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July 2, 2012

                                           … by SH reader “Housewife Hoe


Update on Ashlee’s skull tattoo on her hand: she’s started the process of having it removed. Thank goodness!

Although it was very hard watching Ashlee move to California when I didn’t feel that she was prepared to go out on her own, I had to let her do it. She wasn’t a child anymore, she was an adult. She was almost 21 at the time. This is the age that most kids leave the nest to go to college. NOTE:  Jax should let DonCaro know about this!   She was craving her independence. She needed to learn about life through her own experiences. It worried me sick. When you are worried about your kids, it can really mess with your head. It makes it really hard to focus on petty stuff. (If you know what I mean.) I’m happy to say that Ashlee and I are in a much better place with each other now. We have become closer. She has really grown up and has learned a lot. I’m really proud of her. We ALL are.   NOTE:  Asslee has learned to stiff her LA roommate:

Hearing the story of Kathy’s mother’s upbringing really touched me. I have met her, and she is such a kind-hearted, strong woman. It’s amazing how she turned a negative, painful experience in her life into a positive life lesson that gave her strength, the gift of forgiveness, and the ability to love unconditionally. I admire her for sharing her story.   NOTE:  WHO CARES!?  Just another producer-induced scene in which to include GayRosie.

Teresa claims I am into gossiping, yet she was the one always coming to me with gossip, especially about her family. I do think, however, that because I am so forthcoming about my own imperfections and open about sharing the good and bad areas of my life with others, people often feel comfortable opening up to me in return.  NOTE:  So THIS is how Jax explains her drunken twitter rants!

I have many friends who come to me to vent or who are just looking for support, understanding, and advice.  NOTE:  Where are they???  I love my friends, and I cherish my relationships with them. I will always help my friends in any way that I can.   NOTE:   Wasn’t Danielle a friend of Jax???

How did I know about the apartment above the garage? I saw the construction being done the day I was at Teresa’s house talking to her before Jaime’s wedding.  NOTE:  What was Jax lookin’ at???  Where are the parents staying… on the roof??? 

I also know one of the guys that worked on her house. NOTE:  So, did Jax call this guy up and ask him about Tree’s garage??  I was under the impression she was making room for a nanny. I didn’t know it was for her parents.  Please take note that you never hear Teresa deny the “apartment” on my deck the day of our fight. She only denied getting a new closet. She also never denied it while talking to her brother outside right after the therapy session, when he brought it up to her. I guess in time you will see for yourself.

Was that an admission I heard from Teresa  (on camera) that people get paid for putting articles out there? Sounded like one to me. I already knew that, because she’s told me about it before (like with the vow renewal story). I know I should not feel the need to defend myself, but I feel like my integrity is being challenged.   NOTE TO JAX:  Your “integrity” is being challenged because of your own writings on twitter and FB!   I’m disappointed with Teresa for even suggesting that any article in a magazine  about her or her family came from me. She’s got a lot of nerve to blame shift like that. I can say with all honesty that I NEVER had anything at all to do with those articles that came out regarding Teresa or her family. I like Teresa’s family and have no desire to expose them for ANYTHING. I’m not the one with the motive. Let’s just leave it at that.

I felt bad for Kathy and Rosie, because right after Teresa looked into Kathy’s eyes and claimed that she wanted to be like sisters again, she attempted to throw Kathy under the bus by implying that Kathy didn’t accept her sister’s sexuality. I don’t believe that for one second. I see how loving Kathy is with her. It’s impossible not to love Rosie. I believe that Kathy may have expressed her concern for Rosie being gay knowing that there ARE people that may not accept her, and she probably worried about how that would affect Rosie. NOTE:  WHO CARES about GayRosie’s sexuality?  Oh yeah… GayMissAndy does.  Forgot for a second there!  Teresa more than likely got it twisted and is now trying to use it against her. I wonder how Rosie will respond to this. I wondered if Teresa even considered how that comment would make Rosie feel or how it could affect the relationship between two sisters who are obviously very close. Maybe it was a calculated move on Teresa’s part? I’m tired of trying to understand why Teresa can’t let go of her grudges to make an honest attempt to reunite the family. My dad  made a good point. Why do I care? I don’t know. It’s a train wreck that I can’t walk away from.

