JACQUELINE LAURITA: Real Housewive of New Jersey: Jax Laurita’s Ex Matt Holmes and Wife Jodi Holmes… Arsonists??? Teresa Giudice… Who Will Get the Money??? ALSO…The Correct Pronounciation “Giudice”

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RE-POSTED:  JULY 3, 2012  11:15 am

NOTE:  In Jax Laurita’s June 27 BravoTV Blog she wrote:

Teresa was so upset with me that she brought up my ex-husband, the father of my child, hoping to hurt me. At the time of my ex-husband’s arrest, there were a lot of crazy allegations against him. Right after Teresa and I started fighting, the story about my ex-husband suspiciously leaked all over the press. It was an unfortunate situation because, in the end, after my ex passed a few lie detector tests, the FBI dropped the investigation against him. What had originally led to his arrest had been lies started by a fired, disgruntled ex-employee/nanny of his who they found out has a history of being corrupt, including having lived under nine different aliases. My ex-husband, Matt Holmes, and his wife, Jody, are INNOCENT!

The information re Jax’ ex-husband and his wife was reported on SH back in August… SH reader “Sammi” provided SH the info re Matt and Jodi Holmes’ arrest.

SH is now awaiting word from a source in TX for an update.

                                                                   John and Jodi Holmes, Jax’s ex-husband and Ashlee’s daddy…

The following story was from a Texas newspaper… 

“A Saginaw man, John Madison Holmes, 39, was arrested Thursday and has been charged with arson, insurance fraud and money laundering in connection with a suspected March 12 arson.

His wife, Jodi Sue Holmes, 36, was arrested Friday on a charge of money laundering, as well.

Soon after the fire that destroyed the couple’s two-story house at 1450 Veal Station Road that was undergoing remodel work, Holmes told Parker County Fire Marshal’s Investigator Ken Dabbs he had been at the house dropping off supplies for contractors 30 to 45 minutes before firefighters were called out to the blaze, according to court records.

“A credible witness” recently came forward and said John Holmes started the fire in three rooms of the house using kerosene and gasoline, according to Dabbs, who already believed the fire to be intentionally set after finding no electrical shorts or other reasonable cause.

Holmes and his wife received $429,000 in insurance money, Dabbs said.

The complaint filed by Dabbs alleges Jodi Holmes knew about the arson and used the proceeds to make purchases, including plastic surgery and a $40,000 diamond ring.

                                                 Awww… John  (he goes by his middle name Madison;  “Matt” “Maddy”) Holmes and his and Jax’s daughter, Ashley Holmes

That’s Ashley’s Daddy!   So, this is what “alleged” arsonists look like!!

In comparing the two husbands of Jax Laurita, “Matt” Holmes and Chris Laurita… Jax hit the jackpot with her present husband, Chris Laurita!   The nice thing about Jax ‘hitting the jackpot’ with Chris is that Jax realizes what a gem she has in Chris… and appreciates it!   NOTE:  SH has since changed opinion re Jax’ husband, Chris Laurita!!

(Thanks to SH reader “Sammi”… great find!!!)


OK… first, Ms SH don’t normally go with stuff like this, but this is too good and the anonymous source, who will remain anonymous, is very, very close to the Joodices and knows of what they speak…  

SH has been sittin’ on this for months… but after seeing Sheila Giudice’s twitter describing herself as the mother of three girls and speaking with my source again, it just sparked somethin’… so here goes:

                                                              Tree with Audriana.  Damn!!!  This shoulda been our lil half-million dollar baby boy!

Here’s the deal:  Daddy Frank Joodice has $500,000, a half-million big bucks… hangin’ out there for any one of his sons to produce a male baby.  Daddy Frank desperately wants the Joodice name to be carried on and so far all the Joodices got are girls!

Why do you think Tree and Juicy went through IVF to get their last baby??? Unfortunately for Tree and Juicy, the IVF treatment produced another girl, Audriana.

