VICKI GUNVALSON: Mexico Vacation “Who Is Guy In Pool?”… Guy is NOT Brooks Ayers… NOT Donn Gunvalson …PHOTOS

July 1, 2012  10:35 am

There have been some questions re the guy in the pool with Vicki during her Cabo vacation, which took place during season six of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

SH has been assuring readers that the man in the pool is NOT Crooks “Brooks” Ayers!  Very luckily for SH readers, there are SH archives!

The man in the pool is NOT Crooks… if for some unknown reason you are reading elsewhere… that Crooks was in the pool with Vicki, you can now be assured that it ain’t him!

  Vicki Gunvalson… NOT Donn Gunvalson

 Vicki Gunvalson… NOT Crooks Ayers

 Just some guy in pool…

Who else was in the pool with Vicki???

LOOK!  It’s Tamballs!!!

 Vicki Gunvalson… Tamra “Tamballs” Barney

 Tamballs giving’ a big …”WOO-HOO!!!”

NOTE:  SH is the most reliable source for anything Housewives-related.   Finding these photos to back up the statement that the guy in the pool is NOT Crooks was somewhat time consuming.  In the future, would suggest that anyone reading elsewhere request to site you are reading to back up THEIR claims.  We at SH knew the guy in pool was neither Crooks nor Donn…

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  1. Vicki was being trashy with pool guy also. but she certainly has a “type” she is attracted to. donn and the pool guy are both far better than crooks!


  2. That guy was kinda good looking!I have a question,the segment they did on 20/20 about crooks,yeah i get it he’s a deadbeat dad.But why didn’t they ever do a story on Trayler trash???With all the lies and bull crap why not??????????


  3. Definitely all of the same ilk – she knows how she likes the cut of her cloth – and I remember the pool episode well wasn’t that when Tamballs had tequila licked off her chest and Mrs piggy looked aghast with distain


  4. SH that picture of TammyFayes face is priceless….lol….That should be in her wedding invitation picture! The true self of TammyFaye. Edwardo must be so proud of his classless lady. lol…


  5. Just watched the 20/20 cheaters…OMG! I hope that baby-mama gets ALL her child support payments. A tape of that show in court should do the trick.


  6. Eeeeew! I hope there is enough chlorine in that pool to kill the infectious bacteria leaking from Tamra and Vicki. Does chlorine kill herpes?

    And that wall paper of Crooks and Vicki is hilarious. Vicki is making a face like she thinks she is so cute and Crooks is laughing like, “Look, this ugly b*tch thinks she is cute.”


  7. Ana, I thought it was a pic of them watching the 20/20 episode showing how funny they thought it was that he couldn’t give his kids’ ages!!


  8. Do yall remember when that dude was getting chummy with married Vicki in front of her daughter at that confrence or something. Seems like I remember him touching her leg or sumpin and they were in a booth? I dont think it was pool boy not sure if it was Croosky. I remember it sent Briana into orbit though. Which episode was that ?


    • I remeber a few years ago there were some pics. that came out in some gossip mag that were pics of Vicki, I think it may have been mexico again, kissing some young dude. He is the one that sold the pics and the story. He claimed they had a one night stand, she said it was just a peck while dancing and she blew it off. I think Vicki gets out of control when she is drinking away from her “significant other”.


    • Also a few seasons ago, the housewives went to vegas, and Vicki was dirty dancing with some guy and Jeana took a pic on her phone. Anybody else remember that?


  9. A couple of months ago I went back & found the episode on my external hard drive. I can also verify that its not Brooks.


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