SH ‘HIT AND RUN’ THURSDAY: RHONJ “Filming Started”… Jillz “Back on TV”… Vicki Gunvalson “Brooks Ayers W/Child”… UPDATE… Jillz GMA Job “Special Correspondent”… MugshotMarlo Hampton

July 5, 2012  3:33 am   UPDATE 2:00 pm

What the hell is “fashionista” MugshotMarlo wearin’??  Mugshot is outside of a restaurant in LA…


 JILLZ NEW JOB:  Jill reveals that she will indeed work as a special correspondent on Good AFTERNOON America, “the afternoon version of Good Morning America (GMA).”  To be co-hosted by Lara Spencer and Josh Elliot, the show will feature a weekly reality TV segment, which will be hosted by none other than Jill Zarin!

Jillz will be on Wednesdays at 2 p.m., where she will give her opinion on a variety of reality shows, and she doesn’t discard the possibility of adding Housewives shows into the mix. Her first segment will air next Wednesday, July 11.

Says Jill in her statement, “It is part time and yet still gives me an opportunity to talk to all of you every week and keep it real. I love that I am “LIVE” … you never know what I will come up with right?”

In her reality-show commentary gig, Jill is joining the likes of another former housewife, Alex McCord, although she would likely cringe at the comparison!

NOTE:  Jillz got da boot from Bravo for a reason… no on wanted to see her on TV!  GMA is picking up a used, uninformed EX Housewife for a brief segment once a week?   FAIL!


Crooksy Ayers has changed his twitter photo!!  His photo now shows him holding a baby… which baby???   One of Crooks’ three or the “extra”???


 Jax and Asslee… from the creative mind of “Housewife Hoe”!!!

According to Jax Laurita’s vagabond daughter, Asslee Holmes, filming for Season Five of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has begun…

Awwwww… the day Asslee was born…


The multitude of Jillz followers will know today what great opportunity is knocking on her door…

NOTE:  BFrankel’s talk show has been picked up for a full season… BLEEEECH!!!  Will BFrankel have a side-kick on her new show???  Maybe by the name of Jillz????

BFrankel’s “talk” show was plain awful.  Ellen DeGeneres has some big pull!


Some of Tree’s twitter photos…

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(Thanks to SH reader “JB” and “MGold”!!!)

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105 comments on “SH ‘HIT AND RUN’ THURSDAY: RHONJ “Filming Started”… Jillz “Back on TV”… Vicki Gunvalson “Brooks Ayers W/Child”… UPDATE… Jillz GMA Job “Special Correspondent”… MugshotMarlo Hampton

    • If those morons are back, I’m finished with the jersey show.. I can’t take no more.. I bet that Andy will let Caroline & jac ass, run the reunion show again.. Wait jac just ran it from twitter, to ashamed to face the music…Andy has a hate for women, or he wouldn’t take such pleasure in their pain.. When will anyone get it. He is a sick person.. Done with this show

  1. lol, me too! So, Manzos et. al. are back? I guess they’ll be satisfied only after they’ve managed to shred that poor woman apart! Some nerve and ego…Ah, may the force be with Tree! I’ll be cheering for Tree!

    • Ashlee must be filming so her family can shred her to pieces again. I mean now that Tree won’t give Jax info to blab to the rest of the cast for their story lines, the only thing left for Jax is to ridicule her daughter again. Not surprised.

      • That really is the saddest part of NJ. Although I don’t care for all of the Teresa bashing, watching a mother let others belittle her daughter and participate in that herself is sick-making. While Ashlee is an obnoxious, befuddled person, the way to deal with her is to keep her out of the public eye while she grows up and gets her act together. It is not unheard of for 20 somethings to be completely messed up and turn into productive 30 somethings. Rewarding her confusion with atttention and cash is not the way to help Ashlee. Jax has many things to be ashamed of, but the Ashlee situation is the most shameful.

        • Didn’t Jax compared her to Lindsey Lohan!! What mother would do that? I don’t care how many times the Lauritas/Manzos claim that Ashlee left, THEY told her to leave a couple of times and finally threw her out of the house!!