The IVF doctor who performed the treatments on Tree is included in the list of creditors stiffed by the Joodices’ bankruptcy filing… they owe the doctor over $7,000. Guess Tree and Juicy thought “Screw him!  We didn’t get no boy!  We ain’t payin’ him!”

ALSO:  Sheila Giudice sets the record straight on the “Joodice” name pronounciation:

                              Thank you, Sheila!!!

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  1. So Teresa called a Texas newspaper to get the story leaked.

    *extreme eye roll*

    If Ashley has premarital sex or indulges in drugs, I bet that’ll be Teresa’s fault too.

    • why do some of you you refuse to believe Teresa can be a vile snake Just like the rest of them? If Caroline and jax and Melissa are Kin of the Devil then guess what Teresa is not above that either,

        • You rolled your eyes at the comment Tre called the newspapers
          and you can keep your smart comments to yourself

          • I did roll my eyes. You don’t run this site nor me. I can do a lot of things. Therefore I will continue to comment how I see fit. You are the one who started this exchange with, “why do some of you refuse…” I’ll end my part in it with: Since you replied to my comment specifically, there is an implication you lumped me up with the some. You would be wrong in your assumption.

            I stand by reading comprehension is a beautiful thing. You have a wonderful day!

            • oh don’t take it that way. Irish like like Tre fans are all very passionate in their opinions. It isn’t meant to be personal but sometimes comes off that way.

            • She’s pretty much the reason I don’t care to comment here.
              IMO, the reason a few others don’t comment here anymore.

            • If I am the one you are refering to then Ill leave I wouldnt want to be the reason someone dosnt post here anymore

            • Thanks CJ ill still read but I am not going to be reason people dont want to post here thats not right people should be free to post on this good site if i am the issue as to why they dont then the right thing would be to be the better person and step back and let them feel free to post again.

            • lisa: Your comments are appreciated and should not be the reason anyone decides to not comment. If they do, that is their issue! Very obviously, “stark” wanted to create discord here… that ain’t happening. TFC!! SH

            • Lisa, u are a big part of why I come to this site. As the Partridge family says, “u gotta keep on, keep on, keep on. . . ” Heck who else is going to chew out chewbacca!!!

            • LOL ok just for you Antonella ok really for all of you and ill be your wing man Cyn. =)

            • Good to hear it. I really didn’t want to tell MP on you! She packs a mean video.LOL

            • Oh lord she prob would post that virgin in a volcano video she said scared

            • Where is our cheese eating Irish Dragon? We’re missing you and you are missing some golden opportunities on Tree’s thread. Take a look at all of the posts from people that care about you! That is what is important.

            • Thanks CJ and to all you Ill post I realize i focus to much on chewbacca so ill try and post my distain for the rest of them =) as well well and try a nd post good stuff to.

            • Everybody is allowed an opinion and what a boring world this would be if we all felt the same. I think some of these HW’s can hit a raw nerve in each of us as we can identify with someone like that in our own lives. MeGo sure hits a nerve with me ’cause I got one just like her. Ugh!

            • I think thats what kilsl me with Chewy, I wa sin her shoes (well without the 11 mil in debt thing) I played by the rules didnt lie and I have paid and learned my money lesson
              she rubbed me the wrong way and treated the whole BK thing like it was a mockery(her and juicy both) that just grinded my gears.
              so ill have to put that aside and try and be more partial but I still dont like her I still think she is a lying cheat…lol ok i guess im am a work in progess

            • It’s your opinion, that makes it worthy.. We all have our own opinions..that’s what makes us all so good!

            • Lisa, we love you for being you.. Nothing more nothing less.. I know I don’t comment often, but I always look for your post.. You are honest, we like that here.. E eryone enjoys the happy we get from this site.. It just feels good. If we are in a shitty mood, this is the place to come and feel better.. Lisa you are one of those people. Keep blogging, we love you..
              Shannon (an american Irish lady too)

            • You would stop being my wing man because of one persons comment. You wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. I’m going to quote Caroline and say pull up you big girl panties and bring out the bullwhip and start typing.

