VICKI GUNVALSON: Vicki’s Son-In-Law, Ryan Culberson… Warning Brooks Ayers…Don’t Come Near MY Kid!… UPDATE: SH Poached By “Mommy” Site!…

July 7, 2012  12:20 pm

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This means specifically YOU, “mommy site”!

Just got this from SH reader “Nor”… am only bringing this to the attention of SH readers as “Nor” calling this site out for “borrowing” SH’s info is greatly appreciated!

Would appreciate more SH readers commenting when they see items “borrowed” from SH with NO credit!   Thank you, SH reader “Nor”!

Really thought those “POACHING from SH” days were over!  Obviously not!

What is surprising is that Gather didn’t slap “EXCLUSIVE” all over the stuff lifted right offa SH!!

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Vicki Gunvalson’s Son-in-Law Won’t Let Brooks Near Briana’s Future Son

July 07, 2012 10:45 PM EDT

The Real Housewives of Orange County
 star Vicki Gunvalson may have ended up friendship with Tamra Barney because Tamra didn’t approve of Brooks Ayers, but she may have to make some serious decisions when it comes to her boyfriend when her grandson arrives later this year. It is no secret that Briana doesn’t approve of Brooks. She even went as far as calling him an opportunist. During the season finale, she claimed that Brooks was isolating Vicki from her friends, but he denied it—while pulling her away from her daughter.

Well, it sounds like things haven’t gotten much better between Vicki and her daughter. Briana’s new husband, Ryan Culberson, may respect Vicki as his wife’s mother, but he is not a big fan of Brooks. In fact, he is now setting some strict rules regarding Brooks’ relationship with his future son. “I can assure you that Brooks will never be in the same room with our kid let alone pushing him anywhere in a stroller,” Ryan was quoted as writing.

Perhaps, Ryan and Briana had a night in a few Fridays ago, when 20/20 decided to air a special aboutThe Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson‘s new boyfriend, Brooks. Perhaps they made up their mind based on the information put forth by the documentary. There is no word as to how Briana feels about Brooks now, but she didn’t seem like she wanted to work things out with her mother. But maybe this new statement will have Vicki thinking twice—boyfriend or grandson?


ORIGINAL SH POST…July 7, 2012  12:20 pm

Ryan Culberson… Briana’s husband, active Marine and soon-to-be father…

With all the controversy surrounding the Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson’s love interest, Brooks Ayers, Vicki’s son-in-law has voiced his concerns about Crooks…

From Ryan Culberson comment on SH July 7 at 1:37 am:

“I can assure you that Brooks will never be in the same room with our kid let alone pushing him anywhere in a stroller!”

Ryan recently tweeted SH re claims that his eyes weren’t where they were supposed to be on the RHOC finale!   Ryan blamed the camera angle… 

NOTE:  We like Ryan very much here at SH… as much as we like Briana!  We hope nothing but the best for him and Briana and their expected baby boy!  Ryan obviously can see Crooks for what he is… am optimistic that Vicki will soon see what Ryan and everyone else sees! 

 Ryan and Briana Culberson..

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NOTE UPDATE:  Ironically, is one of the sites that create items from one word!    ALSO… noticed that other sites are just now “discovering” PrinceAlbie’s girlfriend, Lindsey!  That info has been on SH since October 15, 2011!

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  1. Good for Ryan and Briana. Briana is probably more mature and slightly less evil than me but if I were her I couldn’t resist having that episode of 20/20 playing on the DVR everytime Vicki tried to come over and defend Crooksy. She would probably run shrieking out of the room like the power of Christ had compelled her. I also HATE the way Vicky always says “my man” when talking about her Crooksy Wooksy. I wouldn’t be suprised if he doesn’t constantly whsiper the lyrics to “Stand By Your Man” into her ear while she sleeps.


  2. As the parents, it is Ryan & Brianna’s right & their job to do what is in the best interest of their child. I also would not want Brooks around my child. And Briana & Michael appear to put family above money. This is something Vicki will never understand.
    Briana especially appears close to Donn. Before the divorce, Donn made usre they had family dinners etc. Vicki rarely was able to make an appearance. Even after hours, she was not available. Maybe she & Brooks were talking by phone or e-mail during that time.
    Vicki out her happiness & money abopve everyone else. I would never want my child to learn those values.


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