          • I didn’t know Jax compared Ashlee to LL. Jax is saying that Ashlee is a drug and alcohol addicted criminal. Ashlee is a criminal because her mother used poor judgment in exposing her to a sociopath, and on television to boot. I know that Ashlee parties on the show and suffers in the mornings, but I wouldn’t have thought she was a drug abuser as well. Ashlee looks more functional than LL. Jax should have her mouth sewn shut.

  2. The little boy is cute, but doesn’t look too happy with Brooks holding him. You know what they say about kids and their intuition.

    Brooks (and possibly Vicki) must think that a photograph with him and a child will make him look like a caring father instead of a man who abandoned his child and left a trail of unpaid bills in Indiana. It just makes him look like more of a hypocrite.

    • My thoughts exactly Dee. Didn’t Nicolette say Extra is 3 years old now? The child in that picture doesn’t look 3. I wonder when that picture was taken aka the last time Brooks saw Extra.

      • That is exactly what I was thinking, the last time he held his son that he considers an “extra”. A bad move on Croosky and Queen Victoria’s part as the photo appears to be proof that he has not interacted with this little boy since he was a baby!

  3. Wasn’t the story that Crooksy hadn’t seen the “extra” since he was five months old?? The boy in that pic looks older than that.

    • Whose to say it is his EXTRA child. It very well be a picture of one of his other children. By the way your slacking off ……………How much do you dislike MS Andy?

      • LOL…I was afraid you were calling me out for not having made the comparison between Crooksie and Will Patton, the guy from Armaggedon, whose character, BTW had a son he hadn’t seen in quite a while. Coincidence?? I think not!!

        And, as long as I’m here, have I mentioned lately how much I canNOT stand Mandy??

  4. You’ve got to be kidding. So all this talk of Jax and Chuckie not a part of RHONJ isn’t true. I am soooooo disappointed. Now there is another season I won’t be watching.

  5. They would have to use a forklift to pry these women off t.v.!

    How many of them “threaten” to not return if this or that demand is not met yet here they are once again back in front of the cameras.

    Jill Zarin has been on an unrelentless campaign to return. Bethenny just won’t go away. And now Brooks is being included and considered a “star”. As for Ashlee/Ashley/Ashli, even if the storyline portrays her as a dimwitted underachiever with apparently no goals in life, she too is eager to allow Bravo to film her for reasons that defy logic other than a paycheck.

  6. They built the manzos/gorgas up and now they will knock them down. This simple formula works for Bravo. Everyone is cheering for the underdog now (Tree) and they know it. It will get ugly — and I bet all the skeletons about financial issues will come flying out the doors.

    That being said, why can’t Andy find any real “rich” people in NJ to film. People with real Old School Money. I want to see the cool cars, fancy lunches and all those beautiful homes. Right now, we know it is all smoke and mirrors.

    • That’s what i thought, because Jac Laurita has to report to court on 7.11.12, i mean Bravo WOULD NEVER let that go by….

    • You have it exactly, mickey, spot on.

      Once you know the Bravo formula, you could predict the next season almost to the episode.

      It figures that they’d recycle the dimwit Holmes and Jac will have her turn on the cross.

      But picture this… would be gold for Bravo if Danielle made even a cameo at the reunion. Panties would be soiled and tears would be shed. It would be delicious.

      I’d love a season of bad edit for Manzopausal Manzo. That would be not to be missed tv also.

    • Answer: those kinds of women have way too much dignity and morals to ever whore themselves, especially for a TV show. I know a lot of them in my county due to my work. And they are really good women who are hard working in their charities, warm and gracious.

  7. Interesting IF filming on S5 has started. Isn’t Jac going to court on the 10th for all the FEDERAL charges of diverting money that belong to Signature to her personal accounts and using Signature money to pay for her lifestyle, trips, dinners and more?
    Personally I don’t think the Jac would be asked back unless it is to film HER court battles.
    As the old saying goes “Karma is a %itch!”

