TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s BravoTV Blog… Would Have Told Kathy Wakile “Don’t Do Housewives”… Tree “Ambushed”…

July 3, 2012  5:20 pm


I loved watching my girls work with their daddy on our new garage/shed building.

 Tree and Juicy’s new garage… where’s the second floor???

I’m proud that they’re hard workers. We all are.

Loved seeing them stucco.

 Milania walks off the job… “This stucco work is for losers… I’m gonna find where they hid the fireworks…”

I was also so happy Rosie came over to talk to me. It’s very sweet she’s upset about tabloid stories about her sister, but believe me, she was preaching to the choir! Yeah, I know! Ugly tabloid stories are one of the many reasons I never wanted to see my family go through this. If Kathy ever told me she was even considering joining the show, I would have told her this is one of the really bad downsides: every skeleton, every person you ever had an argument with, everything the tabloids can twist, they will. It’s not fun.

I actually think Kathy’s gotten off pretty easy, and I’m thankful for that. I don’t really remember seeing any negative Kathy stories except why would she come on RHONJ and bash her own cousin, and I think she probably expected those.

I thought it was interesting that Rosie  said she didn’t want the tabloid stories to “start a family war.” It’s been almost two full seasons now, and I’ve never said or written anything hurtful about Kathy or her family on the show (or in the press!).

Again, the big thing Kathy and Rosie are upset about? I was asked in a magazine interview if anyone harassed me about my spending since I’d filed bankruptcy, and I said the only person I can think of is my cousin, who teases me about shopping. I was talking about Richie, they put a picture of Kathy, but I’m sorry, I’m not seeing the huge insult here.

Yes, when he’s not calling me a bitch or “joking” about burning me on the stake, Richie does tease me about shopping. I didn’t say anything else, but you can see for yourself how they all are in my business making up stories about us building a garage, freaking out about what purse I’m carrying…

Unfortunately for me, St. Kathy herself isn’t so nice or restrained. Here’s what you have heard from Kathy’s own lips about me: “I guess intelligence is a different language for Teresa.” “It’s not my job to raise her.” And from her blogs: “Teresa, a bit of advice — it’s usually not a good idea to bring up your spending or someone’s alleged perception of it in the same conversation that you talk about your bankruptcy issues. Just sayin’.” And “When Teresa could not think of an intelligent response, what does she do? Hmm, she then decides to attack me for leaving the christening. Does anyone else see a pattern here? Why is it that whenever Teresa is confronted, she flips the table? Come on, you’ve all been watching.” Along with writing I’m “petty,” “pathetic,” and “mean spirited.”

And yet I’ve never had a “war” with her. I invite her to lunch and say I want to move forward, even though those insults are airing on TV at the same time.

This is the same time the mean stuff Melissa and my brother said about me in Season 3 is playing on TV, and yet I’m still trying to fix things. And they sit around and say I’m only trying to “make things right” with my family since my friends betrayed  me?

Um, excuse me, but what wasn’t “right” with my family? Oh yeah, my family betrayed me by joining the show behind my back and trashing me on it. I don’t want to keep bringing it up, but they keep bringing up our family “problems” and THAT’S our family problem!  No one else on any show has ever had to deal with an ambush like that. I think I’ve done a pretty good job with it. I got over it, forgave them, moved forward. I keep going to their events, I keep inviting them into my lives, and I keep my mouth shut about their personal lives. Have I ever said a word about their finances, lifestyle, pasts, parenting or personality problems?  I’m not suddenly interested in my family. I’ve ALWAYS been all about my family. I’m not perfect and I’m not saying I never had a private argument with anyone, but I’ve never publicly and intentionally hurt anyone in my family.

OK, back to Kathy and Rosie… It’s been weird to see Kathy put out there like she’s my only cousin. I obviously have other cousins — Rosie and her three brothers – just like I have other sister-in-laws, but only Kathy and Melissa joined the show, so I try to respect everyone else’s privacy. Once Rosie decided to come on the show more, we could talk.

                    Rosie Pierri … Wearing Kathy Wakile’s Communion dress…

It was nice to be able to sit with Rosie again and just talk face-to-face. I really looked up her to growing up. And it’s true, I was a papergirl because Rosie was! My father didn’t want me to, but I was obsessed with being like Rosie. Rosie got to take her bike, but my father had to drive me because he was nervous because I was younger.

I was close to both Rosie and Kathy, and when Kathy and Rosie had their issues, when Kathy didn’t want Rosie around, I stayed out of it. I let them work it out. I wasn’t trying to bring up the past because of anything other than Rosie sitting in front of me asking why things were the way they were. We were talking together about what we’ve been through, trying to learn from each other, comfort each other I think. Just like things are painful between me and my brother now, things were that way with her and Kathy. And it hurts. Rosie knows how I’m feeling because she’s felt that way. You can still see the pain in her face when we talk about it. But you can see I’m very careful not to bring up any details that would be hurtful to Rosie or Kathy. They were lucky enough to go through it privately and not on TV, and I respect their privacy. It did make me sick to my stomach to feel pulled between the two of them, and I’m so happy that after years of working it out and going to therapy together (which I only just found out! I guess some old-school Italians do go to therapy, but they keep it secret!), they fixed it. They’re actually an inspiration to me, because they got through it!