            • What, a first time poster came out of the cheap seats and made a reg feel unwelcome? The nerve of those trolls!
              Don’t feed the trolls. ;-) Stay here and comment away!

            • The anger about saying anything anti-Tree is why I have been disappearing. Commenters are proud of saying “I know she’s not an angel” but then Teresa’s faults are not explored without attack. Lisa has always been very diplomatic and one of the few who has actually been allowed to state her opinion here without attracting so much vitriol until now. I’ve been following SH for a little over a year now, and even though the site is officially “no team,” way more disrespect is given to the slightest Tree-bashing, whereas comments bashing everyone else have grown increasingly vile. I could laugh at the vile commentary more if it were more equally targetted and accepted. This didn’t used to be the case here. Bring back the funny!

            • Well, I feel stupid now. I should have read the entire thread before I commented. Commenters did a beautiful job working this out and they DID bring the funny. Thanks and sorry.

            • fake: The opinions given here are the opinions of the commenters. The rule is NO attacking fellow commenters. If the commenter doesn’t think highly of a HW, that’s what they think! SH cannot censor their comments… or make their comments ‘funny.’ BUT… please, people… let’s not take these shows and these phony characters SO seriously! Please go back and read SH’s reply to Lisa… there was no reason for her to disappear. TFC!! SH

            • Lisa, don’t even go there. xoxo I love debating with u. If someone doesn’t post here, that’s their problem, not urs. This is by far the best run site on the web and it has great peeps, no matter what side they take. Let’s get some ice cream and chill.

            • Lisa, we all have misunderstandings on here sometimes and the fact that some of the issues bring forth a lot of feelings it is not suprising that every once in a while we let them get the best of us. I really love to read LisatheIrishDragon and Mob Misstress’s posts you each have a different perspective that I enjoy. I think you bring balance here Lisa it would be no fun if we all agreed and sat around all day patting each other on the back.

            • Thank you SD! The funny thing is I find much of Teresa’s behavior appalling. After reading SH’s post what stood out for me was Wacko Jacko’s never-ending blame game, hence my comment. I couldn’t see Teresa taking the time to call a Texas newspaper. I type my opinion, read others’ opinions, laugh, roll my eyes, fart & keep it moving. It’s never personal for me.

            • Ding! ding! ding!…I tend to say away from commenting these days because more then one person are always challenging my OPINIONS

          • lisa: WOAH!!! You’ve been around long enough to know that there’s no attacking fellow commenters on SH! Everyone is entitled to their opinion… and theirs and yours will be respected on SH. TFC!! SH

            • I am sorry Mrs SH really I am but I dont feel my opinion was respected if I am being told reading comphrension is a beautful thing.

              Again my apologies

            • I just wanted to THANK YOU, Ms. SH, for jumping in here! There has so much comment misdirection recently away from the HWs and toward other posters that I’ve honestly wondered if individuals associated with the HWs were deliberately behind it! Certainly the resulting bickering — “You said this,” and “I did not” — have at times made the blog confusing and difficult to read.

              Lisa, if I may make a suggestion, instead of directing your comments to other posters by saying “Why do SOME OF YOU you refuse to believe Teresa can be a vile snake just like the rest of them” why not just simply say “I believe Teresa can be a vile snake just like the rest of them?” That way you can express your own thoughts regarding the HWs — in this instance, Teresa — without challenging the thoughts and opinions of posters who do not share your views?

            • Exactly! I am so tired of posting something and having to defend my feelings on the situation. Not even worth commenting anymore when someone is going to tear apart and analyze what I wrote. I have never done that to anyone stating their anti-teresa opinion.

