KYLE RICHARDS: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards… 10 Things We Love About HagFaceKyle!!…

July 3, 2012  11:00 am


 Kyle has stopped using her LizardLipLickin’ tongue to speak!

 Kyle can make a complicated, messy lasagne in the area of a silver picture frame!

 Kyle can make bakery-bought desserts appear… but only FOUR!!  Uh, oh!  Someone doesn’t get dessert!!

 Kyle can make her lasagne using only bland ricotta!!   Amazing!!

 Kyle can trim her lasagne noodles with all her jewelry on… wearing a sheer blouse!  Kyle’s not afraid of the cuffs dipping into her “homemade” sauce!

 Kyle knows what kitchen shears are!

 Kyle’s massive “ManHands” mitts can actually fit into a pair of kitchen shears!!

 Kyle carefully places each tiny shred of mozzarella on her lasagne one shred at a time… the process takes 37 hours because of the unwieldy size of Kyle’s “ManHands” mitts! 

 Kyle has the same look of surprise as viewers have when they see Kyle on TV!!!

 Kyle is not afraid to allow everyone to see her blemished face!!

  OOOPS!  Kyle still uses that LizardLipLickin’ tongue of hers!  Guess the Bravo editors didn’t catch that one!!

 Kyle loves her “ManHands”!!!…

 … and WE love Kyle’s “ManHands”!!   (OH, NO!!!  Are those age spots on Kyle’s bejeweled mitts???)

Don’t forget… Kyle’s ADOPTED!!!

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  1. I loved it when Kyle had to pull the price tag off of the oven mitt! That proved how often she cooks her “homemade” lasagne for her family. LMAO

    Kyle needs to spend some of the money she wastes on Chanel bags to hire a stylist. It must take lots of energy and effort for her to continue dressing like it’s 1980.


    • I agree about the stylist… her fashions seem “off”…. the sizing, prints something is a miss.


    • I was horrified at the number of Chanel bags she has in her “collection”. 25 BAGS!!! At $2500.00 PLUS each. Wow!! Mauricio better keep selling houses. Geez!! She has a huge Channel collection but uses Pantene hair products (not that there’s anything wrong with Pantene, but it doesn’t work so well for me),


      • Hollianna: You need to make friends with your Chanel salesperson, they will notify you of Chanels that they want to get rid of… oh, excuse me… that they feel you may have looked at and were interested in while in the store, at a deep discount. New Chanel bags can be had for way under $2,500…. and we’re not talkin’ the Chanels on Canal St.!! LOL!! TFC!! SH


        • Chanels that “fall off the truck”? LOL. The salespeople in my Chanel store are snooty so I guess no Chanel purses for me :-). I’m not a fan of accessories that cost that much anyway. But I have to admit, I almost died when I saw Kyle’s collection. Especially since her sister is practically destitute. (I’m not really a Kyle fan),


  2. What I find amazing is that with all the money Kyle has, can’t she go get a mani??? I know people who make less than $20K a year who have better looking nails and go for mani’s frequently. It’s not expensive. She looks like she works as a gardner doing hard labor with those mitts. AND, knowing that we call her manhands, and that one of her favorite things would be her ring, she knew her hands would be on camera. Put in a little effort lizard lickin’ Kyle. And I don’t know about you all, but when I bake lasagna it takes more than 30 mins in the oven. I don’t believe for one minutes she ever makes lasagna from scratch.


  3. Now here goes SD in a glass house throwing rocks!!! I could not resist! Those are some SERIOUS age spots on her hands! wow!!


  4. when I read the caption I thought….really?….what 10 things can we find to like about kyle…..but props to ms SH….you did it.
    #11….pores large enough to be seen from space…..


  5. Kyle loves herself enough for everyone! Anyone who has to brag as she does has nothing I’d be envious of! I believe she’s sell her youngest child to be a “star” again. Even on any of her media info she put “aunt to Paris H.” I’d never admit that!


  6. One thing I noticed is that Kyle said she converted and is now Jewish. That she loves and has embraced it. But isn’t she wearing a cross?


    • Kyle’s Judaism certainly is a mystery to me. Remember when she went to Palm Springs because that is where they go for Easter? Remember when she was on WWHL and Andy was surprised she was Jewish and asked her what kind? She said Orthodox, yet just made a dish with meat and dairy. Not exactly a kosher meal. Never a mention of the kids going to Hewbrew school , the family going to synagogue or even a shabbat dinner. I wonder if she has ever even uttered shalom?


  7. whoever wrote 10 favorite kyle a F**##ING genius! i havent laughed this hard in a long time. thanks..for making my day!


  8. I hear Vyle’s new venture is a spin off TV show called “Lizard Lick Towing” on Tru-tv!!


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