KYLE RICHARDS: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards… 10 Things We Love About HagFaceKyle!!…

July 3, 2012  11:00 am


 Kyle has stopped using her LizardLipLickin’ tongue to speak!

 Kyle can make a complicated, messy lasagne in the area of a silver picture frame!

 Kyle can make bakery-bought desserts appear… but only FOUR!!  Uh, oh!  Someone doesn’t get dessert!!

 Kyle can make her lasagne using only bland ricotta!!   Amazing!!

 Kyle can trim her lasagne noodles with all her jewelry on… wearing a sheer blouse!  Kyle’s not afraid of the cuffs dipping into her “homemade” sauce!

 Kyle knows what kitchen shears are!

 Kyle’s massive “ManHands” mitts can actually fit into a pair of kitchen shears!!

 Kyle carefully places each tiny shred of mozzarella on her lasagne one shred at a time… the process takes 37 hours because of the unwieldy size of Kyle’s “ManHands” mitts! 

 Kyle has the same look of surprise as viewers have when they see Kyle on TV!!!

 Kyle is not afraid to allow everyone to see her blemished face!!

  OOOPS!  Kyle still uses that LizardLipLickin’ tongue of hers!  Guess the Bravo editors didn’t catch that one!!

 Kyle loves her “ManHands”!!!…

 … and WE love Kyle’s “ManHands”!!   (OH, NO!!!  Are those age spots on Kyle’s bejeweled mitts???)

Don’t forget… Kyle’s ADOPTED!!!