          • Irish – that’s not the point ( at least to some of us ). This LATEST ” Tree did something AWFUL to me!” line Jac threw out turned out to be the 5,000th time one of the gruesome foursome overstated and/or manipulated the facts to make Teresa look bad. YES, before you say it, she does look bad all on her OWN, but we’re talking about what the other 4, who clearly don’t want her on the show are doing, in a deliberate, CONCERTED effort, to paint Teresa in a bad light. Teresa did NOT in fact, “put out the story” about Matt Holmes as Jac claimed. This story was out there in spades LONG before Teresa ever mentioned it. Teresa mentioned it ( again WAAAAAAAYYY after the story came out ) to answer Jac’s hypocrisy – CONSTANTLY commenting on Tree’s marriage, financial issues, legal issues, extended family legal issues and inter-family strife. THEY ALL HAVE STRIKINGLY SIMILAR ISSUES, but Teresa’s are the only ones that ever get attention. All 4 of them are the queens of FAUX outrage. They push and push and insult and insult and butt in and butt in and when Teresa DARES to hit back, they run off and cry ” That mean ol Tree!”

            I for one am losing patience with ppl who keep saying ” But you Tree lovers think she’s perfect! ” No one thinks that and the ppl who keep claiming that is the case are WILLFULLY ignoring the facts and the many many posts like this where ” Tree lovers” state, for the record, we KNOW she’s FAR from perfect.

            • May I direct everyone’s attention to a statement our dear, innocent,Teresa made during the talking heads last night? when she very “innocently’ pointed out how she Never gets in Jacqueline’s financial business, like the time when Jacqueline, told her (Teresa) that Chris was filing backruptcy on one of his businesses. way to not mention Jacqueline’s financial business Teresa, you’re a “real” gem of a friend!!

            • I agree that mentioning this was not something a friend would do. I think it’s important to point out, however, that Jax told Teresa during the patio ambush two weeks ago that she wanted to distance herself from Teresa. And I recall a similar statement last week when Jax announced that the friendship was over (“F it”)! As a result, I don’t think Teresa owed Wacky Jacky any duty of loyalty since, when the statement was made, Jax had already clearly expressed to Teresa that she no longer desired her friendship, despite the fact that it was at a time when Teresa would likely need it the most. (Of course, had Teresa been privvy to Jax’s Talking Head comments this season and last, it would have been clear to Teresa much sooner that Jax was certainly no friend of hers!)

            • Oh come on, Jacque’s gets called out for smaller infractions than that statement. Both Ladies have hit below the belt. Teresa always feels justified when she does it and offended when other do it to her. So does her brother. Seems to be a recurring theme through out all the families.

            • I took that comment to mean that Tre had known about it since the onset, but that now that it is out there….everywhere….she is making the point that she had not mentioned it but rather kept it to herself….I think now she isn’t divulging anything that we all don’t already know…..

            • @Soncee, I was applauding when Teresa started punching back. We have been listening to Chuckie and Jax and the rest of the motley crew dissect Teresa’s life for two seasons. I was biting my tongue when Chuckie was commenting about Gia being an angry child because ‘that is what she sees’. What’s going to happen when Teresa points out that no one is more angry or bitter than Lauren? If I were Teresa, I would be giving daily briefings on everything she knows about Jax and Chuckie. EVERYTHING!

            • I’m saying this sarcasticly. If Gia was what she saw she would most likely be a loud, cursing, wine drinking moron like her Dad. What you see is a typical young girl stuck on reality TV.

            • Thnak you for your respectful response. I just think its silly that everyone seems to think Tre is incapable of doing some of the things others say she has done is all I am saying. is she guilty of everything of course not look back if jax is accused of selling a story every one nods in agreement saying that jealous so and so. If Tre is accused its a automatice disbelief no one even considers she may have just done it is all I am saying.

            • Perhaps, then, it would be more constructive of you to assert your belief in Teresa’s inherent scumminess rather than criticizing others for their perceived inability to discern said scumminess. After all, aren’t we all entitled to our opinions?

            • Well if everyone can think that jax,melissa and Caroline are the devils spawn and guilty no matter what then i can think that about Tre.

            • No apology necessary, Irish. :-) We’re talking about STOOPID NJ housewives here, not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict!