I was really hopeful therapy with my own brother was going to work, and I think you can see my brother and I are alike in a lot of ways. We’re both stubborn, we both think we don’t need therapy, but we love each other and we’re willing to try. We’re also not alike in a lot of ways. I would never talk to him like he talks to and yells at me. And I would never, ever bring my parents into this

 Dr. NewJersey… “You twoz can’t be helped… “

I did get a lot out of therapy that day, but after our session — out in the hall — I realized then that it wasn’t the past, it was the present that was bothering Joey. Joey truly believes the worst about me, believes bad rumors from bad people, and he can’t get over it. It breaks my heart.

I think that’s what it really boils down to: every bad thing that happens to or is ever written about Joey and Melissa, they blame me for. They accuse me of it on Twitter, on the show, in other magazines. I’ve never done anything to them, and I never would. First of all, I love my family. Second, their garbage would make me stink too, so why would I want that out there? Third, I’ve been through the anonymous and not-so-anonymous friends/sources putting out horrible lies about me, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Again, one of the reasons I didn’t want to do a show with my family.

When Joey brought up an article about our parents and blamed me for it, I could have died. First of all, if you know anything about me, it’s that I’m fiercely protective of my parents. I don’t ever talk about their private business on the show. Never have and never will.

My brother doesn’t seem to feel the same way, but what he forgets is how often he talks about their private business with everyone! He thinks the only place the story about my parents could have come from is me? Joey, you just told a contractor last week on TV about them! A guy who obviously has no loyalty because he was telling tales about me to you!

From the day I was first on RHONJ, there have been horrible tabloid stories about me, but at least they were only about me. Then Kathy and Melissa and my brother join the show, and suddenly there are stories involving my parents! Are you kidding me? It’s my worst nightmare!

I love my brother more than anything, but I really feel like our parents should be off-limits on the show. My parents didn’t sign up for this and they don’t deserve it. Regardless of what my brother says on television, me, my brother, and my parents know the truth, and let’s just leave it at that.

So, back to the tabloids…. Even though they know it’s not true (hello, 99 percent of the tabloid stories are bad ones about me!), everyone on the show keeps trying to blame me for the tabloid stories. They keep saying it over and over and over… Why? Because they hope if they say it enough, that will make it true.

Why would they want it to be true? I have no idea. It’s sad because I would never hurt any of them like this.

You’ve all known me for four years. I’ve never obsessed about anyone on our show, never went out of my way to “find out things” about them, taunt them on Twitter, harass them, have my family  harass them. It’s just not my style. I’ve never done the dirty stories, pretended to be a “source,” or talked to shady people route. Ever. I’m not letting bloggers video me in my foyer. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever talked to Radar Online in my life. I’m too smart, too spiritual, and too freakin’ busy to waste my time on this kind of stuff. I’m taking care of four little girls and working!

Hear me clearly, Jacqueline: I’m not trying to accuse anyone else of putting the stories out there, I’m just saying it’s not me. I know people over-analyze my blogs to try and find some way I hurt them, because they don’t have any real reason to be mad. I never did anything purposefully or publicly hurtful to anyone. Again, I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, but I never have and never would never try and hurt someone that way.

                                             Jax Laurita… “Buy my skin cream!!  It works for me… look at my neck!  And I might need the extra money for bail!”

And good grief, two weeks ago I wasn’t implying anything about Jacqueline’s husband in my blog! I was literally trying to give an easy but emotional example I thought she might understand since she didn’t get why me forgiving Melissa one time didn’t count for everything I didn’t know she’d done over the last two years!

I don’t know how many times I can say sorry. I’m sorry I can’t take the blame for everything in everyone’s life. I’m not trying to take anyone down. I’m too busy trying to live my own life, trying to make myself a better person. Right after this season, I went on  Celebrity Apprenticeto find a new side of myself, and I think I found it. You all saw me there, and how I handled the pressure of that challenge. I learned a lot, and I will hopefully keep learning. Leaving the drama behind and raising money for sick children for NephCure put everything in perspective for me, and I’ll never be the same. Our time on earth is short, and I want to spend it helping people and raising my beautiful girls and enjoying my marriage, not trolling on Twitter to hurt people I’m mad at.

I’m going to just keep moving forward, continuing to open my heart to new people and new opportunities, and pray for the best for everyone.

I hope you’re all enjoying the summer! I’m loving the beach and the sunshine!

NOTE:  Tree just learned the word “malicious”… she’s usin’ big words and not many grammar errors in her BravoBlog. (It’s burning at the stake… not burning ON the stake…)   Tree’s blog is very detailed and flows too easily to be written by Tree.   So, whomever is writing Tree’s BravoBlog… nice job!!!

This from RHOC applies to the perceived family injustices felt by Tree!!

