SH BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!!… Pot Meet Kettle… UPDATE… Blind Revealed

July 5, 2012  4:45 pm

Which Housewife just might get “revenge” for her “cheating” significant other?  This Housewife has not been her usual chatty self on ‘iconic’ social media outlets… and there’s a reason why!

There is much more to the story that what was recently revealed on TV!

Revenge is sweet…

BUT… she shouldn’t be poppin’ open any champs when this info comes out….

It will be put under the category:  POT MEET KETTLE!!



Did you all guess Vicki Guvalson????

All the clues pointed directly to Vicki… this couldn’t have been any easier!

  • ABC “20/20″ reported on “Revenge” and “Cheaters”
  • Crooks was “revealed” as DeadbeatDad on TV
  • Brooks Ayers is Vicki’s significant other
  • Vicki has not been tweeting and referred to herself as “iconic”
  • “champs” is to ID Vicki as an OC Housewife

MORE on this blind… coming very soon on SH.

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65 comments on “SH BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!!… Pot Meet Kettle… UPDATE… Blind Revealed

      • I think it’s Jac Laurita..I don’t get the champs thing either..but Iam going with Wacko Jacko.

        • Ok I am thinking Jacqueline because she has been very quiet on Twitter. Then I think of Vicki because of the what was revealed on TV part. And the “champs” makes me think of Heather but I don’t follow her so I don’t know how vocal she is on social media. But “champs” could also refer to Jacqueline since she seems to “drunk tweet” (allegedly)! This is a good one!

  1. Ok, so I have never done one of these blind items before so here it goes. The pot meet kettle comment and the bit about not being so chatty on social media scream Jac. The ‘so much more than we saw on TV’ makes me think Vicki since the 2020 piece and ‘Champs’ screams Heather. SH- you tricky girl!!

  2. Heather? When or How do we get told the answer? This used to make me nuts when Mother would make me guess gifts.

    • Brandi is not married though. She doesn’t refer to champagne as “champs” either. :S

  3. I may be reading too much into to the clue, but I don’t recall anyone’s significant other revealing that they were cheated on… Help I’m stumped on this one…. Vicki… Brandi Glanville& Eddie.. camille&Kelsey… Social Media outlets.. camille don’t tweet much… I’ll say Brandi RHOBH

    • Hey, is it Ramona? Last season rumors had Mario cheating. But revenge sounds like LuAnn or Sonya?

  4. Champs makes me think Heather Dubrow, but the TV thing makes me think Icky. Then again I don’t watch anything other than rhoc & rhobh (blinkers British Bev, blinkers lol).

    • I thought Heather too because of the champs, but then something about the revenge is sweet made me think of Sarah and the cake so I wonder if it has something to do with her?

  5. Why “pot meet kettle”?? Does that mean this HW cheated on her SO?? The only ones that have been outspoken about relationships (and judgmental) have been Jac and Vicki. The “champs” threw me off too though……….

  6. I know who it is, it’s Ava Drescher, the one who’s husband was with Luann and Sonja. Thats the only one that has had this issue brought up on television, Jax hasn’t and none of the others. So there is more to the situation that means that the story she told isn’t all of it.

  7. I’m going to guess Vicki. Heather is the “Champs” Champ, but her husband hasn’t had anything unsavory revealed on TV of late (or ever). Other reasons for my guess include the use of the term “significant other” as opposed to “husband,” and the fact that attention-whore Vicki has definitely been quiet on FB and Twitter since the story about Crooks broke. Also, you put “cheating” in quotation marks, which leads me to believe you are not talking about the usual definition of cheating.

  8. I think its Jac also because Iconic social media: Twitter and some lady on twitter is saying that she spoke to Life and Style Magazine about an affair she had with Chris.

  9. So much more than was recently revealed on TV (hmmmmm…20/20?). My guess is Vicki.

  10. “popping open champs” refers to opening a bottle of champagne … a reason not to drink champagne is pregnancy. So a housewife is pregnant …

  11. Its Vicki. and the Revenge FOR her significant other is my clue. She is still soooooo clueless that she will take up FOR Crooks……. and that is pot meet kettle over the Slimey/Wretchen situation.

  12. I really do not know.. I was into all the hw…and now I cannot watch it! I follow only NJ (but not for long) and OC…I no longer can stand NY, BH and never watched Atlanta….
    So like other posters not take a week answer!

  13. As Arte Johnson said on Laugh In “……very interesting!” I refrained from posting the video because I always mess it up!

  14. Oh my goodness, you do love to play with us Ms. SH!! Now that you spelled out the hints, yes, of course, it could only be icky Vicki :D, LOL.

  15. Oh, please!!!! How soon is soon? Should I stay awake? It’s getting pretty late for us right coasters!

  16. all kidding aside it’s gotta be jackie ..
    i’d cheat too if i hadda live with that pieface imcbecile…

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