It has become so easy for me to get caught up in the middle of the sh– storm surrounding our show while it’s been airing. I decided that I wanted to speak about whatever was on my mind as the show aired to help people see a little of how I got to my breaking point before the Season 3 reunion. I forgot how emotional filming had become for me this season. As I watch the show air, it brings back some pretty strong emotions (mostly negative) that I have been reliving all over again. It’s bringing me to a place that is not healthy for me. My reactions are not showing me in the best light. My hurt and anger has been manifesting into bitterness with a desire to speak out against the ones who hurt and disappointed me. I don’t like the feeling it’s giving me. I realize that we still have to film the reunion show. I keep asking God to please give me the strength to get through it all so I can finally let all of this go and not look back. “This too shall pass” and life will go on. Things in my life have actually been going very well. I’m very happy in every other aspect of my life.  NOTE:  MelissaGorga has the “God” angle covered on the RHONJ… “Thank you Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky….”

I’ve been feeling the desire to state my case as if I need others to validate what I’m already feeling and what I already know. It’s all pointless. There will always be people that will get it and there will be ones that don’t. There will always be people who like me and those who do not. I realize that you don’t always know the entire story, so you draw your own conclusions based on what you get to see of our lives. You may think you know everything, but you don’t know. You’re only seeing a small portion of our lives, so it’s hard for you to get the whole picture. That is why I can’t blame people for their conclusions, even though it’s frustrating to know that some people don’t know what they are talking about. I don’t know why I care. I know the truth, and so do the ones that are close to me. That is all that should matter. I have to keep reminding myself of that. I have a tremendous support system, so no matter what anybody says to me or about me, I know my life is good and I know I have the love and support from the people I have surrounding me on a daily basis.

I remember feeling this same way before the Season 2  reunion with Danielle. I went there armed and ready for battle. I had my gun loaded with plenty of ammunition to win. God knows what I thought I was winning. I had so much dirt on that woman that I was actually looking forward to exposing her, because I felt like she deserved it. Halfway through the reunion, I realized that this need to destroy her with her ugly truths was making me just as ugly of a person as she was. Hate makes you ugly. I didn’t want to be that ugly person. It is not who I am. My heart is much too big to be driven to the dark side. I was allowing myself to become someone that I was not proud of. I got control of myself and decided to let go of all the hate, move forward, and not look back. The awkward hug was about letting go of the hate and the fight. She promised to stop harassing my family and move on. (Although she never kept her word.) I didn’t want to become that bitter person then, and I don’t want to become that person now. I’ve decided once and for all, to let go of all the hate. I know what I know, and that is all I need to know. I also know that the season is not over yet, and there will be episodes that I will want to respond to in my blogs. For now, I will continue to respond to each episode, but I will try to do so without as much animosity.   NOTE:  Why stop now???

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105 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: BravoTV Blogs … Jax Laurita “No Hate PityParty”…

  1. Note to Jax: people finish college at 21, it’s not when they start. Nobody gives a damn about Ashley, her tattoo or your desperate attempt to be in the spotlight. I believe Kathy wasn’t totally supportive of Rosie, they’re from a typical Italian family and it didn’t come naturally but I’m sure she loved/loves her sister, I have no interest in Rosies storyline, this is supposed to be the Housewives,

    • Cookie you may have no interest in Rosie’s storyline ( I don’t either ) but Andy Cohen DOES and Kathy knows full well, that’s all that matters. She knows Rosie is the key to her survival on that show. Rosie is almost like a full cast member at this point. Think about the airtime she’s received this season. It definitely rivals Rich, Kathy’s kids, Chuck’s kids and almost, MELISSA!

      • Wouldn’t it be Karma if they keep Rosie, she becomes the star and Kathy sort of get kicked off.

      • I was just thinking about Melissa’s screen time. It has been very, very little this season. While she is still involved in group bashing, I don’t see you her bashing T nearly as much in her interviews or on her blogs. It’s a bit weird.