            • What are your opinions of the behaviors of J, M, and C?
              J- feeling Tre owes her an explanation of everything she says or does and gets extremely upset when Tre is private about her own business.
              M- Contacting Danielle to tell her (after M had her son) that Tre didn’t acknowledge her own nephew…giving D info on Tre that was none of D’s business because M was angry at Tre.
              C- Blaming everything that goes wrong on Tre (ex. her relationship with Dina, when even Dina herself says it had nothing to do with Tre).
              None of the housewives are without fault, but when their blogs are constantly about her in a negative light, and everyone is bashing Tre, and some fans are taking what J, M, and C, say as the truth and not even considering there is 3 sides to every just absurd to me! (not attacking you Lisa in anyway)

            • personally I think they are all nuts,travelers on the Crazy train they drink to much wine and all have issues with their parenting
              I think they all lie to some extend
              only thing i dont see is Melissa being a golddigger she maybe but I just dont see it
              Ill address each issue you asked but i cant right now RL calls BRB

            • I agree 100%. Caro likes to pretend she is such a great mom. She needs to step back and look at her kids. They are all over the age of 21, doing a whole lotta nothing and so far up each other’s butts. Then to top it all off they think they are doing better than others, such as ashley. Tree’s kids are little monsters, I know some of it is the usual growing pains, but they need to be taught some manners and how to respect “grownup business.”

            • Ok I dont think Tre owes anyone a explination I dont think its wrong for Jax to ask but she should have left it there
              Melissa contacting D yea that was not kosher but I can see her explination Hormones make me do odd things to (pre menopause isnt fun I imagine either is those PP hormones) but it was still wrong Oh wait ill blame my outburst earlier on my hormones yea thats it hormones (smile)
              Blaming Tre for everything Well thats a bit tougher because no one knows the truth
              I dont think she is to blame for everything but I dont think she is innocent either somewhere in the middle is the truth like u said

            • You can think and say anything you want about the cast members, but when you question and challenge one of us commenters opinions that is what is not cool. I shouldn’t have to defend myself about the way I feel. It becomes tiresome and sucks the fun out of posting. It starts getting personal and mean like the other sites that I never visit. I do not comment anywhere but here because of that.

            • For Lisa (since there was no reply thingy) thank you for answering! And showing your equal distaste for the rhonj shenanigans! :)

            • amen guilty…couldn’t have expressed it better..Thank you for stating what “I” believe ;)

    • Well I can’t tell you what the young woman does for sure beyond the cameras rolling. I included ‘If’ as an exercise in fairness. I truly don’t know what Ashley is up to.

    • This was my first thought, too, Mob Mistress! I’m sure it was well and widely known in the Texas community where Holmes lived that he was Jax’s ex and Ashley’s father. And when he was arrested, local residents — some of whom may not have even known him personally but who may well have learned of his connection to the RHONJ through others — would have obviously been among the first to know and the first to think of selling the news to the tabloids via one of their “tip” hotlines!

      It just seems to me that it’s an INCREDIBLE stretch for Jax to attribute this to Teresa. Could someone have planted the idea in Jax’s head? Obviously! Shall we all guess who?

      • Tre is rather limited about geography. Remember her confusion about Brookline, MA – Ithought we were in Boston (Brookline is a suburb). People in TX knew about Matt Holmes and the RHNJ connection.

  2. What an idiot, did he think the insurance investigators wouldn’t pick-up on the gasoline and kerosene in 3 different rooms? BTW, Did we ever get an explanation of Matt’s big head scar? Maybe he had a lobotomy?

      • haven’t seen him since the cottage when he made some wild bear stew and they were shooting off guns….

  3. I’m Sicilian and my grandfather pronounced our name one way and my grandmother pronounced it another way and my father and us kids pronounced it the “American Way.” Not a big thing in the Italian world that everyone says it a different way. Just don’t say “I” talian because we’re not from “I”taly.

