SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Jax Laurita “No Surgery”… David “Crooks” Ayers “YoungerBrother”… VIDEO

July 1, 2012  8:30 pm

While perusing the SH archives…

…was stunned to see Jax Laurita in the Bravo clubhouse with Vicki Gunvalson.

“Stunned” because in ONE year… despite Jax Laurita insisting that she has had no cosmetic procedures… has changed her look.  Drastically…

Jax Laurita… Bravo slumhouse clubhouse June 28 ,2011…


NOTE:  OK, Jax has a bit of a mustache, but it does look good on her!!   Perhaps those Manzoid boyz who devour every word written on SH could pass along to Jax and even encourage her to let her mustache blossom!   Now, please, don’t make excuses ala Ryan Culberson that it’s a “camera angle” thing… or it’s Jax’ fabulous skin care crap that she’s now pushin’.   Jax had work done!

Jax tryin’ to do her duty to “family” and push that black crap…



Crooks’ younger brother has a national ad running… in case you have not seen it!!

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29 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Jax Laurita “No Surgery”… David “Crooks” Ayers “YoungerBrother”… VIDEO

  1. Jax has that alcohol puffiness look. Plus lots of stress over the past year with the bankruptcy has definitely aged her.

    • Well sorry to inform you Bergen County, but according to Jacoholic she is WINNING and there is no bankruptcy…sorry

      • Oh right, I forgot! My bad. Hahaha!!! Hey Jax only had 21 tweets while the show was just on. I think she’s finally turning the corner!

  2. Jac looks like a chubby oriental woman now…with my apologies to oriental folks. She looks so different and pulled every which way..her eyes are pulled wayyyy up and her face has an unfortunate horselike quality.Her hair is a patchwork disaster of too many highlights…sigh.She really went off the deep end with cosmetic precedures.. wayyyyy off.

    • He hair is a mess of matted extensions, less is more, she needs a modern hairstyle and she would look so much better. Her bangs are whack.

    • My son was so embarrased when he hears the Oriental word and quickly informed me that Asians find it offensive. I never knew had he not told me. :P

  3. Not sure why Bravo gives her any airtime at all. She is so stupid and boring. Nobody cares what she has to say. They are shoving NJ down the viewers throats this season. It’s over, get rid of Jacqueline, Caroline and their families, add the Poshe lady and her sister in law Kim G.
    Kim G is rich, we want to see lavish lifestyles and fireworks of a different kind. Not over whose meatballs are better, spare us


  4. Stress WILL take its toll on a person! I’m talking, barely walking proof!. With that said, all the stress would be 10 X’s worse worrying about SH and everyone finding out the lie I was living. Her and Carloyn have always said they were doing the show for fun. Like money wasn’t something they had to think about. Her husband “Chris” sure is around for camera time a lot this season. I may be way off but I think that’s where a lot if the “KILL TERESA” act is coming from? Make the rest look bad then if we are found out who will care way of thinking. That and the crazy jealousy about Teresa making so much of the money they need.

    • He’s not really Brooks’ brother, just a fictional younger version of that pathological liar.

    • It isn’t really his brother. Its just that everything that comes out of the guy’s mouth is a lie, and therefore he acts like he could be related to ol’ Brooks.

      Hope you are doing well, Nanny.

  5. If Jax had green skin she would be a dead ring for Jim Carrey in The Mask. I can’t figure out exactly what she did because her face seems to look longer yet bloated. I will ask Teresa because whatever Jax willingly chose to do to her face was obviously caused by Tree. Maybe Caroline keeps snatching Jacqueline’s ponytail from behind in order to whisper orders into her ear causing a her to look like she got her botox injections in a wind tunnel.

      • Her deposition is coming within a few weeks. A deposition is tough. The lawyers for the bankruptcy trustee will be pushing documents for her to authenticate. Questions will be asked and she must answer. She is under oath – and if her answer is false and can be proven – that’s perjury.

        Hubby Chris and brother-in-law Joseph Laurita have worse upcoming depositions. They were the owners and directors of Signature Apparel – they converted the funds. Oh-oh. I wished it was televised on RHNJ – great ratings.

        Then, life will become very interesting. The Lauritas’ personal assets will have to be sold to pay the Signature Apparel bankruptcy estate. The creditors will get at least something.

  6. I think Jacqueline might have gained a bit of weight. Her arms even looked puffy. If it were me that was stuck on that show I would probably gain or turn into dust… or the other. If only Tre could bottle her iron nerves and confidence we would all stock up and she would be a billionaire.

  7. Once you start playing with those fillers….it’s the beginning of the end. They just swell up your face, bottom line. She looked better before, not that she looks terrible now. You always look better, when you look like YOURSELF, I think….LOL
    Most of the housewives…look like androids. Not all…but…most. Makes me think three times about ever having any kind of stuff, shot into my face……..near my brain, and eyes, etc.

  8. I really can’t believe Bravo is putting up with the Manzoids (Mother & Sons) openly making fun of the fans of RHONJ. I believe that is slapping the hand that feeds you. Bravo needs to take a few lessons from The Donald (NOT the Don), to all the Manzoids “YOU’RE FIRED.”

    • I just finished reading an article where Ms.Andy said a lot of the decision to get rid of the 4 NY housewives came from research that showed that the “ladies” got a lot of negative feedback on social media sites. The Manzoids are on thin ice when it comes to mocking fans.

      • IMO, the big difference between Chuckie’s mob and the NY crew, Chickie’s mob kiss MsAndy’s ass whereas the NY crew became arrogant, increasingly belligerent.

      • Kiki: That’s from the AdAge piece. MissAndy will NEVER reveal exactly why the NY HWs got da boot. However, their ratings were going down. That’s the ONLY thing Bravo and Andy care about… they can insinuate that twitter, other sites, etc caused the massacre, but the truth is RATINGS. TFC!! SH

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