JACQUELINE LAURITA: Real Housewive of New Jersey: Jax Laurita’s Ex Matt Holmes and Wife Jodi Holmes… Arsonists??? Teresa Giudice… Who Will Get the Money??? ALSO…The Correct Pronounciation “Giudice”

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RE-POSTED:  JULY 3, 2012  11:15 am

NOTE:  In Jax Laurita’s June 27 BravoTV Blog she wrote:

Teresa was so upset with me that she brought up my ex-husband, the father of my child, hoping to hurt me. At the time of my ex-husband’s arrest, there were a lot of crazy allegations against him. Right after Teresa and I started fighting, the story about my ex-husband suspiciously leaked all over the press. It was an unfortunate situation because, in the end, after my ex passed a few lie detector tests, the FBI dropped the investigation against him. What had originally led to his arrest had been lies started by a fired, disgruntled ex-employee/nanny of his who they found out has a history of being corrupt, including having lived under nine different aliases. My ex-husband, Matt Holmes, and his wife, Jody, are INNOCENT!

The information re Jax’ ex-husband and his wife was reported on SH back in August… SH reader “Sammi” provided SH the info re Matt and Jodi Holmes’ arrest.

SH is now awaiting word from a source in TX for an update.

                                                                   John and Jodi Holmes, Jax’s ex-husband and Ashlee’s daddy…

The following story was from a Texas newspaper… 

“A Saginaw man, John Madison Holmes, 39, was arrested Thursday and has been charged with arson, insurance fraud and money laundering in connection with a suspected March 12 arson.

His wife, Jodi Sue Holmes, 36, was arrested Friday on a charge of money laundering, as well.

Soon after the fire that destroyed the couple’s two-story house at 1450 Veal Station Road that was undergoing remodel work, Holmes told Parker County Fire Marshal’s Investigator Ken Dabbs he had been at the house dropping off supplies for contractors 30 to 45 minutes before firefighters were called out to the blaze, according to court records.

“A credible witness” recently came forward and said John Holmes started the fire in three rooms of the house using kerosene and gasoline, according to Dabbs, who already believed the fire to be intentionally set after finding no electrical shorts or other reasonable cause.

Holmes and his wife received $429,000 in insurance money, Dabbs said.

The complaint filed by Dabbs alleges Jodi Holmes knew about the arson and used the proceeds to make purchases, including plastic surgery and a $40,000 diamond ring.

                                                 Awww… John  (he goes by his middle name Madison;  “Matt” “Maddy”) Holmes and his and Jax’s daughter, Ashley Holmes

That’s Ashley’s Daddy!   So, this is what “alleged” arsonists look like!!

In comparing the two husbands of Jax Laurita, “Matt” Holmes and Chris Laurita… Jax hit the jackpot with her present husband, Chris Laurita!   The nice thing about Jax ‘hitting the jackpot’ with Chris is that Jax realizes what a gem she has in Chris… and appreciates it!   NOTE:  SH has since changed opinion re Jax’ husband, Chris Laurita!!

(Thanks to SH reader “Sammi”… great find!!!)


OK… first, Ms SH don’t normally go with stuff like this, but this is too good and the anonymous source, who will remain anonymous, is very, very close to the Joodices and knows of what they speak…  

SH has been sittin’ on this for months… but after seeing Sheila Giudice’s twitter describing herself as the mother of three girls and speaking with my source again, it just sparked somethin’… so here goes:

                                                              Tree with Audriana.  Damn!!!  This shoulda been our lil half-million dollar baby boy!

Here’s the deal:  Daddy Frank Joodice has $500,000, a half-million big bucks… hangin’ out there for any one of his sons to produce a male baby.  Daddy Frank desperately wants the Joodice name to be carried on and so far all the Joodices got are girls!

Why do you think Tree and Juicy went through IVF to get their last baby??? Unfortunately for Tree and Juicy, the IVF treatment produced another girl, Audriana.

The IVF doctor who performed the treatments on Tree is included in the list of creditors stiffed by the Joodices’ bankruptcy filing… they owe the doctor over $7,000. Guess Tree and Juicy thought “Screw him!  We didn’t get no boy!  We ain’t payin’ him!”

ALSO:  Sheila Giudice sets the record straight on the “Joodice” name pronounciation:

                              Thank you, Sheila!!!