    • It is true my husband has the same thing his name is close to a name we are used to here but it is spelled and pronounced differently. Many people assume it is misspelled or don’t really notice and pronounce it the American way, I have noticed over the last few years when my husband is talking with buisness associates here in the states he refers to himself with the American pronunciation. My brother-in-law also says it the American way and when my nephew was little he would get mad at his dad for” saying it WRONG!!!” lol

    • My grandfather’s is from Napoli (Naples) and I am having a heck of a time doing my family tree because they all spelled their last name different… My grandfather’s last name was Luise… but his father’s name was De Luise or De Luisi (not sure) in Italy and he dropped the De. There are several of my relatives with variations of the spelling… some dropped the De when they arrived, some dropped it when they got naturalized, some just dropped the space after the De and merged it. With or without the De, some spell it Luise, some Luisi and some Louise. My grandfather had three brothers… only one spelled it the same as my Pop-pop. He used to joke how they would come home with different names on their report cards and not many understood they were related at school. My point it… who cares how it’s pronounced! LOL nice tangent there, huh? He maybe I’m related to Dom Deluise! ;-)

      • Dom Deluise was the FIRST person I thought of while reading your post. That would be so cool if you were related. He seemed like such a fun-loving, wonderful person, and “Fatso” was one of my all-time favorite movies!!

    • My father throws a fit when we use the American pronunciation for our last name. It doesn’t bother him when others pronounce it wrong, he doesn’t correct them or anything. But if the family says it wrong, he gets upset.

      I would rather pronounce my last name the American way because it is more likely to be spelled correctly than pronouncing it right and having it spelled wrong.

      • I am not Italian, but my family is of European decent. My father and Grandfather (sometimes Aunts and Uncles) would not get upset at anyone else butchering our name but we all (family) would get corrected and rediculed if we tried to Americanize our name. Crazy! But we just go with it!

      • Maybe Theresa spells it the italian way because italian is her first language, and she has know the family since birth. I doubt her sister in law has know the family since birth, and maybe Italian is not her first language. That is probably why Sheila pronounces it the American way

        • oops, didn’t mean Teresa spells it the italian way, meant pronounces it the Italian way.

    • My discussion with my kids on “I”talian lead to a discussion on “C” uba or “R” ussia. They’ve continue to pronounce it correctly since. Although, we’ve had to add in “I” raq to the group.

  4. My mom had 4 daughters and my father and his family really wanted a son. I was the oldest child and I remember the ribbing and pressure my parents were under to have a boy. When the 5th child turned out to be a boy, the family had the biggest party possible, it lasted 3 days. The gifts were showered on our family and my little brother. He was like the little King of the World. He was the first boy in the family on my father’s side. The blessings we received – and this was normal behavior (I grew up in NJ, first generation American). I am sure Teresa is still under pressure to have that boy – maybe that is what caused some of the problems between the Joe’s. JoGo has the boy and Juicy doesn’t, there has to be some jealousy there. The only saving grace, JoGo’s son does not have the Guidice name. Are Juicy’s parents wealthy? we never hear much about them.

  5. Read a recent interview Teresa said she was trying to get pregnant again. Those wish balloons at Jaimie’s wedding, Juicy wished for a little boy. Wouldn’t be so bad if the $$$ were for a trust fund to properly raise and educate the boy. But, it’s just for Juicy/Teresa to blow on their cartoon lifestyle.

  6. Get over it Jax!! after all he’s your EX! doesn’t this story make you look better by divorcing a jerk??? tell me something, miss Bailey, exactly how jealous of Theresa are you? move on….find a hobby…..parent your daughter!!! how about focusing on something important for once in your pathetic wine filled life??!!

    • FYI, Jax, the FBI doesn’t announce that “it dropped the investigation” or any investigation. That’s a ridiculous thing to say. Usually, an investigation is concluded when an arrest is made. Once an arrest is made, it falls into the hands of the prosecutors to determine whether to go to trial, offer a plea, or in certain limited instances dismiss. Never, ever will the FBI say that they “dropped an investigation.”

      Secondly, lie detector tests are not admissible in a criminal proceeding. So while some people take the tests, you will never see that as a basis for indicting or dismissing charges.

