SH ‘HIT AND RUN’ THURSDAY: RHONJ “Filming Started”… Jillz “Back on TV”… Vicki Gunvalson “Brooks Ayers W/Child”… UPDATE… Jillz GMA Job “Special Correspondent”… MugshotMarlo Hampton

July 5, 2012  3:33 am   UPDATE 2:00 pm

What the hell is “fashionista” MugshotMarlo wearin’??  Mugshot is outside of a restaurant in LA…


 JILLZ NEW JOB:  Jill reveals that she will indeed work as a special correspondent on Good AFTERNOON America, “the afternoon version of Good Morning America (GMA).”  To be co-hosted by Lara Spencer and Josh Elliot, the show will feature a weekly reality TV segment, which will be hosted by none other than Jill Zarin!

Jillz will be on Wednesdays at 2 p.m., where she will give her opinion on a variety of reality shows, and she doesn’t discard the possibility of adding Housewives shows into the mix. Her first segment will air next Wednesday, July 11.

Says Jill in her statement, “It is part time and yet still gives me an opportunity to talk to all of you every week and keep it real. I love that I am “LIVE” … you never know what I will come up with right?”

In her reality-show commentary gig, Jill is joining the likes of another former housewife, Alex McCord, although she would likely cringe at the comparison!

NOTE:  Jillz got da boot from Bravo for a reason… no on wanted to see her on TV!  GMA is picking up a used, uninformed EX Housewife for a brief segment once a week?   FAIL!


Crooksy Ayers has changed his twitter photo!!  His photo now shows him holding a baby… which baby???   One of Crooks’ three or the “extra”???


 Jax and Asslee… from the creative mind of “Housewife Hoe”!!!

According to Jax Laurita’s vagabond daughter, Asslee Holmes, filming for Season Five of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has begun…

Awwwww… the day Asslee was born…


The multitude of Jillz followers will know today what great opportunity is knocking on her door…

NOTE:  BFrankel’s talk show has been picked up for a full season… BLEEEECH!!!  Will BFrankel have a side-kick on her new show???  Maybe by the name of Jillz????

BFrankel’s “talk” show was plain awful.  Ellen DeGeneres has some big pull!


Some of Tree’s twitter photos…

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