  8. We haven’t heard anything about contract talks or anything. Additionally…. didn’t they say that filming season 4 while season 3 was still playing out caused huge issues and they wouldn’t do it again…? I’m sure I read that somewhere. So… before I believe ANYTHING Jacqueline or Ashlee say…. I’ll wait and see.

  9. WTH???? Wacko and Grumpus got invited back?
    This is why I refused to watch this season. Bravo never does the right thing. They didn’t do it with Armstrong, and they’re not doing it w/these boring idiots.
    Hmmm, maybe Teresa is getting her own show? Hope so.

    Still hope Wakile gets the uber-crap edit next season. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

    This is my fave RH site. All the breaking news (even when it’s not good) is here.

    • Mag, I admire your ability to not watch…I can’t pry myself away. The ideal of morality is lost on Cohen and others at Bravo. They surely never do the right thing. It was terrible for them to bring Tree’s family on knowing they were going to tear her to shreds. Don’t even get me started on the Russell/ Taylor situation! Since I have no self control when it comes to TRH I will be watching next season and praying that certain people get called to the carpet for their BS (financial woes, legal charges, hypocrisy, ill intentions toward family, etc). Maybe Ashley is just assuming…..

      • Well, I’m not that strong! I definitely watch some of the clips here, and I read their Bravo blogs too…but I won’t devote an hour of my time to the Bravo network to watch Grumblepig or that lunatic vino glugger.

        I was so hoping Armstrong would be thrown off BH so I could watch again but I just stand her and doubt I’ll watch that either.

        If I get wind next season that snakey pudding-guts Wakile and her creature from the black lagoon husband are getting the horror edit, I’ll probably not be able to keep away! Here’s hoping…

  10. He never had this picture of Joey on FB, now he is showing him off to prove what?? I would love to see the date of the picture..And would love to see a picture comparison.. If you look closey Joey was really chubby he does not look like that now. Really Brooks this is what you came up with..One visit you had with Joey 2 years ago.. I would love to see a picture dated last year or this year. Using the picture is low..

    • So that is Joey? The only reason he is putting that up is to discredit Nicholette since she said he hasnt seen him since he was a baby on 20/20 and no cards and no letters.

        • I agree. Babies grow & mature differently. Some babies who look a year old in size are actually six months olds. My son was walking at 8 months. People always thought he was older than he was due to his size. He was off the charts for in comparison to his peers and still is.

    • I agree with you Nanny. Sadly, Crooksie and Icky think that we are all fools and will believe their crap! Not So!

  11. From Ashley’s twitter about 40 minutes ago:

    We have NOT started filming RHONJ season 5 yet……. settle down

    • hmm…maybe Trashlee got in trouble for leaking filming info…what an idiot–she’s basically saying “I am a liar, do not listen to anything I say.” The info came from you, dumbass (aka dumbash).

    • Lying Trashley has an attitude problem. (I know, call me Captain Obvious.)

  12. I texted her last night he did come through town 2 years ago and stayed 25 mintues that is the last and only time, that he saw Joey.

    • oops. He is gonna use the fact that she didnt mention that lil visist on 20/20 or if she did they edited it out to make her loook like she is fibbin about the whole thing. A 25 minute visit does not make a father or as he says “they keep me busy thats for sure” Does she ever talk to the mother of his other children?

    • I read somewhere that Brooks is claiming that he has been trying to get custody of his Extra because Nicolette lost custody of two of her children. Thought it was bull and still do.

  13. CROOKS: I know you read SH so I’ll tell you this directly. Your photoshops skills are as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Little Joey’s face is slightly blurred in the picture, obviously taken at distance. Your’s unfortunately is in focus. Yet your cheeks are ‘side by side’. Pathetic, grow up, get real and pay your debts off without conning anyone else out of their money to keep your parasitic backside out of jail. Yet again, another epic fail on your part.

    Best wishes to DK, Nicolette & Nanny.

    • I do believe you have a point, Bev. It appears he is actually posing with a child, but another child’s head has been superimposed on top of the face in the original photo. At first I thought the boy’s face was blurred because he moved when the picture was taken, but no.