      Try again Jax, cause you’re all wet on that one.

  7. hopefully the investigation ran deep for Matt and Jodi…cuz just reading what was reported…doesn’t pass the smell test…but everyone deserves to be thought of as innocent until proven guilty and trials are by the courts of law not the press….

    I don’t get how Ashlee feels so unloved when she’s received so much attention from all sides of family.

    • Ill adress that from personal experence, I was adopted into a home I never felt loved or one i belonged in. Other then my mom being borderline abusive(it was just her way of disiplining she didnt mean malice) she was a caring mom maybe to much my dad as well
      and brother and sister while older then me were caring to until the day I left i didnt think anyone loved me still dont

      • sorry lisa….that’s tough…. hope life is sweeter now..thanks for the insight…things aren’t what they appear always.

        • I know Jax wasnt a perfect mom but ashlee is old enough to know she has some resonsibilty here now she is 21 cant blame mom and dad anymore

          • My brother and his son’s mother split up when he was say four years old. Both parents moved on to other relationships. My nephew sings the whole woe is me like Ashley and blames all of his lazy ass ways and short comings on coming from a “broken” home. I just recently gave him the “enough is enough” talk. I mean really, he is 21 and everytime he does some stupid shit he wants to pull that card. It’s definitely time for her to stand up and start taking blame/responsibility for her actions.

      • sorry to hear that Lisa. I had a lonely childhood so I understand. Healing came when I had children of the my own (FIVE!!) and gave them all the love I never knew……

        • I apparently am completely ill equipped in posting a video lately….I need to leave it to the master MP and my apologies to Ms SH.

  8. My biggest problem with Jax’s most recent batch of crazy is that she got all kinds of upset for “Teresa attacking the father of her child”? The last time I checked Jax’s blogs attacked Teresa, her parents, her children, her parenting skills and I’m sure Juicy’s been thrown in there for good measure. The truth is when you do something stupid like commit ARSON and FRAUD the story will be picked up by local papers no matter who you are. I recollect hearing about Matt & Jodi’s mess after they appeared on that episode of RHNJ last season. I’m sure some blogger went searching for it after they all appeared holier than thou and ran with it. As well they should. I don’t remember where I read about it first, but it certainly made me laugh. No wonder Ashley can’t get her crap together, she has an emotionally stunted mother with a bit of a drinking problem, a bio-dad who may or may not have burnt his house down to collect insurance money and a step-father who swindled people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars filing a phony bankruptcy. All I gotta say is how can you concern yourself with the sawdust in someone else’s eye when you have a board sticking in yours…

    • Krystal: Seriously?? Someone saw it on the show, picked up on it and ran with it? Have you noticed the ORIGINAL DATE of the post on SH??? Maybe other sites ‘picked it up’ from the show, but again, look at the date from the SH piece. SH had the info long before the arrested arsonists appeared on RHONJ. SH

      • SH: I hadn’t seen the original post post. For that I’m sorry. I wasn’t talking about just now seeing it on the show I meant when they were originally on last season. I don’t know the actual air date of the episode where they had the Ashley intervention thing. All I was trying to say was how can Jacqueline believe that Teresa alerted the media to Matt’s issues. That’s all. :-)

  9. Real soon Jax will wonder if she should have stayed with Matt, after the investigation and trial of them looting the company of over 8 million dollars for their lifestyle.

  10. I figured Jax was going bonkers because her secrets are going to hit the fan. Or she’s scared to death they will? Carolyn to. They’ve been acting like Taylor in BH. Why else spend months trashing someone you’ve always liked? Who’s actually making money. The one Jax and Caro said has worked her butt off since she first found out about her issues. I know Tre bugs many people. But you can tell by her behavior she didn’t think anyone was upset beyond the cook book. The hatred that hit her was a surprise to her. IMO. I’m guilty of always being on the underdogs side. I’m against everyone ganging on one. Tres always had dinging ways,. I am sure I wouldn’t be smiling all this time with my family out to ruin me and then people I called family starting the same. I’d be pissed! So I give that to her anyhow.
    PS- Lisa, I’m new posting here and a long time reader. I enjoy your comments! So please don’t leave. Adults should be able to agree to disagree need be.

