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NOTE:  While searching for something else, came upon this blind item.  Thought it would be a good re-read since the source of this blind, CDAN, has been revealed to be a bit of a FRAUD!


One of the Real Housewives couples is in panic mode right now because their world might come crashing down because of one snide remark made by another Real Housewife that struck way closer to home than intended.

Apparently this couple is barely hanging on but does not want the world to see it and were really upset when a cast member who does not even know what is going on said the couple is barely hanging on.

The publicists for the couple are in damage control mode, but that is not their biggest worry.

Leaks are beginning to emerge in their carefully constructed cover which was never intended for full media attention.

Specifically, friends of the couple have been hinting that the couple have an open marriage and that the husband complains he has not had sex in years and that the couple, who do have children might not have actually had natural conception, especially considering the wife’s age and the age of the kids.

(Thanks to SH reader “Chameleon”!!!)

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  1. I’m kinda new to this place….can we really guess? (my guess is Adrienne…..when Brandi said something silly about if their marriage was real….)

      • Wasn’t there a rumor about Paul and a girlfriend? I thought there was some mumbling about her going to the producers and her being miked to prove their relationship. I may be confusing that tibbit with a troll that came on this site awhile ago. The traylair stuff just shutdown a whole bunch of storylines.

        • There was an ex-girlfriend at the SUR opening. Paul’s definitely the coolest husband now that Bobby Zarin is no longer on.

  2. I wondered why Brandi said “Well, that’s a big question mark” to Adrianne in regards to her marriage during the reunion. I replayed it to make sure I had heard it correctly. Andy asked if it was cool to wear tiny bikini’s in front of her friends husbands (I think in the begining of part two..).

  3. HAS to be Adrienne and Paul… Brandi’s comment on reunion part 1. Off the subject, but does anyone else think Adrienne is looking more and more like the bad-guy on Saw?

  4. It is obviously ADrienne and Paul. They are so awkward and i remember last year when Andy made a comment about their intimacy…Adrienne was quick to sqaush that question. IT was sooo uncomfortable to see their “slubbery and awkward” kiss in Hawaii.

    MY theory:
    1. They DON’t have sex AT ALL
    2. Being that Adrienne is the same age as Lisa…those three boys were not conceived the traditional way.
    3. Their marriage is for “image” and convenience. Adrienne can have the appearance of tradtional family opposed to being a single mom and can say she is married to successful doctor. Paul gets to take full advantages of the perks of being with a maloof “private jets” acess exclusive networking opportunies.
    4. I don’t even think Adrienne let’s Paul touch her goodies let alone see them.
    5. I don’t think Adrienne likes Paul half the time let alone love him like a wife should.

    This is just an awkward and sad partnership based on image. Adrienne has a permenant date to her social events lol.

    • Here’s a thought: if Adrienne’s boys were not concieved the natural way…are there any pictures of her pregnant? Ever? Any old news that she was pregnant or expecting?

      • I’m pretty sure I remember her admitting in season 1 that she had Trouble conceiving on their own and did use some type of fertility procedure. Anyone remember that??
        Also, my husband (of all people to get my gossip from Lol) told me the family was having money troubles with both the casino AND the basketball team they own. He told me at the beginning of season 2 it’s only a matter of time before their money problems would be exposed..

        • This is bad of me, but, I never really had a high regard for Adrienne’s business prowess. I think she has some good grounded ethics/discipline in place, but businesswoman she is not, IMO.

          • This is bad of me, but I just assumed that she didn’t work at all for the family biz but stayed on the payroll. I remember the episode now, it was the only one I ever remember seeing the boys in and they were running around etc and she was saying something about being a softie mom and letting them get away with stuff etc. I hope I’m not making this stuff up in my head!

  5. Ad and Paul, they have no chemistry, and I’m not even talking about sexual chemistry, when they’re in a scene together it’s like two people who barley know each other.

  6. In response to Taylor saying to Adrienne, You wouldn’t understand because you are strong etc.,
    Adrienne has said, I have issues and we all have problems… I always wondered about that. So my vote is Adrienne and Paul.

  7. Apparently, Adrienne was about 43 when her first was born and 46 when the twins were born. So that fits…….

    • My mom got pregnant in her mid forties. She thought she was going through menopause, and she was preggers.

    • Both of my sisters-in-law had children in their early 40s. One had a busy law practice and the other ran a successful business. I didn’t think they were too old.

  8. Got to agree with everyone and say I think it’s Adrienne & Paul too. She was quite nasty to him at the dinner party she hosted. Perhaps that is another reason for jealousy towards Lisa? Lisa seems to have it all, she’s had to sell her shares of the palms down to 20% ownership to cover the 3 million deficiet the Maloof ‘empire’ had.

    Besdies the way she was with Paul in Hawaii spoke volumes, she wouldn’t hold his hand so I can’t imagine her giving the go ahead for bumping uglies.

        • I had a gorgeous younger Lebanese dude for a few months. He was hot and quite well-endowed. Oh, and not circumcised, but who cares; he knew how to use it and that’s all I wanted.

          • LMAO Robin! you go girl! Hope all’s well..btw never made it to Traylor’s book signing because I had emergency surgery (oral) and had complications.

        • Takes dating more than one for a survey, LOL I’ve dated a couple of Middle Eastern men in my time, one was well endowed, the other not so much. I’ll need to find a third one to to come to a consensus. :-)

  9. Adrienne and Paul, but what exactly are their publicists doing to fix things? They are
    in the news less than anyone (except Pam who doesn’t count). She looks like “paycho spice” in that pic lol.

  10. Holy canola, she is 50!!!!! With 3 young sons, she must have thought “oh it’s time to have kids and get married if I’m ever gonna do it”.

