SH ‘HIT AND RUN’ THURSDAY: RHONJ “Filming Started”… Jillz “Back on TV”… Vicki Gunvalson “Brooks Ayers W/Child”… UPDATE… Jillz GMA Job “Special Correspondent”… MugshotMarlo Hampton

July 5, 2012  3:33 am   UPDATE 2:00 pm

What the hell is “fashionista” MugshotMarlo wearin’??  Mugshot is outside of a restaurant in LA…


 JILLZ NEW JOB:  Jill reveals that she will indeed work as a special correspondent on Good AFTERNOON America, “the afternoon version of Good Morning America (GMA).”  To be co-hosted by Lara Spencer and Josh Elliot, the show will feature a weekly reality TV segment, which will be hosted by none other than Jill Zarin!

Jillz will be on Wednesdays at 2 p.m., where she will give her opinion on a variety of reality shows, and she doesn’t discard the possibility of adding Housewives shows into the mix. Her first segment will air next Wednesday, July 11.

Says Jill in her statement, “It is part time and yet still gives me an opportunity to talk to all of you every week and keep it real. I love that I am “LIVE” … you never know what I will come up with right?”

In her reality-show commentary gig, Jill is joining the likes of another former housewife, Alex McCord, although she would likely cringe at the comparison!

NOTE:  Jillz got da boot from Bravo for a reason… no on wanted to see her on TV!  GMA is picking up a used, uninformed EX Housewife for a brief segment once a week?   FAIL!


Crooksy Ayers has changed his twitter photo!!  His photo now shows him holding a baby… which baby???   One of Crooks’ three or the “extra”???


 Jax and Asslee… from the creative mind of “Housewife Hoe”!!!

According to Jax Laurita’s vagabond daughter, Asslee Holmes, filming for Season Five of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has begun…

Awwwww… the day Asslee was born…


The multitude of Jillz followers will know today what great opportunity is knocking on her door…

NOTE:  BFrankel’s talk show has been picked up for a full season… BLEEEECH!!!  Will BFrankel have a side-kick on her new show???  Maybe by the name of Jillz????

BFrankel’s “talk” show was plain awful.  Ellen DeGeneres has some big pull!


Some of Tree’s twitter photos…

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(Thanks to SH reader “JB” and “MGold”!!!)

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      • She was caught, I bet that Bravo is doing some filming and such. This happens all the time to get certain things set up. I bet there are negotiations going on and decisions to make on who to get rid off. Maybe they are filming Ashlee and her parents because the Deposition of Jax comes up next week for Chris and her getting sued for 8 million dollars for looting his Apparel company and taking it into bankruptcy.


  1. Are Crooks parents still alive? How do they feel about him turning his back on his child? For that matter what does Vicki’s momma think about her shacking up with such a creep.


      • Also, have his first three children ever said anything about him publicly? I wonder how they feel about their father being in the spotlight this past year.

        I doubt that he and Vicki will be honored guests at Mississippi State University’s Homecoming festivities next year (his oldest son attends there). Brooks’ former classmates will probably run away from him the way Vicki’s old acquaintance tried to ditch her at her high school reunion.


      • I like him, too! I will never forget him insisting that women can’t make red sauce if they’re having their Manzees — unless, of course, they’ve been through Manzopause! (You guys crack me up!)


  2. Ashley has her head so far up her own a*&. “WE haven’t started filming season 5 yet.” How does she know that she will be back. Even if she does know she’s coming back (please no, please no!!) I am pretty sure she isn’t supposed to talk about it. She isn’t even a housewife for pete’s sake. That is SO freakin carrazzzyyy that she would be bragging about starting to film a show where her own mother, stepfather, aunt, cousins, etc. never have one thing nice to say about her. I think it’s safe to say that most that watch the show think she’s an A%$ Hat. If my family members dogged me out 24- 7 in front of my parents….lets just say they wouldn’t just sit there and agree. And for Caroline to say that Ashley is trying to NOT look like Jacqueline- them’s fightin words. Nice loyalty there, Caroline. Thick as theives my butt. :)


  3. i can only hope bethenny’s show gets dropped as quickly as it was picked up. who wants to deal with another screeching harpy on tv?


    • That woman is gross! No effin way I’d watch her show! She is verbally abusive to her husband, she exploits her daughter for ratings, and she’s been a desperate celebrity wannabe since forever, using anyone and everyone to gain fame. The ultimate deal breaker for me though is that she’s played the vicitm card for so long because “her mother was an abusive alcoholic” but then goes out and earns a fortune by pushing alcohol to other women. She is vile!!!


      • That is not very nice. Her mother drank regular alcohol, while Bethanny is keeping this world skinny and drunk. So don’t worry about her daughter. It take a calorie counter to raise a child. So I think you should take that back. That poor girl has had to work real hard throwing out one-liners that are two seasons ago. And it can’t be easy to fake being cheap. And having to drag your shrink every where. And the time it takes to make your husband seem mean to you, that take time out of her skating schedule. BUt just in case she does go bust,, I am saving bean bags to throw in her clown mouth at the next state fair she will be at. Hell, I will even drink a skinny margarita right out of the bottle. Big sacrifice for me, I am a box girl myself.


        • Natashawonders, my deep dark secret is that I like BF( I have a soft spot for trainwrecks) but I have tears of laughter running down my face. “Her mother drank regular alcohol, while Bethanny is keeping this world skinny and drunk” might be one of the funniest things I ever read on here.


  4. I hope that Melissa, Kathy, Caroline, Jacqueline and everyone gets a visit from Danielle during the reunion. IDK if Andy would ever do that. But isn’t that what he’s about? Good television? Watching what happens? It would be PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT and is just what the Housewives as a whole needs right about now. That’s only if everyone is as bad as people say they are.

    Dina and Danielle should come back with Teresa along with one of Danielle’s friends, one of Dina’s and one of Teresa’s. It would be amazing TV.


    • Yes, yes, and yes!

      They must have Danielle at the reunion. It is the only way Cohen can redeem this boring mess.


  5. A thought: wouldthey have Ashleynon the reunion? They have’nt filmed that yet (that I’ve heard of), maybe that’s what she’s going over there for and that’s what she was referencing (they always film those in the hometown)?


  6. Also i’m willing to make bets that Tree’s friend from HaveFaith (Jennifer Stano) will be joining the RHWOBH this season or next.


  7. Mugshot: Clear view of her bra, very high slit straight up the front for easy access, lady Godiva length wig…advertsing for a new sugar daddy.


    • If it wasn’t for the see-thru crap I like that color on her. So disturbed to see that the pointy toed shoes are coming back in. These shoe designers are gonna end up crippling us all.


      • I won’t wear the pointy toed shoes. My Fred Flintstonesque feet barely survived this trend in the ’80s and I ain’t doing it again.


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