  11. The others always blame Tre every time anything gets out publicly when it could be anyone the NJHW’s know that could be spilling info.

      • The truth is that Tabloids really don’t care if what they print comes from the best source. It could be neighbors, friends, waitresses, hairdressers or the guy that collects your trash. Lord knows! I’m sure there is an unending group of people that will give up info even if it is what they think they know.

        • In my quiet solotude today I have thought of this HOW IN THE HECK does jax know who leaked or who called who Newspapers hide behing that jounalist shield protection its not like Jax can call up the Texas newspaper and they will offer up who told them something or even confirm someone called.
          These Tabliod folks will go thru your trash i sudder at the tought of what may be found in the sex obssesed gorga and guidice trash

  12. Lisa, I know you hate it when people do this but I am doing this to make you smile.

    It’s a conspiracy!!! Stark is non other than Teresa Giudice herself!!! Don’t give in to her! don’t let her scare you away from the truth!!!! lol :)

      • Can I be Teresa’s long lost sister that was given to her aunt in Italy before they got on the famous boat they got off of?

        • LMAO!!! Yes cyn you poor dear but make sure to never to complain or resent me for it or you will break character and I’ll have to give your part away! :)

    • I thought she was Jax trying to distract us from the real issue, that she’s a wackadoodle!!

      • I vote for BBG loose bumhole

        Im sorry for my mellowdrama I dont like hearing people stay away because of me and when one person said it then anothers said it upset me…damn hormones

        • Don’t make us hook you up with Caroline’s Doctor! We’ve all seen how he just fixed her right up. But if you do go I suggest you pay cash. Less info he has on you the better.

        • BULL on that! It was one person playing games and Ms. SH put an end to it in a NY minute.

  13. Not to change the subject, but – has there been a word out of Vicki or Crooks regarding his feature on 20/20?

    • dadburn. Ima gonna have to add Rosie to my piss my pants funny twitterers to check in on. She must be double fisting them tonight. Too funny.
      Dont get pyssed off.


          • sd, just google Rosie Pierri Twitter and you can get it online. She’s definitely swigging ‘em back.

          • She is going off on haters, and saying she works hard, nothing wrong with being a paperboy. Creepy Richie joined in, he wants people to encourage his wife to write a cookbook.

            • “Thanks dolls” as Rosie would say, I appricate that both of you. I think if Rosie ever tries to sneak on here and post I’ll know it is her because she’ll be “pyssed off” lol, her spelling is worse than mine!

            • Creepy Richie posted that all friends should encourage his wife to write a cookbook and someone responded that she could ask for help from her Best selling relative, hahaha.

            • Mr. and Mrs. Gas Station should write a cook book on how to buy and make a meal from the gas station convenience store. They are experts.

    • what happened? I’m blocked! I am convinced they ALL actively read this site (and comment) because how else was I immediately blocked when joined twitter by almost all of them and suspended the next day. I never ever attack viewers, so it had to be them. oh, and I was immediately followed by Melissa when I wasnt even following her.

  14. Question Ms Sh, on the rare occasions when there is a small tizzy being had on here, do you have a “keep em separated” button you hit? Sos that no one can comment directly to each other til we simma down? Just wondering what majic is going on behind the scenes when that happens.

    • I don’t think she does. What I do is threaten to turn you loose on them. Seems to work.

      • lol. I saw that Cyn: Just a min to pop in and happened to see that. I cant explain to my momma that my “stoopidhousewives friends neeeed me momma!” She just would not understand. So I’m gonna go back in there and watch tv with her before she starts in on that whole “you need help” thing again. :)

  15. If Teresa did IVF in hopes of having a boy then why didn’t she do gender selection? I’ve read that it has a fairly high success rate.

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