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142 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s BravoTV Blog… Would Have Told Kathy Wakile “Don’t Do Housewives”… Tree “Ambushed”…

  1. I love Teresa and I hope she smashes the motley crew with a two by four to the face!!

    • Great Post lol !! I really think WhackoJaco is sselling the stories. She is so obseesed with bashing Teresa every chance she get’s. I can totally see her selling these stories , knowing Teresa will be blamed. I’m not saying I don’t believe Teresa has ever sold a story , because ofcourse she has , but I can’t see her ever selling one that involves her parents.

  2. Teresa is so full of it. If it’s her “worst nightmare”, STOP DOING REALITY TV!

    • Actually she never wanted her family problems played out on TV. Melissa and Kathy did though. Teresa had no choice. She needs the money.

      • Lol Antonella. She kinda is, isn’t she? I didn’t like her anti Danielle antics, but now it seems like much of that was from Chuckie’s leadership. She got sucked in by Chuckie to do fighting for her, much like Jax. But now that she is on her own, I really don’t see much hate from her, unlike Jax who seems to be constantly seething hate. Tre fights back when she is attacked, but even then you see despite her adrenaline pumping she doesn’t really hit below the belt. Jax is an idiot for letting jealousy and Chuckie lead her to ruining her friendship with Tre.

    • Just a reminder, to paraphrase this site owner, there are no “teams” on this particular HW site. I can’t stand “teams,” personally.

      • Oh, wow, I’m so embarassed! Thank you, Lisa! I just happened to read the SH rules today and didn’t see that mentioned, so I didn’t realize it was verboten! I want to be a good community member, so I appreciate the reminder.

        • Listen, I really find Teresa to be very entertaining and even endearing. I personally love how she expresses herself, her mannerisms, etc. Riveting. And there are things about the other HWs in this (and other franchises) I also quite “cotton” to. With one exception — “Taylor,” or whatever she likes to call herself.

          These women are cast for a reason — they have no fear or shame in their quest for fame, and have the types of personalities that really get viewers discussing.

  3. Teresa’ blogs are great. If there’s one thing you can say about her, it’s that she’s got the PR thing down. She’s obviously surrounded herself with a competent team and she actually listens to them.

    • I hope she listen to them before the reunion. I want to see Teresa smashing chuck & cia.

      And ANDY and team, f you really read the viewers’ opinion:

      Its annoying when Chuck starts with “i know what you did. I wish i could tell everybody about who you really are but i cannot cause of blah blah blah”. No one buys that anymore.
      If you cannot talk about, do not talk about, bulldog! It sounds fake and stupid.

  4. Let me start off by saying B-R-A-V-O Ion Know Who Wrote this Blog Tree it Ghost Writer… Well done They made some very good points… This only make me like Tree more and more…

  5. Hope it’s okay to post part of someone else’s comment from the Bravo site. Read it, and it’s s a very good point (I still say Kathy is an uber-snake):
    “When YOU found out the means by which Melissa joined with Danielle, which proved Melissa’s intent which is still unfathomable to anyone I know….., you should have been at Teresa house YESTERDAY saying “Sorry, I had no idea, and I’m so sorry I actually helped her carry it out because unbeknownst to me, she manipulated me too.” BUT YOU DIDN”T Kathy, nooo, you continue to climb on here and play the game of arguing points for your “side.” And the game the points are counted for is the same it has been since you signed on the dotted line: “Take Teresa down.”. You didn’t go to Teresa once you found out about Melissa, which a normal person would have, I would have been aghast! This proves to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you not only KNEW what Melissa had done, but you were a crucial player in the game with Melissa. My God, you helped Melissa, in fact, your role was pivotal. And YOU’RE mad that Teresa talked to your sister behind your back? wah, wah, wah. You badmouthed Teresa to her brother too many times to count! AHHHHH! Ya know,m I’m going to be honest because that’s what these blogs are for. I hope Bravo realizes you have nothing more to offer as the wingman for Melissa, and you are left to sit off camera, forever, just mulling in what you did for your shot at fame to your own cousin. You can hang with Caroline, you know, the person you have always been so worried about. I really do! But my fear is, we will suffer through you and your husband another year, while you play the game again, all the while writing and releasing YOUR cookbook. Your saving grace is Rosie. She’s the only one who doeasn’t let this reality show status make her forget that you all grew up together. Even at Melissa’s “On Display” release party (sorry, I just threw up a little in my mouth) she didn’t wonder where the cameras were, or where Caroline was. She went to Teresa and Joe because things had been bad in her FAMILY. She remembered that this show is just a part of your lives, she did what us normal folks out here were hoping you would have done for two years now. She remembered that family, FAMILY outweighs a reality show mission. She wasn’t worried about teams, and about sticking to the destroy Teresa plan to help her mision in The Bravo Money Making Machine! Clearly, you have not changed your tactics, which means they have been in place from the start.”