      Either way, that Twitter photo is indeed a pathetic attempt to (1) discredit the boy’s mother, and (2) make himself look like a swell dad.

      • It looks to me as though a picture of Joey has been placed over the picture of Brooks. It just doesn’t come across at all to me that the images of both were taken at the same time let alone in the same room. I’d love Nicolette to be able to clear this up for us (if you are out there reading this).

        As you say, either way, it’s a barrel scraping attempt to try and gain a smithering of credit or public empathy. I didn’t think it was possible for this guy to sink any lower but it seems he has invented an all time new low.

        (You’re welcome Nanny ;) )

  14. I’m in shock that Bethany’s horrible show has been picked up again! WTH are they thinking? It’s absolutely the worst talk show I’ve ever tried to watch. I’m not a fan of Bethany’s anyway and trying to watch this show was worse than listening a screeching Vicki!

  15. I would like to see the actual reality filming of Icki and Crooksy when the 20/20 episode aired. I am quite sure they have seen the footage. Maybe they even shared a bowl of popcorn while watching together. How did Icki react? How did he respond? Did Icki show any new concerns? Or, is she so far gone, it doesnt matter what comes out of the woodwork about him? What has Brianna’s reaction been to the 20/20 show? Did she address it with her Icki mom? How about the other ladies? Did they address the show with Icki? I saw where people posted Tamra made a few comments on twitter. This is what the reality show should be about……what is really happening in their lives not the edited or made up version….Will Bravo add this to the story line for next season?

  16. How obvious of Brooks to post a pic of himself and a baby….I bet he doesn’t even know who he is holding.

  17. Crooks’ attempt at feigned parental concern is pathetic. Does he honestly believe anybody buys his act?

    • We all know that Ickie cannot take any sort of criticism, nor is she able to fess up to her own mistakes and apologize. She is simply too arrogant and self centered. My guess is that she will continue her charade with Crooksie until her business and bank accounts fail…..then of course, she will blame Don for not fighting for her and leaving her helpless to Crooksie!

  18. After seeing all the negative comments Jax is still flying around about Teresa and how Teresa did HER wrong, I have a theory. Jax has already been told she is a no go for next season BUT she will get one last check if she doesn’t let it out yet and Jax is sooooo bitter, mentally deranged that she will do everything in her power to try and take Tre down with of course, a little help from Caro Munster and her brood.

  19. HELLOOOO BRAVO, less of Creepy Dickie and more of that guy Dumo would be appreciated from the women!!! Just saying a little eye candy for us would be nice for a change. So far my choices on RHONJ make me want to become a virgin (AGAIN). I mean becoming a lesbian is not even an option (Rosie YUCK)

  20. So Jill has a new show?. Doubt The Manzos and Laurita will be nailed to the cross. im convinced they have Connections-one bad edit and Andy will be swimming with the fish.

  21. Dear SH, regarding Tre and Juicy Joe, has anyone heard anything about Juicy’s court hearing? The deadline has passed for him to take a plea deal or go to trial on his fraud indictment. They had said that a plea deal would include jail time and not just probation as Joe and his attorney requested. Wonder what’s up?

      • She was caught, I bet that Bravo is doing some filming and such. This happens all the time to get certain things set up. I bet there are negotiations going on and decisions to make on who to get rid off. Maybe they are filming Ashlee and her parents because the Deposition of Jax comes up next week for Chris and her getting sued for 8 million dollars for looting his Apparel company and taking it into bankruptcy.

  22. Are Crooks parents still alive? How do they feel about him turning his back on his child? For that matter what does Vicki’s momma think about her shacking up with such a creep.

      • Also, have his first three children ever said anything about him publicly? I wonder how they feel about their father being in the spotlight this past year.

        I doubt that he and Vicki will be honored guests at Mississippi State University’s Homecoming festivities next year (his oldest son attends there). Brooks’ former classmates will probably run away from him the way Vicki’s old acquaintance tried to ditch her at her high school reunion.