        • I think she is the only one that started to realize during film that it was becoming the Teresa show. At her re-launch party for On Display she realized that it was “her night” but the camera was following Teresa and those she interacted with mostly. It was her party and the camera men didnt care about her hince the comment “this isnt the f*$#ing teresa show” so she called her self wising up. But its funny cause it cut down on her camera time…funny but great for the viewers

        • MeGo’s fame whore hubby, Joey the Chimp, gets more camera time than she does. I wonder how this affects their marriage, since they are competing for camera time. Even at her re-launch party for her insipid song, when she was on stage to introduce her song, he came on stage and put the spotlight on himself.

          Bottom line, both of these asshats are only on the show because they are connected to Teresa. Since The Chimp is more closely related to Teresa, he will get more camera time.

    • I laughed at that myself. 21 is graduation age if you do 4 years straight, not go to college age. She left home after 4 years of doing NOTHING to go out and do NOTHING.

      I have to remind myself what the ages of these woman are when we talk about ‘gay-ness’ because the total and outright acceptance that we have now is so not the way it was in the late 80′s, early 90′s. So thinking back to then, I can see how it WAS difficult for Rosie. Most especially in a Roman Catholic loving Italian family where that sort of thing is not viewed in a positive light. But considering how close Tree was with Kat, I’d assume they were mostly in the same mindset at the time. Maybe Tree might have been more open to it because it was a cousin not a sister but still. I’m assuming here. Who knows what the truth is.

      I really wish Jac would disappear. She annoys the living piss out of me.

      • And did yall see that look on Laurens face when Jax was saying she cant baby Ashlee her whole life or sumpin like that? Seriously Lauren has ZERO self awarness about her own situation. How old are you Lauren? And um… where is that you areliving? Looka here, if you think those producers are such good buddies to you then think again, they let the camera light on your face after that utterance for a reason. Now go nasty tweet them for highlighting what a hipocritical dingleberry you are.

        • Hypocritical Dingleberry, I hope you don’t mind if I use that one. The facial expressions, not sure where they are edited from (if they are edited into place) but that one last night on Lauren was priceless. I suppose some would think that Lauren living at home allowing her parents to help her create businesses, buy her cars and surgeries and make money hand over fist is smart. I think it’s sad and especially sad because she criticizes her cousin Ashley (refuse to spell it the way she paid good money to have it changed). She is most definitely a Hypocritical Dingleberry! Love it!

        • OMG MP, you owe me a new keyboard for that one. Just spit my coffee out from laughing so hard.

    • I graduated college when is was 22…i started college the fall after high school graduation, i had just turned 18…Maybe Albie left for school at 21…Those Manzos ALWAYS taking a break…lol

  2. “Please note she never DENIED they’re building an apt.” SO WHAT????? Her parents are going to live there. SO WHAT?? Her parents help her raise her kids. SO WHAT????The gruesome foursome keeps trying to zing Teresa with all these non issues.

    I LOVE the wallpaper. That’s Caroline Manzo to a T. I love that it looks like she has a soul patch due the shading( or maybe not? She DOES shave her face. ) SH can that just stay up always and forever? Please please.

    • I too didn’t see what the big deal was about it. Right now we live about 400 miles away from family and are moving closer in the fall. I fully intend to avail myself of built in grandma babysitters. They all want to help and spend time with their grand-baby so what is the issue? I don’t understand the constant attack on Teresa for the parents stuff, last time I checked her parents were ADULTS, if they didn’t want to watch Teresa’s children they could just say no. What a concept… lol

      • Agreed, Krystal. My parents watched my child when my child was small because I trusted them more than just hiring a babysitter. It gave me peace of mind and my parents didn’t mind at all. They enjoyed having time with their grandchild.
        It could be worse. Teresa could be sitting at home with a bottle of wine or Kahluah filled coffee ignoring her kids and twittering hate filled stuff all day! Oh, wait…isn’t that Jacqueline?

