SH BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!!… Pot Meet Kettle… UPDATE… Blind Revealed

July 5, 2012  4:45 pm

Which Housewife just might get “revenge” for her “cheating” significant other?  This Housewife has not been her usual chatty self on ‘iconic’ social media outlets… and there’s a reason why!

There is much more to the story that what was recently revealed on TV!

Revenge is sweet…

BUT… she shouldn’t be poppin’ open any champs when this info comes out….

It will be put under the category:  POT MEET KETTLE!!



Did you all guess Vicki Guvalson????

All the clues pointed directly to Vicki… this couldn’t have been any easier!

  • ABC “20/20″ reported on “Revenge” and “Cheaters”
  • Crooks was “revealed” as DeadbeatDad on TV
  • Brooks Ayers is Vicki’s significant other
  • Vicki has not been tweeting and referred to herself as “iconic”
  • “champs” is to ID Vicki as an OC Housewife

MORE on this blind… coming very soon on SH.

65 comments on “SH BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!!… Pot Meet Kettle… UPDATE… Blind Revealed

  1. I think its Jac also because Iconic social media: Twitter and some lady on twitter is saying that she spoke to Life and Style Magazine about an affair she had with Chris.


  2. “popping open champs” refers to opening a bottle of champagne … a reason not to drink champagne is pregnancy. So a housewife is pregnant …


  3. Its Vicki. and the Revenge FOR her significant other is my clue. She is still soooooo clueless that she will take up FOR Crooks……. and that is pot meet kettle over the Slimey/Wretchen situation.


  4. I really do not know.. I was into all the hw…and now I cannot watch it! I follow only NJ (but not for long) and OC…I no longer can stand NY, BH and never watched Atlanta….
    So like other posters not take a week answer!


  5. As Arte Johnson said on Laugh In “……very interesting!” I refrained from posting the video because I always mess it up!


  6. Oh my goodness, you do love to play with us Ms. SH!! Now that you spelled out the hints, yes, of course, it could only be icky Vicki :D, LOL.


  7. all kidding aside it’s gotta be jackie ..
    i’d cheat too if i hadda live with that pieface imcbecile…


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