  11. I tell ya, if I had a great guy like Paul, I would give him the world. He has such a twinkle in his eye, such a joy for life and for people, easy humor. And he’s also very easy on the eyes!

  12. Would anyone be surprised to find out that Adrienne was bisexual or even a lesbian and her marriage to Paul was a cover? Now I’m certainly NOT saying that she is or the marriage is anything other than sincere, just wondering if anyone would be surprised if it were.

  13. Yet another confirmation on the type of people that pursue a show like this. The reasons behind it all begin to make perfect sense. Yikes.

  14. Actually, Ms. SH or anyone with a good memory (and better search skillz): Wasn’t there ANOTHER blind item about a BH HW’s marriage being really, really shaky? This may have been about two months ago?

    Sorry to be such a doofus, lazy, whatever! But I honestly wouldn’t even know how to search it!

  15. I think it’s Adrienne and Paul, too, but I had to laugh at this: “Specifically, friends of the couple have been hinting that the couple have an open marriage and that the husband complains he has not had sex in years …”

    Uh…open marriage, Paul. Go get your bad self some. LOL!

  16. If it is Adrienne and Paul, I wonder if the former girlfriend of Paul’s at SUR’s opening was actually “former”.

  17. Just sat here pondering, how would anyone guess who it is really. I mean, how can you tell the orgasmic face from happy face, to angry face etc in Beverly Hills? They never change, Botox City! If it is Adrienne & Paul, he probably has given up the ghost years ago on that basis!

  18. I wonder if Paul’s popularity this season has opened up the playing field for him & if thats why things are bordering on coming out. Oh, the suspense! *gasp* I woulda been sad for Adrienne but she was such a bitch to Lisa on Reunion show… karma sure does seem like a bitch, doesn’t it?

    • You know, I honestly thought that because for two whole seasons, Adrienne was often the sensible and gracious voice of reason; the one who never lowered herself to engage in catty drama, so therefore, I wonder if Bravo execs told her she had to bring on the b*tch. It just seemed to come out of nowhere and I must say it comes across like an ill-fitting suit; not genuine. But what do I know.

      • I think you are right about Bravo telling her she had to get more “involved” in the bit*chiness. It did come across as it made her uncomfortable until the reunion, by that time she was driving the the bit*ch train with gusto.

  19. Oh what a web we weave?! SH great job on covering “untruths”. Please continue the work on uncovering TA. Sadly, she is not going away any time soon as us apparent in her new foundation “W.I.N. international non-profit org” with Dr Tracy Kemble (phd in psychology).
    FYI;already set up a new twitter account, “Women in need”. 
    The layers of deceit are egregious. The collusion with medical authorities (Dr Drew and Dr Sophy) is not only questionable, but unethical !
    What about the “cause” for mental illness?  
    Hello Bravo!! There was a preventable tragedy, which occurred while under your watch, and while under the medical care of a licensed psychiatrist. What about his “memoir”?
    And suicide?? And children (victims) of TA!? 
    I am soo disturbed by our so-called professionals supporting her charade as a ‘victim’…….and enabling more of the same. 
    What motivates people to support all these OBVIOUS lies and coverups?
    Yes, oh what a web she weaves!
     No real victim acts like TA!
    The woman has a ‘dragonfly’ tattoo on her backside! 
    The woman left her daughter with her nanny immediately after ‘finds’ Russell dead.
    The woman sets out on a campaign to discredit his legacy.
    RIP Mr Russell Armstrong.

  20. I agree it’s Adrienne and Paul, what I would like to know is how Brandi knew the dish on them. Either she got it from one of the ladies on those couches, or she knows one of Pauls “friends” and that friend told her the lowdown on Paul and Adrienne. I’ve said over two years now that they both seem more like brother and sister fighting with each other than lovers. As for the one poster who talked about her financial situation, it’s 2% that the Maloof’s own now and it won’t even be that for long (usually that is a signal to get out). The rest was taken over by the creditors because of the hundreds of millions in bad loans that they owed, and they still owe money.

    • I truly think brandy was kidding w that comment due to their bickering constantly shown on camera as a source for comic relief. The way she said I’m kidding I’m kidding! Afterwards didn’t sound like her when she is attempting to make little jabs at people. I feel like Adrienne overreacted and brought attention to a comment that usually would have been looked over. Just like Pam freaking out over brandis joke about men traveling.

  21. Brandi is an f’g chit stirrer. If it IS Paul and Adrienne, then Adrienne is a terrible judge of character. That piece of d-list trash, Brandi, should have been KISSING ADRIENNE’S ASS for allowing Brandi her 15 minutes of irrelevant fame on Bravo.

    • I agree. Karma is a bitch and I can’t wait to see Brandi get what’s coming to her. She would deserve it for the way she treated Adrienne and Kim.

  22. When they A & Paul were on DR. 90210 she was saying she wanted kids and had a psychic at her charity at the house…. I bet it’s them.

  23. We all agree it is Adrienne and Paul but am I the only one who hoped reading the headline that it was Kyle and Mo?

    • I wouldn’t feel good about it being any of them. I enjoyed watching the housewives that are actually married on the show. Their marriages seemed like the calmest scenes in all of the shows.

  24. I’ll go the opposite and say Kyle and Mo just for the hell of it.
    Side note: I was Nick and Jessica the Newlyweds and guess who I saw!!!? Mauricio, or as Nick and his friends like to call him “MO” he looked so young. The episode is called Nick and Jessica Boys weekend in Cabo and he’s in part three and it.

  25. Dammit, I really enjoy Adrienne and Paul. I pray they are fine and happy. Same goes for Kyle/Mauricio and Lisa/Ken.

  26. Lisa & Ken
    On Hawaii trip Brandi (in bus) said somthing about chemistry about this coupl – and Lisa was act werid.

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