome. Had home-made garlic bread too.

              /still stuffed…

  15. I like Briana and Ryan alot and hope we see more of them in season 8. Briana is very smart and level-headed and Ryan seems like a nice guy. Neither is afraid to speak up to Vicki and good for them. Donn must be having himself a good chuckle over Vicki and the situation she put herself in.

  16. Wouldn’t it be a Gas if Ryan and Brianna like Donn’s new girlfriend really well! I think somehow Donn learned his lesson from Viki and will choose smarter.

    • That would be priceless. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me. Donn cannot possibly do any worse than Vicki has done with Crooks.

      • I bet once upon a time Viki may have been somewhat normal, but she has really turned into a crazy person. I mean you look at the old pics of Viki and Donn from way back and they look normal. So somewhere down the road Viki discovered MONEY and went crazy.

        • I think she discovered the television camera and went crazy. She assumes the people watching her behave like an idiot are actually her “fans.”

  17. The way Vicki has been behaving it wouldn’t be the wisest thing to leave her alone with a baby anyway. She has lost her marbles.

  18. i just loved when Vicky showed Brianna her mink coat then Brianna points out her dress was 20 bucks!

  19. I feel for you, SH. So frustrating when other people steal your sh*t and take the credit, when you’re the one who put in all the hard work. Going through that right now with something I sell on etsy that a former customer bought and is now selling as her own. Some people have no talent or integrity. You and I have both. high five!

      • took it upon myself to teach the “journalist” behind that article a few things in her comments section.
        Keep up the good work! This is my favorite blog for housewives gossip–no wonder the cast keeps an eye on it ;)

          • SH, you are the best, I have been around the block a few times.. Haven’t left this site since I found you.. You are the icing on the cake.. Every housewives has been here, snooping, and wondering what you site is saying. Me thinks that a few have tried to cross the line.. You always know.. Great job.. It feels “Like Home” here, with a welcome Matt at door! ; )
            Rest in peace Ernest, you were one of the best!

        • yup: Took a look… cannot thank you enough! What you did really means a lot. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (And, to reader “Nor”, thank you! You are very passionate and it is appreciated!) TFC!! SH

    • Yup, I also a fellow etsy seller, I know your pain its like people come up with your own original idea! Go’s for everything now, people just take others ideas and pass them as their own. Thankfully I have not seen any other websites stealing SH stuff, I thought had but they gave credit to SH.

      • retail: Yes, RealityTV DID give proper and correct credit… and that was very much appreciated and mentioned via twitter. Apparently, “Gather” has been “gathering” MOST of their stories from SH! Again, that site would never be on the SH blogroll and would never be used as a source on SH. Could not believe it when I was sent that! TFC!! SH

        • I know I had seen another blogger not give credit to SH a while back when I was reading her stuff…not sure if she does it now since I don’t go over there much anymore.

  20. I just noticed something. The other deadbeat dad has never been seen to purchase anything for his laddddddaaayy.

    Vicki needs to dump brooks, give up on men for awhile, start seeing a psychiatrist (one that Nurse Brianna recommends, not a Dr Phony type), get friendly with Jeana again & spend time with her grandson when he arrives. Because her love tank has a big leak & a dent from a few rocks & now its been filled with watered down petrol which could ruin it forever. No point filling it up again until she fixes it.

    haw haw haw

  21. Good for Ryan and Briana. Briana is probably more mature and slightly less evil than me but if I were her I couldn’t resist having that episode of 20/20 playing on the DVR everytime Vicki tried to come over and defend Crooksy. She would probably run shrieking out of the room like the power of Christ had compelled her. I also HATE the way Vicky always says “my man” when talking about her Crooksy Wooksy. I wouldn’t be suprised if he doesn’t constantly whsiper the lyrics to “Stand By Your Man” into her ear while she sleeps.

  22. As the parents, it is Ryan & Brianna’s right & their job to do what is in the best interest of their child. I also would not want Brooks around my child. And Briana & Michael appear to put family above money. This is something Vicki will never understand.
    Briana especially appears close to Donn. Before the divorce, Donn made usre they had family dinners etc. Vicki rarely was able to make an appearance. Even after hours, she was not available. Maybe she & Brooks were talking by phone or e-mail during that time.
    Vicki out her happiness & money abopve everyone else. I would never want my child to learn those values.

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