        • In old-school families, old people are not shipped off to nursing homes, it is up to their children to take care of them. The old people move in with their kids, that is just the way it is. I was lucky that growing up, I had both my great grandfather and great grandmother living with my grandmother, who I saw on a regular basis. Teresa is probably just getting ready for her parents – especially now that she knows Lil Joe sold their house from under them – where else are they going to go? Also, old school, it is usually the daughter that takes in the aging parents – unless there is no daughter – then the daughter-in-law takes care of them. It is a win win situation. Teresa gets the honor to taking care of her parents, the kids have their grandparents on a daily basis, this is the way families used to work. Just like giving a baby away… that was an act of love, hard to imagine in this day and age, but it was an act of love.

          • I understand the love it takes for a parent to relinquish a child for unselfish reasons. I myself was chosen to live with my grandfather. I was spoiled and adored while my sisters lived in a volatile situation. While it gave me a confidence and independence in the end it caused a rift between my Mother, Uncle and siblings. I still to this day do not know why I was the chosen one since all parties are deceased. Just last year when my Great Grandmother died she was under the impression that I was an only grandchild. Imagine how surprised they were to find out I had 2 siblings and 2 cousins that should have been included in her will. Life is a mystery.

  3. I suspect Jac leaked this story about Joe and Teresa’s parents, the apt and Teresa supposedly claiming Joe kicked them out, or whatever it was.

    • I do too Guilty. No wonder Jax was all bent out of shape about Tree not “sharing” her struggles with her. Less info she could cash in on. They call those “oportunities” in HW world right? Specially if Jax and her hubs are in the process of bankrupcy and needed the extra cash themselves. How dare Tree deprive her of the juicy deets. Why Tre was just taking food right outa CJ’s and Nicolas’ mouth by “lying” to her about her situation. (insert evil eye eyeroll here)

    • Why would a bf and such an honest person like Jax ask a laborer about Teresa’s construction instead of saying hey Teresa what are u biulding? That is so odd!

      Why did JoeGorgs tell Teresa he read in the newspaper that she was building an apartment for his parents over the garage when we saw the idiot architect Bleeker telling him about it? I mean I know it’s editing but I just can’t see JoeGorgs “reading” the Star Magazine. Is Star Magazine in newspaper form, I haven’t seen it in years.

      • I wonder if Joe Gorga told the architect what to say on camera? That whole scene seemed set up. I think that if that architect was willing to gossip and act so unprofessional on camera, he may lose business and regret the day he participated with Joe Gorga in that conversation. JMO of course!

        • John G. Bleeker. For all your architectural needs and if you want your business blabbed all over TV.

    • I think Jac blabs everyone’s business to Kim G and Kim G is the one selling the stories. Jac HAD to befriend Kim G because Danielle probably gave her all of Jac’s dirt and Jac has to feed Kim G her info in order to keep Kim G from sharing Jac’s dirty secrets about stripping and talking shit about her new “fambily”.

      • I still don’t know where this apt is. Looking at the pic there isn’t a second floor unless it was built after. The apt story had to come from Jax b/c she said she asked one of the guys that worked on the garage? Is she for reals? Jax is the source for this tabloid leak.

  4. The Manzos/Lauritas are all whiners and Eeyore /Lauren is the worst..I kind of love how she’s always eating on camera. That lapband was a waste of money.

    • She made a big deal about bringing her own food for her diet, then she swills down wine. Huh? She prolly slammed down 600 or 700 calories in wine. BTW, I HATE those ridiculous stemless wine glasses that Jokequeline is always using. They look stupid and you are supposed to hold the wine glass by the stem so that the warmth of your hand does not affect the temperature of the wine.

    • She’s nasty like her mother. The boys are much nicer people, a little gossipy like old women but still nicer like their father. She’s a young girl so she wants to be thin but she’s never going to be so why doesn’t she do the best she can and own it. She’s not 500 lbs she’s just not petite

  5. I can’t stand people who say things like “i’m so forthcoming”, “my heart is so big….blah, blah, blah. Stop complimenting yourself. Makes you look like even more of an ass! Actions truly speak louder than words. You may believe that your heart is open but in actuality you can be a cold hearted biatch. I truly believe that Jax thinks she’s a saint and innocent in all of this. Every one of these people on this show has played a part in the drama.

