SH “HIT AND RUN” WEEKEND: Vicki Gunvalson “Phone Hacked”!!!…Wretched BLEECH Rossi… Sheree Whitfield… Kyle Richards “ManicureTime, Call The Paps”… PHOTOS

July 7, 2012   2:00 pm   UPDATED July 8, 2012  10:30 am

NOTE:  “AOM” where are you???  Will be putting the NSA on the case soon!! 


Conversation between HagfaceKyle and her nail buddy:

“Hey, can you come with me to get your nails done?  But, we have to go to the crappy nail place, not the regular salon… ’cause the crappy nail place has glass for the paps to take photos… and I’ve already made arrangements for the paps to shoot me for 30 minutes!”

“Can I get in the photos, too??  Well, OK!”


From TVGasm:   Vicki Gunvalson’s phone was hacked two days ago!!!  Vicki and Crooks were texting about using her debit card…


Just something special hidden in SH archives… actually recovered this gem from “Trash”…


                                 Sheree Whitfield… we will never see Chateau Sheree!!!

Poor Sheree!!!  Sheree Whitfield was going to make an appearance in Chicago over the weekend at the International Festival of Life Health Pavilion.    But, Sheree told the promoter to shove it… apparently, the contract fizzled.

                                                   Sheree Whitfield, Phaedra Parks… “WHAT!?  You ain’t payin’??”

Note:  Will miss Sheree on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  


Included in this article from the LasVegasSun, Wretched **BLEEEECH** Rossi chats about just about everything!  What really stuck out was Wretched’s statement re her “songwriting”… no mention of Kimberly Cole, who “co” wrote Unbreakable.

 LasVegasSun:  Gretchen was asked if she saw herself more as a reality TV star, singer or businesswoman. “I definitely see myself more so as a businesswoman. When I was first asked to do ‘Real Housewives,’ I really had no interest with the celebrity and fame that came with it. I was very clear on my goals and my operations within creating a business. I knew I always wanted to be in the fashion industry, and that’s what I’m really focused on. I’ve been able to create a successful brand around that.

“The singing is something that I really enjoy doing; I actually enjoy writing more than singing, and it’s something that I’ve always done kind of on the side. It’s just a hobby that I really enjoy, and I’ve had some great opportunities come my way because of the show. I hope to continue singing, but I’m definitely not looking to be the next Britney Spears. It’s really more about taking my life experiences and bringing them to the fans and to the world through music.



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28 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” WEEKEND: Vicki Gunvalson “Phone Hacked”!!!…Wretched BLEECH Rossi… Sheree Whitfield… Kyle Richards “ManicureTime, Call The Paps”… PHOTOS

  1. Poor sheree is exactly right Ms. SH… Nene told her she was on the wrong team… lol… She should have listen an just maybe she would still have some good income coming in to build Chateau Sheree…


  2. OMG! Who the hell cares about She freak? Its crooks and icky s text messages that are too juicy. She keeps asking about her card and he keeps trying to avoid answering. Then when he finally decides to give her something about it he asks for the pin! He said he needed to get paid? What the hell? Paid for what? Services rendered? Fixing her plumbing? Rotorouter could have taken care of…Needed her tush rubbed? How obvious is it now Vickie that you are supporting your boyfriend? Why don’t you just admit you are paying him for the privilege of keeping him in the lifestyle he has become accustomed to. Of course ATMs don’t give change from a dollar…lol…..


  3. Can’t stand Vicki but I hate that her privacy was invaded in that way. I still read the messages though.


  4. As a relatively new reader and poster, I have to ask. Why is Gretchen called with the middle name “BLEECH?” Is it her hair color, her pitch problems in singing, what is the joke? An inquiring mind wants to know.


    • Amy: MsSH don’t normally do this; however, since you are fairly new to SH, the answer to your inquiring question can be found by reading the ‘just under 250′ posts written solely about Wretched **BLEEEECH** Rossi! Just use the “categories” drop down menu or the search bar on right. After reading, you may come to your own conclusions!

      Also, since you are fairly new, you may have additional questions re commenting on SH. The majority of which can be explained here: Thanks for reading and as always… TFC!! SH


      • Thank you for pointing out some of the features of your very amusing website. I will set aside some time each day to peruse the musings on Gretchen (I doubt she is worth it though). I think I get it from the well phrased clue you gave in your response.

        Also, I did review the commenting rules and plan to abide by them fully. Thanks for satisfying my stupid housewives cravings every day.


  5. On another note….Has anyone watch Hollywood Exes? It’s interesting and not to speak too soon but they act more mature and real and the Real Housewives; but then again it early in their season.


  6. The messages are not that far off. Bravo never showed Vicki in Seattle this year, but Crooks own credit card was declined at a restaurant that didn’t allow the camera’s in. (They were right outside though and I’m positive Vicki and Crooks were mic’d.)


    • Maybe she is going to keep on a growing it ala Cousin Itt. Certainly would solve her man hand problems and she could get back to her tic of slurping that enormous tongue across them lips.


  7. Is it just me, or is Kyle’s voice and laugh getting more raspy, and thus more irritating? I began noticing her cackling when she and Mauricio were having their massages in Lanai: at the end she sounded like a witch. It was funny though because he had said he usually gets his massages alone because it’s peaceful without her there, she said she has so much on her mind and he said, that is your problem….ha, I loved that. Anyway, I really noticed her raspy, grating fake laugh on the 10 things that make her happy….


      • I have suspected her as a closet smoker since the limo scene with Traylor when Traylor’s mentally deranged substance enhanced butt lit the wrong end of a ciggy. Notice how she asked Kyle for a lighter (too blitzed to remember to keep that shiiiss on the down low) and look very carefully at Kyle’s face trying to send a telepathic message to Traylor to knock it off because(dripping with fake indignation)’I dont smoke!’… Just a theory.


  8. Ugh, that poor manicurist had to handle the big manhands. She was probably gagging the whole time at the hideousness of her clients mitts.


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