    • I want Kathy to be on this show one more season, just one more season. There is no way they will continue the “attack Teresa” plot for three seasons straight, and Caroline and Jacko’s ugly innards have already been served up on a platter for viewers to feast on this season.
      That leaves the plump, juicy, seemingly innocent Kathy, the snakiest of all snakes, for the next course. Let’s see if she weathers it as well as her awful cousin Teresa.

      • I am ambivalent about this because if I see Kathy stick her tongue down Dick’s throat ever again I will end up in a mental institution for PTSD sufferers.

    • The fact that Kathy is relegated to spending holidays with Teresa’s brother instead of her three brothers shows that her “all about family” is BS. I don’t wish any ill will on Kathy. Know why? She’s got a life sentence . . . with Creepy Dickie.

    • Anything she comes out with as far as cook book or whatever. I for one will not support. There is way to much negativity associated with her. Plus her husbands horrid comments and hate are so disgusting.

      • You gotta admit his threat to stick Milania in the snow like a spear to freeze her lips shut was very amusing. Plus he does have quite accurate descriptions of the other cast members.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if Bravo’s got a lot of as-yet unaired footage of him saying things that will make Joe Guidice look like an angel by comparison.

          I’ve got a feeling that Bravo’s going to release the Kraken on the entire Wakile family if they get asked back next season.

    • I can’t stand Kathy and I don’t understand how anyone is buying her innocent act! She is worse then Melissa because she encourages Melissa to be the conniving b*tch that she is! Kathy coaches her on how to push Teresa’s buttons. Sweet Kathy gets fired and her business bentures fail and let’s see how fast she switches from team Melissa to Team Teresa. I hope Teresa tells her to go scratch! Kathy tried to take credit for the recipes in Teresa’s cookbook which are her mom and MIL recipes. Kathy is related throught her dad not mom, AND Kathy’s mom did not grow up in the same house as Teresa’s dad so how can Kathy claim the recipes are from her family too? Kathy needs to be more consistent with her lies

  6. I luv Milania She is so Mischievous &Those matching overalls…Too cute!!

  7. These characters are blogging over producer-induced scenes that were taped about a year ago. I have a difficult time swallowing all this “war” stuff as real. It is entertaining, though. I think that’s what it’s supposed to be.

  8. Dear Kathy:

    Do u know what real family does when a family member needs support or is celebrating success, check out Sheila Giudice’s twitter, she has photos at Teresa’s events, ie book signings. Fabellini launch, etc. She’s not out doing the talk show circuit looking for air time where the only topic you discuss is TERESA.

  9. The best advice I could think to give to Teresa is STOP (REFUSE) to film with these animals! Then where would ALL of the story lines go? I mean really the rest of them are a real snooze fest! Don Caro is boring as hell and I for one am tired of listening to how wonderful her kids are and what a wonderful job she did with them! I wouldn’t really be all that proud of a bunch of UNEMPLOYED, complaining, bratty, self indulgent 20 somethings! Jax is a joke, she is grasping at anything that will give her a story line so she can keep this gig because we ALL know she is having $ troubles! Melissa is the most transparent THING on reality t.v. Then there is Kathy, she is like watching paint dry, and that husband of her’s makes me want to throw up! Team Teresa!

    • I would LOVE for Andy to be fired too, because he is the biggest b*tch of them all! There is no show without Teresa, but Andy is so spiteful, he is doing everything he can to make the views hate Teresa so he can get his revenge and have her fired. Andy is the biggest grudge holder of them all!!

  10. I’m pretty sure she didn’t write this, but again, I say good for her for hiring good people to do what she can’t. I hope she keeps hitting back, I think what these people (all of them including Bravo) have done to her is despicable.

  11. I love Milania. I want to set up a Milania Fund to be used for her future needs (college or bail). Love love love her!!

      • So true Ms SH, that’s why I identified bail for her future needs. I love that kid something fierce. She is and will be Juicy’s purgatory. I just played her top 10 for my bf and even he thought she was quite the little gangsta.

      • Commenting that I am totally in love with her? That can’t be off limits. She reminds me of me!! She can do what I did, to secure no jail time, date a cop and live in Hudson County.

        • My Grandma used to call us Stinkers, i think that’s Grandma talk for brat, but she always laughed when she called us that. I think Milania is a Stinker! She’s funny and loud. Every big family has a loud mouth kid who is just trying to be heard. She gets her dad to laugh at her naughy remarks, and thats what she wants, attention.

          • My daughter loves her older brother so much, she just wants his attention, and if she can’t get it in a nice way, she will take it in a fight. She is constantly picking on him. I think that’s what Milania does to Gia.

          • In the South, we would say “that Milania is a MESS!” or “what a PISTOL that one is!” “Mess” in this context means an adorable, mischievous, butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth-and- she-has-her- daddy wrapped-around-her-finger, naughty girl!

          • I got called that a lot growing up! I was a lot like Milania – a big brat! I mellowed out and changed a lot around 11 or 12. It was probably because it stopped being “cute” and people where reacting differently to me.

        • I saw that. Just thought that Bail was a little harsh. Only because their fathers situation I guess. Thats all.