      • I like him, too! I will never forget him insisting that women can’t make red sauce if they’re having their Manzees — unless, of course, they’ve been through Manzopause! (You guys crack me up!)

  23. Ashley has her head so far up her own a*&. “WE haven’t started filming season 5 yet.” How does she know that she will be back. Even if she does know she’s coming back (please no, please no!!) I am pretty sure she isn’t supposed to talk about it. She isn’t even a housewife for pete’s sake. That is SO freakin carrazzzyyy that she would be bragging about starting to film a show where her own mother, stepfather, aunt, cousins, etc. never have one thing nice to say about her. I think it’s safe to say that most that watch the show think she’s an A%$ Hat. If my family members dogged me out 24- 7 in front of my parents….lets just say they wouldn’t just sit there and agree. And for Caroline to say that Ashley is trying to NOT look like Jacqueline- them’s fightin words. Nice loyalty there, Caroline. Thick as theives my butt. :)

  24. i can only hope bethenny’s show gets dropped as quickly as it was picked up. who wants to deal with another screeching harpy on tv?

    • That woman is gross! No effin way I’d watch her show! She is verbally abusive to her husband, she exploits her daughter for ratings, and she’s been a desperate celebrity wannabe since forever, using anyone and everyone to gain fame. The ultimate deal breaker for me though is that she’s played the vicitm card for so long because “her mother was an abusive alcoholic” but then goes out and earns a fortune by pushing alcohol to other women. She is vile!!!

      • That is not very nice. Her mother drank regular alcohol, while Bethanny is keeping this world skinny and drunk. So don’t worry about her daughter. It take a calorie counter to raise a child. So I think you should take that back. That poor girl has had to work real hard throwing out one-liners that are two seasons ago. And it can’t be easy to fake being cheap. And having to drag your shrink every where. And the time it takes to make your husband seem mean to you, that take time out of her skating schedule. BUt just in case she does go bust,, I am saving bean bags to throw in her clown mouth at the next state fair she will be at. Hell, I will even drink a skinny margarita right out of the bottle. Big sacrifice for me, I am a box girl myself.

        • Natashawonders, my deep dark secret is that I like BF( I have a soft spot for trainwrecks) but I have tears of laughter running down my face. “Her mother drank regular alcohol, while Bethanny is keeping this world skinny and drunk” might be one of the funniest things I ever read on here.

  25. I hope that Melissa, Kathy, Caroline, Jacqueline and everyone gets a visit from Danielle during the reunion. IDK if Andy would ever do that. But isn’t that what he’s about? Good television? Watching what happens? It would be PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT and is just what the Housewives as a whole needs right about now. That’s only if everyone is as bad as people say they are.

    Dina and Danielle should come back with Teresa along with one of Danielle’s friends, one of Dina’s and one of Teresa’s. It would be amazing TV.

    • Yes, yes, and yes!

      They must have Danielle at the reunion. It is the only way Cohen can redeem this boring mess.

  26. A thought: wouldthey have Ashleynon the reunion? They have’nt filmed that yet (that I’ve heard of), maybe that’s what she’s going over there for and that’s what she was referencing (they always film those in the hometown)?

  27. I was kinda of in a bad mood. Got some stuff out and feel great. Thank you you silly housewives in all the cities and air castles. I thank you. My life is good.

  28. Is Teresa wearing a pink version of Melissa’s bathing suit?
    They were Both awful Ladies!

  29. Also i’m willing to make bets that Tree’s friend from HaveFaith (Jennifer Stano) will be joining the RHWOBH this season or next.

  30. Mugshot: Clear view of her bra, very high slit straight up the front for easy access, lady Godiva length wig…advertsing for a new sugar daddy.

    • If it wasn’t for the see-thru crap I like that color on her. So disturbed to see that the pointy toed shoes are coming back in. These shoe designers are gonna end up crippling us all.

      • I won’t wear the pointy toed shoes. My Fred Flintstonesque feet barely survived this trend in the ’80s and I ain’t doing it again.

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