    • Of course Jokequeline thinks she is a saint. She has her husband, Carowhine, her life coach, etc. doing nothing but telling her how wonderful she is and how Teresa is undeserving of her friendship.

      • When someone does that i wanna ask them “Who are you trying to convince me or yourself”

    • “I’m so forthcoming” is code for I’ll tell anybody anything, anytime your willing to listen.

  6. I love how Jac says essentially – ” It’s unhealthy for me to keep talking about this ” and then goes on for 50 more paragraphs. She’s adorable, that one. Lots of things seem to affect Jac’s fragile emotional health. She’s a delicate flower.

  7. Sick of Jokequeline. She used to be boring, but nice. Now she is just boring and psycho. It’s a weird combination. She brings nothing to the show. She needs to go.

  8. I am a wonderful person too. I am very forthcoming and I have a big heart. I hope to find friends here who are deserving of my loyalty. I drink.

  9. This is a little off subjec here but did anyone watch the 10 I can’t live with out that came on after the housewives last night with Kyle Richards and Jonathen Adler? Ms. SH has got Kyle so neurotic about her man hands that when she had to show one of her fav things wich was the ring her mother gave her, she kept her hands clasped the entire time!! lol

  10. I get so confused by Tre and JoeGo and this garage/apartment. Doesn’t JoeGo speak to his parents? Wouldn’t he be the FIRST person in the know if he is paying their living conditions? Wouldnt they discuss with him (moneybags as Tre put it) about where they are living or going to live or plans to move? Serious disconnect between all of ‘em. I would assume the building is completed by now? Are there cars or people nesting in the building?

  11. Jax said……I had so much dirt on that woman that I was actually looking forward to exposing her, because I felt like she deserved it.
    No matter what she wrote about herself after that statement… Jax is a wicked cruel fighter.
    “Actions speak louder then words”
    No wonder her Daughter Ashley is a mess !

    • Yeah and that dirt was prolly gleaned from Danielle herself while she and Jokequeline were still friends. Jokequeline should read her friends their rights before they tell her anything…….”anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion.” Except her friends don’t have the right to remain silent, as Teresa found out.

  12. Interestingly…Jacqueline did not discuss the fact that Teresa mentioned her bankruptcy in her Talking Head. I think she didn’t mention it because Teresa said Jacqueline told me and I didn’t think it was my business to ask her any more about it. She also must have seen that her friend was doing fine (still had house, still buying things (like surgeries for her daughter and other stuff). Yet she did not discuss it and Jac didn’t discuss it with her on camera…nor did Teresa bring it up on camera until she was questioned ON CAMERA about hers and ambushed and left without a friend that she had (just two weeks ago on the show) said was a good friend. Hmmmm who’s lying here? Jacqueline would you please step up and take the award!

  13. I agree. I can’t stand Asslee, but the hypocritical Manzoids are worse. Sitting there all smug, putting Asslee down. I don’t understand how they think they are in any position to criticize her, when they are just as bad. And older.

  14. I think, Jac should bow out of Reality TV, like Dina, and go back to her private life. Enough is enough. Being on these shows is very nasty. If she doesn’t need the money….it ain’t worth it. I’ll bet she’s even reading what we say here…and if she is…don’t waste your time. Unless she needs this reality money to survive, or has some big need/desire to be recognized by people…..who needs this? Look how everyone is cracking on her daughter. If she hadn’t agreed to start this Reality crap…maybe her daughters life would be better now too…the public at large, sure isn’t respecting her daughter, as maybe they would be, if her life and choices weren’t put ‘out there’, for everyone to talk about. As far as I’m concerned….unless you’re; making money, like Tom Cruise, or Madonna, or Travolta, etc., being in the public eye…..isn’t worth the grief. All these Housewives/people are being exploited….I feel sorry for them.