    • Milania needs to get on a girls (or even boys lacrosse or soccer team as soon as possible. I had a frisky son and this was an excellent cure for his aggressions. And they are tired at the end of the day. And Milania can still wear a bow! How about Rugby?! They beat the daylights out of each other. Love me some Milania!

  12. I thought it was cruel that joe was going to pour concrete on the little frogs in the hole….what kind of lesson is that for his children….

  13. Props to Tree and her writer…fake it to you make it. Why would Slow Gorga out his parents? Leave the parents out of it! That’s just wrong.

    • The ummpa lumpa and his fame stripper wife have no shame. A man who would humiliate his parents is worthless.

      • Dear Slow Joe:

        The reason that ur father prefers his SIL Juicy over u is because u are worthless. It appears that ur hair plugs have seriously impacted the family loyalty part of ur brain. So let’s be clear, take off the dress that ur wife makes u wear or go bury ur head in shame.

        Love and Kisses

      • Agreed, Antonella. He’s not a man, hes an whiny insensitive, ingrateful piece of s**** fame whore. I feel bad for his parents.

        Cant stand him.

      • ummpa lumpa – bwahhahaha! Perfect description for Gorga, Poison of the Jungle! :-)

    • You can bet your boots they will never speak to him again as long as they live. Implying that an old fashioned Italian man needs to be “taken care of” for twelve years by his embarrassing, cross-dressing dwarf of a son is more insulting to an Italian than being accused of being a serial killer or a Frenchman. Believe me, I’ve got the same kind of father in-law. They have a rule book of etiquette, but it is stored in their heads and only they know what is in it. You can cause someone to storm away from the table because they way you poured the wine was insulting. You sure as shite don’t talk about how poor your parents are.To the waitress, much less the entire nation. OMG you have no idea!
      Joe Guidice knows the rules which is why Mr. Gorga likes him. I would also wager that they never speak to Kathy’s mother again for telling that story. have had thirty years of watching how the Italian family operates. At least the ones from Carol St. In Brooklyn.

      • OMG, are u my SIL cause u just described my father! Insult to injury, if u remember, according to old lady Pierri, Teresa’s dad and Kathy’s dad didn’t speak over their business, and now idiot JoGo tells the world that he’s supporting his father. Talk about putting a smile on Kathy’s face while destroying his father.

      • I agree wholeheartedly with your post. I come from a verrrrry Italian family and, like it or not, there are fundamental rules one follows regarding respect and privacy, especially when dealing with elders. In the eyes of the Gorga parents, the way Joe Go speaks to and about them is a disgrace to the whole family, . I’ve personally seen family members cut out of other family members’ lives for less than what he’s done, and he’s done things in the most public way possible.

      • Or the ones from Bensonhurst…. Can you imagine????? It scares me to think about it.

  14. Nice to see the reference “trolling on Twitter” in her blog. Wonder if some of the trolls are smart enough to recognize themselves? Nah. Jax is too drunk , Chuckie and the Chucklets too enamored with themselves and MeGo to busy with their poison.

  15. I am with ya Antonella…..I am so entertained by Milania. I think cuz i have never been around a kid like that…she is one in a million for sure. The girl is the original little gangsta….do you think she knows she has a t-shirt dedicated to her?

  16. In a few years, Teresa will be lamenting the treatment by her children who should have learned respect and discipline from a very young age.

    • Tangy Orange,I think the exact opposite is true, you can preach to your kids like Caroline and every word you say is phony and children really do learn the examples they live with. I predict Teresa will be treated exactly the way she treats her parents, with respect, love and gratitude. I also think Teresa’s girls will be hard workers, another example they learned from Mommy. Also Teresa and Joe’s kids have spunk and are not afraid of much because they are sure about how much they are loved. Absolute, unconditional love will get you further in life than any arbitrary rules.

        • OMG I just noticed my comment said IA Tangy I meant to write IA ViewerLainie… nothing wrong with Tangy’s views those are hers but I agree unconditional love gets anyone farther in life.

      • “Absolute, unconditional love will get you further in life than any arbitrary rules” I LOVE THIS…My mother after each conversation would tell me how much she loves…ALWAYS…at times that alone gives me confidence…knowing my parents loves me have definitely led me to make better decisions and stand up to fear…UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IS EVERYTHING

        • I agree. When Gia had her bad day at Jax’s party, Tre gave her a big hug and calmed her down. Gia was fine the rest of the day. Despite DonCaro’s remarks about disrepect, Tre knew the day was stressful for Gia. Gia came with Tre – so Tre could be the “team player.” She really wanted – and probably belonged – with her family at the shore. But she supported her mom and went to Jax’s. Yeah-to a 10 year old, Joe Gorga cheated and she got upset. I bet you dollars to donuts if those kids sassed their grandparents or the teacher at school, Tre would give them holy hell. And they would never do it again. Gia competes in gymnastics competitions and does well – without cheating.

