VICKI GUNVALSON: Mexico Vacation “Who Is Guy In Pool?”… Guy is NOT Brooks Ayers… NOT Donn Gunvalson …PHOTOS

July 1, 2012  10:35 am

There have been some questions re the guy in the pool with Vicki during her Cabo vacation, which took place during season six of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

SH has been assuring readers that the man in the pool is NOT Crooks “Brooks” Ayers!  Very luckily for SH readers, there are SH archives!

The man in the pool is NOT Crooks… if for some unknown reason you are reading elsewhere… that Crooks was in the pool with Vicki, you can now be assured that it ain’t him!

  Vicki Gunvalson… NOT Donn Gunvalson

 Vicki Gunvalson… NOT Crooks Ayers

 Just some guy in pool…

Who else was in the pool with Vicki???

LOOK!  It’s Tamballs!!!

 Vicki Gunvalson… Tamra “Tamballs” Barney

 Tamballs giving’ a big …”WOO-HOO!!!”

NOTE:  SH is the most reliable source for anything Housewives-related.   Finding these photos to back up the statement that the guy in the pool is NOT Crooks was somewhat time consuming.  In the future, would suggest that anyone reading elsewhere request to site you are reading to back up THEIR claims.  We at SH knew the guy in pool was neither Crooks nor Donn…