  15. OMG Jax and Creeper Chris kicked her out and Jax would not even go to the car and wish her luck and say goodbye. It was so sad. And Albie couldn’t get rid of her fast enough. Jax is forever going to regret marrying into that family and letting them treat her daughter like SH!T. I can’t even imagine being okay if I were Ashlee after the treatment she has gotten from the Manzoids. Shame to Shame to Shame on Jax. I think Jax is a STALKER from way back – this behavior whether it be towards males or females (Tre) doesn’t just begin. Her calling up the guys working on Tre’s garage to get the lowdown is disgusting behavior and Stalker mentality. She needs help.

    • Did anyone else pick up on the editing splice:

      (1) Showing Kathy/Rosie’s mom share the emotional story about being sent to live away from the family (with Aunts) and how she would NEVER do that too her children (she said something like ‘the more trouble they (the child is) the more special they are….’not for a million dollars’….)

      And then

      (2) Flash to the Manzo/Laurita table talking about sending Ashlee off to live with relatives because she is out-of-control….

      I think that was telling….

  16. This goes way back, but, I actually blogged about how I thought Jaq Laurita might have had a lesbian fling with Danielle. That was the only reason I could think of that she made up with her so fast and in spite of Caro. Now, watching her fight with Tre, I think Jaq got drunk as a skunk and spilled the Vegas beans to Danielle when they were chummy. Both Tre and Danielle have the dirty on Jaq. Was she a pole dancing hooker? Something stinks, that’s for sure. Spill it, Tre. It also makes me think Danielle will be back.

  17. i dont think they will bring danielle back…but i would love to see that happens! i also thought jacko having a lesbian fling with Danielle because of the way danielle used to talk to her.

  18. “She was almost 21 at the time. This is the age that most kids leave the nest to go to college.” Since when?! I graduated from high school in June when I was 17 years old and went to college the following fall. (I was able to begin school early, which I understand schools no longer allow.) My daughter was 18 when she graduated from high school and she also left for college the following fall. I understand that young Britons frequently enjoy a “gap year” between high school and college, but have things changed so much here in America that students typically wait an astounding THREE YEARS before going off to college?!?!

  19. Ashley’s father and his wife burned their house down for the insurance money, not sure if he’s in jail but Ash didn’t have a chance, psycho mother, arsonist father. Chris always speaks nicely to her, at least he tries

  20. Caroline sitting there and bashing Ashlee to Jacqueline, and Jacqueline just staring into her plate like she wants to say something, but doesn’t dare. And that chain-gang of dysfunctional manzo kids and their sidekick Greg, all sitting there smirking in approval. These are some seriously horrible people. Jacqueline should have looked around that table at each and every one of these losers and said “So, how’s the job going???”.
    Mark my words, the reason these four adults are ALWAYS together on camera is so that the viewing public will SEE them together, i seriously think that Caroline wants them to have their own show, like a “Friends” type of show, or even that Lauren becomes an official housewife (you know, when they finally get their way and do away wtih Teresa!!!) and the boys become part of her storyline. There has to be an agenda, because it is just not normal for two brothers to not work and hang out all the time with their unemployed sister and their gay friend. Could the plan be that we see them as “the adventures of those fun loving manzo kids and their wacky side-kick”? This may have even worked if they didn’t come across as jerks, so hateful against Teresa, who is a hard working mother and not even one of their peers. Just my opinion, but there has to be some other explanation other than they are just really lazy.

    • I wrote it on another article but the Manzo boys + Mother are ridiculing the fans of RHONJ openly on their twitter which in my opinion has crossed the line. Bravo should fire them. They are the most disrespectful bunch of ingrates I have seen on a reality show.

      • If the show didn’t have fans then they wouldn’t have nothing to bitch about other then Teresa.

    • They are really stupid. Chuckie and her Chucklets have a much higher opinion of themselves than the RHONJ fans. Chuckie honestly thinks the show revolves around her and the Manzoid spawn.

  21. Supposedly Miss Andy and her minions pay close attention to the blogs because that’s how Jill and company got fired. Caroline supposedly did this last season only if her brood was paid to be on the show. I’ve tuned out completely, I tape and fast forward but I don’t watch. Bravo can’t be that stupid to hire those four losers. They have to go and take Jax with them. I thought I heard they were going after this season which was taped a year ago. I hope it’s true. I’m waiting for the Poshe fashion show episode where MeGo’s pimp turns up.