          • I wouldnt write off Tre kids just yet There is still time But IMO tre really needs to start instilling some discipline real discipline not just say Stop it and go back to applying her Lip gloss. Milania even dosnt take her serious did you catch her say If you do that (send her to her room) it means you dont love me That was a pretty manipulative thing to say to a parent. My lips would have flown across the room had I said that
            I know people think her kids are just lovely and fun(and they are) but they are really out of control at time and you can see Discipline isn’t part of their normal routine

            I will say they do have there warm family moments Like helping dad stucco the house I really smiled thru that whole scene it was one of the Guidice scenes i really liked watching.

    • Here’s the difference @Tangy, anything u say about Tree’s kids “should have learning respect or discipline” and how they act in the future is speculation. With the Manzo kids, there’s no speculation necessary, they are a bunch of undisciplined, nasty bitter wannabeees. ALLEGEDLY.

  17. I was surprised to see a Male contractor gossiping about other paying clients..Was he that desperate to get some air time? he made a complete A hole out of himself.
    Well if that is what he was going for he succeeded.

    • Oh Chia, that was indeed odd that a spontaneous conversation between Joe and his contractor occurred while the BRAVO team was present and filming? Why the nerve of that contractor… spreading gossip and the like! Oh, wait – now that I think about that – that must have been one of those “non-scripted” moments. :-)

    • aother fame whore! reminded me of last season when that buck-teeth stylist came to Melissa’s house to dress her and started trouble saying stuff Teresa said about Melissa to her.

  18. I think the only way Tree and her brother will be able to resolve their issues and have the close relationship they once had is if one of their marriages goes belly up and the other is able to reclaim primary support in the other’s life. Sad as it is, there’s just way too much history and other voices constantly in their heads for anything to get past the marriages they have in place now..

    I can’t help liking Tree and Kathy, they both have appeal for me. It’s hard not to like Kathy seeing her with her family who all seem genuinely close. Rosie’s pic and story about her commuion made me LOL..

    Whoever writes Tree’s blog does do a great job because it actually does sound close to how she expresses herself.

  19. Am I the only one who thought it was odd when Joe Gorga commented on Tree wearing red at the shrink’s office and said “sexy” with that creepy tone…it seemed like a weird thing to say or even think about your sister.

      • technically he said she looked nice and that red was a sexy color He didnt say Teresa you look sexy in red.
        Their whole relationship is skeevy to me I swear Tre wants her Boyfriend back
        and thats why she hates melissa

      • I have two brothers and can’t imagine them making a comment like that to me. I get a really creepy vibe from him. He’s like a dirty old man who makes you uncomfortable. ::shiver:: WTH makes him think we want to hear about his creepy poison?

        He doesn’t have a filter. Almost every word that comes out of his mouth is inappropriate imo. I even thought the comment he made to Ryan Seacrest about his sex life was vulgar and Ryan obviouly was grossed out by it too. Who does that?

        • They both give off a creepy vibe Joe has no filter thats true IMO Tre wants her boyfriend back and mel is the one blocking that from happening.
          One thing i agree with joe about is who wants to go to family functions knowing yolur sister is going to be a Beotch to your wife and visa versa its best to just avoid it

          • I’m with you on this one. Did you notice how Tre changed her tone when speaking to JoGo? It was a flirty tone… :-| and ewwwww!

    • I thought that was a weird comment too. Perhaps Joey thinks he was swapped out with another fambily and its a-ok to think his sister’s dress is sexy? Wouldn’t that be sumpin to find out Papa Gorga got him off of a shoeless family in exchanged for cobbled shoes for life? bahahahahahha. Ima gettin bored. So Ima just gonna make up my own story.

  20. Tree’s kids all work harder than any of the Manzo or Laurita brats(assuming Dinas Daughter didn’t take the Manzo name)

    • Why does everyone think the Manzo and Laurita families are not working? Just because you don’t see them working doesn’t mean that they aren’t. I saw Ashley at McDonalds the other day. She asked me if I wanted Fries with my order. She was really nice. I recognized her by the fading skull tatoo on her hand.

      • LOL–and I suppose Critterfur and Moobie washed your car windows with BLK!!

        • Yes! I saw them… Albie whines the whole time about breaking a nail; so Critterfur does all the work. They were both dropping febus bombs though. ;-)

          • Albee is so closeted & Critotard hardly works hard but he does do most of the work when their is work to be done. I think Albee Gay & Lolli Pop Headed Greg are a couple. Caroslime is so in denial.

          • And Lauren sells Avon. She will deliver directly to your home. She only delivers on Wednesday. If you want it on another day, you gotta drive to Franklin Lakes and ring the door bell 3 times. DonCaro will not answer the door – promise!!!

            • Lol at least she commutes. That one day anyway. Baby steps…
              Where’s her make up bar btw? The local mall or in the city?

  21. Could JoeGo have a sexual addiction? He seems obsessed with sex and associates everything with it. The way he talks to his wife with the “poison”, sniffing her bikini bottoms and making crude sexual inuendo all the time. He needs to definitely keep seeing a therapist.

    • Eeeeew!!!! He sniffed her bikini bottoms? I missed that part. That’s perverted. He is a panty sniffing pervert. Gross! I, too, think it is repulsive the way he is always talking about sex and making sexual references. He does it in front of the kids, too. He has no boundaries. He acts more like a priapic teenager than a grown man.

      • I dated a Guy once who was really into women smells I wouldn’t call it perverted just a sexual turn on to him. Joe shouldn’t do it in front of his kids however
        As for sexual addiction No i dont think if he did he would be having sex multiple times a day with more then just his wife, People who have sex addiction do Not have lots of sex because they like it In fact they hate it and themselves its just like all addictions ( i really need to stop watching law and order svu It makes me google to much stuff)

        Joe and The Guidices need to tone the sex stuff down I swear if Chewy pulls out another vibrator i am going to dig my eyes out with a spork

      • IMO he has a Napolean Complex. He’s a short, tiny man and tries to make up for his size by talking about how much sex he has. It’s disgusting! I

        I’ve known and read about men like him and they are usually impotent at times. It’s all talk. No action. Many men who have the “little man complex” also will talk about beating people up and how “tough” they are. They’re really sad, little, pathetic wannabe men.

    • JoGo is just doing it for attention. To stand out from everyone else on the show and have something to be famous for. It got him some laughs last season, but now it is played out and annoying. His sister was always talking about sex and had a temper, so Joe is copying her in order to get as famous as her. His actions at the christening were premeditated. Joe banging on the table was suppose to be as notorious as the table flip. Who goes that crazy over their sister saying congrats? He planned on fighting with her that night. He is a sick attention whore!

  22. i think her ‘girls’ work well when they are dressed in identical designer pink shirts with matching “ovr-alls) designer pink shoes.. just super for working with stucco..and oh yeah those adorable head raggeez give us a break.s…to daintily mop the sweat from their hard working little brows…..

  23. I love Teresa & her family. I think what she says actually is correct. You can tell Rosie & Kath didn’t always get along & I can see Kathy as the type that would have “shut” her gay sister out of her reindeer games. I have always too been able to tell that Tree & Juicy Joe love Rosie just the way she is. & She is right in that before it was junk just about Tree & Joe now because of Melissa & Kath it is about the whole family. That is probably pretty hard regardless of the money. I hope they all work it out. As for Jackassline & Caroslime Clownzo, I hear they are not back for season 5. OH HAPPY DAY. Both are ugly ass boring old hags. Jax looks like a wax dummy & yeah if you are gonna get a face lift or 2 get your elephant neck lifted too lady. Cryst you are a make up artist & you have to be told that???? Caroslime is a mean girl and just an angry bitch. She has never been pretty, fashionable or interesting. Her kids seem like losers to me. Lazy, fat, & Albee is closeted obviously. & Now in the Star & other ragsheets Caroslime is posing with the Mobwives. Yeah okay Cal you’re one of em suuuuuuuurrreeee! Its Al Manzo’s dad that was associated with the Mob not Caroline’s Dad & Caroline is so un Italian. Doesn’t speak it look it or act it. Watch her & then watch Big Anj come on, no contest. Bye bye to the the Manzo/Laurita clan & not a minute too soon! YAAAWN!

  24. I truly feel sorry for Teresa’s parents. They seem to be very kind, loving people. I think T is telling the truth about trying to protect them from the tabloids and crazies. On the other hand, her brother is such a wimp that he’s more interested in one-upping Teresa that he doesn’t give a damn about his parents. I can’t even begin to imagine how humiliated they must have been when he announced on national TV that he supports them. He’s such a whiny little bitch!

    I’ve noticed several times that Teresa and Joe’s parents are embarrassed by him. Remember the christening? What kind of man does what he did? No wonder they like Teresa’s husband more. To them, I bet their son is a major disappointment. He’s petty and small not only in stature but he’s a small , whiny little man with a Napolean Complex who lets his wife run his life and relationships. I bet that drives his parents crazy!

    He’s also too stupid to understand how his wifeypoo eggs him on and gets him wound up about Teresa. She’s kept that feud going week after week. My husband would never allow me to constantly whine about his sister. My brothers would also never be little cry babies either. They would stand up to me and their wives for causing family problems. Family comes first and nobody should be allowed to constantly keep a family torn apart like MeGo do.

    • I hate to pull out the Culture thing But Is it not common in the Italian culture for the kids to help the parents out even if they can support themselves I know it is common in Asian cultures its usually the eldest male child who cares for the Parents as they get older often having them live with them or building a in law suite on the house.
      Maybe Joe supports his parents because it tradition and nothing to be ashamed of

      • Lisa, thanks for bringing up their Culture. I totally understand the culture thing but that’s not what I meant. If Teresa’s parents are like mine, they wouldn’t like for their personal business to be broadcast on national TV for all their friends and family to see.

        My parents are very proud, private people and I suspect Teresa’s are too. I just see no reason to embarrass them that way. We help my parents too but I don’t go around telling their personal business to the immediate world.