    • LuLu: Bravo and MissAndy read SH and probably other sites. However, that was a VERY poor excuse for the real reasons “Jill and company” were booted… it does make sites THINK they are important in the eyes of Bravo; they are not. SH is intelligent enough to know that no petition or screams from site readers factor into why ANY of the HWs get da boot. TFC!! SH

      • According to Miss Andy, the viewers spoke and he listened. The bloggers were insane over Jill’s mean girl ways. Together with her demands it was time for her to go. The comments on the Bravo website every week were all negative, of course they booted her for many reasons, the viewers’ opinions helped push her out.

        • LuLu: If MissAndy listened when viewers spoke, Shana would be off the RHOBH! If MissAndy listened to viewers, Cat Ommanney would be on another franchise of the Housewives… there were dozens of petitions for her to get back on Bravo! Everyone knows that statement from MissAndy is pure PR! Again, viewers opinion and all the other reasons revealed by MissAndy are BS. SH readers are smart enough to see through and differentiate the BS from actual reasons! TFC!! SH

  22. In JoGo’s TTC he said “Tre would look like the perfect child” if she built an apt for her parents. It seems this is where the competitive/one upping comes from. He says “Meanwhile I’ve been paying their rent for 10 years!” He wants his parents to bow down to him and kiss his feet and now Tre and Juicy have swooped in and built a home for his parents. He is so insecure and jealous. He is a sorry excuse for a brother who is bitter, angry and jealous, who married a skank as his sidekick to take his sister down. Tre keeps saying she loves him so much and she has admitted she put her bro before her husband earlier in her marriage. I think Tre better wake up and realize it might not be MeGo who is the evil doer but her own brother. dun dun dun!

    • Housewife Hoe, I agree with you he is every bit as bad as Melissa, I am just not sure that any of it was his idea, but he sure doesn’t seem upset for what he did. I realize now why Teresa said at the reunion “Don’t start we are in a good place now” to Melissa, she really forgave that skank and thought they made up and were working together only to find out that once again she was set up by the bitches.Teresa needs to receive hazard pay with this cast.

    • It’s Jax before she became Asian (credit to the one who made me wet my panties with that comment after her WWHL appearance)

      • Yikes, you are correct Antonella….her eyes are round in this photo and are taking on a definite slant now!

  23. While Teresa is Edith to Joe’s Archie Bunker, the imaginary world of Jacqueline Laurita leaves one with the disturbing sense of having stepped through the looking glass into lunacy. In all seriousness, can anybody tell me why SHE isn’t the one getting counseling?!? People should be standing on rooftops and lining roadways BEGGING her to get counseling! I have honestly never known anyone who was so entirely self deluded. The other question I have regards the matter of Kathy’s reaction to Rosie’s sexuality. It was my understanding that, long before they ever met Jacqueline and Caroline, Kathy and Rosie had stopped speaking to one another for a period of approximately 10 years. Given Kathy and Rosie’s ages at the time, is it really such a stretch for their Gorga aunt and uncle — from whom Kathy and Rosie’s parents were likewise estranged — and cousins to believe that Rosie’s sexuality may have played a part in their estrangement?

  24. When Wacko told her dad “Ive noticed a change in her (tre) over the years” (or something like that)…the look on his face said “I’ve noticed one in you too! For starters You look NOTHING like the girl I knew!”…..and I love that he asked her “why do you care?” (if tre isn’t owning up to anything)….thank goodness someone on this show is in touch with reality! I would love to see more of this man….but I would be afraid of what this show would do to him! So stay away Wacko’s dad! Before you get sucked in! :)

  25. I have to say after comparing Jax’s photos, it reminds me of Kenny Rogers. The cheek bones, odd shaped eyes, the jetting out chin. Really a bad job. What would make a person do that to themselves. I’m all for fixing a nose, even a little botox for bad wrinkles but altering cheek bones just took it a little too far. Beautiful cover picture of JaX SH but it makes me a little sad for Jax.

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