        Older people seem to keep things more to themselves than our generation does. They absolutely think it’s horrible that kids today put their entire lives on Facebook. They just don’t get it at all. lol

        • I totally understand and you are correct he shouldn’t have broadcast it on the TV.
          I am beganing to think There is something wrong with the Gorgas frontal lobes which is were your filter is.

        • after hearing Joe supports their parents, which has probably embarrassed them with the Paisans, it all adds up to me. They tolerate Joe and Melissa because they need their son to support them and Melissa is startig trouble because she wants him to have problems with his parents so he no longer has to support them.

  25. even if it is common in any culture for the son to take care of his elder parents. in no culture is it
    o.k. for that son to announce to the world. can u say loser.

  26. Alright yall. I watched, and I watched HARD to find something bad to day about the TheRapist. Only thing I can come up with is he is a proffesional who films a friggun session for a cable network television show. Hims is a quack too just like Dr. Sockless Sophony. I ‘spect he aint got no underwares own either. But so far,no one has dies on his watch so he is a frog hair better than Dr. SoPhony. Just a froghair though.

      • lol. We had a family councling session with our preacher once when I was growing up. He was telling my step-dad that he didnt give a flying fig how mad he got he shouldnt talk to us like he did.(take Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket X10 and that was my stepdaddy, God love him, he truly didnt know any better) But anyways, I got a giggle fit over hearing my preacher saying flying fig to my stepdad that I almost wet myself. Good times.

  27. Hello again…Happy 4th of July….Great day with my family and friends. My parents are very private people. I can’t think of a time when me and my sisters would have a fight and my father would call us. He would always say the same thing. “Girls, you fight in this house, you say what you want to each other in this house, but once you step out that door, you say nothing about your sisters or me and mommy. Right or wrong you defend each other and us. If I hear one word about any of you talking about the other, you deal with me.” That’s all we need to hear. My parents where wise to let us have our issues in the house, but never EVER did we take our biz or our parents biz to the outside. My father would have our butts.

    Ok fast forward to my children. They act wild at home, maybe say things they shouldn’t, do things that they know are wrong, but take them out in public and they are “Angels”. I rather have my kids act like animals at home, but know that once they step foot out that door it’s the same rules that my father issued. My parents would never speak to me or my sisters if we put their biz out like that. Do we help our parents, yes because that’s what children should do, but you NEVER EVER bring it up to them, or others EVER. You do what you do because you love and care for them. As they get older, more health issues come forth and you want to make sure they are ok. You don’t want them to worry about deciding if it’s food, heat, or meds that they can afford. With my parents language has been a issue, so we want to make sure no one takes advantage of them and make sure they understand what’s being said. It’s just what we saw my parents do for our grandparents, what we do for them and hope our children do for us.

    I think Tre’s girls will be ok..

    • firstgeneration, we may have the same parents! lol My parents had the same rule about being loyal to one another and keeping our personal business at home. I still, as an adult, don’t discuss my business, my parent’s business or my brother’s business with anyone except my family.

      Family loyalty was so instilled in us and I instilled it in my girls too. It’s a good quality to have. When someone tells me something they never have to worry that it will go any farther than me. I like that and it’s helped me along the way all of my life. Teresa and her brother need to be taught that. I shudder each time they start telling family business on national TV!

      • Its what they are paid to do in reality
        I wish they wouldn’t parade their sex lives all over TV Now that would embarrass my parents sex was only something my mom brought up to embarrass us at the dinner table

        • Lordy bee my momma tried to terrify me about sex. She woud try to come up with the most painfully graphic disturbing disgusting words she could to describe what happened when your hymen gets punctured, burst, desimated,destoryed, demolished, torn,ripped, gutted….ect.ect. and to hear her tell it you could friggun bleed to death. My momma was awfully crafty, she knew that “save yourself for someone special” stuff would not do the trick. She played on my low tolerance for discomfort.

            • For a time I got married off when I was 17 years old so I didnt have too long to play at the slutpuppy thing.

              • My mom didnt do the scare tactic But I was told That my husband would teach me everything I would need to know so she didnt need to. One time After i was married My mom blurted out SO LISA HOW DO YOU LIKE ORAL SEX My dad was there to
                I wanted to open the car door and jump out.

              • oh man Lisa. That had to be embarrasing. Question, was she talking about how did you like GIVING oral sex or how did you like getting it? Not that it matters but.. still

              • My mother constantly preached that we were entitled to mess up our lives all we wanted but not permitted to bring a new life into the mix. She believed birth control was god’s gift to women.
                The other piece of wisdom she shared was that some men couldn’t control their urges and if I should ever find myself in that situation I could offer to just touch it. Not sure what IT was.

    • This is EXACTLY what I was taught and exactly why I find, Joe Gorga, Kathy and Melissa disgusting! Joe and Kathy know better. With the way Melissa and her sister’s act, it is obvious they weren’t raised with the highest morals. They are dishonest, mean, trailer trash. Unfortuatelty these Marcos were able to convert Joe to their way of thinking.

  28. Did anybody else notice the difference between the way Tree spoke to Rosie during their chat & the way she has spoken to her brother, Melissa etc?

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